Sunday, September 9, 2018

All My Toys: The Moth Flies Forever

Dear Diary,

The last couple of months have seen me completely consumed with my daughter Yvie. I have been spending time with her and making sure she is safe. I have forgone my other identity as a super hero. So has Bruce. We both want to lead normal lives. I am still not sure what that all means for him and me, but we are figuring it out. In the meantime I am finally taking a moment to have that cheeseburger with Ed that we talked about when we came back to Earth. I have been avoiding him and that is not ok. I'm just a mess of emotions. My brain is not sure what to think about my life and what I want. I just know that I want Yvie to be healthy and happy. And I want a Hunger Buster. 

-Miss M

All My Toys
The Moth Flies Forever

Miss M: Hey Ed! Ready for our Hunger Buster combos? I am famished.
Ed: (sighs) Yeah M. Sounds good.
Miss M: It's been awhile. I am glad we are finally doing this.

Ed: Yeah. It has been awhile. I'm surprised you wanted to meet me.

Ed: So how are things with Bruce? Are you two married yet?
Miss M: Bruce and I are not married. We are not even together.
Ed: You live with him don't you?

Miss M: We have a child together. And both of us want to be near her. I am not sure that anything will happen with Bruce. I am detecting, like, an annoyance in you. Am I wrong?

Ed: No. You aren't wrong. I am annoyed. Highly annoyed. But I can't be annoyed because that would make me a dick.

Miss M: You can be annoyed Ed. What's wrong?

Ed: You know what's wrong! Don't act like you don't! I love you. I am always there for you. And I know you have a lot going on but you can include me in your life. I have not even been invited to see Yvie. And now you want to have cheeseburgers like it is all nothing?

Miss M: Ok. You really are annoyed. I was not sure you wanted to see Yvie. Besides, you seemed really close with Oola so I just figured you'd connect with her and have nothing to do with me now.

Ed: That's weak and you know it.

Miss M: It's not weak! You act like this noble nerdy guy but there are things you don't even tell me! I had no idea you were close with Oola. Or that you two had gone on adventures with Maleficent. Or even what your side conversations were all about with Maleficent when we were in Dimension X! You are not the same guy I met in the After Life.
Ed: Yeah? Well you definitely are not the same girl I met either! You're worse than a person who hates Jaws 3.

Miss M: (in shock) How dare you sink so low. You know that movie is a masterpiece.
Ed: It's not. I am pretty sure it is horrible. And I am sure your role in Jaws 5 is even worse.

Miss M: Screw you Ed! You can take your Hunger Buster and shove it up your blow hole.
Ed: Yeah that's right! Walk off! Go back to your rich dreamy aloof boyfriend! You're sooo predictable! And you know who has blow holes? Whales! WHALES! Not stupid sharks that star in stupid movies!

Miss M storms off.

Ed: Oh no. What have I done?

Meanwhile at the Diary of a Dorkette office...

April: I really need to get a new computer. Where the hell did we even get this thing? (shouts) Irma! Irma! We need to buy new computers!

Pizzazz: Sorry, Irma is a bit busy.
April: Pizzazz? Now there's a face I haven't seen since the 80's. What are you doing here?
Pizzazz: Well I came to talk to you but if you are looking for Irma you might want to go help her. Apparently Megan Fox was spotted in the lobby.

April: Megan Fox is in the building? That damn sewer rat.

April: Let me take care of this. Stay right here.
Pizzazz: Ok!

Pizzazz: I was hoping you'd say that.

Pizzazz: Here we go. Just the machine I was looking for.

Pizzazz: (attaches a device to the computer) Ok Tech Rat, I hope this recorder will work. How pathetic. I can't believe she owns such an old device. Oh raggedy April.

Pizzazz: (turns as April comes back) Did you see her?

April: No. I guess she quickly left. I truly loathe her. I mean can you believe she thought she could play me in not one but two movies?!
Pizzazz: Yes, truly truly truly horrible problems to deal with. I do understand what it is like to deal with a tart that tries to steal your thunder.

April: Right. (shakes her head in disbelief) What are you doing here Pizzazz?

Pizzazz: Haven't you heard? I'm making a comeback.

(Cue music video to Pizzazz's new hit song Killer Comeback)

Pizzazz: So you see, I am making a grand return and I know Diary of a Dorkette is the perfect place to give my first interview.
April: Interview huh?
Pizzazz: Of course. Think about it. Your readers would flip to know what the lead singer to the Misfits has been up to all this time.

April: I suppose that could be a decent interview. It'd be nice to do a Where Are They Now, maybe get you in for a sit down with your arch nemesis Jem?
Pizzazz: Jem? Who is she? Come on now April. Jem is so 1985. Believe me, you are going to want to see what I am up to next. It's going to be killer. We'll be in touch. (Pizzazz walks away)

April: Well I'll be damned. I guess everything old is new again. Wait till Miss M hears about this.

Pizzazz: Hahaha. My plan is working perfectly. These losers don't even know what's coming.

Meanwhile at Wayne Manor,

Cruella: My sweet granddaughter and granddog are finally down for their nap. So precious. Does Chewie always sleep at the foot of Yvie's bed?
Bruce Wayne: Yes. Chewie has become quite protective of Yvie. He's tiny but he makes a ferocious guard dog.
Cruella: I can tell. I am still in shock that my daughter owns a rare pink poodle.
Bruce Wayne: M does have a knack for finding rare stuff.

Cruella: Tell me something, how is it that my daughter ended up meeting you? You are one of the most eligible bachelors in this country. I am just surprised that she managed to capture your heart.

Bruce Wayne: Umm, how we met? That is a complicated story. Also, M and I are not back together. We are simply raising a child together and I feel it best that she stay here to make it easier.

Cruella: Right. I give it only a small matter of time. I saw the look on your face when she said she was to have cheeseburgers with some man named Ed. (shudders) At a mall Dairy Queen. I thought I raised her better than that. Either way, I know when a man is in love. You love her.
Bruce Wayne: She is the mother of my child. Of course I do.
Cruella: Yes. (rolls her eyes) That's what it is.

Alfred: Excuse me Master Bruce, I do not mean to interupt but I have an urgent message for you from... (pauses) from Gordon.
Bruce Wayne: Ah. Yes. My old friend Gordon. What is the message, or should you tell me in private?
Cruella: Oh, sounds mysterious.
Alfred: Master Bruce, I believe I can share it. He wanted me to tell you that the moth flies forever.

Bruce Wayne: Is that so? I should probably call him. I'll be in my office. If M gets here soon, please tell her to come see me.

Alfred: Of course. I could also call her and tell her to hurry back?

Bruce Wayne: That shouldn't be necessary. If you'll excuse me Cruella, I have some work to do.
Cruella: Of course.

Cruella: He is such a busy man. Very well. I suppose I can just go and get Chewie's food ready. Alfred, where do you keep the dog food?

Alfred: Madame, there is no need to worry about feeding Chewie. I take care of that myself if Miss M is not here.
Cruella: Of course. I just want to help. I'd hate for anything to happen to that sweet little pup.

Across town at the ruins of a fallen kingdom...
Moth Lady: Can't thank you enough for getting me out of that cell.
Dragon Queen: No problem! It's a little odd though. President Chocula closed all the prisons down. Why were you there? Why did Commissioner Gordon have you locked up?
Moth Lady: How should I know? What have you been up to?

Dragon Queen: Not much. Took a break from fighting the Guardians of the Gemstones to help find you. I also turned Hordak down for a date. Polished my armor. The usual.

Moth Lady: Cool. I guess we can get back to business as usual.

Barbarocious: Not so fast. There's a reason we've been looking for you. I believe you know where my pretty pet is.

Moth Lady: Unless your pretty pet is a roach named Ralph who kept me company in my cell, I am afraid I have not seen any pretty pets.
Barbarocious: No. My pretty pet. The little girl. With wings. Dragon Queen told me you had birthed my pet with wings. I believe you know where she is. And you will tell me where she is or you will suffer.

Moth Lady: Go ahead and make me suffer because I have no idea what you are talking about.
Barbarocious: I don't think you get this. I am going to find my pet regardless if you help me or not. Your help will move things along quicker of course, but if I have to scorch this world to find what is mine, I will.

Dragon Queen: Come on Moth Lady. What is the hold up? Tell her so we can get back to our lives of pillaging and drinking ale. And making men grovel at our feet.

Moth Lady: I honestly don't know where she could be.

Barbarocious: Lies! All lies! You had her. I had various reports saying they saw her with you. And now you have been locked up, which means you have some sort of clue as to where the pet could be! Cursed woman! Stop infuriating me!

Moth Lady: (fights back tears) All right. All right. I think I know where she is.

Barbarocious: There. That's the cooperation I have been looking for.
Dragon Queen: (mouths out an apology to Moth Lady)

Moth Lady: One thing though. I go with you.
Barbarocious: Oh? You think you can demand orders now?
Moth Lady: Yes. I do. I know where we are going, and you are going to need an extra pair of hands. Trust me.
Barbarocious: Very well. So where are we going?
Moth Lady: A place called Wayne Manor...

Final scene, you know the drill!
Oola: Where are we? What is this all about?
Glitter: We are at one of my favorite places. It's a nice place to get away. I was told about it from my friend Synergy.
Oola: Ok. And? What is it going to do for me?

Glitter: I have a friend I wanted you to meet. Someone who has been through a similar life as you.
Oola: Great. Is this because I have been feeling off lately? Is this, what do you call it, some sort of intervention?

Glitter: I can assure you an intervention would involve more people. No. This is a chance for you to talk to someone of like minds. You have been stressed lately. On edge. My calculations reveal that something is upsetting you.

Oola: I'm upset because there is a maniac hunting Geoffrey. We have a crooked president trying to ruin this country with the help of some evil group. Both things have gotten in the way of my usual work. I just want to experience some peace and quiet for a moment.

Glitter: Perfect. You can do that here with my friend. There she is. Her name is Vina.
Oola: That's your friend?

Glitter: Yes. I hope you two will have a nice conversation. I will return shortly.

Vina: Glitter told me your name was Oola.
Oola: Yes. That is my name. Why did Glitter think we should talk?
Vina: She told me we come from similar backgrounds. I have heard of your interest in helping women who are sex trafficked in this city. I was once an Orion slave girl. I now live here, where I can be free.

Oola: I was sold into a life like that too. I've never really shared much about it before.

Vina: It's not an easy thing to talk about. I rarely share my story. I was meant to be portrayed like an animal, unable to have a man resist me. I was written into existence to enjoy being taken advantage of. I eventually questioned that narrative. I wasn't sure it fit me. In fact I knew it did not fit me. I don't think it fits anyone really, except for those who want to take advantage.

Oola: Yes. I know what you mean. When I became Jabba's prized dancer I thought I had reached the pinnacle of happiness. Of success. I was away from the brothels below. I thought I would know what freedom was, only it was not freedom. I was still chained to a monster. I longed for something better, something more. I fought back. And it got me killed. I was thrown away like a piece of garbage. Only that was not the end of it. I lived on in the After Life. Unsure what to do. I felt free but I was dead. How do you have freedom in death? I could not enjoy the life I truly wanted.

Vina: And yet here you are. This is not the After Life.

Vina: It can be difficult to figure out what to do with oneself when they are no longer chained to their monsters.

Oola: That's the thing. Sometimes I feel like I am still chained to him. To the memories of the horrors I went through. I was at this Conference of Evil a couple months ago and someone was dressed as him. Can you believe that? Someone would want to dress as that horrible man. I felt the past gripping around my neck. Feeling my death bite into me all over again.
Vina: How do you handle that?
Oola: I'm not handling it. I'm stressed. I can't sleep at night. I feel lost in this world now that I am alive again. I want to save everyone. To fight for other women and men who are in danger from the various monsters of the world. The monsters never go away though.
Vina: This is true. There will always be monsters just like there will always be heroes. You are a hero Oola.

Oola: How am I a hero? Look at me? I still wear the clothes I was killed in. Who does that? I might step into a super hero costume from time to time, but that feels off. Like I am wearing someone else. I am struggling to figure out who I am. I have been defined by Jabba the Hutt for so long and now I am truly free. I've been given a second chance at life and I don't know what to do with it.

Vina: I think you do though Oola. You are helping people. You are fighting for equality and for the world to see things differently. You are a part of change.
Oola: Nothing is going to change though! For every sex ring I stop there's a whole new one that sets up. Young girls are being taken and sold as commodities every day. I can't save them all.
Vina: Then you save who you can and find more strong fierce people to fight along with you. I know you can do this. You can make the world better, better than what you dealt with.

Oola: Maybe you're right. I have to go. This is too much. (pauses) Do you think we could talk again sometime?
Vina: Yes of course. I would like that.
Oola: Me too. Good bye Vina.
Vina: Farewell my friend.

Glitter: Did Oola leave?
Vina: Yes she did.
Glitter: Oh no. Was it at least a good conversation?
Vina: I think so. It's a nice start. She is struggling with so much but has so much to give back to the world. She is a fighter.

Glitter: Yeah she is. I am glad this happened.

Vina: When will I see her again?
Glitter: Soon I am sure. I think this could be very helpful for her.

Vina: Very well. Than I guess I will just wait.
Glitter: Yes. We will pick up where we left off soon.

Glitter: Show's over Synergy.

Glitter watches the illusion fade away.

Glitter: Computer, access code 4361, turn off hologram program.

Glitter: It's going to be ok. Everything will be ok.

Up Next!

Everything is not ok!
Chaos unfolds at Wayne Manor!


  1. My metabolism is getting to the point were I have to limit my DQ visits so it's a wonder to me that your have such thin hips and can wear those shorts in public with such confidence!

    In 3D Cruella's lack of a nose makes her look even more cadaverous.

    1. Haha! The real version of me can't wear shorts like that. My hips are not that thin in real life. Haha. Her lack of a nose on the figure is very different huh?

  2. cruella offering to feed chewy given how she feels about dogs should be the first sighn to alfred he needs to keep an eye on her. and would not be surprised if moth lady given the bond she formed with yvie betrays dragon lady and barbousis. and vina looks like a spray painted giganta i hope to see more of the character even if she is just one of synergies illusions

    1. Yeah Cruella can't be trusted at all! haha. I am excited to share what will happen with Moth Lady. I just need to get that next one posted. I get so behind on everything. Vina is a fun figure and she will be coming back for sure.