Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A contest nine years in the making

Diary of a Dorkette turns 9 today, and I know just the way we are going to celebrate! Click the link below to learn more!


Ok! Here we go. All My Toys has a group of figures who have formed a super hero team as part of the story. Originally the team was needed because the more famous super heroes of the world were busy making movies and stuff. Go through previous episodes of All My Toys to learn more but the toys that make up this team are:

Oola from Star Wars
Toy Miss M from Blythe and Littlest Pet Shop (In her super hero suit, toy Miss M is from IAmElemental)
Ed from Lego Technic
He-Man from MOTU
Quick Charge from Stretch Armstrong
Billy the Blue Ranger from Power Rangers
Brian from It’s Trash Culture (a Street Sharks figure)
Glitter the robot last scene as a Playmobil figure

Other toys come and go but those are pretty much the current main heroes of this unnamed team.

Think up some names for a quirky super hero team and message me your picks. You can dm me on Twitter @dorkettetweets or on Instagram under @diaryofadorkette. You can also email me at After I have gone through the names, I will pick my faves and then ask for you all to vote on which one you like best. Please submit your ideas by the end of August 5th.

Once the voting is over, which will be a couple days after August 5th, a winner will emerge! And what you can win will be just splendid!

*You’ll create a character and story that will appear in All My Toys
*I will sing your praises for having the winning super hero team name
*There will also be a really fun batch of cool stuff I’ll mail to you, mostly toy related!
(I’m still curating the prizes, but it will be awesome)

I know this might sound like a lot, but I wanted to do something fun and dorky for Diary of a Dorkette turning 9. This blog means the world to me because it has allowed me to get to know so many wonderful people. Plus I just have the best time talking about toys and putting my favorite toys in soap opera scenarios. So I hope you will enter! And thank you for always being there, love you guys!


  1. The prize is too awesome for me not to give this a lot of thought. I would call them The League Of Ignored Justice Warriors. Okay, first effort. I will find more.

  2. The League of Lost Warriors, Gloom Patrol, The Confederacy of Star Warriors On Probation.

  3. Legends of the Lost Galaxy or Lost Legends of the Galaxy. Miss M and the Legends of the Galaxy. Miss M's Galaxy Rangers. The Forgotten. Time Team Phoenix Alpha Wombat Zero. Mischief Inc.

  4. Miss M and the Legends of Justice. Breaking 2, Electric Boogaloo. Miss M and the Pop Culture Rangers. Miss M and the Agents of Eternia. Time Crusaders of Justice. Miss M and the Crusaders of Justice.

  5. Miss M and the Vintage Heroes Of Justice. Miss M and the Soldiers of Justice. Melrose Place.

  6. Life During Quarantine. Stuck Together. My Summer Vacation. Pop Culture High School. Super Friends Beyond. Miss M and the Night Before Christmas. Heroes of Quarantine. Miss M and the Pirates of the Pandemic. Miss M and the Virus Rangers.

  7. Replies
    1. Oh my goodness you weren’t lying! These are all really great and fun! I have decisions I need to be making!