Thursday, December 17, 2020

All My Toys: 225

Previously on All My Toys

Many years ago Maleficent tried to usher Earth into Total Darkness! (It was a pretty epic crossover toy-blog event) Anyways, Maleficent failed and eventually found herself picking up the pieces of her life in Dimension X where she designated herself the new Mistress of the Foot! Gathering a team of crime lords and other doers of evil, she devised a whole new plan to shake Earth up a bit. And now that she has returned, she is a few steps closer to making her new vision a reality!


  1. skelator should know by now that evil lyne will throw him under the bus to take the power for herself. for i see a few double crosses brewing skelator evil lyn and malificent . with miss m in the end claiming the victory

    1. There are always double crosses happening with Evil-Lyn and Skeletor. It will only get crazier! Hopefully Miss M will be able to claim victory in the end!