Wednesday, February 10, 2021

All My Toys 229

Previously on All My Toys,

A number of years ago Miss M and Ed were stuck in space. Saved by a rag tag team of space pirates, Miss M and Ed were brought to Dimension X. While taking a brief break in Dimension X, Miss M came face to face with April O'Neil's very much alive dad. Shocked to see Kirby O'Neil living and breathing, Miss M was doubly shocked when Mr. O'Neil asked Miss M to never share this news with April. He would never be returning to Earth.

M fought long and hard on what she would do and ultimately decided to keep her mouth shut, so as not to hurt April, her best friend. This was a secret that played heavily on M's heart. 

This past Halloween, Mr. O'Neil came back to Earth! April was thrilled, only her dreams were soon dashed when her father decided to return to Dimension X for the time being. Before he left, he accidentally let it slip that Miss M knew about his presence from before. Dun-duuun-duuuuuuun! Now, April is pissed.

In other news, Strawberry Shortcake was Sydney Rutledge's running mate in the recent presidential election. Shortcake was shot at a president debate and nearly died! The shooter is thought to be Sydney's mysterious crazed stalker. Sydney had to drop out of the race before anyone else was hurt! And oh my goodness this is a long recap! Just click on the link and find out what happens next!

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