Sunday, April 11, 2021

All My Toys: 234

Previously on All My Toys,

Wealthy socialite Sydney Rutledge, who once lived in Swans Crossing, has had a run of bad luck. Her popular late night radio show After Dark was canceled when a madman called in and began making serious threats. One of her crew members was even murdered! Eventually the lunatic faded away, much like Mila Rosnovsky’s acting career and Sydney moved on to her next venture: running for president. She’d eventually drop out of the race due to the crazed stalker resurfacing and allegedly having something to do with the disappearance of Sandy Swan! Now Sydney is trying to figure out the next phase of her life. She is just glad to be stalker free.

Of course, Garrett Booth has been in town visiting and everyone is dying to know if he’ll lock lips with the always stunning Mila or if he’ll finally admit true love to Sydney. And in other goings on of the rich and fabulous, Garrett’s sister Glory has reacquainted herself with her first love, JT Adams. They’re on a special date that has been weeks in the making! 

Now get ready for this super sized Swans Crossing themed All My Toys!

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