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Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 15

Adora’s Search Honor
Part 1
Chapter 15

Previously: Much has been occurring on Etheria. Frosta has been dealing with pirates as castle guests. Sea Hawk and his crew are pretending that their ship needs repairs, so that Sea Hawk can buy some time searching Castle Chill for an ice diamond for Hordak… Netossa was a stowaway on Sea Hawk’s ship, she has even become his friend. She has also developed a friendship with Frosta. The lovely Netossa is also hoping to find her dear friend Spinnerella who may or may not have died in a Horde assault on the sea side village of Poft… Angella has returned and the Rebels have a new mission, to stop an underwater Horde Facility from poisioning local towns… Catra became the new Horde Force Captain with some pomp and less circumstance. She also has a complicated faux relationship with Prince Adam, who does not remember who he is… On Eternia, Teela has been hoping for Adam’s safe return from Etheria. I also wonder what else the warrior goddess has been up to…

Chapter 15

Underneath the icy walls and floors of Castle Chill, Sea Hawk and his crew member Iir are placing crates of important heirlooms into a secret room. Frosta has asked for help in protecting her family artifacts. With the Horde setting up an eventual assault, Frosta plans on protecting the important items and then getting everyone out of the Castle. The goal is for everyone to escape to the Whispering Woods. Once the Horde has done their worst, Frosta will return for everything.

“Hawk, we have been moving these crates for an eternity. There hasn’t been any sign of the ice diamond, I think we should cut our losses and get.” Iir says placing a large box near Sea Hawk’s feet. Sea Hawk looks down at his short crew member, “We were told this would be the place for the ice diamond. I’m not about to give up anytime soon Iir.” Sea Hawk moves towards some more boxes, he never thought a person could hold on to so many items. How can Frosta believe that all this stuff will be safe? Hawk laughs out loud.

As if on cue, Frosta enters the secret room, “What is so funny pirate? The job is not over yet. I still see some more space that could be filled with crates.” Iir smirks, “Lady, this is crazy. You have too much stuff!” Frosta glares at the loud mouthed crew member in a garish striped shirt, “I do not care what you think about my belongings! The Horde is going to descend upon this castle soon, and these items are all that I have to remember my family by. They must be protected. Besides, you bumbling morons wrecked your ship and have been using my castle as shelter!” Frosta shakes her head and taps Iir on his head, “Darling, it is the least you could do. By the way, why don’t you let me find a better shirt for you? One that doesn’t look so tacky…”

Iir backs away from Frosta, annoyed. Sea Hawk walks towards Frosta, “Alright Empress, we will move the rest of the boxes and crates in here. I do have to say though; it hasn’t been all that bad with us here has it? You have liked our company, right?” Sea Hawk stands up close in Frosta’s face. The mere behavior sends prickles of annoyance throughout Frosta’s body, “Darling, your company will not be sorely missed. Thanks to your crew I’m almost out of food! I will be thrilled when you leave. Now get this room filled!” Frosta storms off. If the truth could be told she has enjoyed the pirates being around, though she would never admit it. Luckily they had Netossa on board their ship. Frosta has grown to find a friendship with Netossa.

Sea Hawk and Iir continue their work, only minimally griping about the chilly Empress. Sea Hawk frustratingly looks over a few boxes, “I just don’t understand Iir. Where is this blasted diamond!?” Iir shrugs, “Not sure Hawk. I think it may be somewhere else. What do you think Hordak wants with the gemstone anyway? Seems like a strange request to ask for.” Hawk has thought about this, he has no answer, “I have no idea Iir. However that mad man owes me money for the last delivery we made. In order for me to get my money he wants this supposed ice diamond. He’ll get it, even if I have to pass a fake one off as the real deal.” Sea Hawk and Iir discuss the matter further until they are interrupted.

Netossa walks into the secret room with a box and looks at the pirates, “What are you two talking about?” Crossing her arms, Netossa is dubious about Sea Hawk and Iir. True Sea Hawk has been helpful and kind to Netossa, but the fact remains that he is a pirate. He can’t seem to shake his job helping the Horde. The money is too good. Netossa wishes he would change his ways though.

Sea Hawk grins, “We were just discussing the absurdity of an Empress owning so much junk.” Iir nods in agreement. Netossa slightly frowns, “This is not junk Sea Hawk. These items belong to Frosta’s family. There are so many stories involved in these items.” Netossa glides her hand across a box, imagining the stories found inside. Sea Hawk shakes his head, “Tossa, I don’t think any of that stuff matters. When Frosta is long gone from Etheria I doubt these items will mean a thing.”

Death is not a topic that Netossa wishes to deal with, “How are the repairs coming along with your ship Hawk?” Sea Hawk looks at Iir. Lying is very easy for Hawk, but for some reason he doesn’t want to lie to Netossa. With no choice he does anyway, “The ship is close to having all repairs fixed. We should be leaving this frozen place soon ‘Tossa.” Hearing this, Netossa realizes she must be truthful, “Sea Hawk, I think I will be staying behind. I know I owed you my time and work for the disruption I caused. However, after talking with Frosta, I feel she may be able to help me find Spinnerella.”

This information stings Sea Hawk a little; he had grown to enjoy Netossa’s company. They may have started out hating each other. In time though, they became friends. “Technically Netossa the deal was that you’d work on the ship and I would help you find Spinnerella. What’s with the change of heart?” Sea Hawk asks. Netossa earnestly smiles, “You have been very helpful Hawk. I will hold on to the experiences I have had with you. Something has changed though. Frosta has access to the Great Rebellion. She told me that some of the survivors of Poft made it to the Rebel hideout. Now surely it would seem that someone should know what happened to Spinnerella, or maybe even Spinnerella is alive and well with the Rebels. All I know is that this is the closest lead I have to finding her.”

Hawk understands what Netossa is saying. He can’t be in her way, “You should go then. I hope that Frosta can help and that your friend is alive.” Netossa smiles and thanks him, “I guess our story will soon end here. Your ship will be up and running and I will leave with Frosta before the Horde invades this place.” Sea Hawk nods, “Yep lady, our story will end here.” Sea Hawk abruptly turns to finish some work. Netossa finds the behavior to be odd and off-putting. She quietly leaves, uncertain of what has just occurred. Iir looks over at Sea Hawk, “Hawk, is this what you want? Netossa has become a part of the crew.” Sea Hawk shrugs and moves a heavy box, “She is just a woman Iir. Nothing special.” Nothing special at all, women come and go. Sea Hawk realizes there will be someone else. Of course, this is just another lie he says...


Across the planet of Etheria, a small group has gathered in a healing room at Bright Moon. The lovely survivor from Poft is still asleep, unable to make any hint at waking up. Adora, Madame Razz, and the healer Minwu are in the room with the sleeping beauty. Adora looks at the woman lying in the bed. She has been brushing her long purple hair, “With Perfuma absent for the time being, I feel it is important we visit this young woman even more. Minwu, what is stopping her from waking up?” Minwu walks by the unconscious woman, “I am not sure Adora. I have used all manner of healing spells and nothing has worked. I fear this woman is not going to wake up.”

Madame Razz sits next to Adora and sighs, “Dearie, there is too much going on. You should head to the courtyard. Plans need to be made for the Horde facility underwater. Minwu has been doing his best in here, there isn’t much more to do.” Adora finds herself powerless with these events. As She-Ra, Adora feels that she can help everyone. After all, She-Ra rescued Perfuma from self-destruction. Adora is frustrated, “There is always something we can do Madame Razz. We can’t lose anymore life! We just can’t!” Adora raises her voice.

Madame Razz looks at Minwu, “Could you give us some time alone?” Minwu nods wanting to give them some privacy, “Take your time; I will be down the hall.” Madame Razz smiles, “Thanks. Oh, not for nothin' you are dashing dearie!” Minwu blushes and leaves the room. Adora stands up looking down at the survivor from Poft. The young woman looks so peaceful. Adora shifts her thoughts back to Madame Razz, “Do you want to talk about something Madame Razz?”

“Dearie I think this conversation has been long overdue. Do you want to say it or should I?” Madame Razz crosses her arm and looks matter-of-factly. Adora is unsure where this conversation is going, though she has an inkling of a clue, “I don’t know what to say Madame Razz.” Standing before Madame Razz, Adora remains calm. The two women stare at each other with a silent truth hanging in the air. Madame Razz is finished with the round-about, “Alright fine, Adora dearie, I know you are She-Ra. No sense in giving me that look right now. I know all about the business of being a protector for Etheria.”

Adora shakes her head, how does Madame Razz know? “I don’t understand Madame Razz…” Adora jumps as the witchy woman claps her hands, “Dearie! Look at me! Does this face look like a fool? I have been around a long time. I was around when Light Hope was the protector for Etheria. Our hearts crossed paths like stars shooting in the sky. That kind of love, well Adora, it informs a person about many things. He helped you, guided you to becoming She-Ra. Yes?” Adora nods, “Yes Madame Razz, he helped me. Apparently this was a role I was born for. Light Hope has helped me, which is why I need to save lives. Like the life of this young woman.” Adora points to the woman lying in bed, “Madame Razz, you have to understand. I have so much blood stained on my hands; I can’t bear to see another person die.”

Madame Razz reaches out to Adora, “Dearie, what are you talking about?” Adora thinks back to her actions, “This woman is in her current state because of a Horde assault.” Madame Razz can see that Adora is hurting, “You weren’t responsible for the assault on Poft.”

Adora lowers her head fighting back tears, “That may be true Madame Razz, but there were other assaults I was responsible for. You forget. I was the Horde Force Captain once. I have done terrible things.” Madame Razz reaches out to the young woman that has been like a granddaughter to her, “Dearie, you didn’t know what was going on. Hordak had tricked you.” Even so, Adora knows it doesn’t absolve her of anything, “What does that mean? Madame Razz I still participated in horrible actions! Regardless of what Hordak may have done to me, I can’t escape what I have done. This is why I have to do my best to make sure not a single life is lost.”

A warm smile spreads across Razz’s face, “You are the most powerful woman in the universe, but loss is something even the mighty She-Ra won’t always be able to stop.” The statement hangs in the air. Adora does not want to believe it, “No. I cannot let the Horde continue to kill innocent lives. I will fight till the end.” Madame Razz straightens herself up, “Dearie, you won’t be able to do this alone. If you want to save people’s lives I suggest you march your rear end to the courtyard. Other lives are at stake, and you all need to find a way to stop the Horde from poisoning people through the water supply. Those towns need you more right now. Minwu and I will look over this girl. I will even look for another spell to try and wake her up.” Adora hugs Madame Razz tightly and whispers, “Thank you so much Madame Razz.” The kind hearted witch nods, “Of course dearie. I wouldn’t be anywhere else.” The two let each other go, tears in their eyes. Adora is getting a second start. She has a chance to be around people who care about her, a family. Watching Adora getting ready to leave the room, Madame Razz calls out, “By the way, your secret will be safe with me Adora.”

“Thank you Madame Razz. I want to eventually tell everyone, but not yet.” Adora smiles and heads towards the courtyard. While on the way, Adora weighs the options of keeping her identity as She-Ra a secret versus telling everyone immediately. There is too much of a risk. If word ever got back to the Horde that Adora was She-Ra, let alone that Catra didn’t kill Adora after all… No, Adora realizes that her secret identity must remain this way for a while longer.

Outside in the courtyard Angella is conversing with Glimmer, Double Trouble, Bow, and Mermista. Plans are in motion as Angella emphasizes, “This mission must stay quiet. We can’t risk the entire Rebellion hearing about this. If we are able to achieve our goal, we will have done something spectacular.” Double Trouble nods, “If we look at the structure of this building, we can see how they get the barrels of slime emptied into the networks of pipes that are used for water supply. Now on the opposite end of the main control room resides the generators. These generators need to be destroyed, without them the power will not work. The building also needs to be flooded out; it will take the Horde a very long time to have it back up and running that way.”

Adora eases into the conversation, “How are we going to do this?” Bow smiles at Adora, he is always happy to see her, “I was thinking the same thing Adora.” Double Trouble pauses, here comes the tricky part, “I’m not sure. Lake Eerie is a massive lake. We could approach from above,” Double Trouble points to the map, “there is a structure on top of the water that leads to an elevator device. This is where the Horde enters to bring the barrels below the water. The only problem is that this area is going to be heavily guarded. We’re talking Horde ships everywhere. They’ll have the big guns aimed at us.”

Mermista is listening. She wonders if everyone is thinking what she is thinking, but they may be too concerned to say it out loud, “Why don’t I just swim down there?” Everyone looks at Mermista. Bow and Glimmer were both thinking the same thing and Double Trouble was waiting for someone to finally bring it up. Mermista laughs, “You should see the looks on your faces. Seriously, I will swim down to the facility.”

Adora thinks about her earlier conversation with Madame Razz, “Are you sure Mermista? That sounds incredibly dangerous to go alone. I could find She-Ra and have her accompany you.” Mermista shakes her head, touched by her friend’s offer, “No Adora. I am aware that She-Ra is incredibly strong, but unless her sword can turn into a breathing device I do not see how she will be able to breathe under water.” Adora is not one to give up, “I’m sure she can hold her breath.” Mermista looks at the map and back at her friend, “That is a nice thought, but that water is deep. Lake Eerie is not a quick swim. This is not Crystal Falls. The whole lake is meant to provide water resources for the surrounding villages even the Fright Zone. I just don’t see how that will work. No, I am the only one that will be able to do this. Besides, I am a fast swimmer and a strong fighter. This won’t take long at all.”

Adora shakes her head. Angella and Double Trouble look over the map. Angella isn’t sure that this will be entirely safe, however what else can be done? Mermista is the only one that can do this. Angella studies the map one more time, “There is a location that could be an easy entrance. A few yards from the generators resides a room that I suppose is used for dumping trash at the bottom of the lake. What do you think Double Trouble?” Double Trouble looks over the map and confirms, “See that circle. That is the precise open space. I am sure the Horde uses that space to dump any waste or garbage into. It would be easy to swim to that area and find a way in through the opening. There may be a closed gate, so Mermista may have to wait for something to be thrown away, but knowing the Horde it will already be open.”

Glimmer thinks about the nature of the water down there, “Won’t the water be toxic? If the Horde is throwing garbage into the lake, I just don’t see how that won’t harm Mermista.” Mermista is determined, “Do not worry about me! My arm cuffs will protect me from any toxin in the water, I assure you all I will be fine! I used to be in the Horde Academy! Remember? There is nothing to worry about. I will swim in, destroy the generators and swim back out.”

Double Trouble does want to be clear on a few things though, “There will be Horde Troopers down there. Along with a general, I believe her name is Octavia. I don’t know much about her. Apparently Hordak has been keeping her a secret. She could prove a problem.” Mermista shakes her head, “I have my powers. That should be enough. Besides I roomed with Catra once long ago. I was able to survive that ordeal so I think I can handle this.” Angella has an idea of her own, “I will set up a decoy. I have been healing fairly well; I will fly around the lake causing a diversion. This will hopefully place the Horde’s attention elsewhere with enough time for Mermista to do what she needs to.” Adora likes that idea, “And I will be sure to find She-Ra and have her accompany Mermista, just in case.”

Glimmer shows concern for her mother, “Mother are you sure you will be able to do this? We just got you back and I can’t lose you again.” Angella reaches out to Glimmer, “I know you are concerned my dear daughter, but do not worry. I will only be causing a mere distraction and then I will be done. If you would feel better, accompany She-Ra and Mermista. You’ll be able to see me in the sky.” Glimmer nods. She looks over at Bow. When this is all over Glimmer instantly makes the decision to tell him exactly how she feels about him. Life is too precious…

Bow agrees to accompany She-Ra, Mermista, Glimmer, and Angella. The plan seems to be set and the Rebels prepare to take off for this dangerous mission. Double Trouble says her goodbyes, she has to head back to the Fright Zone. With the growing concerns that there may be a spy in the Horde, Double Trouble wants to protect her life at all costs. Angella stops her real quick, “Double Trouble, has there been any luck with finding Kowl?” Double Trouble shakes her head, “I have not found anything out. I am still working on it. Believe me I will find out more soon. I will also try to learn more of the Doom Dispenser. We can’t let the Horde destroy the Whispering Woods.” Angella nods. Big thanks are said, even though Angella realizes that ‘thanks’ is truly not enough for everything that Double Trouble has been risking for the Rebellion.

Glimmer turns to look at Bow, “What happens next?” Bow shrugs, “I’m not sure.” They both look at Adora hoping for an answer. Adora thinks about what to say, “Maybe we should split up?” Bow nods, “I can take Glimmer. We’ll travel on Arrow to Lake Eerie.”

Adora tilts her head, “Mermista gather whatever you will need. I will go find She-Ra. I’m sure she won’t mind taking you to Lake Eerie on Swift Wind. Angella, I guess you can fly there?” Angella nods. Mermista asks Adora, “What about you? Will you be joining us?” Adora shakes her head, “Nah, I will stay behind in case anyone needs help here.”

Bow takes Glimmer’s hand, “Is it alright that you ride with me?” Glimmer’s heart starts to beat fast, “I would love… lovely. A lovely idea Bow!” Angella looks on at her daughter, thinking about what all of their lives would look like if the Horde had never taken over Etheria. Where would they all be? She wonders…


Far away from Etheria, another world has its own issues and dramas unfolding. Eternia has been through many dark moments. As of late there has been more to rejoice about though, the evil warrior Skeletor has been apprehended. Castle Grayskull is safe and protected. The world does not need the help of He-Man. With the threats of evil vanquished no one has even seen the most powerful man in the universe. His absence has not escaped Teela who is sitting inside the Royal Palace dining room. Eating her lunch at a large table she often wonders what has happened to He-Man since Skeletor’s capture.

Many things have occurred between Teela and He-Man. She thinks of the shared kiss and the other kisses that followed. All of this has been kept secret, even from her boyfriend Prince Adam. The romance that blossomed between Teela and Adam was a surprise. She had never expected to fall for her goofy friend who seemed most comfortable shirking his royal responsibilities or quickly running away from the first sign of a battle with the evil warriors. Teela wonders how Adam will react to her secrets when he returns from Etheria.

The red haired warrior goddess looks up and smiles as Sy-Klone walks towards her. Not so long ago Sy-Klone was the man in Teela’s life. Their friendship and mutual attraction turned into a short lived relationship. Unfortunately Skeletor had orchestrated an assault on the Palace during a celebration that left Sy-Klone presumed dead. At the time no one had a clue that Sy-Klone was very much alive. Being held inside Snake Mountain Sy-Klone was merged with cybernetic parts that transformed the blue Gar prince into a half man/half cyborg bent on destroying the Masters of the Universe. Eventually Sy-Klone managed to make the choice to override his evil programming and fight alongside the Masters of the Universe. Though Teela has moved on with Adam, she has tried to make a friendship work with Sy-Klone. They were once so close.

“Hello Teela, mind if I join you?” Sy-Klone asks. Teela offers a seat next to her. Sy-Klone looks at Teela’s full plate, “Is your lunch bad? It looks like you have barely eaten anything.” Teela looks down and notices her food; she thought she had been eating more. Her concerns have gotten in the way, “No it is good. I just haven’t been in the best frame of mind lately. You can have some if you’d like. The fruit is very good.” Teela slides her plate between the two of them. Sy-Klone picks up a piece of bread instead, “Thank you Teela. Is everything alright with you?”

How will she get anything passed him? “I’m doing fine. I’ve just been tired.” Teela nods as if trying to convince herself of this statement. Sy-Klone is not buying it, “I know things have been different since my return, but Teela, if you need to talk to me about anything, anything at all, please know you can.” Teela absorbs what Sy-Klone says, “I know I can talk to you. I just am not sure I should be saying anything. No doubt you have noticed my behavior lately. Everyone has. I’m a mess. I used to think I had everything figured out. Now I don’t have a clue.” Teela’s lower lip trembles. Sy-Klone instantly feels bad for bringing anything up. The last thing he wants to do is discuss upsetting topics. He reaches out to her, “You aren’t a mess Teela. If anyone should take credit for being a mess it is me. It sounds like you miss Adam. Has Duncan fixed a the device to open a new portal on Etheria yet?”

Teela shakes her head, “No, there has been nothing made yet, Duncan is searching for more parts. I’m not even sure how Adam is. The moment he found out he had a sister; nothing could get in his way. He practically lunged into the other world and now I don’t know if he is alright. Or if he is injured, my goodness I hope he is safe! Of course I don’t even know why I should be upset, after what I have done to him.” Teela hangs her head down. If Adam comes back alive she is going to do her best to fix what she has broken.

Sy-Klone is growing more and more confused, “What have you done to him Teela? I’m concerned about you, what is going on?” Her eyes look right at Sy-Klone. It is now or never, she looks at her friend, “I have done something terrible. I haven’t been honest to Adam. I have found myself involved with someone else.” Teela is waiting for Sy-Klone to judge her, though maybe he is the only person she can confess this to. Sy-Klone knows what it is like to make mistakes. Surely he will understand?

The story continues, “I never meant to hurt Adam. Everything just got out of control. I nearly died, near Castle Grayskull awhile back. While trying to stop Skeletor I was pushed down a chasm. He-Man jumped in right after me, ready to save me. I was badly injured, I didn’t think I was going to survive and then it just happened. He kissed me.” Teela closes her eyes recalling the first kiss, “The feeling was unlike anything. I kissed him back. I liked it. It wasn’t until after I was better that I realized what I had done. I felt terrible. I had betrayed Adam by kissing someone else! I felt worse than an evil warrior.”

Sy-Klone laughs at her description, “I wouldn’t go that far Teela. You could never be as vile as an evil warrior. Look, what happened between you and He-Man was just a kiss. You thought you were going to die. Don’t beat yourself up over this.” Teela thinks about the other times, “Sy-Klone you don’t understand. There were other moments like that with He-Man. We found each other in various circumstances that involved betrayal, plain and simple. I don’t even know how I will tell this to Adam, but he has to know.”

“Regardless if you tell him or not, Teela, the important thing to ask is why were you so inclined to kiss He-Man?” Sy-Klone raises an eyebrow. His friend is hurting, but she may need to look closer at her own feelings. Teela is not sure how to answer the question, “I don’t know what to say. I care a great deal about Adam, I genuinely do. But with He-Man, I just don’t know, there is something mysterious about him. It is like I have known him my whole life, yet he is a total stranger to me. It is crazy. Either way, I have done something terrible. Adam would never kiss someone else. He would never betray me like I have done to him. I am awful.”

Sy-Klone’s eyes widen and he jokes, “Wow, you are right. That is pretty awful. Maybe you should just join the evil warriors after all, or what’s left of them.” His grin helps Teela to laugh and she playfully punches his shoulder. Sy-Klone adds seriously, “I understand that is a lot to deal with Teela. Admitting this to Adam might be hard, but you have fought toe to toe with Skeletor and even the Snake Men. I know you will have the strength to tell Adam what has gone on with He-Man. However it seems there is more upsetting you. I am not the only one that has noticed this but…”

Teela knows what he is talking about and is blunt, “I will not talk about that issue. I’m sure there are plenty of rumors going around, but I won’t discuss it.” Sy-Klone shrugs, “Look I don’t care about rumors. I care about you. I think you should talk to someone about it…” Teela feels herself getting angry, “I don’t need to talk to anyone about it! Did my father put you up to this?” Sy-Klone raises his hands up, “No, Duncan did not talk to me. I am here out of my friendship to you, please believe me.”

There has been so much hurt, nothing makes sense anymore. Teela knows Sy-Klone isn’t meaning any harm, “Alright Sy-Klone. I believe you.” She starts to laugh, “I told you I was a mess though. For so long I wondered who my mother was. So many years I sat wondering what she was like. I thought I had eventually found peace on the subject. I found myself content not knowing. I moved on with my life, until the truth blew up in my face.” Sy-Klone wonders if this conversation should be happening, “Teela you don’t have to talk about this…” Teela cuts him off, “No. I will. Let’s stop the rumors shall we? After all the lies, I have finally found out the truth. The Sorceress is my mother and I hate her.” The statement is filled with resentment and anger, Sy-Klone is caught off guard. He has never heard Teela talk this way. The surprise is apparent on his face. Teela tilts her head, “Told you I was a mess…”


Far away from Eternia, across the stars and empty space, Hordak is talking to his “son” in the Fright Zone on Etheria. Ever since Adam’s arrival, Hordak has been under the impression that he has had a second chance. From the moment he kidnapped baby Adora, along with a powerful sword that would be granted to her, he believed he would have the key to taking over Etheria and Eternia. The plan was momentarily derailed with Adora’s death. Now with Adam and a similar sword, Hordak firmly believes he will unlock the sword’s potential to speed up his plans. There is only one problem; he is not sure how the sword works. Hordak has been holding on to Adam’s sword. He places it on a table and looks at Adam, “I know you have had troubles with recalling your past, but does this sword mean anything to you Adam?”

Adam catches his breath. He is tired of the pressure to remember who he is. There is so much he does not understand. As he looks at the sword in front of him, nothing registers. “I’m sorry father; I have never seen this sword. Should I know anything about it?”

The ruthless Horde member pauses. Concerns slightly grow; it is possible that Adam was exposed to a greater amount of slime form the Slime Pit than previously thought. Hordak continues, “Yes Adam, this was your sword, a spectacular sword full of immense power. The problem is that I do not know how to unleash the power from it. I was hoping you would remember. Son, if you are able to remember anything, please tell me the first chance you get. Do you understand?”

Adam supposes that this makes sense, “I would be happy to let you know if I recall anything. Believe me I am trying my best to remember my past. What do you wish to do with this sword?” Hordak grins, “I will be able to finally stop the Rebellion. I know you can’t remember this, but son, the Rebellion has caused so many problems. They seek to control Etheria and spread their own hideous message of hate and oppression. They caused your memory loss. They have disfigured your mother and me. The Rebellion is very dangerous.”

Everything that is said is overwhelming Adam. Nothing makes sense, who is the Rebellion exactly? Adam has never seen a Rebel, “Thank you father, you are always so helpful in explaining the life I can’t remember. I think I will go spend some time with my sister Entrapta now though.” Adam wants to be far away from the abstract conversation. Hordak grins, “Please do son! Get to know your family and friends all over again, I am sure that will help."

Adam hopes so. Before he walks away Adam turns to his father, “And I assure you, as soon as I remember anything I will let you know.” Adam is soon gone. Hordak stands there looking at the power sword. Smoke begins to billow behind him. A figure emerges: Shadow Weaver. She stands next to her leader, “Mighty Hordak what are you going to do? The boy does not seem to know the secrets to the sword.”

Hordak turns to look at the masterful mage, “I know Shadow Weaver. Time is running out. I must find out how to use this sword. We need to gather the magical energy from this planet. With only a few trouble spots remaining on Etheria, the end is at hand. Soon we will have the Kingdom of Snows. All that will be left is the Mages of Mystacor and the Rebels at Bright Moon. This sword though, should assure us our victory.”

Shadow Weaver nods, “Everything will work Hordak. The Horde would not have been granted a second chance so soon after Adora’s death. Having this sword is our sign. Everything will work in our favor.” Hordak snarls, “It better Shadow Weaver! If this doesn’t turn out well, it will be the end of us. Horde Prime will make sure of it…”


Meanwhile across Etheria in a warmer locale the Sun Tower stands tall and alone brightly gleaming in the Crystal Sands. Castaspella is visiting her friend Peekablue. The two have been friends for a very long time. Being incredibly shy, Peekablue is not used to being around many people. However Castaspella has tried to help her friend’s social skills. With the recent visit from She-Ra and the Rebels, Peekablue has become aware to the joys of knowing people. This visit though finds the two women the only souls inside the tower. Castaspella made the dangerous visit to Peekablue unaware that her green haired friend would be “seeing” current events unfolding with the Rebels at Lake Eerie. Castaspella is full of concern for everyone involved, “Peekablue, what is happening?”

The feathers behind Peekablue fan out and start to blink in unison, “Oh Casta, I see Bow and Glimmer. Angella is with them. I am so glad She-Ra and the Rebels were able to rescue her. She looks good, better than before.” Peekablue is focusing on her powers, “It seems that they are planning on flooding an underwater facility. They are discussing that Angella will be a decoy as Mermista swims down below. Oh how horrible!” Castaspella’s heart stops, “What, what happened?”

Peekablue covers her mouth, “The Horde has been poisoning the towns surrounding Lake Eerie, near the Fright Zone. This is why it is important that the underwater facility is stopped.” Castaspella is horrified. Just when she thought there wasn’t anything that could surprise her about the Horde… “Has Mermista already gone under the water?” Castaspella asks. Peekablue shakes her head, “Not yet Casta, Mermista is just arriving. With She-Ra!”

Flying in the sky, Swift Wind prepares to land near Lake Eerie. His companions on the trip are briefly talking. She-Ra wants to know that Mermista will be alright, “Are you sure you will be fine on your own Mermista?” Mermista smiles, she is touched that everyone is so concerned, “She-Ra do not worry about me, I will be fine! When I have my fins I am a fast swimmer. This will all be over soon. If you want to feel better, take one of these,” Mermista removes one of her earrings that is shaped like a conch shell, “This earring will be connected to the one I am wearing. If you listen carefully you will know if I am in trouble or not.”

She-Ra nods, “Thank you Mermista. I feel better about this. I do not want to lose a friend.” Mermista smiles as Swift Wind lightly touches the ground, “You are not going to lose me!” The two hop off and walk towards Angella, Glimmer, and Bow. The group talks about their plan one last time. Angella will fly off to be a decoy, and return. While the Horde Ships on top of the lake are distracted, Mermista will swim down below. Hopefully the Horde members down below will be distracted with the goings-on above the water.

Angella prepares to fly off. Glimmer stops her for a second, “Mother, please be careful!” Angella hugs Glimmer tightly, “My dear daughter I will return quickly!” Angella flies off removing some Witches’ Brew from a pouch in her hand. Madame Razz had made some small explosive devices that unleash a ton of light and sound. The Witches’ Brew, in conjunction with Angella’s own light burst abilities, will have the Horde thinking that the stars themselves are falling from the sky.

Back by the lake, She-Ra and the Rebels look on as Angella heads towards the Horde ships on the lake. Soon they hear loud sounds and see bright sparks of light falling upon the ships. Alarms are sounded. She-Ra smiles, so far the plan is working. Mermista looks at her friends, she feels as if this is going to be a goodbye. Recalling Peekablue’s premonition of death in the near future, Mermista shakes the feeling off. Waving to She-Ra, Bow, and Glimmer, Mermista makes her way towards the water.

Swimming out, Mermista can feel her legs join and bond together. The transforming process is at her total control. Soon her legs morph into a tail and fins. She swoops underwater waving her tail in the air. Underwater Mermista swims towards the Horde Facility. The sights she sees on her way disgust her. There is no life. Where fish and other sea creatures once flourished Mermista now can see trash and garbage throughout the bottom of the lake. Mermista notices empty barrels that once housed slime. How can this beautiful lake look polluted and lifeless? Mermista tries to focus on the mission at hand.

In the distance Mermista notices the dim lights from the Horde facility. She is getting closer. First things first, she has to swim to the left side of the building and find the trash drop-off…


Inside the underwater Horde Facility a slew of Horde Troopers are scrambling to exit the main control room and head to the surface of Lake Eerie. Alarms are going off; no one knows what is happening. There are a few Horde Troopers that remain behind, awaiting orders from General Octavia. She is a dangerous green scaled woman with four large tentacles on her back. Octavia has been charged with monitoring the facility. A Horde secret, Octavia is in charge of the slime release. Fresh barrels of slime are delivered from the Fright Zone every other day. The slime is then emptied into the water filtration system and delivered through pipes to various towns surrounding the lake.

These towns have long benefited from having an advanced water system that other towns throughout Etheria have lacked. Sadly they have no idea what they are really drinking. Once the barrels are empty, they are either refilled or dumped into the lake. The process is ongoing and destructive.

Many of the Horde Troopers in the building are racing to the elevator to the surface. Word has spread that there is an attack going on above the lake. Octavia’s raspy voice quiets the room, “Stop, all of you.” The general points to a camera screen on the main board. She notices something, “Let me see this.” A Horde Trooper panics, “But General Octavia, there is a commotion above…” Octavia whips around, “Will you hush! There is no commotion, it is a ruse,” Octavia looks back at the camera, “Ah, what do we have here?” Mermista is on the screen, swimming towards the facility. “Lookee at the pretty fishy!” Octavia growls out, “No one goes to the surface. I want you all to stay here. I will return shortly.” Octavia heads out of the main control room. A Horde Trooper asks, “What are you doing?” Octavia smiles, her tentacles grab a hold of some knives on a nearby rack, “I’m going fishing.”

On the outside of the building, Mermista swims closer to her destination. There is silence under the water. Mermista is used to having some form of sea life around her. Her ability to communicate with sea creatures can help her in a variety of ways. She can have company or she can have other eyes and ears to help alert her to any danger. With nothing but silence Mermista is never sure when something might jump out or not.

The trash site is visible. Mermista swims under the beams and looks up. There is a circular opening where the trash is tossed. All she needs to do is swim up and hop out. She is pleased that the trash door is open. The mission is about to be over.

The mist-i-fying mermaid breaks through the water tossing her head back, breathing in air. She gets out of the water and with her legs back stands by the edge, looking around the room. There are barrels lined up ready to be tossed. She can hear a lot of commotion in the distance. “So far so good.” Mermista says to herself.

Unknown to Mermista, four tentacles glide out of the water moving behind her ready to strike. Two tentacles wrap around her feet, the other two wrap around her waist. Mermista screams as she is dragged back into the water. She starts to panic. With her enemy behind her, Mermista has no idea what she is dealing with. Struggling free from the tentacles, Mermista quickly changes into her sea fins. With a swift kick, Mermista makes a solid landing with her assailant’s chest.

With her eyes focused, Mermista stares at her enemy. Looking at the large red bat emblazoned across Octavia’s chest, Mermista realizes who she is up against. Octavia knowingly grins flashing sharp teeth and swims towards Mermista. Rushing Mermista, Octavia tries to wrap her tentacles around her. Mermista slams her arm cuff into Octavia’s chin.

A tentacle manages to slide around Mermista’s neck. Struggling to break free, Mermista releases a flurry of bubbles from her fingertips. Momentarily blinded, Octavia loses her grip. Breaking free Mermista does a back flip and uses her tail to swat Octavia in the face. With knives drawn Octavia lashes out. Dodging the attacks from Octavia’s tentacles Mermista searches for a way to stop the fearsome Horde general and survive.

On the surface, She-Ra, Bow, and Glimmer watch as Angella returns. “How are things?” Angella asks. Glimmer is happy that her mom is alright. She-Ra however is noticing something with Mermista’s earring. “Wait everyone, something is wrong. I’m trying to understand what is happening to Mermista.” She-Ra is trying to hear through the earring. Angella looks fearful. Bow’s chin is solid, awaiting the news. Glimmer turns her head and screams; they are ambushed by Horde Troopers. She-Ra drops the earring as the Rebels prepare to fight.

Back underwater Mermista is beginning to lose some strength. Octavia is very strong and brandishing four knives. Finally one of the knives makes contact and slices Mermista’s shoulder. Blood is drawn and slowly streams away into the water. Mermista ignores the pain and aims a punch towards Octavia. The punch misses leaving Mermista open to another knife wound. This time Octavia slices the blade over Mermista’s back.

Trying to scream and find composure Mermista starts to feel light headed. Octavia slides against Mermista’s backside. With a raised tentacle, Octavia stabs Mermista’s side. Blood is leaving Mermista’s body freely and she is having a tough time surviving. Octavia drags the mermaid to the lake’s floor.

There are barrels, tubing, and other forma of garbage all over the lake bed. Octavia slams Mermista against the barrels. Losing her energy Mermista is struggling to break free. The Horde woman grins bearing sharp teeth as she reaches for some rubber tubing. Wrapping the tubing around Mermista, Octavia laughs as the mermaid is trapped. Trying to break free Mermista looks up at Octavia in horror as the Horde member makes a high pitched whistling scream.

Octavia grins one last time before swimming off. Mermista looks around, trying to get free. She is not sure why Octavia would just leave her tied to some barrels. With the barrels firmly planted in the ground Mermista tries to move but finds she is stuck. That is when she hears a large groan. She is not alone.

Mermista is filled with dread as she looks at a giant sea creature swimming towards her. A large sea monster is heading towards her. Mermista tries to make contact with the giant fish. Due to the polluted nature of the lake the fish is berserk, unable to communicate with Mermista. Her heart sinks; there is nothing she can do. Shaking and trying her best to break free, Mermista realizes she is about to be eaten. The sea monster opens a mouth exposing rows of sharp jagged teeth. One of the final thoughts she has is of the premonition that Peekablue spoke of. She was going to be the one that dies…

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