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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3: Chapter 44

Previously from Part 2: What didn't happen during the second part of Adora's Search for Honor? I will try to hit the high points of Part 2... The slain Double Trouble was brought back from the dead by Hordak and Shadow Weaver. This new zombie Double Trouble caused some major trouble as a She-Ra doppelganger, only to be freed from her new form at the hands of the real She-Ra... After travelling to Etheria to search for his sister, Prince Adam finally escaped the Fright Zone and for a brief time took refuge with a mysterious woman in the Lost Woods that Adam could only call Arem. In a series of dramatic and cool events, Adam eventually reunited with his sister with the help of his friends from Eternia and new friends on Etheria... Adora worked towards dealing with her guilt over her past actions as a member of the Horde and worked with the Great Rebellion to stop the Horde. As She-Ra, she also fought off various enemies. One of these enemies was Catra, the jealous beauty. Catra's anger towards just about everything reached its boiling point and for a moment in time she was ready to leave Etheria with a warrior by the name of Huntara. Finally ready to explore her feelings, Catra was thrilled to start anew with Huntara. Only that did not happen thanks to the machinations of Shadow Weaver. Unaware of Shadow Weaver's actions and fed up with everything, Catra tried one last time to rid herself of Hordak and She-Ra. Catra formed an all sinister female branch of the Horde with Shadow Weaver, Entrapta, Octavia, Scorpia, and the leader of the Pyres: Vampra. Furious at the truth of her birth, Catra and her group of venomous vixens (minus Vampra) traveled to Eternia with Castaspella in hot pursuit... The Horde began their final push to take over both Eternia and Etheria by drilling for the magical energy in both planets. The members of the Great Rebellion and the Masters of the Universe joined forces with Skeletor and his Evil Warriors to stop the dangerous threat of the Horde.

The final chapter of Part 2 was filled with much more- The end was nigh for Horde Prime on Horde World as She-Ra, He-Man and a few others (Frosta, Sweet Bee, Sea Hawk, and Stratos) fought off the Horde once and for all. Horde Prime's true identity was revealed and Hordak was completely thrown for a loop... Skeletor did his best to find the secret of Grayskull, but got more than he bargained for. Especially once he returned to Snake Mountain to find his happy home full of some angry women... Having thought she was the last of her kind, Mermista traveled to Eternia to talk with her father, King Mercier. Seeking answers as to why the mer-people left Etheria for Eternia, Mermista was close to receiving her answers. Until a woman appearing to be her younger sister showed up... Adora and Bow finally admitted their love for each other no matter the obstacles they had previously faced. Fate would throw one last obstacle in their way though as the portal between Eternia and Etheria closed sooner than expected, leaving Adora/She-Ra on Eternia while Bow was left behind on Etheria.

And now with that out of the way, let's start the fun...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 44

Standing before sudden relatives, Mermista feels a chill run through her body. She feels highly vulnerable. "This is my sister?" Her eyes look the woman up and down. The young woman stands before Mermista with white and blue hair pulled back. Scaly armor covers her body. Her ears are pierced with rows of tiny shells, shells that resemble the larger one around Mermista's neck. Their features are similar, so similar that Mermista knows that they must be related. King Mercier nods, "Yes. This is your younger sister, Merlia." The two sisters stare at each other. Merlia is ready to run to Mermista full of hugs and nothing but love. After all this time, Merlia is actually meeting her sister.

Taking a step back, Mermista shakes her head, "I still don't understand. Please help me, I traveled all this way..." King Mercier nods, "Of course. You deserve the truth. Your birth was a joyous moment for the Kingdom of Salineas." He pauses as his memories of her birth flood his mind. His heart swells with such happiness. He looks at her with such pride. "You grew up to become such a beautiful woman." Mermista feels tears sting her eyes, "Just tell me already. I want to know why I grew up in the Horde Academy and how you all ended up here. I thought you were all killed..." Her skin is growing hot, she is feeling trapped.

Her father closes his eyes as sadness pierces his happiness, "You were taken from us. Hordak had Etheria fooled for so long. He pretended that the Horde was such a helpful institution. Since we lived under the seas, we were the first to truly feel his wrath. He wanted us destroyed. Taking you was a part of that." Trying to catch her breath, Mermista nods in confirmation, "I always assumed I was taken from you. But I don't understand, didn't anyone try to find me?"

Reaching out to hold onto Mermista, King Mercier sighs, "Of course we did. You were the daughter of the King and Queen of Salineas. Saving you was a priority. We just couldn't. There wasn't enough time..." Mermista breaks away staring at the people who were meant to be her family, "What does that mean?" Merlia stands in silence as her father continues, "Your mother was baring another child: Merlia. We hadn't planned it, but since she was carrying a new life her situation was delicate. The Horde was attacking our kingdom, ripping it apart. You've no doubt seen the remains under the Crystal Falls?" Mermista nods. King Mercier sighs again, "We had a chance. Hordak was fighting wars on many fronts. He was trying to wipe us out while also working on invading Eternia. We found a way to escape through a portal..."

Mermista's mouth drops open, "And you all left?" She is horrified. Her father has tears in his eyes, "Most of us left. I had to get your mother to safety. I left behind some soldiers, their mission was to find and save you..."

"They never did though. I wouldn't end up leaving the Fright Zone until I was older." Mermista stands in silence. "I know you must have been through many terrible things Mermista..." The mist-i-fying mermaid shakes her head, "You can never possibly know what we went through in the Horde Academy. I'm thankful I had my friends, we all escaped to join the Great Rebellion..." King Mercier nods, thankful that she wasn't alone. A silence hangs in the air. Mermista has many thoughts spinning in her mind, making her feel incredibly dizzy. "What did my mother say about this?"

Merlia hangs her head. King Mercier looks back between both daughters, "Your mother was ready to fight no matter what for you. Leaving Etheria was never a part of her plan. But I gave her no choice, I didn't want her to be harmed." Tears well up in his eyes and he chokes back a gasping sound. Mermista looks up, "What is it?"

"She was so weak. When she was ready to deliver Merlia... She was just too weak." Mermista shakes her head, "No. Please no. What are you saying?" Merlia speaks up, "I killed her when I was born." King Mercier is quick to react, "Don't say that. You did not. She was just too weak." Mermista's chest begins to rise and fall quickly. She finds it difficult to breathe. A few days ago she never would have thought she would be meeting a family long thought gone. The reality is very difficult to handle. "I had a mother. I really had a mother..." Mermista closes her eyes, "I never should have come. I have to leave, I can't be here..." She runs out of the room quickly. Mermista wishes for nothing but the comfort of water surrounding her, but all she can do is focus on her legs.

Distancing herself from the room with her father and sister, Mermista races through the Eternos Palace. Mermista makes her way to a room she is sharing with Perfuma. As she bursts through the door, Mermista stops to catch her breath. Perfuma is alone in the room. Jumping up with a handful of colorful flowers, the flower maiden smiles, "Mermista! You will not believe the kinds of flowers they have here on Eternia! I have got to show you the gardens in the palace! Just unbelievable!" Her excitement pauses for a second as she looks over at Mermista, "You don't look so good Mermista."

"I'm not." Mermista rushes to her large sea shell cases. She begins throwing her items back into them. Perfuma pauses, "What are you doing?" Trembling slightly, Mermista shouts, "We are getting out of here." Perfuma steps back, still clutching her flowers, "We just got here Mermista. There is still plenty of time to get back to Etheria before the portal closes. I don't understand..." Mermista works frantically, "It was a mistake to come here. My home is on Etheria. Now come on Perfuma, we have to go." Perfuma tilts her head as her blond hair falls to the side, "I guess. I'll start packing. But I'm bringing these flowers with me!" The two friends get to work.

"Get this filthy bitch out of here! Skeletor! Are you listening?" Evil-Lyn screeches. Snake Mountain is a buzz with much activity. Skeletor is in a daze from his trip through Castle Grayskull or at least the few parts he can recall. Now he is standing before his former lover Shadow Weaver and a few members of the Horde. Shadow Weaver looks at her Horde sisters and rasps, "We won't be leaving anywhere!" Evil-Lyn steps forward producing a dagger, "I will cut you up bitch! You think you can just come in here and call this your home? You don't belong here!" Shadow Weaver smirks, "After what I've shared with Skeletor, I'll stay wherever I please snatch."

Evil-Lyn goes in for a swipe ready to draw blood. Spikor and Beast Man are too slow to react, but Tri-Klops and Trapjaw rush in grabbing hold of Evil-Lyn. "Stop this Evil-Lyn! Put the dagger down!" Tri-Klops snaps. Mer-Man and Clawful look on, but their gazes quickly hover over Octavia and Scorpia. Mer-Man sighs, his heart feeling funny, "Can you believe this? That woman has tentacles. Really nice tentacles." Clawful nods his eyes on Scorpia, "Yeah. I'm more fixed on her though, look at those pincers. I thought I was the only one with screwy hands." They both walk over towards the two Horde woman. "I am Mer-Man, the one and only ocean warlord of Eternia." Octavia darts her eyes away from the drama between Evil-Lyn and Shadow Weaver. She grunts towards Mer-Man, "I could strangle you in death quickly. You would not notice. Much." Mer-Man sighs and whispers, "I'm in love."

Clawful grins introducing himself to Scorpia. He offers a clawed pincer by way of greeting. Scorpia raises an eyebrow and grabs hold with her pincer squeezing very tightly. Grinning with a hint of mischief, Scorpia bares her teeth as Clawful screams on in agony.

Catra and Entrapta stand tall observing the interaction between Skeletor and Evil-Lyn. "Skeletor! Stop looking so ridiculous! Do something about this! Tell them to leave!" Evil-Lyn's face is distorted in anger and rage. Her hatred for Shadow Weaver is immense. She tries to break free from Tri-Klops and Trapjaw's grasp. Skeletor is simply stunned. Usually he is ready to bark an order or something. But this time he is simply stunned. Catra rolls her eyes growing increasingly bored.

Trying not to shrink away, Spikor calls out to Skeletor, "Umm, Skeletor? Is there anything I can do?" Skeletor hangs his head and whispers, "Get out." Spikor shakes his head, "Excuse me Lord Skeletor, what was that?" Skeletor turns in a rage, "GET OUT! All of you! Leave my throne room, NOW!" Everyone starts to scatter. Skeletor glares and aims a finger at Shadow Weaver, "Except you. Everyone get out, I need to talk to her..."

Evil-Lyn's eyes are wide in anger. However there is nothing she can do. The Evil Warriors and members of the Horde leave, but no one goes very far. They all want to hear what kind of conversation is going to occur between Skeletor and the mistress of dark magic...

Back inside the Eternos Palace, Clamp Champ is showing the latest visitor around the grounds. Netossa looks around taking everything in, though she feels incredibly guilty, "Clamp Champ, I do thank you so much for showing me around. But I think my actions may have been a bit rash. I should probably go back to Etheria. I left on a whim, and I have the distinct feeling that my friends will be upset with my sudden disappearance." Netossa immediately thinks of Spinnerella.

Clamp Champ turns to look at Netossa, "You just got here though. Come now, the portal will still be open between Eternia and Etheria for a while longer. You will be able to return." Clamp Champ stands still and shakes his head, "I'm so sorry Netossa. Of course. If you want to leave, I won't stop you. I just guess I found myself really wanting to show you around. It isn't every day that someone comes across such a brave woman such as yourself." Netossa smiles to herself, "Well there are plenty of brave women where I come from..." Netossa thinks again of Spinnerella. She thinks of what they have recently experienced. Netossa knows that her sudden actions will upset Spinnerella, but then Netossa thinks of something else; Spinnerella pulled a similar stunt not too long ago. Tilting her head and wanting to just get lost in her latest adventure, Netossa grins, "The portal will still be open for some time. There doesn't need to be a mad rush back. Go on Champ, show me around!" Clamp Champ grins, "It would be an honor."

Mermista and Perfuma race towards Castle Grayskull. The damage and destruction from the giant Horde Ship and drill is still fresh and hot. Perfuma trembles, "Can't you feel that Mermista?" Mermista is running feeling the wind whip her face, "Feel what?" Perfuma shakes her head, "I don't know, I just feel like this ground is sad. Look at all this destruction..." Mermista shakes her head, "No time for that Perfuma. Come on, we need to be back home." Perfuma rolls her eyes and wonders desperately why Mermista is acting so strange.

The two woman are very close to the castle gates. They both notice Sea Hawk and Stratos outside. Sea Hawk is rubbing his head and looks up at his two friends, "Hey, what are you doing here?" Mermista sighs, "Not now!" She races past and Perfuma pauses briefly, "Mermista wants to go back to Etheria. She is acting so strange! By the way Hawk, you look like crap." Perfuma rushes off following Mermista into the castle. Sea Hawk sits back on the ground, "Escaping Horde World will do that to ya."

Inside Castle Grayskull, Mermista and Perfuma make their way to the room containing the portal. Mermista smiles, she is ready to be back on Etheria. "Traveling here was such a mistake Perfuma." Mermista wonders if her friends will be happy to see her. As they rush into the room expecting to see the majestic glittery glow of the swirling portal, they both stop in their tracks. The portal is gone.

"Where is the portal?" Mermista asks Perfuma. The flower maiden simply shrugs. Grabbing hold of Mermista's arm, Perfuma points to a shadowy figure slumped on the floor. Mermista walks further into the room, "Hello?" The shadowy figure turns, "Yes?" Perfuma and Mermista both recognize the voice, "She-Ra?" They say in unison.

Standing up, She-Ra stands tall, wiping some tears from her eyes. The princess of power rushes to hug her friends. Perfuma gasps, "What's wrong? You've been crying!" She-Ra composes herself and turns to look back at where the portal once stood. She recalls the look on Bow's face as the portal swirled to a close, she can't help but wonder if she will see him again. Mermista shakes her head, "I don't understand. The portal was supposed to be open still..."

She-Ra sighs, "I don't know what happened. We were on Horde World and we all jumped through the same portal. It should have taken us to Etheria, instead I landed here, on Eternia. I don't know why it closed so suddenly..." Perfuma squeezes She-Ra's hand, "Well at least you are here. Did you stop the Horde She-Ra?" She-Ra thinks about her excursion onto Horde World and is about to answer, when all of a sudden a loud curse breaks through the air, "What the fuck is this?!"

The women turn staring at Sea Hawk. The pirate stumbles into the room pointing towards the empty space of the portal, "Where did it go? Did someone move it?" Perfuma sighs, "I don't know that it works that way..." Sea Hawk ignores her, "Ok, someone explain what is going on... Where is the portal? I've got to get back to Etheria."

Mermista looks at the disgruntled pirate, "We all need to get back to Etheria..." Perfuma pipes up, "Speak for yourself..." Mermista goes on, "We just walked in here. She-Ra told us the portal simply closed." Sea Hawk asks for confirmation and She-Ra nods sadly. Sea Hawk curses out loud again and kicks over a nearby chair. "My ship is over there! I can't believe this shit! I've got to get back to my ship!" Sea Hawk is incensed.

All the commotion brings forth the Sorceress with Orko floating cautiously behind. She asks what is wrong and She-Ra explains the erratic behavior of the portal closing so soon. The Sorceress shakes her head, "That mustn't be. The portal was meant to stay open for a few days longer. Something must have happened..." Orko thinks back to his earlier accident in the room. It dawns on him that he may have done something. He quickly stays mum.

Sea Hawk shakes his head, "Well isn't that fairly obvious? Something happened alright lady. Now how are we going to fix it?" The Sorceress simply shrugs, "Unless you know how to create and charge up a new portal, our only chance will be the help of Man-At-Arms. Did he ever return from Etheria?" Mermista looks at her friends, "I'm not sure." Perfuma thinks about things, "He was there to help Angella walk again. But ya know, I just don't know."

Sea Hawk drags his hands through his hair, "Well what are we waiting for? How can we find this guy?" The Sorceress explains that he could very well be back at the Eternos Palace. "So many people were coming and going through this portal, it is hard to say where anyone is..." Sea Hawk motions towards his friends, "Well let's go to this palace. One of you will need to lead the way though. I have no clue where I'm going." Mermista and Perfuma nod and exit the room. She-Ra calls out that she will be right behind. The princess of power looks over at the Sorceress. "The Horde is done for." The Sorceress listens and nods, "I knew you and your brother would do it." She-Ra sighs tears in her eyes, "It was tough. I also think that my brother may be on Etheria. We got separated." The Sorceress continues to nod and they briefly discuss what Duncan will be able to do.

The Sorceress brings up another issue altogether, "Of course, with you going to the palace, will you be ready for that?" She-Ra realizes this means she will come across her mother and father. Having yet to meet them, She-Ra shakes her head, "I'm not sure how to handle that one." The Sorceress smiles and hugs her tightly, "You will my dear." She-Ra nods trying to make sense of everything. She wishes that Bow were there with her...

On Etheria, Bow continues to stare at the spot where She-Ra's face was just a moment ago. He sighs feeling everyone looking at him. After abruptly racing away from the arrival of He-Man, Frosta, and Sweet Bee from Horde World, everyone quickly traveled after him. Bow wishes they would all go away.

Glimmer is helping a dazed and bloodied Frosta settle into the courtyard. Sweet Bee is shivering talking with Spinnerella. Flutterina stands still with her arms crossed. He-Man stands there in shock, he looks over at Duncan, "I thought the portal had more time left." The current Man-At-Arms shakes his head, "I don't understand why this happened." He looks over at Bow, "And you said it just closed, there was no warning or anything?"

Bow snaps, "I told you everything already. I do not know anything about this. It just started swirling to a close. She-Ra was on the other side." He-Man doesn't understand, "We all went through the same portal, we should have..." He pauses and Sweet Bee speaks up, "Yes, but don't forget, something strange did happen. We struggled at the very end of that portal tunnel. Something was not right..." He-Man sighs slightly remembering something to that effect.

Frosta is still in silence. She looks down covered in dried blood. Making out a slight gurgling sound, Frosta starts to shake slightly. Glimmer looks over at everyone, "Can someone please tell me if this is her blood or not?" Sweet Bee simply shrugs. He-Man shakes his head, "I don't think so." Glimmer hangs her head, "Come on Frosta. I'm going to get you cleaned up." Gathering her friend up, Glimmer takes Frosta inside Castle Bright Moon.

Duncan taps a finger to his chin, "It is a shame the portal key is on Eternia. If I had the portal key here I could easily recharge it..." Bow shakes his head, "We need to get this portal back open. I don't have time for this." His heart is beating funny. It is hurting. He-Man steps forward, "Bow, we will figure something out."

"I don't have time to wait for some answer! Too much time has passed already. I need to see her again, I can't have this happen..." He-Man looks at the man and realizes that Bow is deeply in love with She-Ra. Looking around, He-Man sighs, "Does anyone have any ideas?" No one can say anything. Spinnerella wants to come up with something, but she has nothing. Sweet Bee is just glad to be in a safe place. Flutterina has no ideas, though she is ready for action.

Bow shakes his head, "Castaspella won't be able to help. I don't think her magic could work like that. Though maybe someone from Mystacor could use their magic..." An idea instantly spreads across his head, "Of course. The Fright Zone." Everyone else is confused. Bow thinks the idea is brilliant though, "Now that the Horde is completely splintered, maybe we can work a deal." Spinnerella is confused, "Make a deal? But with whom?" Bow looks at everyone in all seriousness, "The witch Shadow Weaver. Surely she knows some sort of spell that could bring this portal back." Spinnerella isn't so sure. Bow is determined, "It is the only thing I can think of. I'm going." The archer picks up his arrows and is ready to leave.

He-Man stands in front of She-Ra's love, "You aren't going alone." Bow nods thankful for the help. Flutterina flutters her wings towards the two men. In her strange speak, she says simply, "I will. Join. Too." Bow nods grateful for the help. Spinnerella shakes her head, "Be careful Bow. I've got to find Netossa." Sweet Bee nods, "And I must find the other members of the Hive." The honey of a guide looks over at He-Man. Their eyes meet and a shared experience flows between them. She smiles and walks away.

Duncan stands tall as he prepares for his arm canon, "You'll need my help too." Bow nods and just like that they head back to the Fright Zone.

Inside Bright Moon, Glimmer helps clean Frosta. "All this blood, my goodness. Frosta, what happened to you on Horde World?" The icy Empress closes her eyes as Glimmer grabs some fresh new clothing. She isn't ready to speak. All she can think of is the vile Mosquitor's chest bursting warm red blood all over her. She can do nothing but throw up...

Alone in Skeletor's throne room, Shadow Weaver stands across from the evil Lord of Destruction. Skeletor's eye sockets are soulless and haunting. He is shocked to be in the presence of Shadow Weaver after all this time, "I didn't realize Hordak had you on such a long leash Shadow Weaver." The witch rasps, "You are one to talk. Your leash extended to a whole other planet." Skeletor chuckles, "This world has always been my home. I simply escaped from his clutches."

Shadow Weaver folds her arms, "I remember. You left me behind." Skeletor slowly walks towards her with what could be menace or something else, "I owed you nothing." Shadow Weaver glares, "You can honestly say that after everything we experienced?" Their past hangs over them both. Skeletor laughs, "Foolish woman. It is not my fault you misunderstood what our physical union was." Shadow Weaver stands still as he breathes heavily over her, "I see. Of course it would mean nothing since you already had another woman waiting here for you." She is referring to Evil-Lyn. Skeletor spits out, "Whatever I shared with her died with Keldor. You knew what you were getting involved with..."

Grinning in her shroud of darkness, Shadow Weaver sighs, "Of course. I know exactly what I was involved with. A grown man gone too soon but given a new lease on life. Merged with the soul of a demonic being and out came you Skeletor. I helped you enhance your powers. I am the one who stayed up and listened to you share all the painful memories and experiences that created the monster before me. I did the same. You saw raw and torn piece of me. We basked in each other's dark presence. I remember everything Skeletor."

He feels every memory in every fiber of his being. His skin feels electric standing so close to her. But his face belies nothing. "You can't stay here Weaver." Rasping out in annoyance, Shadow Weaver groans, "Why not? Afraid of what your love will think? I'm not scared of Evil-Lyn." Skeletor tosses his head back in laughter before staring blankly back in rage, "I am scared of no one woman. And my life is not tied to you or her. Remember that. I don't want you here. I don't want anyone here, but I can't seem to ever just be alone. I don't know why you thought it bright to show up in this dark place. You should have just stayed with Hordak..."

Shadow Weaver reaches out to strike Skeletor's face, "You dare play such games! I know the truth. I was there! I remember our plans and those were real! I am finished with Hordak. The Horde is all but gone. I came here because that was always part of the plan." Skeletor grabs hold of her wrist. They struggle, but he throws her to the ground. "Go on Weaver, take your misbegotten fools and leave." Shadow Weaver slowly stands. She turns away and walks out of the throne room. She is simply done. Walking into a dank hallway, the witch looks at everyone. The Evil Warriors and Horde women are all looking for an answer. Now she just has to figure out what she will say...

Deeper inside the horrific caverns of Snake Mountain, Castaspella makes her way through winding tunnels and dangerous rocky formations. Still lost as to her whereabouts, the enchantress takes a brief respite. Trying to stay calm and focus, Castaspella can't keep herself from shaking. "I'm lost. And I may never find my way home." Castaspella refuses to cry or give up. She is lost, but surely there must be a way out of this place. Before she travels any further though, Castaspella pauses. A strange odor begins to fill the air. Looking around, she tries to see what could be causing the smell. Feeling someone or something right behind her, Castaspella slowly turns around, and what she sees before her can only elicit the most terrifying of screams...

Back on Etheria, Bow, He-Man, Flutterina, and Man-At-Arms work their way through the Fright Zone. The mighty site of the once strong and storied Fright Zone is a much different place. With Hordak gone, there is no longer a threat. Every now and then the heroes fight off a lost Horde Trooper, but for the most part the Fright Zone is a very different place. Bright Moon soldiers and guards work around the grounds freeing slaves and prisoners of the once mighty Horde empire. Flutterina looks around, "The Horde. Are. Running. Scared."

Bow nods, "I never thought I'd see this." People occasionally run past in groups screaming out in joy at finally being set free. The world is going to be a different place. Bow and He-Man inquire to a few people if they have seen Shadow Weaver. No one seems to know or care. Bow wonders if they will be running into any of the other heavy hitting Horde members. The thought of crossing paths with Catra makes his heart sink. All Bow can think of is the hope that Catra can start an all new life for herself.

As Bow is lost in his thoughts, He-Man motions for the group to be quiet. The most powerful man in the universe looks around. He can sense that something is very wrong. A sense of danger fills the air. A loud scream blazes above them as a light purple skinned woman descends from the rafters. Sweeping He-Man unexpectedly to the ground, Huntara growls in fury. She dodges a blast by Duncan and nearly impales Flutterina with a spear. Bow shoots off a spark arrow, trying to stop their assailant. He can't make out who it is.

Huntara flips in the air and plants a swift kick at Bow's chest. Knocking him to the ground, Huntara lands on top of him. Producing one of her sabers, Huntara screams as she prepares to strike a fatal blow to Bow's heart...

On Eternia, She-Ra and her friends leave Grayskull. Stratos is still outside around the castle grounds trying to pick up some damage from the Horde ship. He looks over at She-Ra and joins them on their journey back to the Eternos Palace. She-Ra explains their current situation. Stratos tries to cheer everyone up, "I can guarantee you all that Duncan will more than likely be in his lab. He lives in that lab. He'll get the portal back open."

Sea Hawk grimaces, "He had better. I can't stay here." Mermista nods in agreement. Perfuma smiles to herself, she is secretly glad she'll get another chance to see the beautiful gardens in the palace. They walk through the destruction from the Horde ship. She-Ra looks up at the massive drill still stuck in the ground. She still can't believe everything and almost wants to be content to stay, though her heart aches to see Bow.

As the heroes walk past the giant still drill, Perfuma feels a slight tremor in the ground, "Did you all feel that?" Everyone pauses. Mermista looks at her friend, "Not really. Perfuma, we don't have time for this."

Perfuma stammers, "Look, I'm not trying to be a mess, I'm being serious. Something is not right." Sea Hawk wants to keep walking. Stratos looks around for anything odd. She-Ra isn't sure what to do. The ground though shakes again with a tremor that everyone feels. Perfuma jumps, "See! I told you all! I'm not a mess."

The ground begins to shake even more. She-Ra looks down at the moving ground. Drawing out her power sword, She-Ra calls out, "Everyone be careful!" Mermista is ready to defend herself. Full of annoyance, Sea Hawk spits out, "I don't believe this shit."

Suddenly a few feet away from the group, the ground crumbles apart and opens. An odor fills the air before a pair of hands reach out of the ground. Perfuma whispers to herself, "Wait. I think I smell pine..."

A large mass of green muscle crawls out of the ground. Stratos looks at the man, "I know him..." The muscular man looks as if he is covered in various botanical. He walks towards the group wielding a large mace. Perfuma pauses before breaking away from the group. She walks towards him. Mermista quickly pulls her back, "Perfuma! What are you doing?! You don't just walk up to some creepy man from the ground!"

The man bellows out pointing to the surrounding area, "Who are the ones responsible for this destruction?" She-Ra steps forward, "The party responsible was called the Horde." The green muscle man stands tall, "This land is sacred and must be protected. All land must be protected."

She-Ra nods, "Of course. The Horde will not be destroying anymore of the planet. We have all made sure of that." The stranger looks at the group with much curiosity, "How do you know this?" Sea Hawk spits out, "Look we know because we helped blow the bastards up. They are done for. Now go back under whatever rock you came from, we have more important things to do." Mermista and Perfuma stare at Sea Hawk as if to say, shut up!

"You are all just as responsible." The statement is simple. She-Ra shakes her head, "Excuse me?" The green man growls, "You are all just as responsible and must pay. I am Moss Man, and for your destruction against this fragile environment, you must all pay." Moss Man slams his mace to the ground creating another tremor that opens and spreads towards She-Ra and her friends, threatening to swallow them whole. Looking back, She-Ra shouts, "Get to safety!" Perfuma and Sea Hawk dive to the side. Stratos zooms off into the air to get help while Mermista and She-Ra fall through the wide open cracks of Eternia's upper crust. Caught inside the ground, She-Ra and Mermista struggle to free themselves as Moss Man commands the ground to close around the two women. Stuck in the ground, She-Ra and Mermista both panic as the rock and soil close in around them...

Up next!
Can She-Ra and Mermista survive?
What's up with Moss Man?
And even more importantly, where will Shadow Weaver and the fabulous gals of the Horde live?

Be here next She-Ra Saturday for Chapter 45 of Adora's Search for Honor!


  1. I haven't read this yet, but I swear I will! very soon-I have class tomorrow, so I can't yet-but I think it is time I revealed who I am, because it's the new year-why not start fresh? and I have been working on my blog for a while for my comic character stuff, and I trust your opinion, and I am sick of calling myself Spazzblister, so what is your email again? I will send you the address of my blog (and tell you some things about the references I am making in my cartoons! There are some obvious motu nods but some are subtle.) Cuz after you see my shit, I promise I will start posting under my real name.

    1. Hey spazzblister! Well I am looking forward to this blog! Here is my email- and if you ever need to email me and you forget, I believe I have my email address in the right side panel with the little blurb about me. I really really can't wait to see what you are working on. I know it will be amazing and I will totally be looking for these motu nods! I hope you are doing well and I will look forward to your email.

  2. Groovy-actually, I just realized if I am going to start using my real identity on here anyway I don't even have to send the link all secret-like via e-mail, I can just post it here,

    Hope that link works. It is called the Moose Comics Blogspot because -yes my last name really is Moose.
    Which is funny because none of my characters are Moose based!
    There is a couple pages of stuff on there so I understand if you don't get a chance to look at it all. Right now it is mostly descriptions or "Power Profiles" of my main heroes with some other fun stuff mixed in, and the first portion of my Rock n' Roll Porpoise Man comic (you will notice the villain "the Sea Skull" is a bit of a nod to skull based MOTU villains Scareglow Skeletor, among other things)

    I still haven't read the new search for honor yet because I just started a new semester and I have a hundred pages of reading due literally tomorrow for class. But the second I get a second, I promise I will read and give feed back.
    Hope you like my comic stuff! Let me know what you think. And you can call me Nick by the by!

    1. Oh my goodness Nick! I am loving your blog! Your comic profiles are so cool looking! I have only briefly glanced over everything, but I am going to go back and really look and read everything over. I love your site and am really glad that you have finally let me know! I worked really late tonight so I needed to catch up on a few things, but tomorrow I am going to sit down and really check things out! This is so cool!

      I tried to save it as a blog to follow, but I couldn't find a link to do that yet. Anways, I hope you are doing well, and I am so excited to see your work. And by the by, you have an awesome name! Nick Moose. It just sounds really cool. I hope you are doing well!

    2. I'm going to hopefully have some time to read your new chapter tonight as well-
      I like my name too, but it can get confusing explaining that "Moose Comics" is not about a Moose, but rather its by a guy named Moose and really the only animal character is a porpoise! That being said though, I've used "Moose Comics" as the name for my fictional comic company since I was in seventh grade, so I'm gonna keep it. Plus I like the antlers on the logos!

    3. wow-a whole lot going on here-
      my only complaint was not enough Frosta-and that I was feeling bad for her in the part she was in. I hope she is just vomiting from disgust and that she isn't sick from any diseased blood Mosquitor might have had in him.

      I must say when the weird smell was mentioned I thought Stinkor was going to show up-but it was Moss Man! And this leads to an interesting possibility of a boyfriend for Perfuma. I can't think of a better man for her. And one of the best lines was "you don't just talk to some strange man from the ground!"
      although I also liked Perfuma telling Sea Hawk he looked like crap too-I am just trying to imagine her saying that in her Filmation voice and it makes me laugh.
      Actually, in addition to Moss Man and Pefuma possibly have a BUDDING romance (pun intended) we had other great pairings in this chapter. Mer Man and Octavia was priceless, as was Scorpia and Clawful. And Netossa and Clamp Champ! as the only two black people in the entire Universe it is a crazy coincidence they would find each other but they need to start having kids like right away so this reality becomes more integrated. As it stands, it is a very white Universe(although there are purple, green, red and blue people)
      Too bad Double Trouble is dead and never got to meet Man-E-faces!
      Many questions arise from this chapter.Is Hordak still on Horde world? Did Horde Prime's death just cause the immediate collapse of the Horde? Where are the other Hordesmen? Is Mermista truly done with her family? Will Sea Hawk ever get laid? What is the mouse doing during all this?
      I'm sure we will find the answers in due time. Can't wait for the next chapter!

    4. Well Frosta will have much more presence in the coming chapters. My goal (as it is with every new chapter) is to try and make them as short and sweet as possible, so there are some things that don't get as fleshed out as I would like.

      As for the MOTU and POP pairings, I am not sure that everyone will be paired. I mean some seem rather obvious, like I have always loved the idea of Perfuma and Moss Man possibly having a romance. But it gets tricky. I did have Netossa and Clamp Champ interacting because he was really the only character that she knew from Eternia, since CC, Stratos, and Roboto had travelled to Etheria. Now I am not sure if a romance will occur between them or not. I want to be careful, I don't want to be like, "Hey! I'll pair the only two main black characters together because they are black!" Netossa is a very interesting character. There are some fans that have liked the idea of a romance between her and the Champ and there are other fans that are supremely vocal that Netossa and Spinnerella be in a relationship on account of their close friendship. And of course I have toyed with the idea of something happeing between 'Tossa and Sea Hawk. So I don't know what kind of romance Netossa will be experiencing. But I do agree though that the MOTU mythos is a very white place indeed.

      And Double Trouble is dead, but I would have imagined she would have met Man-E-Faces on account of their powers being similar.

      As for the questions, a lot will be revealed regarding Hordak, Horde Prime, and Horde World. As the chapters progress the fate of the other Hordsemen will be revealed too. I do love a good Horde centered chapter. The story of Mermista and her family will be an interesting one. I like the idea of this parallel between her and Adora. Both women will be reuniting with their families, and it will not be easy for either one, but for different reasons. Sea hawk might get laid. lol And the mouse will make an appearance next chapter as well as the half piece of magical arrow from the portal slice. The hard thing with this story is that there is just a whole lot to tell!

      BTW, I am reading over your site. I will be commenting more. I really like it. You have done some amazingly cool stuff!

    5. That's great-actually you may have noticed that it hasn't been viewed much, and that is because you are the first person who really knows about it. I showed a couple of my friends but I haven't actually advertised the blog or "put it out there" for people to see in any real way because I was still ironing out the kinks.
      Now that I have built it up some I feel better about putting it out there, but I didn't want to start advertising a blog that only had one post on it-I wanted it to already have some meat to it by the time anyone saw it.
      There is still the issue of copyright, and I will eventually copyright all the main characters, but for now I am letting the post dates be my proof that if anyone comes out with something similar I published mine first. (I think each separate copyright per character is 25 or 35 bucks)

    6. Yeah copyrighting stuff can get pricey. But I think you are going about it all the right way. I still haven't finished everythign yet, because I have been all over the place this weekend. But I will go over everything, because I am really enjoying your work! it is so great and full of such cool creativity! I am really glad you let me know about it. I also hope you are doing well!