Sunday, September 13, 2015

Before I die...

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I don't usually like the term bucket list, because I feel like it is something silly. Like why do we need a list of things we'd like to experience before we die? Shouldn't we just have dreams and experiences that we want to do, regardless if there is some death clock over our heads? I have a few things I want to accomplish, or at least experience. First would be getting some toy stories completed. I have been so behind on getting new stories posted. I have some great stuff too! I have a lovely story about Link and Zelda and marriage. I also have a fun toy story involving an adventure with toy Miss M and a Toyhunter. This is to say nothing of the regular toy soap opera with the bat baby. I am actually happy to know that people have been liking that. I've gotten a few emails and messages that the whole bat baby element is fun and entertaining. So yay! On with the post though.

My Spring Cleaning occurs in the Fall. At least since moving back home with my parents and living in the loft/attic. There's a reason that my Spring Cleaning happens in the Fall. I am the only thing barring my mom from getting her holiday decorations out of the attic and most of you have seen my collection and know that it is a huge mess forming a roadblock of disorganized awesomeness. So I have been trying to really focus on cleaning and organizing, finding the items I want to keep or give away all so our Thanksgiving dinner will have its reds, browns, and oranges. With all this cleaning I have been a bit slower in getting to the adventures of toy Miss M.

The toy cleaning is not just for my mom and her holiday decorations though. In all actuality I hate living like a crazy toy lady. As fun as it is to love something like collecting and really enjoy it, it can also be overwhelming. I sometimes struggle with wanting to bag everything all up and toss it or just find a way to deal with minimal pathways out into the real world. It's an issue very few people understand. Most people look at my life and think, "How is it possible that a bright woman, 33 years of age with a degree, still lives at home in a room filled with toys? Don't you want children? Don't you want a home of your own and a husband to cook for? Don't you desire and yearn for a real adult life?"

This is my life though. This is my adult life. I live in an attic with a massive toy collection. I have a job. I go to work. I pay my bills. I don't wish to live alone for many reasons I won't divulge here. I feel like the clutter in my mind will cease when I can get somewhere with organizing things. Which is one of my goals. Before I die. Because no one wants to be the woman who died in a room filled with toys on the evening news. Could you just imagine? "Local woman found dead in a room full of collectibles. The air smelled of lady lotions and tonics, a bit of dust, and the mysterious scent of Perfuma... and Stinkor." I'll get the mess taken care of. I always do.

Other things I want to experience involve going back to my performance roots. Some of you might recall back in my younger days I was something of a showgirl. I used to perform solo shows with a bit of burlesque and performance art at an alternative night club. I was an undergrad in college and wanted to find ways to make extra money. I did rather well in tips. I was never nude, though I came very close during some performances. Either way, I have always wanted to perform with a live cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show. The part in particular is that of Trixie, the character that performs to the song Science Fiction/Double Feature. I have always loved that song and its homage to so many science fiction films. I would love to get up there and just perform for the audience, dust off my old seductress shoes!

I am bringing that up because my comic book store got the Rocky Horror Picture Show Funko Pop Vinyl figures! Seriously, when will Funko just admit they are trying to rule the world?

I had to get a Magenta. Played by Patricia Quinn, it was her lips that were used for the opening song in the film. I love this movie so much. With ot without the audience participation, it is a damn good film.

As for the videos on YouTube that I hinted at a number of weeks ago, I have no idea how or when that will begin. I tried recording a video of myself as a starting point and it was atrocious. Absolutely atrocious. I need to work on finding someone to help me as well as finding a decent video editing program. That whole endeavor might be a bit on the back burner. 

Either way, I am wanting to share these things because sometimes people ask me what I dream about or what my goals are, and usually I have nothing but a blank stare followed by, "I don't know." The truth is I do know. I have a lot of goals and dreams, many more I haven't even mentioned, but I think it is important that we be aware of those things. Not for the sake of some bucket list that can be checked off before we die one day, but because it's much better to know what you want than to sit around looking dull as dishwater when someone asks and you have no clue. The only clue I want in my life is the board game and movie Clue. I am aware I may never see any of those goals accomplished, but I know they are there. In the meantime, there's a smaller goal that will be fulfilled soon, finishing Season 4 and 5 of Game of Thrones. Holy shit that is a damn good show. 

Hope you are all doing well gals and guys. Be back soon!  


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    1. Thank you Kal. I need to mix the personal stuff in more often. I always try to do that but sometimes I get lost on what to say. I am also really looking forward to our episode of Geek Fallout! I can't wait for it. Hope you are doing well.

  2. So, when you say "I don't know" -do you get slimed? Haha! Sorry , 80's Nickelodeon reference.
    ANYWAY first off, I LOVE Rocky Horror, but I agree with a wise man who once said it has become, "church for dumb shits". All the people who go to Rocky Horror Picture shows and dress up give the lot of us a bad name! So cliché! But live productions , THAT would be cool to see you in one of those! That would be worth going to!
    I didn't know you had this great history of camping it up on stage! Can you work the whole getting yanked off stage with a hook thing into one of your burlesque acts? Its such a classic vaudeville thing that I know you and I both love! I don't KNOW if me wanting to see it happen to a cute girl counts as some kind of bondage fetish-but even if it does, I don't care!! I just wanna see it!!
    Anyway, I want you to know that not EVERYONE wonders what you are doing with your life and thinks you are wasting it away.
    As I believe I told you, I just finished college recently, and I would have to work on these horrible assignments, for "logic class" which wasn't logic so much as it was crazy fake math with symbols. But I did it, because it was the last class I had to finish college. So, a lot of weekends would be spent working on this crap, because I am VERY ADHD! So I would get done eventually, after drinking enough beers and spending enough time sitting on the computer(part of the course was assignments you had to do on your computer from home-but you still had to go to class ) , I got through it. And on those Sundays, I would read YOUR BLOG!! Just the mere fact that you EXISTED in the universe made me want to go on! You were inspiring!
    Not because I wanted to date you or be with you, (though you are a tasty looking treat! Don't get me wrong! And I certainly wouldn't turn DOWN a date with you! Should you ever wanna fly to Ohio! wink-nudge-haha!) but just because you exist! That another person like me can exist in any way shape or form. There was a female version of me, who was writing this blog! It was this weird alternate universe, where I could take in the stories about Catra and She-Ra and all the MOTU guys and gals, and it was my favorite method of escape at that point! Maybe , one of the only ones I had time for. And I do believe, I got through the end of college because of you.
    So, I guess, I just want to say, THANK YOU! Not everyone is questioning what you are doing with your life, because, no matter what amazing things you may do in the future, you HAVE ALREADY done amazing things! Thanks again! xoxo Nick Moose !!!

    1. Nick,

      I'm not even sure what to say right now. I am so touched by this comment. I have no doubt though that you would have gotten through college just fine! You are such a smart guy and so driven and talented. But it is an incredible honor that you enjoyed reading my blog on Sundays and that it helped you feel great. I love that. I have always appreciated your comments and feedback and getting to know you for all these years. You are a really wonderful person, I am just honored to know you and I just am really touched by that.

      I do remember you telling me that you would be catching up on posts on Sundays. I am just very thankful that you have stuck around. I value your friendship. So very much.

      And we do share a love for vaudeville. I don't know if I find the hook thing with a girl as bondage, but I'd totally have fun with a hook trying to knock me off stage. Oh my goodness it'd be a blast!

      Anyways, I hope you are doing well. I am just really thrilled to know you. And if I ever get to Ohio, while I am not sure I will be able to go on a date, I'd certainly grab you for some toy shopping. Talk to you later!


    2. At the very least we would go to Dairy Queen together haha!
      Yeah, I don't care if we don't date. like I said, I love you in a way that isn't even dating love, its this weird love that transcends that! You saved my life, so I think I will always have that love for you! Even when you and I both get married to other people! I will have that weird kinda love for you. But I'm glad Because it's a special kind of weird dorky love that I hope you have for me too!

      Sorry, even though this is a Sunday, I was detained from reading your new posts like I usually do! I will catch up soon and you will enjoy my comments as always I hope! As you might have noticed based on what I have been saying on Facebook -my comic characters have been taking up a lot of my time! I hope to launch the site soon , and I AGREE with you! "Satie" is probably the best name to go with for the new name for "Sateena"! That's just one of the things I gotta reformulate. The website is not fitting to the sizes my web mistress is telling me to draw the comics, so yeah..Hell! But I will tell you when the site does start being worth looking at!!

  3. Hugs. I think I'd end up being like that- Local man found dead at home, surrounded by dolls and action figures.

    1. Yeah. I get nervous about that. Especially when I get paranoid if I've been bit by a spider or something and I'm like, "What if I die in my sleep. I really don't want to die in my sleep in this room of stuff." lol A mess. Hugs back to you by the way!

  4. Good to hear you're still swinging for the fences M!

    Sounds like you and I are of like mind about having a list of things to do but there's just a bit of trouble pulling the trigger.

    I adore the openess and honesty in this post and how it's very you peppered with toy and pop culture references. The line about Clue made me laugh!

    Best wishes!

    1. Hey Erik!

      Well I hope you are able to pull the trigger on things. I am going to do my best to get some of those goals met. I'm glad we are of like minds though, it is always nice to not be the only one. lol

      Thank you for the comment. I try to be as open and honest as I can, with always a dash of pop culture fun. I can't take myself too seriously. lol I also love Clue. A lot. Best wishes to you too my friend!

  5. Got my wife a couple, but I steadfastly refuse to get any Funko Pop until I can get a Nightcrawler!...then I'll be paying through the nose for old ones.

    1. I know what you mean googum! Nothing is worse than a retired Funko Pop figure going astronomical with prices. I hope you are able to find a Nightcrawler. I haven't always been thrilled with the Marvel bobble head Pops, but I have changed my mind. I have a Storm, Phoenix, and Mystique and it's hard not to love them. That's also great that you got them for your wife! The Rocky Horror ones are just great. Thanks for the comment and I hope you are doing well!

  6. I envy guys like Bill Webster and Madd Matt that seem to have video editing in their blood. I feel like I could learn Chinese before I could get a handle on the nuances of video editing. Speaking of, I found a couple of free editing programs on the web called VideoPad Video Editer. It takes some time to figure out how to use it, but it seems like it has all the bells and whistles an amateur filmmaker might need.

    I find that the people most concerned with how other folks live their lives, are the ones that need to turn that focus back on themselves. If you're happy with your life, and you're not harming anyone else, what's it matter what you do with your spare time or where you live?

    You know, the world is seriously lacking a She-Ra burlesque show. I bet you would be just the person to put it together.

  7. nice to know you have you have goals set miss m. and interesting never knew that the lips that start rocky horror are actully magenta's own lips . and love the bit about toy collector found dead with their stuff. for after all who says one can't go out with what made them happy and they enjoyed doing.