Saturday, September 5, 2015

Eclectic Music Mix

A couple weeks ago Eclectic Mayhem released a new episode with a special guest. The topic was all about mix tapes and the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy. Read on to learn more and check out a more in depth look at the personal mix tape I shared with my co-hosts.

One of the things I enjoy about podcasting is that I get to talk with the friends I have made online. Since we are all scattered every which way, most of us online dorky folk will more than likely never meet. Thank goodness for Skype and the like. Eclectic Mayhem is the second podcast that I am a part of on a regular basis (Geek Fallout) and my co-hosts Derek Ash, Brian Farrell, and Jason Roberts are constantly rotating ideas for topics. Our most recent episode was hosted by Derek and the topic was all about Mixtapes. We also had a special guest, which was something I was super excited about. Stacey Rader, the Geeky Vixen, joined us to talk all about our histories with mixtapes and the importance of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack as its own character in the film. To read her article that was the inspiration for this Eclectic Mayhem episode, head to Adventures of a Geeky Vixen. To check out the latest episode of Eclectic Mayhem, head over to the Mixtape Episode.

Before I talk any further, I have to just say how awesome it was to talk with Stacey. I have been following her around on social media for some time now and she is the type of person I envision myself hanging out with and just going to flea markets or the toy store. She is also a really fantastic writer with plenty of ideas and opinions on nerdy culture that I enjoy checking out. So to be able to talk with her was really a treat. I don't know a lot of other women who are into collecting and just totally embracing of nerd culture. We exist, make no mistake, but I don't interact with a lot of other women like I do men. To be able to have that chance is really cool and fun. Plus, Stacey and her husband Brad are two very creative and talented people. I absolutely look forward to the things they come up with next with their Battle Babies and other cool toy creations.

While I would love to share everything we discussed on this episode, I am going to encourage you all to listen to the podcast. One of the topics we shared was creating our own mixtapes. While we enjoyed talking about them to each other, there was also a discussion that we would share those personal mixtapes on our respective blogs. Behold my mixtape! (I hardly ever discuss music on here so this should be interesting!)

Miss M's Magical Mixtape

Track 1- Madonna "True Blue"

I'm a huge fan of Madonna. As a kid her songs were always an event. Every time there was a new single I'd be dancing without a care in the world. True Blue was a special song in part because of the video, but also because it had an old school vibe with a modern pop spin. I just adored that song and while I enjoy Madonna songs no matter how much time has passed, True Blue is a song that still feels like I am hearing a new song from her.

Track 2- The Crystals "And Then He Kissed Me"

This song is a really big part of my life. First off, I love girl groups. The 60's were full of some fantastic girl groups with songs that just make me smile. This song by the Crystals was in the opening solo dance off in Adventures in Babysitting. I was in love. This song has been a constant in my life. It's full of simple romance. I feel young and carefree when I hear this song. Take a listen to understand why.

Track 3- Garbage "Temptation Waits"

Shirley Manson can do no wrong. Everything about her is stunning. Garbage is one of my favorite bands. Anytime they release new music I froth at the mouth. Temptation Waits came from their second album Version 2.0 and from beginning to end there is a sexy element with a bit of rock and dance combined for a dizzying effect. It's a song that makes me feel sexy.

Track 4- Madonna "Cherish"

Sitting in the back of my mom's car on a Saturday morning while she delivered her Avon orders and then heading off to McDonald's for lunch is but one of the memories I recall when associated with this song. I can smell the fries whenever I hear it. This song is an important one to me. While it might not be my favorite Madonna song, it contains so many wonderful memories of being a kid and just driving around with my mom that it can't help but stick with me. We were always singing and listening to the radio. Oh my goodness the memories I have with this song!

Track 5- Flock of Seagulls "Space Age Love Song"

Flock of Seagulls was most known, to me, for their "I Ran" song. They actually have a nice song list in their hands though. Space Age Love Song is one of them. I would listen to it as a kid on the radio or watching MTV, and it was just a whimsical song. When I became a teenager I was able to reacquaint myself with it in a way that I could really appreciate. Thank you Wedding Singer soundtrack! This is one of my favorite love songs. I love a good love song and this one is huge. I even referenced it in my Toys and Troma story I posted back in May. During the dance a battle between good and evil breaks out. High school aged Miss M takes a break from the carnage to dance with Toxie to this song. It was such a dreamy scene. Toxie equals yum.

Track 6- Hole "Doll Parts"

For all the fun I had as a teen, I actually hated being one. I loathed adolescence with such a fiery passion that even to this day I can never look back and say those were the best years of my life. They were hell on Earth. However the music at that time was amazing and helped me get through it. I loved Nirvana and Hole. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love were like one of my soap opera couples. I was a fan. We all know how their love turned out. He committed suicide and while alone in my room I spoke out to the universe hoping he could hear from the great beyond as I told him, "I'll never stop listening to your music or Courtney's music either. I'll do what I can to support her music and hope that she can find happiness and peace without you in her world." I can't even believe I am sharing this but it was a conversation I had. I was just a mess as a teen. Cornier than a bag of Fritos. When I first heard Doll Parts I just became absorbed. Before I owned the Hole album Live Through This, I would stalk my local alternative music radio station with the hopes that I'd get to hear it. When I knew it was coming on I would make sure my cassette was ready to record. I had to have this song. It makes total sense for it to be on my list.

Track 7- Oscar "Daffodil Days"

This is a newer song and a perfect reason to have an iTunes account. From time to time iTunes will release songs for free. I gobble that stuff up because it helps me to learn about new artists that I might not otherwise know about. Anyways, this song has been on my playlist for a few months now and I love it. Oscar's voice has a nice throwback to it, like Morrissey. I just love it. Check it out!

Track 8- Siouxsie and the Banshees "Dazzle"

Oh this song. The opening is beautiful. The song is like a hybrid mythological character. One part is human and the other is some glorious creature. This song is pure fantasy. That's all I can say. I love it. I enjoy music that can take me away to places. That is what this song does, it dazzles.

Track 9- Erasure "Breathe"

Many of the songs that make up this personal mix tape come from musical acts that I have listened to since I was young. Erasure with all its colorful landscape of pop music is a delight. However they really know how to do a sweet love ballad with a nice beat. That is Breathe. It's a great song. I don't always fall for a love song, but when I do, it might sound like this:

Track 10- Cat Power "The Greatest"

Music is so great because it can elicit so many different types of emotions in just a few minutes time. Cat Power can do that very well, and her song "The Greatest" is just fun. There's a sadness to it and it was a song I listened to a great deal at a point when I wasn't quite sure what I was doing with my life or where I was going. The song just helped me though some roadblocks. It was right there with me, like all good songs are supposed to do.

Track 11- New Order "Thieves Like Us"

New Order is really great. You don't have to agree with me, but I think four out of five would say that New Order is fun. Thieves Like Us was in Pretty Pink (instrumental only) so I can't help but think of that movie when I hear it. This is what is so special about the song for me, it can make me feel some old feelings I had when I would watch that movie (by far my favorite John Hughes film) as a kid, but hearing it with the vocals gives it an entirely new twist. It's like learning something new from something old. Or whatever.

Track 12- M83 "Outro"

So we are at the end. M83 closes this play list with "Outro." My first introduction to M83 was from one of their songs (Midnight City) appearing in a Victoria's Secret ad. I was hooked on that song, and I will not lie, I totally would strut around my house like I was on a catwalk to this song. However M83 is far more than some Victoria's Secret musical advertisement. They had a soaring song that made me cry the first time I heard it from their album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming. The song inspired me with a specific part of an important moment in my She-Ra fanfic from a few years ago. I've also heard this song used in movie trailers as well, so I always love it when it gets the chance to be heard. It's just a spectacular song that makes my ears sing.

There you have it folks, my own personal mix tape. Let me know what songs would be on your own mix tape and be sure to check out the Eclectic Mayhem podcast. For more details on my awesome co-hosts, click their names for their sites below!

Derek, The Goodwill Geek
Jason and his Nerdy Life
Brian, for a dose of Trash Culture

Also a big thanks to Stacey Rader for joining us, I adore her and she is the ultimate Geeky Vixen.

Hope you are all doing well! I am off to get some toy stories together. And... to try and reply to comments on here. I've been a bit behind!


  1. Wow, Siouxsie Sue and the Banshees! I didn't think Miss M had a punk bone in her body! (insert joke about me putting my punk bone in her body here) I am impressed!
    And I do love Erasure and New Order, though mostly because I have a synth pop obsessed pal, who introduced me to them.
    I love this concept! I will try to put a mix tape together from high school era-me! Mostly gonna be a lot of third wave ska-punk like Reel Big Fish, Less than Jake, Rancid, Bosstones, and pop punk like Screeching Weasel, Mr. T Experience, etc.
    I gotta start listening to these podcasts you do!

  2. Great choices. I so love anything that Shirley Manson does. I should do this as a post. And you can't do bad with Madonna.