Sunday, December 31, 2017

All My Toys: Wedding Surprise!

Dear Diary!

O. M. G!!! It's my wedding day! 

-Miss M

Inside Princess Daisy's Fashion Emporium...

Miss M: Daisy! I am finally here!
Daisy: Oh M! I am so happy! Are you ready for your dress?

Miss M: Yes! Thank you so much for opening the shop on a Sunday so I could get my dress.

Daisy: Sure thing hon! I know it must be hard planning this whole wedding on your own. I was happy to help.
Miss M: You are so great.

Daisy: I'll be right back hon! One stylish wedding dress coming up!

Miss M: Sounds splendid!

Miss M: I can't believe I am getting married in a couple hours.

Rags the Evil Ghostling: Beware the Ides of March.

Miss M: Umm, excuse me? Who are you?
Rags: Beware the Ides of March.

Miss M: We are about to be in January. What are you talking about?

Rags: You are about to make a grave mistake.

Miss M: Really? A 'grave' mistake? Coming from some weird ghost thing? Who put you up to this?

Rags: The Cosmos. Do not marry Burnheart. It will be your unwrapping.

Miss M: Ugh. Enough with the mummy puns weirdo.

Daisy: Who are you talking to Miss M?

 Miss M: Get this weird ghost guy out of here Daisy, he's trash.

Miss M: Wait. Where did he go?

Miss M: There was a ghost right there. I saw him clear as day.
Daisy: Oh hon no one was there, it's ok. Probably just pre-wedding jitters. Now let's get your dress together for your big day!

All My Toys 
Cordially Invites You
to a
Wedding Surprise!

A few hours later at the location of Miss M's wedding to Burnheart!

Billy: Everything looks really great M. I can't believe you got this all together on your own.
Miss M: I know. Well, ya know. No one is supporting this wedding. I don't even have a bridal wedding party.
Billy: I am here for you M. I am also sure other guests will arrive.

Miss M: Do you think anyone from the team will be here?

Billy: Oh M, everyone has been pretty upset with you after you left the team. You were the leader. I don't really see them showing up in support.

Miss M: Yeah. April isn't showing up either. This is the happiest day of my life and no one is here to support me. Not even my own mother. She's probably jet-setting somewhere in Europe.

Billy: M, you never mention your mom. It's ok. I think people are just confused and sad that you are marrying someone and leaving off to the stars. It is a little strange.

Miss M: I know. I have to follow my heart though. And if no one wants to be here oh well. Nothing is gonna stop me from marrying the greatest love I have ever known. (pauses) Billy, can you check and see if anyone is showing up?
Billy: Of course M. See you in a bit, I know you will look stunning.


Black Cat: Ok Cat Ladies. Let's support our girl.
Catra: Support her means kidnapping her from this place right?
Catwoman: Yes. Let's kidnap her. This place is too pink and we don't even know this dude.

Catra: Come on ladies. We all know I am down for some mischievous hi-jinks but we need to be proper guests.
Black Cat: Since when did you become an angel?

Catwoman: She's not. I hope Cheetara shows up. She has been such a domestic house cat since moving in with Bow.

Janine: Sydney! How nice to see you!
Sydney: Hi Janine. I am surprised to see you here. I did not know you were close to Miss M.

Janine: Oh of course! I adore her. Besides, I had to come and support her. You heard that her dearest friend April O'Neil was boycotting the wedding right? She ran an ad over at the Diary of a Dorkette website asking for any information on the groom. Can you believe that?

Sydney: I may not understand why M is doing this, but I would never try to humiliate her like that. Everyone deserves their own happiness.

Cheetara: Hey ladies. Has anyone seen M?
Black Cat: No. She is getting ready and refuses for anyone to see her dress.
Bow: Sounds like M.

Black Cat: (rolls her eyes) Yeah Bow. It sure does. So Cheetara, when are you going to come by the den? Ever since moving in with Bow we just never see you.
Cheetara: I was just there yesterday. Bow, they are just never going to like me living away from them.

Bow: It's ok. I get it.
Catra: You better Bow. You better. And if you hurt Cheetara I will cut you. Deeply. In the neck.

Guy Friday: So April is really not coming?
Irma: No, last I checked she was heading off to a Botox appointment.
Guy Friday: Her doctor is open on a Sunday?

Irma: You know April finds a way. Knowing her she is going to unexpectedly show up at the doctor's house.

She-Ra: (walk in scanning the room) Ok, there's my ex. Play it cool Princess of Power.

Bow: Hey She-Ra. Some wedding huh?
She-Ra: I know. I can't believe Miss M is getting married.
Bow: Right? And not to one of the guys we would have normally suspected. I always thought she'd end up with Michelangelo.

She-Ra: I was always hoping for it to work out with Bruce and her. They were special.

Bow: Yeah. It's always nice when two people have something special between them. (stares a little too long at her, his heart beating faster)
She-Ra: (sighs) I suppose so. I heard Cheetara moved in with you. So you two are getting pretty serious huh?
Bow: Yeah. We are.
She-Ra: Very happy for you Bow. 

Meanwhile at the super secret super hero lair that Miss M was former leader of...

Brian Farrell: I feel pretty shitty that we are not supporting Miss M and this wedding.
Oola: Seriously? She left the team when we need her most. I refuse to support her.

Glitter: My data is offering differing submissions. My results are inconclusive regarding our actions.
Samus: We should be there.

Oola: Why?! We are trying to find out if Cobra rigged the election and how to stop President Chocula from screwing up the rest of the world!

Brian Farrell: Miss M may have abandoned us when we need her most and that sucks, but I don't know, it just does not feel right.

Everyone: Barbie!
Barbie: Nice welcome guys. Have you been getting my transmissions from space?
Brian Farrell: Umm, no.

Barbie: This is not good. I have been rushing to get back to Earth from the base on the moon. The ship was stuck though, it was like this force field was preventing me from getting here.
Oola: That is odd.
Barbie: Anyways, I was sending messages here about something I found out. Remember I was trying to decode those weird signals from space? I finally did. It's not good. Where's Miss M?

Glitter: She's getting married.
Samus: To a man with no face.
Oola: It's all pretty weird.

Barbie: Where is this wedding? We need to get to Miss M. 

At the wedding venue...

Everyone in attendance prepares for Miss M to make her entrance as a blushing bride.

Miss M: (whispers to herself) Don't fall. Don't fall.

Miss M: (whispers) Just breathe. Take one step at a time.

Miss M: (whispers more) Oh my goodness. People showed up. People actually came to support me.

 Miss M: (fights back tears) I am so happy to see everyone.

 Miss M: (smiles) I am walking to my future.

 Miss M: My future is a man without a face. I mean holographic flame faces are totally lovable.

Bow: She makes a gorgeous bride.
Cheetara: Yes. I am happy to be here with you.
Bow: Me too. Maybe one day that can be us?
Cheetara: Oh Bow!

Guy Friday: Hasn't she worn that dress before?
Irma: No. Maybe so. Who knows. She loves pink.
Janine: I am just so shocked that April is not here.
Billy: Janine, we get it. You want to take April's place and be close friends with M.
Janine: I just really want to be besties with Miss M. She's so much fun.

Catwoman: Well ladies, it's not too late to kidnap her.
Black Cat: We could make this work. No one would know.
Catra: Quiet! I can't believe I am being the voice of reason.

Miss M: Hi.
Burnheart: Hello my dear. You look ravishing.
Miss M: I can't believe this is finally happening.

Burnheart: Me too. Soon we will be betrothed to each other.

Miss M: Oh fiddle sticks! I just realized, in my haste to plan this whole wedding on my own I forgot that we do not have someone to marry us! Oh no, we can't get married!

April: I'll marry you.

Miss M: April! What are you doing here?
Burnheart: She can marry us?

April: Did you honestly think I would not be here for my closest friend on her big day? I am an ordained minister and I can marry you.
Miss M: Oh April. That means the world to me.

April: Of course. You look gorgeous.
Miss M: Thank you. Oh my goodness you are making my day into a real life fairy tale.

Miss M: April, I can't thank you enough.
April: Don't thank me yet. I am sorry M.

Miss M: Sorry?
April: I can't marry you. I needed to stall a bit. Just hear him out.
Miss M: What?

Michelangelo: Hey M.

Miss M: What is this?

Michelangelo: I am here to profess my love to you dudette. Do not marry this gnarly grody dude. We have something special, we always have.
Miss M: Michelangelo, I am sorry. We did have something special a long time ago, but you of all people should know that interrupting a wedding will not change what is meant to be. I am marrying Burnheart.

Michelangelo: I should have listened to you. I turned you away at my wedding to Mona Lisa and I am asking that you do not do this to me. We can totally have something wonderful.

Miss M: (looks away)  No. I am sorry.
Michelangelo: I understand. I don't agree with it dudette. But I understand.

Miss M: I am sorry about all of that.
Braveheart: It is fine my beloved.
Miss M: Now where were we?

Braveheart: Trying to find someone to marry us.

Ed: I object!
Michelangelo: Cowabunga! Let's go Plan B!

Miss M: Ed! You're dead!

Ed: No. Well. Sort of. I came across this old witch like lady and she let me bite this apple to come back, ya know, it does not matter. Point is I am here. April told me and wanted me to help stop this from being a huge mistake.

Ed: I never thought I would ever find happiness, especially when I was living alone in the After Life. But when you showed up my life was totally changed. I love you dreamy dorkette. Don't marry this douche bag. He probably doesn't even know you like bubble gum ice cream.
Miss M: Ed, I can't believe you are here.

Ed: Of course I am here. I would follow you anywhere. So what do you say?
Miss M: I adore you Ed, but you know I am not going to change my mind. I am marrying Burnheart.

Ed: I see. I guess I should have been in the panda suit huh?
Miss M: Ed, it has been so long since I have seen you. And I want to catch up on so much but I really must be married. I have been waiting for this.
Ed: I get it. Though not really. This is not the woman I know.

Miss M: Ok, anyone else want to mess this up? It won't work. I love this man. I saw my future in his flames. And if you don't like it then leave now!

Burnheart: Very well said my dear.
Miss M: Thank you. I love you.
Burnheart: I love you too.

 Miss M: We don't need someone to marry us. We can marry each other.

Burnheart: That sounds like a splendid idea. Let's hurry, I eagerly await being your husband.

Bruce Wayne: Wait! I have something to say.

Michelangelo: No way. Good Plan C April.
April: Oh I did not contact Bruce. He is here on his own.

Bruce Wayne: M, I need to talk to you. It is urgent.

Miss M: Look, if you are here to tell me you love me, I am marrying Burnheart! For the last time!
Bruce Wayne: No. It is about our daughter Yvie. M, she is still...

Burnheart: Enough of this.

In a flash the lights flicker off.

Bruce Wayne: (searches in the dark) M?! M?!
April: Everyone stay calm!

The lights burst on as everyone looks around for the bride.

Michelangelo: Where's M?

Bruce Wayne: Damn it they're gone!

Suddenly on Burnheart's spaceship!

Miss M: My goodness where are we?
Burnheart: We are in my space ship, flying in hyper space.

 Miss M: I don't know what that means. Why did we leave the wedding?

Burnheart: Because we kept getting interrupted. I wanted us away from that madness. We are heading to my kingdom, where we can have a proper ceremony fit for my future queen.

Miss M: I didn't get to say goodbye to my friends though. And my dog Chewie! I am not even sure I have left him the right amount of food. We have to go back!

Burnheart: Look into my flames Miss M. You will see that everything will be all right.

Miss M: Yes. I see that now. Our love will be special. The ceremony will be brilliant.
Burnheart: Yes it will indeed. One of my Skull guards will take you to your room so you can rest. We have a long flight ahead of us.

Miss M: Ok Burnheart. I love you my soon to be husband.

Burnheart: Perfect. Everything will soon be perfect.

Back on Earth at the wedding venue...

Bruce Wayne: He took her away in his ship.
April: How are we going to get her now?
Catra: Damn it, we should have kidnapped her.

Barbie: Oh thank goodness you are all here! Where is Miss M! It is urgent!
Bruce Wayne: It is too late, she is already on her way into space.

Barbie: Oh no. Oh this is not good at all.
Bruce Wayne: What do you mean?
April: Yes, out with it already lemon head!

Barbie: The signals that were coming from space all these months, they were a warning. Burnheart's plan all along was to trick her. He is not going to marry her. He is going to kill her.

In space...
Burnheart: Just make sure she stays asleep in her room until it is time. I want to finally have my revenge.
Skull Guard: Yes King Burnheart.

Skull Guard: We will make sure your plan falls into perfect place. Before we return home, your bride will be dead and the memory of Lady Kale will live on forever in peace.

Ed: Ok. I really went and did it this time. (sighs) Ok. Just stay hidden, and try to find Miss M. She's a cool chick. I love her more than my comic collection. She's the dork of my dreams and she is in danger. So plot a plan, find her and she'll know how to get us out of this mess. No doubt about it. (pauses) We are so dead. Again.

Up Next!

All My Toys returns in 2018 with even more soapy toy drama! Will Burnheart enact his plan to kill Miss M? Will Ed end up dead? And will Miss M ever find out that her daughter is still very much alive? Only time will tell!

Also, in non toy soap opera news there will also be a special article, a final interview with Justine Dantzer about her work on Swans Crossing. Thanks for reading in 2017 and Happy New Year everyone! I appreciate you all so much.


  1. figured burhheart was not to be trusted . and cool to see even ed try to talk some sense into toy miss m. plus bruce about to drop the bomb yvie is alive. i can't wait to find out how toy miss m. will get out of this one. in the new year. happy new year miss m.

  2. A New Year's Eve Wedding?! How romantic! Funny enough I went to a wedding on the day after Christmas. A lot of people I talked said "Who gets married then?!" Well if you've already got the whole family together it makes sense to me.

    It was my friend Tim who got married. He was in the Marines and toured in Afghanistan. He survived gunfire, insurgents, bombs and made it home safely... only to have his back broken by a hit and run driver in his own neighborhood! Fortunately he's okay now and I hope he and Jen have many years together.

    As an 80s toy fan I trust you've seen Netflix's new documentary series "The Toys that Made Us". Once I started I couldn't stop! I never would have know about thrilling history of He-Man or Barbie's creation otherwise!

    Of all the ways to end 2017, I suppose a cliffhanger like this is far from the craziest thing to have happened. Here's to continuing to create and keep the good things going. Cheers!

  3. This was amazing! I had a little hard time finding the different chapters. I think I need to change my settings on social media so I can keep up with these.
    I totally knew Michelangelo & Bruce would show up, but Ed? Wow!
    Great chapter!

    1. Oh goodness I am sorry it was hard to find them. I should probably number them. That would maybe make sense. I need to actually go back and do that. I am curious to see how many of them there are. I also did not hold back, I brought everyone back, even Ed! I had to!

  4. OK, NOW, I'm catching up! ( God knows why I would have wanted to miss an episode about your WEDDING! And to watch YOU getting married to a fucking Super Naturals Toy!(I'm crying! right now!)
    This is a an even better soap than the new Dynasty! (And , against all odds, I HAVE been enjoying the new Dynasty!) One down, now I'm reading the next!