Saturday, May 12, 2018

All My Toys: Searching for Home

Dear Diary,

Eff this place! I am still stuck in Dimension X. Still! To make matters worse someone slipped into my room and tried to kill me! I thought this new and improved Dimension X was a safe place. What a country crock. I just want to be back on Earth. Why can't that be a thing? Oh well, I need to talk to Maleficent about this. If she is going to run this place she needs to know! 

-Miss M

All My Toys
Searching for Home

Inside Maleficent's throne room on Dimension X,

Maleficent: The stars look lovely tonight. Everything is falling into place.

Miss M: Maleficent! We need to talk!
Maleficent: My dear, you sound positively flustered.
Miss M: Someone tried to kill me! In my room!

Maleficent: Someone tried to kill you? Do you know who?

Miss M: What kind of question is that?! I only know like three people here.

Maleficent: Well Dimension X is a big place, you never know who might be lurking in the shadows. What did they look like?

Miss M: I don't know!

Maleficent: What do you mean you don't know? Were the invisible?
Miss M: Heavens no. They were covered in a cloak. I had no idea if I was fighting against a man or a woman. I thought you said this place was safe.
Maleficent: It is. I am quite shocked that you were attacked during your stay.
Miss M: It actually felt like I was up against a Ninja Turtle. That is so weird.
Maleficent: Indeed my dear. There are no Ninja Turtles here.

Miss M: I know. They are all on Earth, which is where I should be! I have been here for weeks Maleficent, I must return home.

Maleficent: Oh my dear, we are all searching for home aren't we? However, I'm afraid that is not possible Miss M. You simply can't leave Dimension X anytime soon...

Dun dun duuuuun!!

Meanwhile, on Earth in Wayne Manor!

Bruce Wayne breathes slowly, trying to relax.

Alfred: Master Bruce, little Yvie was finally able to go down for a nap.
Bruce Wayne: Thank you Alfred. This is all too new for me. I mean look at this kitchen! How is it that we have had this little girl here for a few weeks and my sleek modern kitchen has turned into what looks like a lived in family home? How did that happen? I think this floor is linoleum.

Alfred: Master Bruce, this is all part of parenting. It is not unlike when I was caring for you as a child.

Bruce Wayne: I was supposed to be doing this with her. M should be here, she should be alive and holding her daughter. Without your help I would not be able to do this.

Alfred: You would do just fine if I were not here. Little Yvie seemed hesitant at first, but I can tell there is a part of her that remembers who you are. Your presence, if that makes sense.
Bruce Wayne: Do you think so Alfred? I was worried I had scarred her when I took her from Moth Lady.
Alfred: I do not know her connection to Moth Lady, but she has smiled more this week than before.

Bruce Wayne: I want her to smile. I do not want my daughter to hurt at all. I don't know what happened to her or what she went through after the original mansion exploded, but I know it was not good. I presume you have seen the scars on her back? Where her wings were when she was a baby.

Alfred: (looks sad) Yes Master Wayne. I have noticed the scars. I also notice her restlessness at night and the screams.

Bruce Wayne: I want to know what happened to her, what all she went through these past few years.
Alfred: And I am sure we will find out Master Wayne. She is here with you and safe, no longer in any danger.
Bruce Wayne: Right.

Alfred: Master Wayne, perhaps you need to have some rest of your own? I could prepare dinner while you retire to your room for a few hours.

Bruce Wayne: Thank you Alfred, but I am going to make some calls. Commissioner Gordon has Moth Lady locked up, and I need to know what Yvie has been through all this time. How was it that my daughter died in an explosion but is now living and breathing in her room right now?

Bruce Wayne: I will be in my office, I will check on Yvie in a moment.
Alfred: Yes sir.

Bruce Wayne: Oh, and Alfred? Thank you for everything. You are the only family Yvie and I have. I couldn't do this without you.

Alfred: The pleasure is all mine Master Bruce. I am always here for you. Little Yvie as well.

In another part of the city...
Billy: Please tell me the new digs are ready. We have been living in the sewers for weeks hiding from Cobra.
Janine: I know, and I am so sorry it has taken this long. We had a containment issue with some ghosts. Things got a little out of hand. Luckily the Ghostbusters are off on an assortment of missions so the firehouse can be your new base of operations. No one will be the wiser.

Billy: Janine, you are a lifesaver.
Janine: I do my best! Since I have helped Miss M's no named super hero team, do you think I could become a member too? It seems like a great team and I just really want to be part of something again.

Billy: Sure, why not? I don't think the others will mind. You're a total badass.
Janine: (blushes) Oh thanks for thinking that. Most of the time I am just a receptionist only allowed to go on missions once in awhile. It's total poppycock. I mean we have so many Ghostbuster teams to keep up with and we had this one receptionist who was easy on the eyes but my goodness that man was a buffoon.
Billy: Yeah. Sounds tough. So... when can we move in? And is it still ok for us to bring along a giraffe?

Geoffrey: Did someone say giraffe? Here I am! At your service!
Janine: You weren't lying when you said you had a talking giraffe with you.
Billy: Yes. Janine, this is Geoffrey.
Geoffrey: Billy, Oola and He-Man are fighting over the last piece of food in the sewer. I fear they will want to eat me next.

Billy: I thought we agreed that you would not leave the sewer until we had a plan on where to go? People are looking for you.
Janine: Who is looking for him?
Geoffrey: Oh this bad man named Bane and his gruesome goons are trying to kill me. I think I need a disguise. My emporiums sold masks, I could go and get one before they all shut down.
Billy: No, you just need to keep a low profile.
Geoffrey: Have you seen my neck? I can't keep anything low.

Billy: You are too much ya know?
Janine: He should be safe at the firehouse.

Geoffrey: Wonderful! I have never lived in a firehouse before, but I am positive it will be better than the sewer we have been living in. I really don't like being on the run from bad guys.
Billy: None of us do.

Geoffrey: Which is why I am so grateful your team rescued me! I feel like there is a new lease on life for me! I even have a new idea on how to save my emporiums!
Billy: That sounds great. Really great.

Billy: In order for these dreams of yours to come true, I really need you to go back to the others in the sewer. No one can see you out and about right now.

Geoffrey: Right! Oh you are so right. I really don't want to be kidnapped again. Very well, I will make my way back. This is all very exciting though.

Janine: He thinks being kidnapped is exciting?
Billy: I think he might be in shock from what he has been through. It has not been pretty.

Geoffrey: (sings to himself) I don't wanna grow up...

Janine: He's a character. Brings a smile to my face with his innocence.

Billy: Thanks again for helping us Janine. With Cobra hunting us down and now we have to deal with this Bane guy, I really don't know how to handle all of this. Miss M would know what to do if she were alive.
Janine: I understand. It is no problem. Ya know I always thought Miss M was cool so I am more than happy to help her super hero team friends. It still shocks me that she has died a second time. Her life is like a soap opera. Now come on, let's get you set up in this new base of operations!

Back in Dimension X...
Miss M: Explain to me why I can't leave this place anytime soon?
Maleficent: It's very simple my dear. Bucky and his crew are the only ones with a ship and they are away on a mission for me. There have been reports of some ships from the Federation arriving in the coming days, so they might be able to help you.

Miss M: Well can't you just use your magic to teleport me back to Earth or something?

Maleficent: I wish I could, but I no longer have my magic powers. Ever since you rewrote the Universe and I found myself free from the After Life, that was the price I had to pay.
Miss M: Shit. So I am stuck here?

Maleficent: It would appear...
Miss M: Wait, people are approaching! Huh? I know them!

Samus: Miss M!? You are really alive!
Deanna: This is remarkable.
Miss M: What are you two doing here?
Maleficent: Yes, what are you doing here? My space control tower told me nothing of any scheduled arrivals today.
Deanna: We did not log a flight plan. Glitter sent us on a mission to find you Miss M.
Samus: Everyone thinks you are dead, but she believed you were still alive.

Miss M: Yes. I am very much alive! Oh my goodness can you two take me back home? Oh this is a miracle! How did you even know how to find me?!

Deanna: Well all roads kept bringing us to this place. We took a gamble, although we knew we were onto something when we bumped into Ed just outside.
Samus: As for leaving, we are most certainly ready to do that. We just need to fix some repairs on the ship and fill the tank up since we narrowly escaped the Solar Storm.

Maleficent: You were flying during the Solar Storm? Interesting.
Miss M: How long will you need to get the ship up and running?

Samus: Not very long at all. Assuming we have access to resources here.

Maleficent: Of course. Feel free to get what you need so that Miss M can be on her way.

Samus: Thank you.
Deanna: (stares at Maleficent) I sense you hiding something from us. Hiding a particular emotion, what is it?
Maleficent: I have no idea what you are referring to.
Miss M: Pay no mind to her Deanna, that is Maleficent. Our past is complicated, but she is my fairy godmother.
Deanna: (seems skeptical) Very well. If you insist. I am just thrilled you are alive.
Miss M: This is wonderful. I will finally be able to return home and see about what new things might be waiting for me there. This is delightful news. Nothing will be standing in my way.

What Miss M fails to remember is that there is always something standing in her way. Surprises are always just around the corner...

To be continued!!


  1. deana is wise to not trust mal for after all if toy miss m thinks she is now going to get back to earth like that she should no nope not happening. plus love jeana singing the toys are us jingle and geofry nativity plus i don't believe mal lost her powers .

    1. There is certainly a lot going on. Mal is up to something for sure. I adore Janine helping the other toys. Plus it gives me the excuse to use a whole new set that I am thrilled for. Oh goodness I am so excited for what is coming up next! Thank you for always reading and enjoying it!

  2. OK,first things first:PLEASE tell me you bought one of those "Epic Battles" She-Ra and Hordak sets from Super 7 before they sold out!?
    And if you did, what then? Do you open it?
    I LOVE your Geoffrey so much. He is a fun doofy giraffe! I need to look up the history of why Toys R Us picked a giraffe as their guy.
    Miss M. though, though, even though it is cute when you are being doofy! STOP TRUSTING MALECIFENT!!!
    (I love the way you write Alfred btw! I can always hear Alfred in my head when you are writing his lines!)

    1. I totally did one! I will also more than likely be opening it when I get it. I am super excited about that. I really love Geoffrey too. I am excited to tell the story I am with him, it is my love letter to everything that is happening to Toysrus. I am glad you hear Alfred in your head when you read what I write for him. That is my goal!

      Miss M can't help but deal with Maleficent, because there always has to be some sort of villain in this story! However things are going to get even more out of control! I hope you are doing well!

  3. I'm surprised by the pre scene of an Alfred action figure. Batman may have one of the biggest action figure lines this side of Star Wars but I wouldn't think of him as having much playability outside of set decoration for the Bat Cave play set. Though I'm sure if he's in your toy story he'll see plenty of action soon enough.

    I'm pleased to see Geoffery is still around and being so pleasantly optimistic. I will have to see if I can dig up commercials with him on YouTube see that I can read his lines in the right voices. Being a mammal who is cheery but not too observant I heard his lines in the voice of Bullwinkle J. Moose.