Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Swans Crossing Rock Concert Playset

There must be a moment of celebration and reflection when a toy collector finally gets their hands on a toy that has long been elusive! Click the link below to find out more!

I've got a list. It's a magical list of toys both old and new that make up my most wanted of the wanted. Some items on this list I will more than likely never get, like the Ghostbuster's Firehouse, or hell, even the Filmation Ghostbuster's mansion. Let us not forget a vintage Spinnerella too! Another item that was on my list was the Rock Concert playset for the Swans Crossing toy line. Well dear reader, go on and hand me that jelly pen because I can now mark that one off the list!

That's right! Your favorite Dorkette finally has the Swans Crossing Rock Concert playset! Oh my goodness I could go on and on about my youth and the daydreams I would have about owning this playset, but let's just check out the images, hmm?

Check out that beautiful Swans Crossing illustration! Oh it is just magical. Side note, I greatly love the clearance sticker. I purchased this off of eBay for a bit of a penny, but I had been saving my coins and noticed that this was quite the purchase to splurge on.

We have Mila Rosnovksy and Owen Fowler jamming out with their instruments in their dynamic poses!

Glory Booth on drums, living her best life!

Sandy Swan sporting an outfit I would love to see make a comeback! Meanwhile Jimmy Clayton is in the back on sax!

Over in the corner on camera is John Troy "J.T." Adams. (This version of J.T. was never made into a figure).

Here's the back of the box. Justine Dantzer designed this playset. If you recall, I did a series of interviews with Justine where she shared about her experiences working on different toylines, one of which was the Swans Crossing line. For a refresher, click here to read that piece. It was a joy to write. 

There were just so many possibilities with this set. You could have a concert, help rock the vote! But there was also the drama! Studio lights that could come undone and fall on your favorite toys! A mysterious villain hiding in the wings ready to sabotage whoever is on stage! I imagined so many scenarios playing out with this playset.

More details from the back of the box, full of info about all the action!

I love that the playset also had its own bio card like the other toys in the line.

More details of the stage's features!

As well as included accessories.

Other bigger items to collect from the line! Everything was designed by Justine, as she mentioned in her interview, she wanted this line to reflect the extravagance of the show which was supposed to be a teen version of prime time soaps like Dynasty and Dallas.

Below are some photos of the playset out of the box with the figures chewing up their scenes of melodrama!

This set is truly a piece of magic. Having the chance to set this all up and just enjoy it has really been fun. I feel like 11 year old me is just jumping for joy and high fiving me like, "Lady, it's about damn time you own this thing!" So, enjoy the photos! I hope you have all been doing well and staying safe.

Be sure to stick around, I have more fun things to post soon! 

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  1. I know exactly how you feel when I bought my Oscar Goldman with exploding briefcase. Happy for you.