Saturday, July 17, 2021

All My Toys: 247

Previously on All My Toys,

While in Dimension X, Maleficent made plans with an assorted batch of baddies to become the Mistress of the Foot on Earth! One of the baddies turned out to be Skeletor, and he eventually betrayed Maleficent and her plan to remold Earth. The whole plan ended up falling apart and Maleficent vowed revenge! Her financial backer was Al "Big Boy" Caprice, and he was ready to collect the money owed but Maleficent had one last plan: to buy Snake Mountain and turn it into a money making machine! On the front end, Snake Mountain would become an amusement part, on the back end there would be an illegal casino under the mountain to repay Caprice's debt and then some.

Maleficent has now bought Snake Mountain, but it has been challenging to give Skeletor and his crew the boot. Maybe she can have some help?

Let's find out what happens next!

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