Thursday, July 29, 2021

Diary of a Dorkette: Turning 10!

Dear Diary,

You're in the double digits baby! How are we going to celebrate? The usual? Ice cream and a soda like every year? I think that sounds wonderful, in fact, I have some pink bubblegum ice cream in the freezer. So let's grab some spoons and celebrate all the toys, drama, and fun!


Miss M

If you had told me in July of 2011 that my idea to start Diary of a Dorkette was going to make it to 10 years, I would have laughed. "Nope, not me. I am notorious for starting a writing project and then never seeing it through." Looks like 2011 me has egg on her face!

I've always loved the idea of writing. Ever since I was little I loved carrying a diary with me, writing down my inner most thoughts. Sharing my hopes and dreams for myself and others. I also loved carrying around notebooks. Preferably Lisa Frank notebooks, but I was never too picky. Those notebooks contained all sorts of creativity from art and doodles to outlandish stories that I wanted to share with others. In these stories there was usually some level of drama and a character always loosely patterned off of me that was always finding herself in danger. I loved it.

And while there were maybe one or two blogs I started way before this little spot on the internet, nothing has been quite enjoyable as the posts I have shared with this Diary. I started it because I had a longing to connect with others, especially toy collectors. There was a time where it felt like I was the only person I knew that was collecting toys long past other's expectations of expiration. (We're talking way back when.)

I maybe also had a little hope that I'd get to write that one epic story and have it be an honest to goodness book that you could physically find in a store. That was more a dream than anything else, but that is ok. What I have managed to do is experience a decade worth of memories and conversations with some of the kindest and most wonderful people in the universe. I've had the joy of podcasting with some awesome friends as either a guest or co-host. I've met a couple people in real life and that was super fun. One of my personal wishes is to one day meet all of you in person and just hang out for a bit. I feel like it would be amazing. I've gotten to know toy designers and learn so much about an industry that has captivated my heart and imagination my entire life. When I started this blog, I figured there'd be a few people that would befriend me. I never expected to feel part of a community though, and that has been pure magic.

A couple years ago I shared some personal details about my life (that I am a trans woman), and I thought for sure people would become angry and turn their backs on me. But the overwhelming love and support I received, it was just a great reminder of how lucky I am to belong to a community of collectors and bloggers that are incredibly supportive. I can't thank you all enough for that, you truly have no idea how much that means to me.

There's so much I want to share and discuss about these past 10 years. I can only hope that if you have gotten to know me and read any of these posts that they have brought some fun to your day. Or helped aid in any toy collecting ways. I've only ever wanted to bring joy and positivity to anyone I get to know. And if playing with my toys and maintaining a long running toy soap opera can help... why the heck not!

So, there was a lot of celebrating this past month I did leading up to today. I had the biggest toy giveaway that I have ever done, it was such a blast. Crooked Ninja won and received everything and has really enjoyed sharing all those toys with his family. I have done some reflecting and re-sharing of my interviews with Justine Dantzer. My hope is that more and more people get to read her story, because it is an incredible one. And I have been on a role with All My Toys in what has been a totally toy soaptastic set of episodes. 

I also was able to be a guest on Kevin Hellions' podcast Hellions Talks this week and it was so much fun! (Hellions Talks is part of the Retro Network) The episode was released today and that was totally not planned, but it worked out perfectly. I adore Kevin and it was just so much fun. Click here to give it a listen and a huge thank you to Kevin for inviting me to be his guest. Always a fun time!

So, that is about all I really want to say right now. I thank you all again for being awesome friends and always supporting me. And inspiring me. I am always in awe of the art, photography and writing that I see out there and it continues to give me the energy to post and share more. I hope you are all doing well! Hugs to each and every one of you! Also, below is a major photo dump of some photos from the last 10 years. It's hard to pick, because there's been so many, but I tried!

Me back then, probably right before I started this blog

Mermista, the ultimate!

The Art of Fighting: '80s edition!

Best hero ever!

Makeshift Mortal Kombat diorama, the good old days

Rescue Rangers, now in your cereal!

Part of my world, always

Glamor Gals on the go!

Who doesn't love a 90210 VHS tape?

Some of the best fast food premium toys ever!

One of my favorites

I went nuts when Country Crock released this flavored butter substitute


Santa went down the wrong chimney

When I was reunited with Glimmer after many many years

That's a wrap on Snake Mountain

Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite toys

Stinkor, ever the romantic

I discovered black lights and toys and thought I was way too cool

Tribute to one of my favorites

My favorite pig

I had a Wonder Woman moment

CT and his lovely family met me for a Nerd Lunch one summer, it was great!

My mini me!

Lovely artist rendering of me with my mini me

We were Eclectic Mayhem!

Falling in love

True love

I was not injured in the filming of this scene

Family, minus Vin

When Plumber Dan and I fought off a messy menace!

The cast of All My Toys, around 2016

Always writing the next story

Image was created by dear friend Wes Grogan!

Loved these figures! I Am Elemental was a great toy line

This was a big deal

Fantasy meets horror!

Loved the Funko Savage World so much

I knew this vintage Wheel of Fortune game would get some use eventually

At a toy museum, only toy museum I have ever been to

My grandmother and some of her items below that I held onto after she passed:

Super fun pizza plate!

She had a Golden Arches Club card, I miss her so much

When I had way too much time on my hands and did a top 40 Happy Meal toy countdown

An early image of all the fun

Huge thank you goes to Jon Wesley Huff for cleaning up my original Janine Dorkette design, he really made it pop and I am hoping to use the image for more fun things!

Me now


  1. Happy 10 years! And congratulations. You really did stick to this writing project. And I'm glad you did. It's been a fun, inspiring ride. Here's to many more years of evil queens, shady deals, star crossed love, and melodrama!

  2. Funny, I have that book writing dream too but I think I'm going to stick to blogging for now :)
    Happy 10th!!

  3. congrats on ten years miss m amazing how fast time flies when your having fun here is to ten more years.