Tuesday, August 3, 2021

All My Toys 249

 Previously on All My Toys,

Quick Charge aka Dr. Sarah Kamen has been worried about her friend and super hero teammate Miss M. M has been missing for months and a few people seem to be acting strange about this development. With the help of her boyfriend Winston Zeddemore, the two sleuths have gotten closer together, but can they get closer to finding M?

In Mojoworld, Finn is at times hopeful that he will leave the network and at other times crushed that he will spend the rest of his life acting on all of Mojo's shows. His growing feelings and concern for Miss M have been the one constant as he tries to understand just what all he is dealing with in the madness of Mojoworld!

And now, prepare to be entertained with All My Toys, episode 249!

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