Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Life is Fantastic, When You're Made of Plastic

Hi everyone!

What? You thought because the toy soap opera ended that the dorkette drama was done? Oh my darling, it's only just begun! Click the link for more!

Ok, first thing's first, I want to thank everyone who enjoyed reading All My Toys. I had the best time creating that toy world and having a toy version of me interact with all my other toys and just have fun telling goofy stories. It was fantastic. I would have loved to have kept it going, I certainly had storylines to last for a number of years, but 2022 was just a dreadful year, the worst. 

Since it was so crappy, I reached a point in my life where I just didn't want to hold on to so much stuff. I turned 40 in 2022 and am now 41, and something just snapped in my life. Probably because a lot of my life fell apart, but regardless, I found myself in this space of just wanting to part with much of my toy collection. Which, that needs to be its own post, because it has been something of a revelation for me. Being in that kind of headspace, it's not what I ever expected. I was set to be the old woman with a massive collection, but, it's so hard to enjoy it when you've built up a Horde Army and you're living in your own Fright Zone. 

I'm still collecting, though on a smaller scale. That will never change. But, I ramble all of this to say that I loved All My Toys, but it was time. There may be some specials here and there, but the toy soap as I know it, has met its end. I'm really proud of what I did and the joy it brought to a lot of people. 

Ok, so, what's next? I have so many posts I want to write about. Lately there have been many losses in the world of pop culture, losses that have hit me hard, and just when I get ready to write a post about my feelings, we lose someone else.

So, I have not forgotten, and plan on, writing about Tina Turner, Andrea Evans, Sinéad O'Connor, and Paul Reubens, our beloved Pee-wee. All had big impacts on my life.

Saving the sad for later, let's instead visit a world where everyday is a great day, the sun shines ever so bright, and very rarely does the thought of death ever come up.

The Barbie Movie.

I don't even know where to begin. This is not a film review or cinephile breakdown. The movie is fun while also hitting me right in my glittery plastic heart, I loved it. If you haven't seen it and are so inclined, you should. And to show that I'm an equal box office opportunity viewer, Oppenheimer was also good, but I was in a state of depression for a few hours afterwards. One viewing will most likely be enough for me, whereas the Barbie Movie will be purchased and viewed many many times to come.

Have I already shared that I loved this movie? Not just the movie. I loved the whole spectacle of it. From the moment it was announced I was like, "I don't care what it's about, I'm on board." The build up was perfection. Each teaser and trailer got more re-watches from me than I will ever care to admit. That secret dies with me. (It was a lot)

Anytime a movie has some fun photo thing, I'm always down. I still have a Simpsons-ized photo of me from the Simpsons Movie. Who didn't love that? My MySpace profile was proudly displaying that front and center. But that Barbie photo generator was just a taste at the marketing juggernaut that the Barbie Movie would bring.

Marketing was beyond top notch for Barbie. There was so much merchandise and movie tie-in products that my head spun more than Linda Blair's. I've freakin purchased Barbie Movie toothpaste y'all. 

Barbie: It's true, she totally did! Though she should just paint her teeth white, like me!

The product placement was everything my lil heart could desire, which goes against the criticism of consumerism and pairing things down, but in my defense the toothpaste will eventually be used up and thrown away. Of course, there have been other purchases. 

There's been magazines. 

Barbie: Neon rollerblades are truly timeless.

Articles of clothing and hair products. 

Barbie: Like M needed another hair device? 50 dollars and a Dream House says she never opens it.


Barbie: Gosh, that sparkle pink is to die for. I bet she wouldn't notice if I swiped some...


Barbie: Best soundtrack ever!

And the dolls. Oh those Barbie dolls.

Barbie: Nobody puts me in a box! Actually, umm, I need help getting out of this particular one.

Not a super fan of the price point on them, was hoping Mattel would have released a more budget friendly line of dolls for the movie, but I get it. This wasn't a kid's movie, so it wasn't going to get a mass inexpensive toy line for kids and collectors to fall in love with. I just wish we had gotten the BK Barbie burgers in the states like they did in Mexico. 

Miss M: I think this burger will do! Mmm. Burgers.

I haven't geeked out over this kind of movie experience in quite a long time. I also loved seeing Barbie fans of all ages dressed up opening weekend. It was just so much fun. There have been recent big events in the theaters, like End Game and such, but this go 'round reminds me of just being a kid and wanting everything there is about the movie.

Ken: Hi M!
Miss M: Hi Ken! Wanna spin?
Ken: Uh, maybe?
Miss M: Come on, do it for the patriarchy.
Ken: What does that even mean?
Miss M: I have no idea.

I'm thinking '89 Batman, Batman Returns, Gremlins 2, Dick Tracy, Jurassic Park, X-Men. Those were big movie events for me, where toys, clothes, books/magazines, food, like there was so much to get excited about from a collecting perspective. I had a freakin Breathless Mahoney velcro wallet and a lenticular Catwoman bookmark. I rode hard for Dick Tracy and Batman Returns. We all did. Same goes for the Barbie Movie. At least for me. And quite a number of others.

Barbie: That Ken song is my summer jam!

I am so pleased that it did well, that it broke records, and has been loved by women and men alike. No matter what the naysayers of the world have to say. 

I do want to mention one other piece to the movie, something that was playing through my mind as I watched, something that in a way has become a bittersweet piece for me. I think about Justine Dantzer, for those who may recall, Justine is a toy designer and has worked on so many toy lines and with many toy companies over the years. She has a decades long career in the toy industry. I've shared her story in a series of posts, I'll link them below. But she has experience working on the Barbie line and has many wonderful stories about her time with Mattel. Sadly she is often never credited or featured with other Barbie designers. I know what she has been responsible for, and so do a few others, but watching this movie had me thinking about her and the number of women and men who have worked towards bringing Barbie and her world to all of us. I have hope that one day Justine and others get their moment to be celebrated for their accomplishments.

So, that's really it. Until next time dear reader!

Barbie: This post is everything!

For the Honor of Justine Part 1

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  1. I saw so many people on my socials dresing up in varying degrees to go to the movie and all that before they had even seen it. No direspect intended, but it's not like it was a new Star Wars or Marvel movie where you would pretty much expect that. I guess it just goes to show a lot of people were ready for this!