Saturday, February 24, 2024

Women of Wonder! February 2024: Scarlett Ultimates!

Ok dear reader, we are mixing it up with something new, by returning to something old. So, last we left off, I was working on making a sister site that would be an online store for items I am selling off in my collection. Creating a website is much harder than I thought, if only because I am not tech savvy. While I continue to navigate that realm, I thought it would be fun to go back to some earlier Dorkette times. Namely quirky toy reviews that were disguised as "interviews" with the hottest new toys on the market. Now, click the link below for a fun new chapter for this blog!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this silly stuff!

Women of Wonder!
February 2024:
Scarlett Ultimates!

Lately, it would seem, toy collecting has been a very "more is more" type experience. Multiple companies seem to shell out the rupees for many beloved licenses. When there was once only one TMNT line on shelves, there are now multiple lines from a few different toy brands. Same goes for Power Rangers. Transformers. He-Man. And even GI Joe. 

Super7 is one of the toy companies gobbling up licensing rights to produce their own take on beloved toy lines. Dubbed the Ultimates line, these 7 inch or so figures come with lots of articulation, details, and accessories. They also come with a hefty price tag, before occasionally dipping into super low clearance prices from time to time.

Their take on GI Joe has been interesting. So let's look at one of their recent releases, that feisty red headed queen supreme of counter intelligence, Scarlett!

If there's one thing Super7 is gonna do well, it's gonna be some toy packaging. They know exactly how to make fancy packaging. The colors and distressed look on the box are great. The package feels sturdy. Earlier releases came with brown mailer boxes, but with this latest wave, those seem to be no more. 

Sliding the top of the box off reveals the figure. Classic Scarlett. It's important to note, this particular line of Joes is a tribute to their animated appearances from the original cartoon with elements of the original figures. They are not meant to look exactly like the vintage toy. As you can see, there are items galore packed in this box.

Two trays of items to be exact! You have Scarlett, two extra heads, three weapons and four extra hands. There are a lot of pieces and accessories.

A second smaller tray reveals six types of arrows (some arrows are regular while three are trick arrows), a quiver, and detonator. I'm assuming this is a detonator. It could be a walkie talkie, though it is giving me more detonator, like, "We need to blow this Cobra base up!" Boom! (Editor's note- Miss M clearly does not know her toy accessories, we've confirmed with the Big Bad Toy Store website that this piece is a communicator.)

If Super7 excels at packaging and loads of accessories, one area that appears to be hit or miss in my experience is how they manage the face paint applications. Sometimes they get it right, like with the LJN themed ThunderCats figures, and then there are times like this, where it just doesn't feel fully realized. Of course there are also times where the eyes might be off, which can be annoying for such a high priced figure.

At $54.99 a pop, it would be nice for that not to happen, but the bigger issue is that when it comes to the renders/prototypes of the figures, something is drastically different from what they show and what collectors end up receiving. I understand that's just how things work with this industry, but it still leaves me feeling like a little more could be done. 

Take this second head for example. It took me a moment to understand what was different about this head, versus the head above. This is a more peaceful relaxed facial expression, while the one above has that intense "Yo Joe" expression, but they look too similar to me. Maybe a little more detail, in some way? I don't know. I'm not going to pretend that I am a toy designer or maker. I recognize the craftsmanship that goes into this figure, these faces are painted and are not a screen print. A number of toy lines from Super7 are made to order, so there is a higher end toy boutique type of experience here, but with that in mind, there are certain details I would expect more from with that kind of descriptor.

Third head, with headset. Nice touch for this third head sculpt. I can see other collectors really having fun with photography and things like that with this head. There is a detail I want to mention about swapping these heads, but I'll get to that a little further in the review.

Out of package Scarlett absolutely has that classic animation look down. Articulation is mostly nice and of average tightness, though there is some looseness in the chest and waist pieces. 

Removing hands and head required a little heat from a blow dryer, and this went for each time that there was a hand swap. Not super thrilled by that, I personally like it when a swappable hand can pop off easy without the blow dryer method. Trying to swap heads was a different thing all together, the neck peg appears flimsy and I was nervous about breaking the peg, even after all parts were heated up. Just an FYI. That shouldn't be a deterrent to purchasing this figure, but it was something I noticed, and again, at $54.99, I'm not about to force something that might break this figure, even though the extra heads are a selling point to be swapped.

On a side note, the arm glove cuff pieces, they slide right off. Super easy. 

There you have it. Some thoughts about the new Super7 GI Joe Ultimates Scarlett figure. I'm glad I own this, it's not a perfect figure, but it works for me. Now, let's hear from Scarlett! She marks the debut of what will hopefully be a fun series celebrating women of wonder in the toy aisles!

Miss M: Ok, where were you when you got word you'd be featured as the first from the Women of Wonder series?
Scarlett: Goodness, let's see, I was on a top secret mission. We were tryin to capture Cobra forces, particularly Destro and Baroness, when I got a text from the Diary of a Dorkette editorial team. Was super excited, even though I nearly caught a bullet. 
Miss M: Well, we're glad you're here and alive.

Scarlett: Me too, I wouldn't miss this for the world. 
Miss M: Now, you've accomplished a lot. You specialize in Intelligence and Counter Intelligence. You've moved up the ranks as a Sergeant, to a Lieutenant, and even a Colonel. What has kept you so involved with GI Joe?
Scarlett: This job is in my blood. It's all I know. I love the team. Makin the world a safer place. Plus I get to play with all these fun gadgets and weaponry. It's never a dull moment. I even met my husband by bein a Joe.

Miss M: That's right, your better half is Snake Eyes. What's the secret to such a long lasting marriage?
Scarlett: A few things. It pays to have a husband that doesn't say bone headed things. Thank goodness for that vow of silence. We also sometimes get presumed dead once in a while and will part ways for a spell until one of us will miraculously be found alive and return in some grand fashion. That really keeps the spark alive. All banter and theatrics aside, I love that man. His lil dog too.
Miss M: You two certainly are a power couple for sure. Let's talk outfits for a moment. You've worn some iconic ensembles over the years. Do any stand out as a favorite to you?
Scarlett: I am partial to the original suit, however I do share some love for my Ninja Force look. It was the early '90s, the style was a bold move for the team, what with those loud colors.
Miss M: And that synthetic clip in. 
Scarlett: Ha! We mustn't forget that. I had actually cut my hair short. I was obsessed with Bridget Fonda in Single White Female and thought why not? The designer we used for the Ninja Force suits, he had other ideas and thought it'd be very chic to attach that synthetic ponytail to my head and keep the style consistent. Reviews were mixed in the style section of Commando Magazine, but the outfit did create some impersonators. I'm lookin at you Chun Li.

Miss M: I will happily admit that your Ninja Force Fashion was perfection! I also love hearing these details. Now, you mentioned earlier about being part of a team, what are some things you like to do with the other Joes for downtime?
Scarlett: As a group we'll have a bbq or just take it easy. Trivia night at a bar. Sometimes we'll wow each other with our gadgets. Everyone loves my trick arrows. They totally give a party that extra oomph. But I really love when it can just be the girls. Ya know, I grew up with three brothers and I work predominantly with men, and while I love that, sometimes a girl's night is what makes the order of the day.

Miss M: Ok, I'm listening. What constitutes a girl's night, when all the girls are used to saving the world from terrorist organizations?
Scarlett: Shoot. Let's see. Jaye usually brings the food. Covergirl will teach us her famous catwalk when she was a model. We'll all strut around laughin somethin' silly. Jinx brings the face masks and some sort of device to sharpen blades and whatnot. When Jodie was alive, she'd bring fun targets for shootin practice. There'll be fun drinks. And some fightin'. 
Miss M: Like, with each other?
Scarlett: Heavens no. We aren't doin' any pillow fightin' as sad as that might be for some of your reader's imaginations. No, no. We might end up gettin a wild hair up our butts and we'll sneak in to Mindbender's lab or a Cobra outpost lookin' for a tussle. The usual.
Miss M: Gotcha. The usual. You make that sound so common.
Scarlett: It is far more common than I care to admit.

Miss M: So, we're both around the same age. And I don't know about you, but I have struggled with acting and looking my age, and just, all of that stuff. I'm dying to know, how do you keep your red hair so vibrant after all these years? 
Scarlett: Darlin' that's easy. I use Red Dye 3. Never fails me.
Miss M: Do you have any quotes or wisdom about beauty?
Scarlett: Of course, beauty may only be skin deep, but lethal is to the bone!
Miss M: I'm taking note! Well Scarlett, this was lovely. I'm so glad we got to sit down and chat for a bit. I'm also thrilled that you are gonna make February a splash as part of the Women of Wonder series!
Scarlett: Thank you M, this is an honor.

Behind the Scenes
Scarlett: And you're sure this is the shot? It's a little weird holding two heads that look like me.
Miss M: It's very abstract and macabre at the same time. Readers are gonna love it! (pauses) Don't worry, we won't use it!

That's a wrap, like an arrow through the heart of February. As action figures go, this is a nice release from Super7. It's not perfect, but overall I am delighted that I own it and can add Scarlett to the collection. Be on the lookout for more of these, I am excited to share my views on the toys that are hitting shelves and online retailers!


  1. When Super 7 gets it right, they get it right. But for $50+ a figure, you'd hope they'd always get it right, right?

    1. Yes, for that price you would hope they always get it right. What drives me crazy is how much they drop in price a few months after their release.

  2. She looks fantastic, just like the 3075" Scarlett I had in the '80s

    1. This one might be my favorite from what they have made so far.

  3. Nice looking figures, way too expensive.

    1. The price is a bit much, especially when they come down in price. I think I saw some of the first series of Joes for less than thirty dollars on Amazon. Makes it hard to justify spending that much.