Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Women of Wonder! March 2024: Jean Grey X-Men '97

Everything old is new again! And I'm not just talking about all those Y2K fashions I've been seeing in Target. Oh no, Saturday Morning Cartoons have returned... on Wednesday nights! Courtesy of Disney+ all new episodes of the merriest mutants around phase onto your screens with X-Men '97. The new series picks up about a year after the events of the original series, and I got to sit down with one of the show's stars to dish all about motherhood, body image, how to manage fainting, and what it tastes like to consume a whole star. Click the link for my special interview with mutantkind's very own sweetheart: Jean Grey.

Women of Wonder!
March 2024:
Jean Grey X-Men '97

Editor's Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Miss M could not complete the interview with Jean Grey. Something strange happened on set that will be chronicled below. The staff at Diary of a Dorkette maintains the utmost level of journalistic professionalism and integrity, to that end, everyone involved has been cooperating with the authorities to make sure they can run a smooth investigation into the events that occurred. Everyone at Diary of a Dorkette wishes nothing but the best for Jean Grey and the X-Men.

Miss M: Ok, this is gonna be easy and breezy. We're just gonna chit chat and catch up while Peter takes some photos of you for the Diary. We've got this fancy new green screen, and we were thinking of imposing various images of the X-Mansion throughout the decades with you being the focal point, and constant. So, are you ready?
Jean: Yes, absolutely.
Miss M: Great! Ok, so tell me what it's like to see X-Men '97 be such a success so far? 

Jean: It's been lovely. From the moment the show was announced it just seemed to create this spark in fans. I was a little dismayed by the negativity leading up to the debut. Such focus on Rogue's backside and Morph being Morph, it had me wanting to make everyone believe they were 97 years old crying over tapioca pudding in the nursing home. It was like the fun was being drained. The internet is exhausting.
Miss M: I can understand. Sometimes it is best to just turn the screen off.
Jean: I know. Of course I get worked up about it, practically going Dark Phoenix on the world, meanwhile Rogue and Morph just laugh it off like nothing. Like we're supposed to have the same bodies from the literal '90s. (Jean pauses) Did you hear that?
Miss M: Umm, no, just the click of the camera. (motions to hair and makeup) Let's get Jean's hair up for that classic ponytail look.
Miss M: Alright, tell us what we can expect with this new season? (pauses) Jean?
Jean: What? Oh, Sorry. I'm just hearing things. It's like a hissing sound.
Miss M: Hmm. I don't know. I don't hear any hissing sounds. Granted my hearing is atrocious. Like the worst.
Jean: Yeah. Oh right! The season. I think viewers can expect a huge dose of nostalgia, but also the thing about the X-Men animated series is that the show really takes the audience on a sort of greatest hits of the X-Men. All those stories throughout the decades, they play out in a new and fresh way.
Miss M: Yes, a perfect blend for fans of the comics as well as the old show. Which will hopefully bring in new fans.

Jean: Right. We're not alone.
Miss M: No, I suppose we're not. Peter is here taking photos. We've got the hair and makeup team. April, my editor, she might drop by to say hi and see how things are going.

Jean: Reveal yourself!
Miss M: Umm, you know me. It's me, M. I'm a big dork. I write for a blog. I recently got engaged to Bruce Wayne. We're trying to plan a wedding but it's been really hard what with him fighting crime and we have a daughter. She's actually a mutant too...

Jean: Get out of my head...
Miss M: Oh, right. This is a bigger thing going on. Peter, let's maybe get Jean some water...
Jean: Nyah! AHHHHH!
Miss M: Peter! Call an ambulance. Jean! Oh my, she's fallen to the ground, her eyes are rolling into the back of her head! Why is she shaking so much?!

Peter: I'm calling 911. 
Miss M: Hurry, she's shaking way too much. Someone grab some tissues, her nose is starting to bleed...

Where am I going?

This isn't the photo shoot. I'm reaching the end...

Jean can hear the theme music to when Samus is first introduced in Metroid, the NES version.

Jean: What is this place? Is this the red hot room?

Jean: Did I faint? Is this a dream? Or am I in some sort of astral projection... Oh no. Brain. Shaking. Feeling the world shift...

Jean: That felt like a photo snap. It happened so fast. And now, here I am. A new place.

Jean: I'm scanning for someone else. I'm alone. At least it appears that way. Ahhh, not again!

Jean: Someone doesn't want me to be in the same place for too long. It's like I've become my own sling shot. Scott, can you hear me? I need your help...

Jean: (feels her body reverberate violently) SCOTT!!!

Jean: Who could be doing this? Wait...

Peter: Ambulance is on their way.
Miss M: Great. We need to call her husband. Scott will know what to do.
Peter: On it.
Miss M: Jean, if you can hear me, help is on the way.

Jean: Yes! I knew I could count on Miss M... Oh no...

Jean: Can you help me? I can feel a great sadness in you, even though that helmet is blocking out most of your thoughts... wait... you aren't real...


Jean: That noise. Where is it coming from?

Jean: (humming 'I'm Just Ken') Well now wait a minute, am I in Barbie world?

Jean: (lost in song) "I'm just Ken, anywhere else I'd be a ten..."
Deadpool: Whoa, check out that red head.
Black Widow: Damn it Wade!

Deadpool: Ah come on, it was just a joke!

Jean: Ok, just when I thought I was getting used to these flash changes...

Jean: What in the world is going on here?! 

Jean: Wait. I think I've found you.

Jean: Just focus, you can do this. Someone is trying to hijack my brain. But I won't let them.


Jean: What?!

Jean slowly turns to face the ultimate in fear! All she can do is scream until everything is painted black.

Jean: Ugh.

Tiny giggles echo inside Jean's brain.

Jean: (slowly opens eyes) Wha- You!!

Jean: Nooooo! Get out of my head!!!!


To me, my little goblins...

Goblin Queen: That's right. I summon thee...

Goblin Queen: There you are. I take it you've succeeded in neutralizing our threat?

The little goblins nod hungrily. 

Goblin Queen: Wonderful. You've both done such a good job. I told you feasting on her brain would be unlike any meal you've ever had.

Goblin Queen: Now is our chance. With Jean in danger, most of those miserable mutant friends of hers will be busy rushing to be by her side. Which means...

Goblin Queen: We must hurry. The mansion will be easy to slip in undetected. 

Goblin Queen: Then, I'll be taking what's mine. That precious little baby will be in my arms soon enough.  Death to anyone that stands in my way...

You can watch new episodes of X-Men '97 on Wednesdays only on Disney+. And the vote is in, the new Marvel Legends Jean Grey and Goblin Queen are must have figures. I love that they are pinless. The faces look gorgeous. The colors pop. This might be my favorite Jean Grey figure, and I'm just thrilled to have a ML Goblin Queen. Hope you enjoyed the hokey toy review, I had fun with the random photos. I'm also really excited to see X-Men '97, it's been a lot of fun so far.

Until next time!


  1. I'm still making my way through my rewatch of the original X-Men series (I'm 3/4ths of the way through the Dark Phoenix saga), but as soon as I'm through it's on to X-Men '97. I'm very excited for it! And, yes, the X-Men '97 figures are incredible. I'm hoping a series 3 gets released. I remember as a kid checking the aisles and hoping for Jean Grey and Jubilee, but they didn't make it into Toy Biz's line until well after I had stopped collecting X-Men figures at the time. It's nice to get most of the team available in such a short period.

    1. I had revisited some of the episodes form the original series, mainly the ones I enjoyed the most. I know towards the later seasons it became more hit n miss, but it was such a good show. Love these new figures, really happy with how fast they have been released. I remember calling the Toy Biz customer service back in the day and asking when we'd get figures of Jean and Jubilee. I wanted them made so badly, and was really thrilled when they were made, though they certainly got better with the Marvel Legends line.