Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 2013 Woman of Wonderosity!

Here we go. The fate of the universe rests in this post. Well... not really, but wouldn't that be terrifying if it did? I don't know that I could ever be a true blue super hero. I don't even know how She-Ra does it. Trying to save people and save the universe from the tyranny of evil or the Horde just sounds daunting. I just barely found time to paint my toes. (Trust me, they looked really bad. It was like my feet were stand-ins for zombie feet on a new episode of the Walking Dead.) The universe would be screwed if I was responsible for wielding the power of Grayskull or the lasso of truth. About all I'm good for is taking some mediocre pictures and sharing the sad bit of crazy that roams around in my head like some decent cell reception. I enjoy it though. I know it might be a bit much for some people, but I have such a fun time doing these posts. Particularly this final post of 2013. I had long been planning it months ago and it has actually become a post that has taken root with some personal circumstances in my life. I hope you all enjoy.

Now it is time to find out the fate of toy Miss M and the wrestler Velvet Sky! Did Velvet Sky succeed in her attempts to destroy toy Miss M? Read on and find out!

A group converges for a funeral on a day with a shining sun that tries to avoid the clouds.

Reverend Lovejoy: Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered on this bright and sunny day not to think of evil or the wickedness that people do, but to hope that the dead may rest in pieces. (coughs before sighing) I'm sorry. I mean... rest in peace.

Miss M: (looks over to her boyfriend Michelangelo) I am so sorry about your home. I still can't believe that the Sewer Lair is no more. Of course, I'm glad that Splinter and your brothers will be staying at my house. It makes sense. There will be plenty of room until you guys can find a new sewer to live in...

Reverend Lovejoy: I'm sure some of you are wondering why we have gathered here to say good bye to such a strange woman; a real fighter with lots of gusto...

Miss M: I wish I could understand her hatred towards me. I know I said cross things about Velvet Sky, but I never expected it would come to this. I am so sorry Michelangelo. I feel like I let you down. I love you so much, I hope you know that, but I just want you to look at me. Please. I know you can feel me next to you. Please, just look at me, feel me, do something so that I know I'm not really dead.

Miss M looks away in sadness.

Reverend Lovejoy: The loss of Miss M, a self professed dorkette, seems strange and unfair. How could the universe take away the girlfriend of a Ninja Turtle? Or the friend of a top notch journalist clad in a yellow jump suit? Or the biggest fan of She-Ra? It seems wrong. The fates though always have a plan. Loved ones, family and friends of the departed Miss M, take strength in knowing that Miss M is in a far better place now...

Miss M: (shakes her head) Ha! As if! I'm not in a good place at all! I'm right here, at my own funeral and no one can even remotely sense my spirit! (looks around at the guests) Even Janine managed to wake up from her coma in Switzerland to attend my funeral, and yet she can't even sense the ghostly residue in this joint! What kind of Ghostbuster is she anyway?

Reverend Lovejoy: Sometimes the hardest thing is realizing that you don't get to say goodbye, but now can be your chance...

Miss M: I can't believe I'm dead. I didn't think it would be like this- That I'd just be hanging around ghost-stalking my friends. I'm unable to communicate with my loved ones and instead I am watching them in anguish over my death! Why can't any of you notice me? I'm right here! (hangs her head) It's no use. I'm dead. At least ya'll buried me in a Voltron accurate Robeast coffin. Even in death I'm dorky.

As the funeral marches on, Miss M stands around observing what others have to say about her.

Donatello: How have you been Janine?

Janine: Startled to say the least. I'm awake from my coma and the police have yet to find the culprit behind my attack. Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I say that the Pink Power Ranger tried to kill me at April's Halloween party.

Miss M: (shouts so loud that no one can hear) But she did! Well... maybe not the real Pink Ranger, but that ungrateful Velvet Sky was in a costume! She is dangerous!

Moving along to another conversation...

She-Ra: Oh Bow, I hate this. How can Miss M be gone?

Bow: I know She-Ra. This is truly terrible. I wrote a song detailing my sadness...

Frosta: (groans) Must you always be like that?

Miss M: Speak for yourself Frosta! I want to hear the song! Although, where is Sea Hawk? I had asked him to get She-Ra to help me, and she never showed up...

Completely oblivious that Sea Hawk was actually Shadow Weaver in disguise, Miss M walks away to hear more conversations float around...

Truvy: I did the best I could. Her hair was just gone. I managed to find a nice wig. Oh the poor dear. Nothing is ever really the same after a sewer explosion. I didn't think they'd ever put Miss M together again.

Frenchy: Oh Truvy, it's a closed coffin anyway, but I'm sure her hair looked fantastic.

Miss M: Thanks ladies.

Miss M turns to see her dear friend and mentor April O'Neil holding back tears.

Casey Jones: You ok April?

April: No I'm not ok! How in the world am I going to go on without my best friend? I know M always got on my nerves with her head of air and all her ways, but she understood all my mess. I just don't understand this. Splinter and the Turtles feel terrible. They aren't sure, but the consensus is that one of them left the stove on and the gases from the sewer caused a terrible explosion. I just don't understand why this had to happen.

Miss M: (shakes her head) Oh no! It wasn't some freak sewer accident! I was murdered! By Velvet Sky! Come on April, put your hard hitting reporter skills to the test. Do some better digging into the facts!
Casey Jones: Where are the Turtles going to live?

April: They've agreed to live in M's house. Michelangelo suggested it. I feel like he wants to be close to her, and being in her home will be the best thing.
Casey Jones: That sounds so sad.

April: Yeah. Where else are they going to go though?

Just then, a new guest arrives to the funeral...

Miss M: Oh hell no! What is she doing here?!

Velvet Sky brazenly walks up to April and Casey.

Velvet Sky: Hello April. I don't know that we've ever officially met, but my name is Velvet Sky.
April: I know who you are. Miss M was going to interview you for this month's Woman of Wonderosity.
Velvet Sky: Yes, this is true. I just came to pay my respects though.
Miss M: (mouth agape)

April: Thank you. As you may have guessed though, you won't be getting interviewed for this month's spot due to recent events.
Velvet Sky: I understand. I figured as much, which is actually fine. I think we should all be taking a moment to pause and reflect on what has happened. She was a remarkable young woman.
April: Thank you, it is nice to hear someone speak so highly of my friend.

Miss M: (gags) Throw me a rubber tire iron! What a load of crap. Oh come on April! Use your high tuned reporter skills and sniff out this phony! She killed me!
Casey Jones: Will any other interview or story take the place of the December Woman of Wonderosity April?
April: No. I just can't focus on work right now. Not with everything that has happened.

Having no room to hear more drivel from Velvet Sky, Miss M turns her attention to someone else.

Leonardo: Mikey, we're right here for you if you need us.

Raphael: Yeah. What he said.

Michelangelo: Thanks dudes. I'm just gonna say goodbye now.

He walks towards the coffin with a heavy heart. She is there with him, and it is as if time stands still and they are the only two there. His physical presence and her ghostly form. The brightness of the sun mixes with the clouds creating highs and lows with the world around them.

Michelangelo: This sucks dorkette. This totally sucks. What do I do now?
Miss M: You live your life Michelangelo. And maybe you find a way to preserve my collection.
Michelangelo: (unaware that his lady love is with him in After Life form) I don't know that I can do this without you. I love you so much. I wish it had been me in that sewer. What were you doing there anyway?
Miss M: I was trying to save you. I thought you were in danger, and even though I was just a mere mortal with no flair for ninja skills or the ability to fly, I would have rushed to that sewer again in a heartbeat if I thought you were in danger.
Michelangelo: I'm going to miss you like you don't even know. You saw me more than just some party turtle. You always called me by my full name and made me feel like I could be the gnarliest turtle to ever love a dorkette.

Miss M: (reaching out to her love) Oh Michelangelo, please, just notice me. I'm right here. Oh please, just focus. I want to truly say good bye...

Suddenly, a voice calls out from behind.

???: We don't always get the chance to say true goodbyes Miss M.

Pausing, Miss M turns to see her visitor.

Miss M: Miss Elizabeth! What are you doing here?
Miss Elizabeth: Ever since I moved over into the After Life I have been charged with looking after you. I must say M, you have certainly danced with death enough.
Miss M: But this time there is no going back, huh?
Miss Elizabeth: (nods) I'm afraid so dear. I wish it weren't so and that you could just wake up.
Miss M: Like when you told me it wasn't my time at the Conference of Evil this summer?
Miss Elizabeth: Exactly. Only, it is your time. You aren't Catwoman. You're not even Jean Grey in this situation.
Miss M: So what happens next?

Miss Elizabeth: You take my hand and I show you where you'll be going. The After Life is waiting.

Miss M: I'm not ready though! I want to say good bye, properly. Please.
Miss Elizabeth: You know that can't be done. You know this. I'm sorry M, but your life as we know it is over.
Miss M: But I love him. We were supposed to be together. We were going to live happily ever after.

Miss Elizabeth: (reaches out to M) I know dear. It breaks my heart that things couldn't be the way they were supposed to, but there is a new life waiting for you. You just have to take my hand and I will show you.

Miss M: (sighs quietly) Ok. It's not like I have any other choice. I'll go with you.
Miss Elizabeth: Good. Sticking around in this ghostly state will only make things worse. Come now, it is time to embark on an all new journey.

The two walk through the funeral and the guests. Miss M breezes past Master Splinter and for a split second Splinter feels strange.

He turns to look at nothing but empty space.

Splinter: (tears in his eyes at a somber realization) She was here. I could feel her presence...

Standing with Miss Elizabeth, Miss M looks out into the world in front of her with the sun shining bright.

Miss M: What's it like over there?
Miss Elizabeth: Come on, let's see.

Miss M nods and turns one last time to see her loved ones.

She can only hope that she will one day see them again. Tilting her head in a silent good bye, Miss M walks into the After Life with Miss Elizabeth. They head towards a new journey that is equal parts thrilling and terrifying. It is difficult to leave the life she thought she'd have forever behind, but sometimes walking away is the only thing a person can do. Hopefully if the stars align, it means that there is another life waiting to be experienced, and that new journey might be the thing that she has been waiting for her whole life. A new chance to get it right.

December 2013 Woman of Wonderosity!

Meanwhile in a dank and depressing location...

The stench of animal droppings fills the air as a mysterious shadowy figure walks through the passageways of what looks to be a sewer...

Rat King: (looks towards someone off camera) Tisk, tisk, tisk. My little rats still haven't found a way to chew through your soul. Give them time though... they will.

The Rat King looks on at his prisoner: the real Sea Hawk!

Sea Hawk: Sorry to crush your dreams pal, but my soul isn't on the menu.

Rat King: Oh don't worry. My rats enjoy feasting on cheaper fare, menus are never required.

Sea Hawk: I don't know what amount Hordak and that wrestling chick paid you to kidnap me and keep me down here, but they didn't pay you enough. I can tell you one thing, once She-Ra finds out I'm missing she will be coming for you. She'll also whoop your sorry behind too.

Rat King: (ignores the pirate's meaningless threats) I'd love to see this She-Ra person try. No one knows where you are pirate. With that Shadow Witch masquerading as you, no one ever will either. You're my little pet now and once my rats have feasted on your soul, they will become the strongest rats in the world. Together my rat army and I will finally rule the world!

The Rat King laughs maniacally as Sea Hawk looks on in approaching defeat. Time is almost up, and he isn't so sure that She-Ra is going to come kicking through the walls after all. He can only bide his time, hoping to find an opportunity to escape. This time around though, the pirate may have finally met his match!

The end

What does all this mean? Find out in 2014 as Miss M's story truly begins... and Sea Hawk's story ends???

Happy New Year everyone. May 2014 be one for the books!    


  1. Oh man what will happen next? I can't wait to find out!

  2. I would check the "Dorkette 4 Life" box, it looks like life is coming to a close for our Dorkette. I doubt She-Ra would approve.

    What? A funeral on a bright sunny day? Impossible! Every movie I've ever seen told me that they specifically plan funerals on days of downpours!

    I wasn't quite sure if that was supposed to be a coffin. I'd figure that you'd get done up like Mr. Spock and laid to rest in a giant sunglasses case.

    It sounds a little awkward, the Turtles living in their dead friend's house. Aside from just being slightly morbid, I imagine it'll be worse for Michelangelo to be in mourning and reminded of his dead sweetie all the time. Then that embarrassing moment when he wanders into Miss M's room to say a heartfelt final goodbye only to see the bed is covered in macron crumbs from that emergency box you keep hidden behind your pillow next to a well thumbed issue of "Tiger Beat" magazine that features Mikey's first interview that you look at so that he can be the last thing you see before you go to sleep and the first thing you see when you wake up.

    Then theres the issue of "dirty laundry". Specifically the underpants you just stepped out of while changing into your PJs last night thinking "yeah, just leave them on the floor. Tomorrow is wash day anyhow."

    There ought to be a cleaning service that comes to your house right after you die and just burns everything you don't want your loved ones to see. They'd make a fortune I tell you!

    Honestly, while I'm pleased to see you're headed off to a better place, I really thought Miss M would have put up more resistance. Perhaps use your newfound ghost powers to solve your own murder. Maybe possess April's body so your can do some investigative work on your case (once you get over the sensation of being so tall) Then while trying to comfort a grieving Michelangelo (who reveals he got Miss M the most thoughtful Christmas present ever) which leads to you forgetting yourself and give him the kind of hug that's a hair above "just friends" which Casey sees you do while in April's body and gets really angry-jealous.

    Otherwise it'll be a year or two until Mikey can finally get up the guts to unwrap the Christmas present you got him, which will turn out to be the missing clue to prove that Velvet Sky was the one who killed you!

    But thats just me. Its seems you have something unpredictable in store for us. Maybe in January we'll see a the first issue of a new Miss M series were you come back to a new universe were everyone wears goofy V-neck collars.

    Happy New Year to you and the rest of the Miss M clan!

    1. What a fun comment! I loved drawing out the sun and clouds for the backdrop. What I had tried to do with this post was adjust the lighting, so that it would look like there would be scenes where the sun would be shining bright and then scenes where the clouds would be all cloudy and stuff. I doubt it will show, but I was trying to do that. lol

      I had actually planed on having a few posts where Ghost Miss M hangs around looking in on everyone, and even a moment where she was in denial that she was dead, but... with the move and everything I had to cut it short.

      You do bring up a good point about the Turtles living in Miss M's place. I didn't think about it being weird for them. But I guess it would be a little weird. I was thinking more along the lines that Michelangelo would have some solace being near her things, but that does sound slightly creepy. lol

      Anyways, I do hope that the next installment of this story will be entertaining and well worth the read. I'm still incorporating the "toy interviews" while also bringing the story to a whole different level. If I can get the chance, I will have it posted soon. I am really having the best time with this kooky tale. and I love all your ideas! They are so much fun.

      I also hope you have been having a nice 2014 so far. I will talk to you later!

    2. I'm pleased to hear you liked it! As I'm sure you can tell, I put quite a bit of time into this particular response, so I'm glad it paid off!

      Well, I can't tell whats coming up next so I guess I'll just be surprised. I can't imagine what these stories would be like without the "toy interviews", no siree. Couldn't imagine Miss M without them.

      So far 2014 has hit the ground running, so we'll see how (or if) things level out in the next couple of weeks. I look forward to hearing from you as well. Take care!

  3. What a great ending to a fun story. I am glad that I followed along. No one else does stuff like this with their blogs and I love that you have kept it up so long.

    1. Well thank you Kal! It is of course a small ending as this long convoluted story is only going to get longer. lol I was so nervous to write this kind of stuff on here, but I am glad I went ahead and did. I get a lot of nice feedback on it, so that is always a good thing. I hope you are doing wonderfully well!

  4. Well if you have have any depressing notions about your future lil' Miss M, always remember the words of a very wise man named Jack Kirby, (even if he said them originally through Darkseid) and I believe this has been quoted in TMNT episodes in the past: "Life at best, is bitter sweet." -and in that spirit, remember 13 is an unlucky number. Just ask any of those kids at camp Crystal Lake! But ,2014-you know, that just may be your lucky year!! All my best wishes to you in the new year
    I haven't watched the new TMNT show since I found out Michael Bay was doing the new movie but -I way prefer the old Rat King. But I get why you'd use him, can't wait to see Sea Hawks mouse(rat?) get into the fray!! Happy New Year!

    1. I love that quote. It is certainly a good summary of things right now, but I am going to be just fine. After all, I could be a counselor at Crystal Lake. lol

      And that was the new Rat King! I threw that in at the last minute. I wanted a flash of Sea Hawk kidnapped, but I wasn't sure who it would be, and then it just made perfect sense for it to be the Rat King. lol

    2. I hear you about Michael Bay and the Turtles Nick. I hadn't had any exposure to Transformers prior to the movies, so exposure to that toxic motion picture ruined my ability to take that franchise seriously. So when I heard Bay was going to be involved with the Turtles I splurged on every piece of the media they had been a part of to protect by brain from letting this new movie be the first installment of the franchise that I ever saw.

      I absorbed the works. The original comics, live action movies, and the cartoons from '86, '03 and '12! Bay has nothing to do with the new Turtles cartoons, and I was actually surprised by its quality. From what I've read a lot of the creative staff were fans of the original and are bringing out their love for the characters alongside their own creative spin, so I'd say at least give the first episode a shot.

    3. The new cartoon is really good. I haven't seen all of it, but from what I have seen, I can tell the creators are fans of the original cartoon. I never fully read the original comics, but I grew up on the old cartoon and the newer cartoons were nice. The live action show was not the best, but it did provide a fifth female turtle that is a divisive point for fans, though I think she is amazing. lol

      I am very nervous about what Michael Bay is going to do with a Turtles movie. I am very nervous. The Transformers movies had their good points, but there were some really low points too. That is in part why I have had the ongoing joke about April O'Neil getting angry that Megan Fox is playing her, instead of the role going to April. lol

    4. It was actually difficult for me to get into the original cartoon since I had already been brought up with "Gargoyles", and given how similar the two shows were in their premise I was expecting something very much in the same tone, and was slightly disappointed that this wasn't the case.

      The only episode of the live action series was the one were they teamed up with the Power Rangers, and you could tell that it was rushed out in order to capitalize on the popularity of both shows while they were both still near the top of the pecking order.

      The original comics are quite interesting. The live action movies really pulled a lot from them, with the darker tone and more violent content then the upbeat nature of the cartoon. The fight at the antique store and recovery in the country is lifted directly from an issue near the end of the original series. The art is a bit chunky but had a real sense of kinetic energy to it.

      It was interesting though how April in the comics was not Caucasian in the original issues, instead having a dark curly mop, and a skin tone that has gone through a couple of different variations as the series has been reprinted. Maybe that was their thought process behind Megan Fox, but I kind of doubt it.

    5. The live action team up with the Power Rangers was a mess! lol Such a mess. It could have been something so much better too.

      I need to really read the original comics. That is very interesting about April and her transformation. As for Megan Fox, well, I don't understand how she ended up getting that role. I thought she had a falling out with Michael Bay, so it just makes no sense to me. Oh well, what do I know?

    6. OK-to both of you-allow me to clarify, I USED to watch the new TMNT cartoon when it first came out-and I LOVED it! It did give good nods to the comics and old cartoons. But after I heard Bay was gonna do the next movie, it just disheartened me. I kinda lost interest. That is why I didn't see the new Rat King Design. I only got up to the new Leather Head. But that cartoon is pretty damn funny!!

    7. I actually have to be honest, I don't really watch the new cartoon much anymore either. I still collect every now and then from the toy line, but I watch too much TV to fully keep up with the new cartoon. But I do like it a lot. Plus, they are bringing Irma back as April's friend. But yeah, I am very nervous about the bay movie. I am going to always be nervous. lol

  5. omg was hoping that some how velvet sky evil plot backfired on her. but given how tough toy miss m has proven to be odds are some how she will manage to come back to her loved ones as for sea hawk. should be interesting to learn what his final fate may be. happy 2014

    1. Happy 2014 to you too! I am hoping that the story will continue to evolve and be very entertaining. lol I have some really fun stuff in the works. All will be revealed! I hope you have been doing well.

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8r64yrpd0Q

    1. This commercial never grows old. I love it so much. Especially how poor Catra is portrayed. lol

  7. I have a professional question for you. As you well know, I am planning on launching the Moose Comics website, right now, I am in the process of making the front page, utilizing my web-person and my friend who says he wants to color the buttons and header and footer. But when I launch it, I have a choice to make. I have to decide how "adult" I want these comics to be. When it was just a blog I would have gone for ultra-violence, ultra-swearing, ultra-boobies! Things that amuse me, but my one artist friend said, if it were up to him, he would make it"all ages" So I am considering watering down the -shall we say-"evil" aspects of the enterprise. I mean, I made them super violent and sweary because it was funny combined with the camp aspect of what I do-but seeing shows like Batman:Brave and the Bold-and the 60's Batman-reminded me I don't have to show boobies or ultra violence to make it funny. And I could maybe make more money by making it PG-13. (Never gonna be G! Hell, you can't have Sateena in a G rated universe!) There would be drinking and violence but not really bad swearing or naked boobies.
    I dunno, what would you do? You put some R rated stuff in your stories, but those aren't your characters. If you had a roster of characters you were launching, would you make them less "adult" for commercial reasons?

    1. I mean, your friend does have a point. I think the bottom line is what will you want for you, will you want to be more commercially successful or stick to what you had originally planed? I think something can be said for both.

      Realistically, I would probably write something that would be for a wider range of an audience. But, I also like telling stories that would be geared towards different audiences. It is for partial selfish reasons, because I would like to think that my stories would be entertaining for everyone. I know that isn't exactly the case here. Everything looks like it is packaged for the younger set, but the material plays to a certain age group for sure. I think. I don't know. I think you should carefully think of your end goal, and if it involves being more widely known (which who wouldn't want that?) I think there could be a way for you to stay true to the characters while also having something for everyone.

      You will have to let me know what you decide! It sounds like things are going really well with everything.

  8. Well that tears it! -you were the deciding vote. Looks like I'm going with the all-ages version. I feel like Two-Face flipping his coin! haha!
    But the key word here for me is success. I would love to rule the world, but,you can't exactly do that when half the world isn't allowed to even see your stuff. And I don't consider it selling out either. Because, originally, I thought I would have to put the more adult stuff in so the "cool" people would accept my characters-no one wanted an "alternative comic" about super heroes, so i had to go the underground comics route and make it raunchy, so the alternative crowd would accept it. But now, with the internet boom, and being able to put stuff out yourself, I don't need to care about that anymore! I can put out whatever I want, and there is still a chance it will be seen by people!
    So, it may take a while to reformulate some stuff, but I had already planned on redrawing the comics I had posted on my blog, because creatively, a lot of story things have changed since I posted that stuff.. So now, when I am redrawing I will also tone down the X rating as well. I still like boobies though! But I can remain strong, because, I feel the same way about boobies as many folks feel about Angels, even when you can't see them they are always there. And that is a comfort.

    1. "I feel the same way about boobies as many folks feel about Angels, even when you can't see them they are always there. And that is a comfort."

      That was so funny! I could not stop laughing. I am glad that you have figured out what you are going to do with the comic! I think that is the better choice, you certainly have a grasp on what you will need to do to get things on track. That is just awesome!

      I am really happy that you have a plan mapped out! That is awesome. I want to know when it is all ready. This is just so cool!

    2. Yes, I thought the boobie line would be the kind of joke Joe bob Briggs would love!-smart and stupid at the same time!! And I think AFTER Joe Bob-you are my fave Texan! Congrats!

      I am glad you think I made the right choice. It's funny cuz even though I've never met you, I do trust you! Insane I know, but it probably stems from how you love a lot of the same things I love. so I had to have someone like you as the deciding vote. (some of my artist friends don't even give a shit about He-Man! Philistines!!) Anyway, you will be informed about when the relaunch happens officially. My buddy just colored the buttons for the front page and the header and footer, and I sent them to my web designer! It's happening finally!! Hoooray!!

    3. Well yay! I have to say, Joe Bob is probably my favorite Texan too. lol

      I don't know how anyone could not give a shit about He-Man. That just sounds crazy to me! I am very thrilled to see what happens with your site. This is so very cool. I am beyond thrilled for you and I am honored that you trust me! Thank you! I trust you too. : )