Monday, January 27, 2014

January 2014 Woman of Wonderosity!

At last we left off, Mila Rosnovsky was making a name for herself as the latest toy journalist to grace the Diary with her hard hitting interview with 2014 January Heroic Hottie, Mario! Can she continue her fantastic work with this month's Woman of Wonderosity? Oh, and the deceased Miss M met a new friend in the After Life and together they were going to talk about great Nintendo games from the olden days. Click below for the story to continue! If not, suffer a cruel fate of boredom!

In the After Life...

Miss M: that is why I believe that Maniac Mansion is an underrated classic. It was one of the best games to ever grace the Nintendo.
Ed: And I'm not disagreeing with you, I just think that the intricacies of Legacy of the Wizard make it a far better game.
Miss M: Legacy of the Wizard was so tough! I enjoyed the game immensely, but I just never could get far in that game.
Ed: (marvels at Miss M) Wow. I can't believe we've been spending so much time talking about old Nintendo games.
Miss M: I know! And you haven't even heard my thoughts on the original The Little Mermaid game. It was everything!

Ed: (laughs) You are so funny.
Miss M: I guess. I'm just being honest though. The Little Mermaid NES game was everything.
Ed: So, what was your first nerdy crush?
Miss M: Huh?
Ed: Haven't you ever had a nerdy crush before?
Miss M: (blushes) Sure. Lots. (laughs nervously) I mean, yeah. Who hasn't?
Ed: My first nerd crush was Princess Leia. Especially when she wore that slave outfit in Return of the Jedi. Totally blew my mind. 
Miss M: That was an iconic outfit.
Ed: Yeah, so what about you? Who was your first nerd crush? Come on, I won't laugh.

Miss M: (changing the subject) Ya know, it's a shame you died in the mall food court a couple years ago. You totally missed the big news!
Ed: What news?
Miss M: Like, Disney totally bought Lucasfilms at the end of 2012 and then announced they'd be releasing a new Star Wars film. 

Ed: (jumps up) No way! For real? Damn. I did die too soon. I wonder what it will be like?
Miss M: I know. Me too. I guess we'll just have to wait for some other dorky person to die after the movie has been released to find out how good it is. They don't have movie theaters in the After Life, do they?
Ed: (shakes his head) No. Death doesn't really work like that. 
Miss M: That stinks. I'm gonna miss my shows. I mean, how will I know who April chooses on Grey's Anatomy?
Ed: Umm. You keep changing the subject. Who was your first nerd crush?

Miss M: Goodness. Does it matter? These topics are always just so silly! I mean what does it matter about who my first nerd crush was? Crushes are so silly anyway. They lead to trouble, ya know? (pauses as she notices Ed not buying a word of it.) Ok fine! Fine! My first nerd crush was a tie. I had a huge crush on Superman. I loved that curl. He was so dreamy. Like, Christopher Reeves/Super Powers Kenner Superman. I even would pretend that my Superman action figure was my boyfriend. Though my other old school nerd crush probably also would have to go to Howard the Duck.
Ed: Howard the Duck? Really? I guess it isn't much of a shock that you ended up falling for a Ninja Turtle.
Miss M: Well, I mean, I don't know. I guess crushing on Howard the Duck or Michelangelo has always been safer than having to deal with, ya know, human guys. I've never really been good with being with a guy in a close crush kinda way. Of course, I'm dead now so it's not like any of that matters now.
Ed: (looks slightly crestfallen) Yeah, I guess it wouldn't matter much being dead and all. At least I've made a new friend though. You'd think it'd be easy making friends with the dead, but they can be a bit clique-ish.
Miss M: (eyes wide) Really?
Ed: Yeah. Things get even crazier when it is a blue moon.
Miss M: Yeah. I've heard about that. What exactly does that all mean?
Ed: Oh, you can't really describe your first blue moon. It is something to be experienced. Don't worry though, it'll probably be a very long time before you have to deal with that.
Miss M: Yeah. 

Miss M wonders just what a blue moon is and also trails her thoughts to her old job on Earth. She can't help but think, how is Diary of a Dorkette holding up?


Mila: (giving orders to some camera crew) Listen, I just need those sets put together quickly! Our Woman of Wonderosity is going to be here soon! Your jobs are on the line! 

Mila: (buzzes into her BlueEar) Hello? Oh Renaldo I'm so happy to hear from you! Yes, fit me in as soon as possible. I've got to do this lame interview for work but after I'm done I am heading to you. My hair needs to be processed. My goodness I can smell my roots trying to grow out. Also, will Gina be there? I could really go for that Ecto-Plasm mani/pedi. (pauses) Great! See you then!

Guy Friday: (walks up to Mila) What are you doing?
Mila: Work. What does it look like?
Guy Friday: It looks like you were taking a personal call. April doesn't like that.
Mila: I don't really care what April thinks. Duh. Get a clue gladiator boot boy. 
Guy Friday: These are braces.
Mila: (rolls eyes) O.M.G.Dawg! I thought those were Tom Ford. So sad. Anyways, our guest is almost here.

Guy Friday: Do you have the wardrobe for our guest?
Mila: (fiddling with her phone) Yeah. Sure. Whatev. The wardrobe is all set.
Guy Friday: Did you actually see to the wardrobe, or are you just trying to shut me up?
Mila: (continues fiddling with phone) Yeah. Sure. Whatev.
Guy Friday: I don't think I need to remind you, this is a very important interview. April will not tolerate any screw-ups Mila.

Mila: O.M.G.Dawg. Does anyone have any faith in me? I'm Mila Rosnovsky and I'm gonna rock this shit. 
Guy Friday: (sighs) Sure. I think our guest is here, I'll lead her to the wardrobe room. Make this one count Mila!
Mila: (fires off a few texts and tweets) Yeah. Sure. Whatev.

January 2014 Woman of Wonderosity!

Leia: (steps out onto the set) Umm, hi. Excuse me, are you the one interviewing me?
Mila: O.M.G.Dawg! What are you wearing? What is this? Like, swimsuit couture circa 1983? Who was responsible for your wardrobe? 

Leia: I believe you were. I was led to believe that I would be wearing my iconic outfits for this interview and all I had was this: the requisite slave bikini outfit. I can't wear only this.
Mila: Well, I don't know what to tell you. This is all we could provide. It's not like you're a princess or something. No need to get all hoity-toity with me. 

Leia: I am a princess.
Mila: (looks dubious) Oh really? And who is your mother, the Queen of England?
Leia: Actually, my mother was a queen. She died giving birth to my brother and I. I am Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan and this interview hasn't gotten awkward at all!
Mila: Is that, like, a stab at sarcasm?
Leia: No. That wasn't sarcasm at all. This. Has. Gotten. Awkward.
Mila: Kay. Well, let's get this interview started!

Leia: (walks to the set mumbling) I could be at a Disney resort right now...

Leia stands around, awaiting direction.

Mila: Hold on! The set needs some more props.

Mila: (adjusts set prop) There, this should work.
Leia: Huh? This set isn't even movie accurate. 
Mila: O.M.G.Dawg. Stop being so demanding. Pick up your weapon and pose pretty for the pictures!

Leia: I'm certainly glad I am a professional.
Mila: Yeah. That's, like, great. So, how is that chain around your neck?
Leia: It's a little heavy.
Mila: Leave it on for just a little longer!
Leia: I thought I'd be getting interviewed by a gal named Miss M? Is that what the M stands for, your name?
Mila: Oh. No, I'm not a dorkette. Yeah, Miss M. She, like, died and stuff.

Leia: (slips and falls with the news) Miss M is dead?
Mila: Yeah. Stuff happens. It's, like, life ya know Princess Organ?
Leia: It's Princess Organa and please, call me Leia.
Mila: Yeah. Sure. Whatev. Just don't get up right now. Stay in that pose. The camera is, like, loving it.

A quick set change later...

Leia: Where did you get this set from?
Mila: I don't know. Ask the crew. 
Leia: Is it possible that I could change into something else? I just need a white sheet, I can fix something up.
Mila: Umm no. Just pose. Kay?

Leia: (poses) How does this look?
Mila: I guess it looks fab. Just be careful. That blaster thingy is real.
Leia: What?! This is supposed to be a prop!
Mila: Yeah, well, we couldn't find a prop. 
Leia: Shouldn't you be asking me questions about what I've been up to?
Mila: Good idea. What have you been up to?
Leia: A great deal actually. (pauses as the blaster fires off hitting a camera crew member.)

Leia: Oh no! I am so sorry! Was that crew member hurt?
Mila: O.M.G.Dawg! He is totally bleeding everywhere! Oh wow. I think he needs to go to the emergency room... 

Another set change later...

Leia: I don't know. In light of everything, shouldn't we cancel this interview? I'm worried about the crew member I shot.
Mila: Oh stop worrying. Guy Friday sent the crew member off in an ambulance. He'll make it. For sure. Now, let's get to posing! And give us some dish. Help me help you sound interesting.

Leia: There isn't much I can say. I will be appearing in a new Star Wars film, but I've been sworn to secrecy. That darn mouse means business... Han Solo and I are still happily in love, though we're a bit older now. Old love is tough... I suppose I sometimes get tired of wearing this metal bikini, but it is rather important. It's just that the metal gets so cold... I heard Hasbro just released a new figure based off me, but I haven't seen it yet. I've heard fans are complaining because they painted my face terribly. Either way, it's nice to be immortalized in plastic. 
Mila: Yeah. Totes. I love love love plastic. So let's mix this photo shoot up. Give the camera some sass!

Leia: Like this?
Mila: Totes! Pop that hip! Flip that hair! Bend in snap! Pop in lock! Jingle, jangle, bangle, fangle!
Leia: (tries to follow all the poses) Huh? I can't keep up!
Mila: All right, let's keep it real. Get on the floor and make love to the camera.
Leia: Huh?
Mila: O.M.G.Dawg! Just get on the floor.

Leia: Like this?
Mila: Totes. 
Leia: I feel a bit ridiculous.
Mila: No! You look, like, a star. (snickers)
Leia: Well, it's just that I feel silly.
Mila: Yeah. Sure. Why don't you lift your leg up and smolder those eyes to the camera! (snickers)

Leia stands up, annoyed.

Leia: What is this? What kind of interview is this? I'm not making love to the camera. What kind of toy journalist are you?
Mila: Sha! Yeah right! I don't need to show my credentials to you! I'm rich betch!
Leia: Excuse me? Was that a belch?
Mila: No. I was calling you a betch. Betch.
Leia: I'm done. I'm sorry, I don't know what April is trying to run here, but I want nothing to do with it. I'm done. 

Leia storms off set.

Mila: Well that was just tacky.

Moments later...

Mila: (calls out to crew members) Careful with the set pieces! We wouldn't want anyone getting butt hurt about damaged items!
Guy Friday: This was a disaster. Why would you use a real blaster and not a prop? That crew member nearly lost an arm.
Mila: Well how was I supposed to know? I'm not some Star Wars geek that knows what's real and a prop.
Guy Friday: But that's part of the job of working here. You have to be dorky. 

Mila: Look gladiator boot boy, I am having a really rough day. I lost my appointment with Renaldo because this interview ran over. I smell my roots coming up and it is driving me insane. I don't have time for this.
Guy Friday: You are going to have to get used to it. You'll lose your job!
Mila: Like I care? I'm from Swans Crossing. I don't even need this job. Totes.

Guy Friday: Why take this job then? I don't understand.
Mila: That is none of your business!
Guy Friday: You are very strange and slightly suspicious.

Mila: (rolls her eyes) That's right gladiator boot betch boy. (pokes Guy Friday in the chest) And don't you forget it. (whispers to herself) Once I've proven myself, I'll find a way to take over April's journalistic empire and the company will be mine! I've always wanted my own empire to strike back at that bore Sydney Rutledge.  
Guy Friday: Did you just say something?
Mila: Oh no. Not at all. 
Guy Friday: Well, you've got one more interview to prove yourself. Don't mess it up.
Mila: Yeah. Sure. Whatev.

January 2014 Woman of Wonderosity!


  1. Oh! The Nerd Crush Question! Thats enough for a post all on its own! I don't know if I could accurately state my first fictious crush. It'd take quite a while to get past all the scar tissue left by many disastrous real life crushes, both in the romantic sense and in the literal, "I had a body part crushed and it left an actual scar" kind of way.

    Usually vintage glamor ladies like Audrey Hepburn and Cat People's Simone Simon (its a crime that she didn't get more work in American movies!) are the type who are near the top of my celebrity crush list.

    Probably my nerdiest crush was also the most unexpected. It happened when I was listening to a radio interview with Janet Varney, the voice of Korra, from Nickelodeon's animated steampunk superhero series "The Legend of Korra", expecting to get some insight on the show only to realize that this had been recorded long before she ever got the part when she was just known for being an interstitial host on TBS and would frequently interject answering questions with all kinds of fun movie history and trivia tidbits. After that I was just fawning, thinking of all the things the two of us could talk about if we ever met.

    Timely that you should mention all this Star Wars jazz as I was listening to a radio show this morning of a trio of guys talking about what they were interested in seeing in the new Star Wars movie. It was a surprising calm and rational discussion and dissection of rumors given how the franchise is probably one of the biggest targets of NERD RAGE!!!!!

    Honestly I don't even know how I feel about their being more Star Wars movies. I loved the originals when I was a little kid, but then when I was a teenager and the prequels came out, well... I'll never forget sitting in the middle of "Attack of the Clones" and coming to the realization "Hey wait, this movie sucks!"

    After that, it really diminished the films for me. And with all the TV cartoons, toys and Lego tie-ins I see in the stores, I just think of Star Wars as a marketing brand. Sure I can watch the original movies and still feel a bit of that joy I used to have watching them as a kid, it just feels rather distant.

    It has't helped that there hasn't been any news about story or characters just yet, so theres not much to get all that attached or excited about.

    I had no idea "Grey's Anatomy" was still on. Its been a long while since I've watched any primetime dramas on network television, and I imagine its the same for all these people in the After Life as well. Maybe thats what goes on up there, people compare notes on how all their stories end for the rest of eternity. Next week some poor schmuck is probably going to come up to you begging to know how "Lost" was resolved.

    Right on Christopher Reeve. I found a DVD copy of Superman: The Movie at a garage sale this summer for fifty flippin' cents! Talk about your bargains! The movie itself may be campy as all get out, but any time Chris Reeve is on screen he is just magical, there is no other way to describe his performance.

    I can understand not being good with the close crush thing. I remember feeling a bit awkward back in college when I realized I had more friends who were female than male. I shared this observation with my friend Corey and said "its probably because you're very mature, and intelligent and safe in a not rape-y sort of way." ... "Not Rape-y"? Is it wrong that I want that to be on my tombstone?

    A blue moon is when we have two full moons in one month. Its an idiom for "something that doesn't happen very often." But I have a sneaking suspicion that you knew that already.

    1. I've always had nerd crushes on fictitious characters. Every now and then I have probably had crushes on celebrities, but usually I crush on a character of some sort. And I totally agree with you, Simone Simon totally needed to be embraced more by American movies. I thought her role in the Cat People was everything.

      I have to really be honest about Star Wars, I'm not really that big into it. I am from the perspective that the movies were around when I was little. They had already been out for awhile, but the high of those movies was still being felt so I came in on the tail end and I did enjoy them. But I don't own them. I have some of the toys, but it's more from the line that came out in the 90's and has still sort of dominated the toy aisle. The newer ones weren't bad, but they weren't really that great either. However, since I am not a die hard Star Wars fan, the new movies did not super offend me like they did to some people. I do feel though that with Return of the Jedi and the marketing blitz that started after that with the Ewoks cartoon and stuff, it was only a matter of time before Star Wars became a marketing machine.

      Grey's anatomy is still on. I keep saying I am going to stop watching, but I always get sucked in. And yeah, what would be even funnier is if someone comes up to ask about what happens on Lost and toy Miss M is like, "Why don't you ask them, they're right over there." But then I guess things could get confusing on what is real and what isn't. Though I think that ship has sailed.

      I love the Christopher Reeve Superman movies. Even that 4th one. I remember seeing it in the movie theaters and just being so ecstatic for it. I adored him. 50 cents for the movie is pretty good too! I only own the 4th one because Big Lots had it for 3 dollars. lol I would love to find Supergirl on dvd as I also loved that movie too. lol

      I am like you, in the sense that I have always had more guy friends than girl friends. I do have girl friends, but I tend to enjoy hanging out with guys more. Of course the majority of my guy friends are gay so I don't have a fear of being around them, but I have had some guy friends that were straight and there were some that were cool and I felt safe with them while you just know the ones that are waiting for the moment to sleep with you at any chance. Those kinds of things can be tricky for sure. So it sounds like you are a really good guy friend. I can't speak for all girls, but I do know, the guys that aren't trying to be skeezy with the girl friends are always very nice.

      And yes, I totally knew the meaning of a blue moon. lol

    2. Simone came back for "Curse of the Cat People" were Irena returns as an angel to be a friend to Oliver and Alice's lonely daughter Amy. If you liked the original I would definitely recommend the sequel. Though "Curse" has a different tone the first, much more whimsical and with light fantasy. It was also the first film to be directed by Robert Wise of "West Side Story" and "Sound of Music" fame.

      Other than that there are maybe three or four other English films, everything after that was done in her native France.

      Speaking of being dead on the island in Lost, maybe now that Russell Johnson aka The Professor from Gilligan's Island has passed away there they could have their own little reunion in the After Life. I can just imagine them talking about how they'll never get off the island, and Gilligan will just sulk over how now he won't end up with either Ginger or Mary Ann, as they're the only cast members who are still alive.

      What you're saying about guy and girl friends actually reminds me of how Gracie Skyped me last February, looking to play catch up,
      talking about all the guys she was hanging out with before cautiously asking "So... any lady friends?" and I said "No. Do you have any or is it just The Guys?". "Touche" she replied.

      Its probably because I'm a pretty shy kind of guy in real life, and not so much with the touching and feeling, that I'm reasonably approachable. I'm not the sort whose going to try anything sudden . I do recall one time when Gracie came over to watch "Citizen Kane" at my place and fell asleep on my couch. So I just let her be while I tried to finish a paper for one of my classes, but it just got to be too weird that I was working in the same room while she was snoozing and went into the other room to finish. So much for that whole "watch you while you sleep" stuff you see in all the movies.

    3. I will need to check out the Curse of the Cat People. It sounds like a very good movie. I like the premise. I actually really need to purchase these movies. They are so good.

      Your comments on Gilligan's Island remind me of how I wish there were toys or dolls to that series. I used to love watching that show in reruns when I was little. I didn't know that Ginger and Mary Ann were still alive. Oh goodness how I loved that show.

      Sounds like you and Gracie still have a nice connection still. That is really good. And speaking of Citizen Kane, I need to actually confess something. I have never seen all of that movie. Also, I have to also confess that the reason I originally tried to watch it was to spot an actress that was on All My Children when it started. Ruth Warrick. That comment just reminded me of that. lol

    4. Interesting connection. Curse of the Cat People director Robert Wise was also the editor on Citizen Kane. So it has that same moody look and atmosphere.

      I wouldn't blame you or many other people not seeing Citizen Kane. It has been slightly stigmatized as something that only stuffy film snobs watch, and if I weren't interested in cinematography, I'd probably be an uphill climb for me too. Not only is the story rather dark, but so many of the "pioneering" techniques of the time were so revolutionary that they've since become commonplace seventy years later.

      I'm thinking about splurging for the "I Walked with a Zombie" DVD for my birthday, as I think its probably the best made Lewton film (visually anyway) after Cat People, which I already own. Like I said, I dig this old school look.

      I'm surprised there aren't more Gilligan's Island tie-in products. Maybe its because the series has become so synonymous with "junk" TV that no one wants to touch it. A shame.

      Yes, Gracie and I still keep in contact every so often (Facebook and all that) She was my closest friend even before we started dating so it might seem petty to cut off completely, but now its just more the once in a very long while sort of exchange. "Oh, did you see this news item about a geeky news item that we both like?" That sort of thing. She has a new boyfriend now (one with four names as opposed to my three) so I figure its best if I keep my distance for the time being.

      Its funny you mention recognizing an actress on TV as I've often told the story of when I watched "Rosemary's Baby", and got to that scene with the crazy devil cultists at the end, one of which is played by Hope Summers, who played Clara, one of the members of Aunt Bee's sewing circle on the Andy Griffith Show. Theres just something so gut busting hilarious when a little old biddy of a lady best know for a role in such a saintly program yells "HAIL SATAN!"

  2. The Star Wars ref should have been a tip off, but I was surprised anyway.

    I feel like I need to turn in my man cards for saying that I don’t have much admiration for the Gold Bikini. The first time I saw it was when I was eight years old and had no frame of reference for it’s appeal. Now that its gained so much popularity, I just feel like it’s a look that’s a little overexposed (no pun intended).

    At both that age and now, I much preferred Leia’s costuming in “Empire”. The white jumpsuit carried over the “maiden” motif from the original while also giving her more freedom of movement to do more action stuff. Plus having her tied hair tied back in a knot or braid gave a much better view of her pretty face.

    I got a great snort-laugh out of that “sass” pose. Oh wow.

    I’m actually amazed she can bend her leg like that. Action figures have certainly gotten a lot more articulate since I was a lad!

    I also love the end on that close up of Leia’s face. Its just such a blank “what?” expression, like she can’t believe Mila’s unprofessionalism either.

    Sorry to prattle on about all that’s rattling in my head. (The fact that I went over the character limit may be a warning sign!) Your posts are just such a fantastic springboard for conversing about various topics.

    1. Well I must be honest too, the bikini is not my favorite. I can appreciate it because I did like her outfit, if only because that whole scene was my favorite part of the movie. I loved the Jabba the Hut palace portion, but that is not my favorite look of her. I also feel that it has become quite overrated. I love her ceremony gown at the end of A New Hope and I do like seeing Leia in jumpsuits because it is nice to see her mixing it up in the action department. I have a few issues with her as an overall character in the trilogy. I feel that a great deal of her perspective was not really included much in the movie. I understand Luke was the main character, but there were plenty of options for Leia to shine more than she could have. I just feel she is often overlooked and only seen as the girl in the bikini.

      I hope that Hasbro will make other versions of Leia for this larger toy line. I don't want just the bikini.

      And action figures have certainly come a long way! My goodness! The articulation on these items is just out of control. That what expression was perfect wasn't it? I just thought the blankness of the figure's face would hopefully translate well to how disastrous the interview was. lol

      And you never have to apologize for prattling on about the rattle in your head! I enjoy these comments immensely. When I write a post, I hope that it brings about conversations on all kinds of stuff! There is so much stuff that goes on through my mind when I am writing these posts that I am always looking forward to what it brings up for other people.

      Oh, and I totally forgot to mention in the other comment, I can't believe a part of your body was crushed and injured! that sounds terrible, I hope that you weren't in too much pain. I am not going to pry on what area of your body was injured, but I don't like any part of my body getting injured so I can't even imagine!

      Also, I have never seen the Legend of Korra, but I have heard it is really good. I need to check it out.

      I hope all is well and that you are having a nice week!

    2. I have often joked about how Leia is my favorite character in the original Star Wars film. For growing up on a peaceful planet with no weapons, it is curious how whenever she fires a blaster, the camera always cuts to her hitting the target, whereas all the other guys its mostly implied that they hit the marks. That plus telling off the biggest baddie in the galaxy, resisting the mind probe and taking charge of her own rescue, thats just great! I would have loved to see her suit up as a fighter pilot during the climax, and such an image has been featured in some of the expanded universe book covers.

      What I really need to do is figure out how I can channel the comments I leave here into topics for posts of my own. That way I can justify all this jazz.

      Oh no no no! I didn't have any part of my body crushed. I was just going for a play on words, but don't think I explained it very well. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

      Fair warning, Korra is a spin off to "Avatar: The Last Airbender". While I don't think you necessarily need to see one to understand the other, it probably would help. Fortunately, both are good enough to justify the time commitment.

      All is going pretty well actually, especially after Tuesday were I got a job offer e-mail to work at a pretty prestigious place. I replied YES! immediately and am chomping at the bit to get a message in return telling me whats next.

    3. That would have been beyond cool to have seen Leia being a fighter pilot. I would have loved that. She was my favorite character from the movie, if only because I could relate to her, not that I couldn't relate to other characters. But I was just always more curious about her. I am very interested to see how these new movies will be.

      And I hope you are able to channel all these comments into stuff for your own posts! That would be cool.

      I also am so silly, because I completely read the comment wrong, I so thought you had been hurt. lol In my defense I was very sick with a stomach virus for much of all last week. I hate being sick like that.

      And I know a little bit about Avatar. It certainly sounds like a very interesting show. I have also certainly seen the commercials of Korra and it does look like something I would like.

      So I have to know, did you hear anything else about the job offer?This sounds amazing! I am so excited for you!

    4. Well I gathered up some Leia photos that I thought might make for a decent sketch post, if not a full project.

      I mentioned the details of my job offer in a reply to one of your earlier comments, but I hope to be able to spill the beans on my own site soon.

  3. nice for now we know what Mila true motive is she want aprils business and love the sets she was using to pose star wars black Leia with including the Han in carbonite. plus interesting that toy miss ms first crush was howard the duck she really has something for animals as a romantic partner

    1. Yes, Mila has some true motives! She is very dangerous. lol Now that I am living back home with my parents, my brother has all this Star Wars stuff from the 90's. We both collected that line, but he really collected stuff and everything is still at my parent's. So I used some stuff for backdrops. lol

      And how, I don't know what it is about Hard the Duck and Michelangelo, I just really liked those characters growing up. lol

  4. Well, if I had to pick a "nerd crush" I would say it would have been on Miss M! At least, that is , I HAD a crush on her, till I found out she was a total Furry! or Plushie! I dunno, you liked Howard the Duck, and Mikey! -I'm not even sure if Mikey is Plushie or Furry! He's like a Scaley or something! And Howard is a Feathery! ! Gross!! Haha, only givin' you a hard time! I totally understand your love for Mikey. but Howard, you know, for a duck he is a total pig!! Though that may be why his comics are funny. I even enjoyed his movie, (speaking of George Lucas) and there is a classic scene with the OTHER princess Lea from the 80's, Lea Thompson, where she almost fucks Howard-so evidently she shares your affection for the non-human luvin'! -again, just picking on ya. You also have a thing for Superman, so I guess you are pretty normal after all. Wait! did you do a Miss M. or April Oneil Vs. Lois Lane bit yet!? I don't remember! That would be awesome! does Lois even have a figure!?
    but speaking of this whole "Slave Lea" controversy that has been raging on for way too many years now, I was in a "Gender Studies" class last semester, and my teacher read emails from various girls who felt they had been marginalized -that she had found on some website. One Email pissed me off so much. It was a girl who said "I had one female role model growing up, and then George Lucas decided to dress her in a metal bikini"-and then the teacher asked "what is this about?" to the class, and I was the only one who yelled,"Star Wars! Return of the Jedi!!!" instantly, cuz everyone else was either too ashamed or just didn't know. Of course, in the class I said "..but that was awesome though!" (cuz, yeah, it was hot!)-but if I had more time to speak on that particular subject, I would have said "look, Lea kills Jabba! She kills her oppressor! Han doesn't! Luke doesn't! It ends up being oddly empowering!" -and of course, whenever my teacher brought up the tired old subject, "why do girl superhero characters dress so skimpy?" I always said " why do boy superheroes wear skin tight spandex (in the case of Superman and Batman and the comic book like) or the exact same amount of clothing as women superheroes? ( like how Conan the Barbarian and He-Man wear next to nothing)? -it's an annoying double standard! Grah! I say this because I have a bunch of girl characters with cleavage and midriffs exposed but I also have a Hercules character wearing nothing but shorts! And my other male guys are wearing skin tight outfits! (I know I used to show the girls boobies but I have stopped that now, so I am only talking about the characters as they appear clothed, as they will appear from now on.)
    I guess my point is, all fictional characters should be allowed the option to be costumed in a way that could feasibly titillate someone at all times! That's why it's fiction!

    1. Ok so I totally had a celeb crush on Lea Thompson in the 80's. She was my favorite character in Jaws 3 and I would always reenact her scene in the pool where she is thrown off the bumper boat and nearly killed by the shark. I love that movie so much. And I adored her. I thought she was so cool.

      And I personally don't think that the metal bikini minimizes Leia for me. Her being in the bikini makes sense. It's not like she is in a frozen tundra and everyone else is in warm clothing and she is in a bikini. I mean it all made sense given the story line. I think for me it comes down to character development and I always wish she had been given more. But I don't think that was because George Lucas was trying to be a sexist. The movie is Luke's tale. That is the main perspective of the film and it is what it is. But I don't get butt hurt about things like that, I simply just hope to see more stories that switch perspectives up. I think there is enough room in the universe for all kinds of stories. I feel like when a person complains about stuff like that, all that people end up hearing is the complaint when instead they should be thinking of other possibilities.

      And though I may have crushes on animal/human hybrids, I would never actually do anything with them! lol I mean the Howard the Duck crush didn't last that long. To be honest, I had a much longer crush on Johnny Depp from Crybaby and that feels even weirder given how he turned out. lol I'm just joking.

    2. OK-I've never heard the phrase "Butt-Hurt" before. Is that a Texan thing? -and you re-enacted scenes from Jaws 3D!!?? Can you be more of a Dorkette!!? Haha I love it! Did you watch the show "Caroline in the City" in the 90's? My mom used to watch that and Lea Thompson played a cartoonist in that if memory serves! And her daughter Zoey Deutch is in that new Vampire Academy movie coming out!

    3. I don't think butt hurt is a Texan thing. Though for the life of me I can't figure out where it came from. lol I did indeed reinact scenes from Jaws 3D. As a kid with nothing better to do. I am truly a dorkette. I used to watch Caroline in the City sporadically. Had it been a show airing today I would have watched more because of DVR and things like that. It was a good show though. I had no idea her daughter was in the new Vampire Academy movie. That is cool!

    4. I just watched my Special edition Howard the Duck DVD that my friend got me a couple years ago for my birthday, and I totally forgot, there is a scene where Lea Thompson does a big cartoony sounding nervous gulp! You and her really are similar! Lol.
      That would be awesome if you could get a real Dorkette interview with Lea Thompson! Also, another 80's girl I'd love to see you interview, Heather Langenkamp! She was adorbs!

    5. I forgot that. I will need to re-watch the movie and see it all again. It has been awhile. I also really like Heather Langenkamp. She was one of my favorites from the 80's. I always wanted an action figure of her or something. It just seemed like the perfect thing to own.