Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Miss M Presents: You Better Work!

With Miss M's fate already sealed and delivered to the After Life, one must wonder what the next chapter in this sordid tale will be. Look no further than this latest edition of Miss M Presents! Read on dear readers to find out what happens next!

Miss M Presents:
You Better Work!

April: (on the phone with her husband Casey Jones) I'm going to be home soon. I just need to conduct a few more interviews to find Miss M's replacement. (pauses as her husband speaks) Casey, I know Miss M can't be replaced. That whole BeyoncĂ© song was written about her... well... maybe not really, but she totally jammed out to it for months. Anyways, I have a News Empire to still run. I can't shut down my business just because M was blown to bits in the Sewer Lair. I honestly have no idea how I am going to hire someone. (pauses again) The Turtles are having a hard time. Not only have they been displaced from their home, but Mikey is just beside himself over the loss of his love. It is so sad. He won't even eat pizza. All he does now is sit around watching M's soaps cuddled up with her favorite blanket. It'd be pathetic if it weren't so darn sad. Anyways Casey, I have to go. I need to finish the day and then I'll be home. I'm thinking I'll pick up take-out or something. (pauses some more) Now listen up well Casey, you didn't marry me for my cooking prowess. I use my oven as extra closet space. You knew what you were getting into during our first marriage. Now I have got to go! (whispers quickly) I love you too.

April hangs up and turns as Guy Friday enters her inner office sanctum.

Guy Friday: April, are you busy?
April: (sighs) No, not really. I just want to get home is all.
Guy Friday: Well, the rest of the applicants are here for the interviews.
April: Wonderful.

Guy Friday: Are you sure you want to do this? It just feels so soon to be interviewing someone to take the place of Miss M...
April: I know that! Of course I know that. This whole thing sucks. My best friend is damn dead. Not even damn-near dead. She's straight up dead. How in the world am I going to work with someone so closely again?
Guy Friday: Hopefully you will find someone that you can moderately tolerate.

April: I hope so. Now, let's get these interviews started.

April waits patiently for the interview to start. She stands in shock when she sees who she will be interviewing.

April: Now just what do you think you are doing here?
Vanity Smurf: (strides in with a sing song voice) Hello!! I'm here!!!
April: Vanity, I don't have time for this. I need to interview people who are taking this position seriously.
Vanity Smurf: I am so offended April! I am taking this interview seriously. I have a lot of wonderful ideas to bring to the table! Why, if I get this job I am going to change the face all over again for toy journalism!

April: What are you going to do?

Vanity Smurf: Why, I'm so glad you asked! I'm going to install all these new features about me! It'll be a lifestyle entertainment extravaganza that will follow me and how fabulous I look in the mirror. I'll report on all the hottest vacay spots that will only enhance my good looks. I'll even try to talk to other people about important topics, such as: me, myself, and I! Won't it just be fabulous?! Oh, and for the cover of this all new lifestyle magazine, I'm thinking I should appear on each and every cover. Like Oprah!
April: I'm gonna have to stop you right there. This is not going to work. At. All.
Vanity Smurf: Geez. Who threw up in your Pop Rocks?
April: Vanity, get out of my office.
Vanity Smurf: All right! I'm going! But you will be so sorry about this. I think I'll start my own journalistic empire. I'll start my own news channel where it'll be Vanity all day every day!
April: Go for it!
Vanity Smurf: I will!

Vanity saunters off fuming. April shakes her head in near defeat. She waits for the next appointment, sadly, the next applicant's odor reaches the interview before the actual applicant.

April: What is that smell? Oh my goodness it smells like death!

Stinkor walks in with a cloud of grody.

April: Oh gawd! The paint is peeling off the walls!
Stinkor: Hello April-friend. Stinkor has come for new job.
April: No. Not before you bathe in a pool of tomatoe juice.
Stinkor: Stinkor never been in pool.
April: Listen, I know times must be tough, even for Skeletor's crew, but I can't hire you with that smell.

Stinkor: Stinkor feel like Stinkor is being discrimnated against for smell that Stinkor cannot control. Stinkor was born this way. Lady Gaga-friend said so.
April: I don't know that she had you in mind when she wrote that song.

After patiently escorting Stinkor off the premises, April turns to see her next applicant.

April: What is this? Even She-Ra needs a job? (pauses to think on her words) Well... you haven't really had a good show in awhile. I've heard the ratings for She-Ra: Senior Year are at an all time low...

She-Ra: I don't need a job. I'm a princess and I am charged with honoring the universe with my protection.
April: Your W-2 must be insane.
She-Ra: Yeah. It is. Forget Hordak's mess, taxes on the Crystal Castle alone are killing me. Sorry, that must be rude in light of our loss.
April: Yeah. Miss M is gone and things just suck around here. Why are you here?
She-Ra: I wanted to ask for your help. I haven't been able to find Sea Hawk anywhere, and I know he was interviewed recently...
April: Did you check the nearby bars?
She-Ra: Yes. Numerous times. I can't find him.
April: That's odd.
She-Ra: It is. We had plans for dinner and I never heard from him.
April: Oh goodness, don't tell me you're getting involved in that tired old love triangle again. Bow must be beside himself.
She-Ra: I wouldn't know. He ran off to play background harp with the Misfits.
(melodramatic soap opera music goes off on cue)
She-Ra: What was that?
April: That damn Miss M. She rigged a music box to play melodramatic soap music whenever certain words or names were expressed.

She-Ra: Oh. She was such a dorkette. I miss her. Anyways, if you hear from Sea Hawk let him know I am looking for him.
April: Sure.

Fully on annoyed mode now, April prepares to leave for the day. Guy Friday walks in with one last applicant.

April: No more. I'm done. It's going to take weeks for my office to smell normal again. I can't take anymore hack journalists.
Guy Friday: But April, this last applicant seems legit. She has a pedigree and a degree. That's two 'grees.'
April: All right, I'm listening.
Guy Friday: Her networking skills are top notch. She has a lot of great contacts that would maybe even get us in the door for all kinds of bigger and newer interviews. I think she is the real deal.
April: Fine. Bring her in. I better not regret this!

April waits and is soon rewarded with the final applicant.

April: You? You're applying for this job? Where do I know you from?

Mila: My name is Mila Rosnovsky! O.M.G. Dawg! I'm like really rich. I grew up in Swans Crossing and have like the greatest socialite friends of my life. Together we form our own, like, super hero team. We raise money in fancy gowns for all kinds of issues. Don't even ask me to list them, cuz like, there are just too many. I love charity. And events. I also journal.
April: You're last name, is that Eastern European?
Mila: I don't know. I, like, borrowed my mom's last name so I'd seem more interesting. And I wanted to model for a year in Capri.
April: I don't know if I should throw up or ask for Bravo to give you a show.
Mila: Yeah, like, I could totally hurl right now too. No offense, but your office smells like dooky and dirty hippy.

April: (in a daze) That was from the stinking skunk man. So, help me understand, why do you want a job interviewing toys?
Mila: O.M.G. Dawg. Why wouldn't I? I mean, I'd get to meet, like, Superman. He's such a hottie buttered biscuit. I also want to, like, meet Jem so I can get her to autograph stuff.
April: Have you ever interviewed anyone before?
Mila: Umm, who hasn't? I once had a dinner party with Donald Trump, Rosie O'Donnell, and one of America's Presidents. I can't say who, but shit got awkward. Like, real, awkward. But after I interviewed them, I made some fun cocktails with Tom Cruise and we rocked that dinner party. Like, totes.
April: Excuse me?

Mila: (rolls her eyes) Ya know, totes.
April: I don't have any totes. Why did you change the subject to tote bags? This interview will not have any swag. It's an interview.
Mila: O.M.G. Dawg! You are so old. Totes is, like, saying totally. Or something.
April: I really miss my dead friend.
Mila: What are you even talking about? You are so goth. You're, like, old and goth. So, can I like, get this job or what?
April: I don't know. I have one more question for you. What do you think of Megan Fox? Honestly. I want to know. She is picked to play me in a movie based off my life and some ninjas I know, and I need your honest opinion of her.

Mila: Eww. Megan Fox? As in the woman that stole David from Donna? I, like, loathe her. I once hosted this big charity gala for teens in Beverly Hills. It was like an homage to the old 90210, but David showed up with her, and I was like, how could he do that to Donna? Everyone knows that David married Donna, not some intergalactic space cadet. I mean, like, David is a D-bag. Who could ever cheat on Donna? Like, no one messes with Donna Martin. Like, no. Just no.
April: I think you have gotten your realities slightly confused, but for some strange reason I want to give you a chance.
Mila: No. Way. Like. O.M.G. (flips hair)
April: Wow. You really do that well.
Mila: Umm yeah? I was like a Pantene model in Capri.
April: Ok. Whatever. Just show up to work this week and we'll have your first interview ready to go. You better be ready to work.
Mila: I'll be there.

The two shake on it and April can only hope that she is not screwing up the future of her toy journalism empire.

April: What did I just do?

In the After Life...

Miss M: So here I am. The After Life. Everything looks so sparkly and shiny. The music is really good too. I feel like I'm in the middle of a Final Fantasy soundtrack.

Miss M stands around and marvels at her surroundings.

Miss M: It sucks to be dead, but, if I have to be dead here... I might get used to this. (she pauses) Oh who am I kidding. I miss Michelangelo so much.

A voice calls out to her.

Voice: You get used to that feeling.

Miss M turns to see a familiar face.

Miss M: Mog!? Is that you?! Oh my goodness!

Expecting a warm embrace from an old friend, Miss M shouts in shock as Mog knocks her to the ground.

Miss M: Hey! what was that for?
Mog: That was for getting me killed in 1994!
Miss M: Oh. You're still bitter about that?
Mog: You bet your sweet behind I am! You couldn't even use a Life spell to bring me back!
Miss M: It was such a hectic time. It was the final battle against Kefka, and he was so difficult!
Mog: Whatever.
Miss M: You didn't need to push me. That was rude and it hurt!

Mog: No it didn't. You're dead dorkette.
Miss M: Oh yeah. It didn't really hurt at all. Crap. (Mog turns to leave) Wait, where are you going?
Mog: To let the others here know of your existence in the After Life. There's a lot of folks around here who have a thing or two to say to you.
Miss M: Gulp. Well, it better not be Aerith! I wasn't responsible for her demise. You better remember that!

Mog exits the party.

Standing up while dusting her knees, Miss M stands around wondering what to do next.

Miss M: Where is everyone? And where is that music coming from? I have got to get the soundtrack to the After Life.

Miss M walks around some more.

Miss M: It's just so beautiful here. (goes into white-girl-sobbing) I miss my Ninja Turtle boyfriend. I feel like he'd just be amazed by all this splendor in the glass. I wonder who keeps this place clean?

Suddenly the being responsible for the heavenly music descends from above.

Miss M: Oh look at you! Aren't you the cutest, if not slightly creepiest, looking thing ever! You look like a troll.

Thing that looks like a Troll: Zip thy zelf.
Miss M: Huh?

The Troll-looking character quickly jumps up to a new location of the area as Miss M finds herself with company!

Miss M: Miss Elizabeth!
Miss Elizabeth: I see you've met the After Life's mascot: Angelala. So, what do you think of the After Life so far?
Miss M: Well, the music is nice. I just really miss Michelangelo. Is it wrong that I kinda want him here? Like, maybe he'll choke on an anchovy or fall in an epic two part battle against Shredder?
Miss Elizabeth: Miss M! You can't say something like that! Take it all back. Don't throw that aura out around here. (whispers) Someone could make it come true.
Miss M: (rolls eyes) Oh goodness, I am not being serious! I wouldn't want something to happen to my love. I just miss him. By the by, where is everyone around here? I thought there'd be like a parade of people up here.
Miss Elizabeth: You were expecting those lost before you to greet you with open arms?

Miss M: Well yeah. I mean, there are some people I haven't seen in a minute and I figured I'd reunite with them already.
Miss Elizabeth: The After Life doesn't quite work like that. This entire space is Infinite. People spread out. They explore. They start new lives, new adventures. Those loved ones who were gone before you, they don't sit around waiting for everyone to show up. They have an afterlife to get to.

Miss M: So... I have to search for everyone? My goodness! That could take forever!
Miss Elizabeth: I hate to break it to you sweetie, but you kinda have forever.
Miss M: I don't know that I'm cut out for this. (suddenly begins to panic) Oh my goodness! What if I have to pee? Where is the restroom?

Miss Elizabeth: You won't need to use a restroom in the After Life.
Miss M: (grossed out) Oh grody. What if I need to do a number 2? Not that I ever did those anyway, but still! I mean, this whole After Life business is not going to work out for me!
Miss Elizabeth: Miss M, you need to calm down. You are dead. Going to the restroom is a more 'living' kinda thing. It will feel funny for awhile, you will still expect your body to do the things that you did when you were alive, but you are something else altogether now.
Miss M: This sounds so boring. What am I supposed to do now?

Miss Elizabeth: Well, explore the After Life. Find your footing. Look around all over the place. Angelala will help you.

At this point, Angelala zips through the glass walls and pops up into a new space.

Miss M: So, that's really all there is to it? Is there any way I can go back?
Miss Elizabeth: This isn't a Marvel comic M. You're as good as dead. There is no going back.
Miss M: (sighs) Fine. (looks around and rests her eyes on some strange scary doors. She points towards the striking image) What's over there?

Miss Elizabeth: Don't look over there. You aren't supposed to see that. No one is. That area is forbidden.
Miss M: How terrifying. You don't have any idea what's in there?
Miss Elizabeth: Of course I do. If you must know, all the deceased evil of the universe is behind those doors.
Miss M: No way! We all share the same After Life? How does that work? I thought evil would be rotting in hell or something.

Miss Elizabeth: That is but a simple myth Miss M. Evil exists in a pocket of space in the After Life. Their evil is nulled, which is actually the worst kind of punishment. Their evil is cut off from feeding on the infinite of the After Life. The evil behind those doors wants nothing more than to spread across the After Life.
Miss M: Could that actually happen?

Miss Elizabeth: In theory no. But every now and then when a blue moon shines over the entirety of the After Life, those doors open and evil is released to toy around in the After Life. Given the wrong circumstances, it is possible that evil could do something wicked.

Miss M: When is the next blue moon?
Miss Elizabeth: Who knows. Time doesn't really exist here. At least not conventionally. Don't worry about those doors though. Just enjoy your afterlife Miss M.
Miss M: Yeah. I guess I need to start figuring things.

Miss M says her goodbyes and braves this whole After Life thing on her own. As she walks around, Miss M takes everything in.

Miss M: Do what you know. That's what April always told me to do. So I guess I will just walk around and search for some deceased toys to interview. When in the After Life right? I better work!

Not even close to the end... 



  1. With all the shiny sparkly surrounding of the crystal After Life I expected you to run into Marlon Brando and Christopher Reeve sooner than later.

    Because of the whole Superman movie "Fortress of Solitude" look, not because they're both dead.. but yeah.

    1. Erik, your comment is making me realize that I should have left the comment in that I had. One of the comments that I had for toy Miss M was going to be about her thinking that the After Life looks a lot like Superman's home world circa the late 70's/early 80's, but I thought it would be too lame. Or that someone would be like, "That looks nothing like it at all!" I so should have left that comment in!

      But, what can ya do? I hope you are doing well!

    2. Well there aren't too many other buildings that look like they started off life as a chandelier but never managed to get off the ground.

    3. lol This is true! I just need to follow my instincts and not worry about it, because the joke would have been really good.

  2. surprised to find the after life not looking like the crystal castle. and no doubt toy miss m will find plenty of interviews for the after life including daring to defy miss elizabeth and visit the dark after life.

    1. Well the Crystal Castle has yet to make the move so I had to improvise. lol I am sure the Crystal Castle will make an appearance at some point. lol So yeah, toy Miss M will find all kinds of interviews I am sure and totally keep an eye out on that scarier side of the After Life! lol

  3. It's Mila time! LOL, I can't believe April hired that girl! This should be interesting.

    I love that troll-looking thing! I would totally put that thing on my night stand and sleep soundly. XD

    1. lol Yeah, what was April thinking? Surely this won't end well. lol

      The troll looking thing comes from a new toy line named Zelfs. They are really cute and each one has a different theme. I had to use one in here. I wonder if it would help me sleep well. I could certainly use it. lol

  4. I am wondering if this reflects your actual belief system. Like, I know for a fact you don't believe in any specific religion, but do you believe in life after death? Or are you an atheist where you don't believe in the possibility of anything? I am curious.
    Much as I loved the trapdoor joke from your death scene, if you had not done it that way, you could have utilized it for April auditioning and rejecting replacements for you! I would have loved to see that last girl get the trapdoor! Or maybe just yanked them away with a candy cane!
    Oh-and Stinkor!!!!!!! YEAH!! I still plan on doing that "Stinkor and Casta" comic strip for you, but I got really sidetracked! But I did write a couple jokes for it! You will dig it! trust me!
    I am shocked at how much April really loves Miss M! She has a heart! And that is the hottest April figure I've ever seen!! Which series of figures is she from!?

    1. Ya know, I don't know that this actually depicts my belief system regarding being dead. I don't follow a specific religion, but I do believe in some form of a higher power. And I do like the idea that our spirits or souls go someplace else, sort of like even if we are dead there is still energy that continues to move on. But I don't know the truth to any of that because I am very much alive. This After Life is more or less my own goofy attempt at describing what a neutral kind of place would be like. I chose not to call it heaven or what other religions would call it, but I wanted it to just be this place that all the deceased go to.

      The trapdoor scenario would have been perfect for the interviews. The only thing is that I didn't really have anything to really use for a trap door in this story.

      The April figure is from a line of TMNT toys by Neca that were based from the comic and designed by the Four Horsemen. It is a very cool line and they were originally going to have two other versions of April, where she was in a green and yellow suit. But those never ended up getting made, though they would have been perfect!

    2. So this is the Miss M version of TVD's "the Other Side"!!?? lol.

    3. lol sort of. It is also a combination of the White Hot Room from Marvel. I originally intended to have the good side be the white hot room and the evil side was going to be a red hot room that was going to utilize the red walls in my old house. But since I have moved back home, I had to rethink how everything was going to look. Just a total mess.

    4. Speaking of Marvel, I need your help! I want to read some new Marvel titles, as I've been inundated with DC titles as of late-exclusively following DC since the New 52 launched and proved to be so awesome. And as I've said, I think DC rules TV, Marvel rules movies. But the books? . I gotta check out some Marvel too. Cuz growing up I was hardcore Marvel. And i just finished the first collection of Marvel's "Essential Avengers"-So I'd like to see if they still got it.I'm asking your advice. what are the best current Marvel titles? Although, you may not be the best person to ask, because you never followed some of my favorite Marvel titles like Spider Man (who, yes-for some UNGODLY REASON IS STILL THE ONLY MARVEL CHARACTER WITH CRAPPY MOVIES EVEN THOUGH HE IS THEIR BEST CHARACTER! AND CORPORATE SYMBOL-sorry but that just pisses me off how no one ever gets him right.) or the Avengers and the affiliated books like Cap and the Iron Man/ War Machine books, or the Fantastic Four (specifically cuz I loved the Thing!). We both followed X-men, but you are way more into the X-verse than me! Though I think Deadpool is usually a character I always want to check in on! Out of curiosity though, what titles do you recommend?

    5. I was a Marvel kid growing up, had all the Essential volumes like you said. The Fantastic Four was my favorite growing up on the classic Lee/Kirby fun. Oddly enough I could never really get into the X-Men despite growing up during the 90s when they were in their heyday.

      Sadly I've kind of drifted away from regular reading because of time and cost, but Marvel is still my go to source for good comics. Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera's run on Daredevil my top pick right now. Great silver age style fun with complex characterization and stellar art.

      I've been catching up on Superior Spider-Man as well. Its got some clever new takes on the character now that theres a new guy in behind the mask, but fair warning, its not for everyone.

      Miss M are you a big comics aficionado as well?

    6. In terms of titles that are out right now that I would recommend... Hmm... I really like Wolverine and the X-Men. It is quirky and has a high school 90210 kind of element to it. I could see it being on the CW or something, but it also has a lot of crazy super hero stuff. I am also really liking Uncanny X-Men because it is the main x-book. I also was reading All New X-Men about the original X-Men from the past time traveling to the present. It is sometimes hit or miss, but I did enjoy it. I just haven't had the time to really read everything.

      I really loved Fearless Defenders. It was an all female cast of some great female super heroes, but it just ended its run recently. Uncanny Avengers is also good, but that is another one I kinda stopped reading as I was reading too much. I also enjoy Uncanny X-Force. It is sort of new and it involves a team consisting of Storm, Psylocke, Puck, Bishop (trying to reofrm his misdeeds) and Spiral!!! Anything with Spiral is always good.

      Anyways, I hope that helps some! If I think of anymore I will let you know.

    7. Puck has become an important character!? Man I really have been away from Marvel for a while!! How are Sasquatch and the rest of Alpha Flight holding up?
      Speaking of Marvel, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D show finally had something cool happen on it this week! I never watch it when it's on on Tuesdays, cause frankly, the Originals trounces it, but I catch up on it a couple days later, and this week they finally introduced an actual Marvel character! Deathlok!! Maybe they will pull it together before the end of the season. (they will still suck compared to Arrow though. Deathlok is in no way as cool as Deathstroke)