Sunday, November 16, 2014

After Dark: Clink! Clink!

Previously on After Dark- Bow had a grand opening bash for April O'Neil on Halloween at his new hot spot bar called Bow's Place. Drama unfolded as Glimmer began using a new party drug called Plastic from Dr. Badvibes. She-Ra fought for her relationship with Bow, but he wanted nothing to do with her and instead flirted with Cheetara. Sydney Rutledge reunited with old friend Gloria "Glory" Booth and even threw some shade at frenemy Mila Rosnovsky before getting a scary prank call from a stalker! The Cat Ladies worked together to get the police to question Mila about her sister Velvet Sky's whereabouts, and a rigged explosion rocked everyone's life as the Cat Ladies lost one of their own and Mermista was gravely injured. In order to truly enjoy the drama, please be sure to check out the November 2014 Bodacious Baddie first, right here.

And now, After Dark continues!

Sydney Rutledge: So dear listeners, I want to remind you all that even though there is dysfunction with family this time of year, remember that family is really the most important thing. Without your family, who are you? What sort of definition can you create for your future without knowing where you've come from? Love yourself and each other this holiday season. And remember, tryptophans are only terrifying if you believe in them. Thanks for listening to this latest episode of After Dark, and now, the smooth sounds of Kenny G.

Sydney: Another great episode guys!

Tidus: You are absolutely right Sydney.

Kenshin: What are your plans this evening?

Sydney: I am going to a bachelorette party. A new friend of mine is getting married this month and I thought I'd go and support her.
Tidus: Great. Before you go though, you got a letter in the mail.
Sydney: Oh really?

Tidus: Looks like some fan mail.
Sydney: How nice. I hardly ever get fan mail.

Opens letter and screams...

Tidus: Are you ok?

Sydney: From now on, turn away all fan mail. Someone has taken their love of Scream too far.

Kenshin: Come on Ms. Rutledge, we'll walk you to your car.
Sydney: Thanks guys.

Meanwhile at Bow's Place...

April: All right girls, are you ready for the ultimate Bachelorette Party?

Black Cat: We need drinks.
Mona Lisa: Oh April, we really don't have to do all this.
April: Of course we do! You're getting married in like thirty seconds. We need to celebrate this occasion.

Mona Lisa: I've hardly had any scenes with you.

April: We've done a lot of bonding off camera. Bow?

Bow: Yes April?
April: We'd like the best bottle service ok? No price is too much.
Mona Lisa: Wow. You don't have to do all that.
April: Oh stop! It's a girl's night out, celebrating someone who is about to marry one of my dear friends. You make Mikey so happy.

Cheetara: Thanks for inviting us as well.
Catwoman: Yeah.
April: Oh of course. I know it must be hard to be back here after losing your friend on Halloween, but hopefully tonight can be a night of fun and excitement!

Catra: Oh, we're gonna have a great night. No doubt about that. (looks around the bar) I just hope our guest of honor will show up.
Mona Lisa: I thought I was the guest of honor? Is something going to happen tonight? I don't really want strippers.

April: Pay no attention to Catra, she's just decrepit. You are the guest of honor! And besides, if we had a stripper or two, what would be the harm in that? I don't want to even imagine what the boys are doing for Mikey.
Mona Lisa: You think they are up to no good?
April: Sweetness, they're men. Of course they are up to no good.
Mona Lisa: I think Mikey text messaged me that they were just going to LARP and that was it...
April: Larp? Eww. Disgusting. Men will do anything.
Mona Lisa: Do you even know what that means?

April: (looks away) No.

Suddenly, Irma walks up.

Irma: Hi guys. Looks like the party has started.
April: Ugh. What are you doing here?
Irma: I was invited.

Mona Lisa: I invited her April. Don't be like that. You two are friends, you need to stop this fighting.

April: I'll stop no such thing. If that backstabbing bitch is going to be at this party, she will have to sit away from me.

Irma: (holds back tears) You've never called me a backstabbing bitch before.
April: That's why they say there is a first time for everything.

Mona Lisa: Ok. This is becoming a crappy party. I think Sydney just sent a text to me, I'm gonna see where she is at...

Other parts of the night club...

Glimmer: You sure this is good stuff?
Dr. Badvibes: Primo top of the line Plastic. You got the funds?
Glimmer: Sure. Now hand over my stash.

Dr. Badvibes: Here you go darlin.

Glimmer: Why does it smell like pizza?

Dr. Badvibes: No reason. Enjoy your high princess.

Perfuma: Hey Bow!
Bow: Perfuma, what are you doing here? How is Mermista?

Perfuma: She's doing well. She-Ra is with her right now attending to her needs. She just got out of the hospital. And I'm here for a bachelorette party.

Bow: Sounds nice. That's really great that She-Ra is helping Mermista.

Perfuma: Yeah. She has a good heart Bow.

Cheetara: (walks up with a big warm smile) Hi Bow.

Perfuma: (looks funny) Well... I'm gonna go. See ya Bow.
Bow: Sure.

Bow: Hey Cheetara.

April: So Sydney can't make it because of some weird stalker? Do you think she is in real danger?

Mona Lisa: Could be. I'm a little worried for Sydney.

April: I know, but no sad faces! Let's get this party going! It's time for gifts!

As the girls get together to laugh and celebrate their friend's impending wedding, there are more sad experiences happening across town...

She-Ra: All right Mermista, we got you settled in your home.
Mermista: (solemn) Thank you.

She-Ra: So, what's on tap for the night? Should we order some take out? Watch some movies?
Mermista: You can go She-Ra, you've already done enough.

She-Ra: That's nonsense. I'm not going anywhere.

Mermista: I'm never going to have a normal life again, will I?
She-Ra: What do you mean?

Mermista: (begins to cry) Look at my back. Look at me!

Mermista: I have a hole in my back from the car explosion!

She-Ra: (looks gravely sad) My goodness Mermista. You poor thing. You will get through this.

Mermista: How? The doctors don't even know if I'll be able to walk after my injuries have healed. Look at my legs!

Mermista: Don't you see! I can't even transform them into fins.

She-Ra: Oh Mermista, you will get through this! I just know it!

Back at the party...

Mona Lisa: (opens a gift) Oh my goodness, April, what is this?

April: I figure you could wear something a little saucy for Mikey!

Mona Lisa: Where's the bottom half?
April: (giggles) There is no bottom half!
Mona Lisa: Oh my goodness.

Cheetara: Wait, I just realized something, where is Cheetah?

Black Cat: That's right. I haven't seen her in awhile.

Catra: I think Cheetah said something about going on a quick vacation or something.
Cheetara: Oh. Ok. That makes perfect sense.

Catwoman: Catra, don't look now, but your girl came through. They are here...

Mila and her sister Velvet Sky walk into Bow's Place!

Velvet Sky: I really don't understand why we are here Mila.
Mila: I thought we could go out and have a fun night out, two sisters living it up.

Velvet Sky: But why here, what's so special about this place?

Mila: Well...

Flashback to Halloween night!!!

Mila: I'm not turning my sister in.

Chief Wiggum: You don't have much of a choice. She is wanted in an ongoing investigation. Your sister killed someone.
Mila: Not possible. My sister doesn't have it in her to kill.

Catra: She does though. We have an eye witness that can attest to your sister's actions. We need to have her here, where is she?

Mila: I'm not saying a word!

Chief Wiggum: Then we will find another way. You wouldn't want the district attorney to get involved. You seem like a woman on the rise. I'm sure you'd hate having your profits cut into, especially if we also got the FBI to investigate how you came into all these new businesses and money.

Catra: That's right. They could shut you down in a heart beat. So what's it gonna be? Come on Mila. A woman was killed.
Mila: (pauses to think) Fine. What do you want me to do?

Catra: Here's what's going to happen. I'm invited to a bachelorette party in a couple weeks at Bow's Place. Find a way to bring your sister there. We will do the rest. Got it?

Mila: As if I have a choice. Yes. I got it. I can't believe I am going to betray my sister...

Back to the present...

Mila: I think this is a fun place.
Velvet Sky: I guess. Are they having a bachelorette party over there?
Mila: It would seem so.

Velvet Sky: Looks pretty stupid.

Mila: I agree. I don't even like half the people over there.

Catra: Catwoman, look. They really are here.

Catwoman: That's great. I'm trying not to pay much attention though. I can't believe Mila actually brought her here.

Black Cat: Right?! I mean, that's the woman that killed Miss M!
April: What are you talking about?
Black Cat: Nothing.
April: (notices Mila in the building) I don't believe this! Mila Rosnovsky is here?! Bow really needs to make sure the trash gets taken out.

Catra: Wait! April, don't mess with them. Just leave them be.

April: What is going on? Why should she get to stay in here?

Velvet Sky: I'm really proud of you sister.
Mila: Really? Why?

Velvet Sky: Look at you. You've created this vast media empire. You're helping me out with money and helping me to make my dreams come true with becoming a wrestling champion. I'm lucky to have you.

Mila: Well, we're family. Sisters. No bond can be tighter.
Velvet Sky: Exactly.

Eddie: Excuse me ladies.
Velvet Sky: Ha. I think you guys are here for the party over there.

Lou: No, we're looking for you. Are you Velvet Sky?

Velvet Sky: Yes.
Mila: What's the matter officer?
Lou: Velvet Sky, you are under arrest.

Velvet Sky: Haha. Very funny. I mean, I'd prefer a bit more of a buff stripper, but you guys will do. Although seriously, you guys are needed for the bacheleorette party over there.
Eddie: Velvet Sky, you are under arrest for the murder of Miss M.

Velvet Sky: What? This isn't a joke.
Lou: No ma'am.
Mila: Oh Velvet Sky.
Velvet Sky: You can't arrest me!

Lou: I'm afraid we can lady. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. I think that's it for your rights. Right Eddie?

Eddie: Right Lou.
Velvet Sky: Mila! You have got to stop this!

Mila: I'm going to get a lawyer on it immediately.

Velvet Sky is dragged off in handcuffs.

Catra: Good job Mila.

Mila: Cut the crap. I just got my sister arrested.

Catra: She killed someone Mila. Just remember that.

April: What's going on over there?

Black Cat: That wrestler chick just got arrested for murdering Miss M.
April: Really?

Mona Lisa: Wow. Miss M always has a way of being brought up in a conversation, doesn't she?
April: She was a great woman Mona.
Mona Lisa: I know. Mikey talks about her very fondly.

April: Hey, don't look sad. Mikey loved her, but he loves you too. He's marrying you in a few days. Right?
Mona Lisa: Right. I just get nervous that's all. I know she meant a lot to him.

April: Miss M meant a lot to all of us. But she died. And now we are all moving on. Come on Mona Lisa! You're getting married! All is right with the world!

As the party continues, another train wreck occurs in the night club.

Lion-O: You ok Glimmer?

Glimmer: Couldn't be better. I feel like I could fly. Though I'm really hungry for some pizza.
Lion-O: Looks like there has been a lot of drama around here.

Glimmer: Well you know what they say, after dark the drama unfolds. Haha.

Lion-O: Are you high?!

Glimmer: NO! I'm just fine. Now take me home. I'm done with this night and I need you to be with me. Make me forget everything Lion-O. Make me forget.
Lion-O: (sighs) Come on Glimmer. I'll take you home.

Glimmer: Good. Because this night totally sucked.

As Glimmer stumbles out of the bar on the arm of Lion-O, Mona Lisa and her friends celebrate her last few nights as a single woman. Soon, very soon, the wedding of the year will occur! November Sweeps continues soon with the November 2014 Heroic Hottie!

Bonus scene!!

Cheetah: You have messed with the wrong feline Tiger Claw.

Tiger Claw: I highly doubt that. No hard feelings my dear, I do admire your villainy. But this is bigger than villains sticking together. I was hired to do a job. Now tell me everything you know about the Cat Ladies.

Cheetah: Go to Thundera ass clown.

Tiger Claw: I see. You want to make this difficult don't you?


Cheetah: Crap! You just shot me in the leg!

Tiger Claw: That's right. Straight through the thigh. And I'm going to keep taking aim until you tell me what I want to know.

Cheetah: You won't be getting away with this!

Tiger Claw: They always say that. And it's probably true. I might not get away with it. But not before I destroy your life. Now, talk to me. Tell me about the Cat Ladies...


  1. The way Sydney's monologues are filmed, I keep expecting her to talk to us about "the future"!

  2. Replies
    1. I know! Tiger Claw is just too vile. But I thought it would be fun for the Cat Ladies to have a feline adversary! lol I hope you have been well John!

  3. at long last toy miss m might have justice coming though odds are some how velvet will find away to try and get out of this mess. plus interesting to see tiger claw has tygra wonder how she survived the car explosion.

    1. Well Tygra is still dead, Tiger Claw has Cheetah, the villain from Wonder Woman. I actually forgot about including her in the last few stories and to make up for that, I had her being held captive by Tiger Claw. lol I hope you are doing well!