Saturday, July 29, 2017

Six Years of Mess!

Dear Diary,

It has been since May. May! No new content since May. I feel like a very naughty Dorkette. However I am dusting off the laptop and expressing my shock and awe that Diary of a Dorkette has been around for six years.

-Miss M

I am shocked that it has been six years that I have had this blog. Shocked even more that I have been away for two months. Sharing my stories was something that helped me through some rough times. Making my friendships with you all has been a great thing. However lately I have just been so behind on everything it seems. I have so many stories typed up and ready to go but I need to take photos for them, which becomes overwhelming. I need an assistant. Why can't you all live in my neighborhood so we could take toy photos together and eat pizza?

What have you all been up to anyways? My summer has been insane. I have been working on cleaning and organizing my toy collection. I know, I know, how can I still be working on that? It has been a great exercise in learning about myself and letting go of things I thought I needed to own for the rest of my life. Make no mistake, there are some things I know I can't part with ever. At least that is my position right now but there are some things that I look at and I can honestly say I feel free to say goodbye too. It is a nice feeling.

So I have been doing that. Working when I can to make my living space look like an actual living space. My pathway to my bed is actually better. I no longer have to leap or dodge certain areas to get through the room. Having hips and a butt also do not help. The slightest incorrect turn can create a domino effect where everything comes tumbling down. It happens every so often.

Either way the toy cleaning is going well. I have noticed though that as I am still in that process I want to hold off on taking toy photos for all these stories I have. There will just be a slightly longer delay in sharing those stories, but I will be sharing them. There has not been a single toy story at all this year and that is just atrocious. Have faith though that everything will change soon.

Speaking of some changes, since Diary of a Dorkette is six years old I think it is high time that the look of this blog changes some. Now I am far from a tech savvy person but I am going to try and change the look and make things fresh. If you are reading this blog from your lap top it is fairly easy to read but on a mobile device the text can blend in with the background and it just looks dated a bit. It needs to look better. That will be happening soon!

I want to talk movies really fast. Holy cow the movies have been out in full force this summer haven't they? Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was a great kick off to the summer movie season however for me there can only be one winner that has captured my heart this summer. That is of course Wonder Woman. I saw it three times. I also collected pretty much every figure and doll I possibly could. Experiencing that movie in theaters was unlike anything I think I have ever seen.

Last night I saw Valerian. I was sad. I wanted to really like that movie. However it just did not really do much for me. Mostly because of the two leads. Their acting was a bit dead behind the eyes. Or maybe I am just still riding that Wonder Woman high. What else have I seen this summer? There was the Transformers movie. Honestly I enjoyed it more than the last one. It was still incredibly long though. Oh! There was also Spider-Man Homecoming. It was cute. I had fun watching it as well. Of course the real winner for me this summer was all the trailers for upcoming movies. The new Thor still has me frothing at the mouth. Hela for the win!

Toy collecting has been slow and steady. I am till obsessed with Shopkins and Marvel Legends. Those seem to be the two big things that capture my collective heart however we all know I go after anything I can get my hands on. SDCC 2017 showed some impressive items as well. The rest of this year and next is gonna be insane for Marvel Legends fans. The appearance of a new Domino and X-23 is enough to make me happy for some time to come.

Speaking of toys, I have hinted before about one last article I need to post from my conversations with Justine Dantzer. That final article is going to be about her designs and hand in the Swans Crossing toy line. I have written about Swans Crossing before. I love that toy line very much. I am not sure when that article will be posted, there is still more information I need form Justine. However in the past couple months I ended up acquiring her Swans Crossing collection. When I say collection, I mean a collection. I have the first set of the dolls all packaged straight from the factory, vehicle and play set. I also have her original illustrations and sculpts of the characters. I am going to share with you the images of what I have in my possession. I also have the Playmates 1992 toy catalog that has a slew of toys in it. Thumbing through that book has been so cool. Here are some images of what I am talking about:

A proposed horse to the line?! I wish that had been made!

Early concepts of the rock star line, some look familiar and others are totally different.

This is all just a wealth of Swans Crossing stuff huh? This is most of it with more I have to share. Her stories with this toy line is amazing. She invented the soft plastic used for the skirts on the dolls. There are also some funny stories she has regarding her view on the show and what they had to view in order to gather research for designing the toy line. There is so much to discuss and as soon as I have everything together I will post that for us all to enjoy.

While things have been slightly slow on this site, I have been working hard behind the scenes to come up with new material for you all to enjoy. I am not giving up on this blog after just six years. That is not going to happen. I have made friendships and connections with wonderful people that I never would have dreamed of making. You have all been very kind and dedicated to reading my craziness all these years. It means the world to me. I might have a delay in replying to a comment or posting something new but I am not down for the count yet! I hope you are all doing very well and I look forward to what is coming up next. Take care everyone!

Miss M


  1. congrats on six years how time flies and don't feel bad of taking so long with this blog for real life is real life. and look forward to that swans crossing article. congrats miss m. six years the diary is growing up so fast.

    1. Hello demoncat! The blog has grown up pretty fast huh? I have always appreciated your comments and value your input so much. I hope that you have been doing well!

  2. I've been a much MUCH worse blogger than you m'dear. The idea that there's a dork eye out there still chronicling all the adventures of her toys gives me hope.

    Also the idea of eating pizza and helping you photograph toys almost had me booking a plane ticket to Texas! Man that would be awesome.

    I plan to be a better blog-follower in the future as well. Keep it up Miss M! Forever May you reign!

    1. Derek don't you play with my heart, you better get that plane ticket and come down here. Pack Brian in your suitcase and I will supply the pizza. I adore you and hope you have been doing well. I will always be chronicling my toy adventures. I would just feel so weird about that. Talk to you soon.

    2. Maybe you could team up with other bloggers to create a shared blog that anyone in that group can post to.

      I was gonna say you could call it "Toy Pizza", but that is already taken. Maybe call it The Toy Blog Collective? I dunno, LOL!

      My blog keeps dying and rising from the grave for Halloween, Creepmas, and Christmas. I love and hate Instagram, it's quick and easy, but it has made blogging for me so hard!

  3. Wow, congrats on SIX YEARS! Many people bail on passion projects much earlier. Glad to hear you are keeping the blog alive.

    1. I am doing everything I can to keep it alive. I have so many stories I still want to tell! I hope all has been well in your world. Thank you for always reading.

  4. First off-and I cannot stress this enough, MARRY ME!! I'll find you a ring out of a Cracker Jack Box! I promise! OK, now that we got we got that out of the way, cuz I kinda sing that same old song EVERY time I talk to you, but I have missed you M! In all seriousness, I really did! HEY, I can be serious every now and then! It's not against the fucking LAW!!
    Wonder Woman wins for the summer. That movie was every bit as good as I needed it to be! I think Logan wins for the year, then Wonder Woman, then Spider-Man (Hey, you KNOW I love Spider-Man and this is the first time Spidey ACTED like Spidey in a movie that had the words Spider and Man in the title!) then Gotg2-which was also great -and it really shows you how great superhero movies have been this year that it is my least favorite! Cuz it was really good!
    As far as how good my summer is going otherwise , well, I saw some good shows! I saw Everclear, and I love Art but I have seen that band SOOO many times but it's never not good seeing him (He is the only guy still in the band! Everclear IS ART! But he is a genius !)
    and ..of course , I finally saw Billy Joel!! My fave singer /songwriter of ALL TIME! So, needless to say, that was a transcendental experience!!
    I have been working on my site but I think I am gonna try to combine my Nick Moose site and my Moose Comics site into one site. ( Nobody can ever find Moose Comics! They always think It's a site with comics about Moose!) and I'm gonna try to reformulate the comics so they are shorter , cuz I think they are kinda long winded the way they are . (ME!? LONG WINDED!? WHAT A SHOCK!!!) But you shall be the first to hear when I do my reboot site, which shall include my columns and my comics!
    And if you need to get rid of a Modulok from MOTU or a Wyrm from TMNT, just tell me how much you want for them, I will send you the cash! I KNOW you have them and I need those figures!
    BTW -have you been collecting the Dark Horse MOTU books? I love them! I have them all but the art book, which, funnily enough, was the FIRST ONE THAT CAME OUT!!Hahah! But they are great! That MOTU comic strip one was really cool! Seeing that rare comic I never knew existed!
    OK, so that's it for now , I think!

    Marry me!



    1. You are the only man I know who has been that invested in proposing marriage to me. For that I might say yes... one day.

      Wonder Woman beats out Logan for me, however Logan would be a near tie. Both of those movies were big for me this year and I did see both more than once. However Wonder Woman elicited more of an emotional reaction from me and that is usually what gets me. Logan was badass though. Gotg2 would be my third pick. I am not sure if there is a fourth yet.

      I love Billy Joel! I am so happy you got to see him. I am a huge fan of his. She's Always a Woman to Me is one of my faves.

      Please let me know when your site is ready to go. I want to read it and share it with people. I have also been reading the MOTU Dark Horse comics. They are really good. I have enjoyed what they have mostly done with the series. Anyways, I hope you are doing well. I am glad you have enjoyed your summer and I might part with those figures. I might. Though I probably won't. I like them too much right now in my life. Talk to you later!

  5. Congratulations on six years of blogging M! I agree it has been far too long since we've heard from you. Save me a seat at that pizza party!

    How's my summer been you ask? I'm on my third year of drawing caricatures at an amusement park in Ohio. It's been a great experience to work with people face to face, having to hustle, pick up speed, learn from drawing every day. I'm eager to see what I'll find behind the doors that this job has opened!

    (If ever you need an artistic collaboration for a future toy story, you just let me know!)

    You know I love movies and like yourself I've been to see plenty this summer. It's been a bumper crop of genre blockbusters this year but Wonder Woman was easily the most surprising and rewarding feature so far. I'm eagerly anticipating Thor as well. I'm shocked that it ranks higher for me than the next Star Wars film but there you have it.

    Sorry to hear that you're having to downsize but it seems to be happening to everyone but it does seem to have some healthy benefits as well.

    Pleased to hear that there's plenty in the pipeline with new interviews and stories. You have such a consistent brand identity on the blog that I can come back to like comfort food and it would be a shame to lose that.

    Now that you've wet my appetite for new content I'll be waiting with baited breath for your next post! Until then I wish you the best!

    1. Hi Eric! I have been enjoying your caricatures! I always get a thrill out of seeing your work. I do agree, I am highly thrilled for Thor. It should be a really good movie. I am also glad you enjoyed Wonder Woman so much. It was really a terrific movie.

      I am glad to hear that your summer has been going well. I wish you were here for a pizza party though, much like what I said to Derek above. That would be really nice. Also, I would love to collaborate with you on a toy story. I think that would be so much fun.

      Thanks for still checking in. I am hoping to have more stuff ready to go soon. I wish you the best too. Thanks again for always being there. Talk to you soon!

    2. Toy Pizza Party! It's so simple, that is what you could call a shared blog! Miss M, Derek, and Brian, you could all post whatevs, whenevs, on one shared blog, and eat pizza! I need to go to sleep, LOL! Good to hear from you M. :)

  6. Hello Michael, I'm a long time reader, but this is my first post. I wanted to say I m so glad that you posted an update, I was starting to get worried about you!
    I am also curious about the progress of your room organization project. An update with pictures would be most welcome.

    1. Well thank you for this first time comment Merso! I am sorry I am just now replying to your comment. I will certainly be posting updates on the progress I am making with the room. It has taken all summer but I am really getting somewhere. I am super excited. I will certainly be posting more soon and I am very thankful that you have been reading and finally commented. Hope you are doing well!

  7. I know I am late to the party, but congrats on six years of blogging awesomeness.

  8. that IS quite the collection of Swans Crossing stuff- wow! Yeah, I swore off Legends, then bought the 14.5" Hulk! Would like to see the X-23, and loved the old X-Force stuff I caught up on a few years back with Domino. I'm coming up on 7 years here soon- we are veterans now!

    1. Wow 7 years? That is a long time and we certainly are veterans. Time really flies by. I love the new X-23 and the new Domino. I am really excited about getting them. The Swans Crossing is quite the collection. I love it! lol I hope you have been doing well!