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All My Stranger Toys: Chapter 2

Dear Diary,

We're still in 1985. Bruce Wayne and I befriended two nice people. A fellow mom named Joyce and the town's police chief. He goes by Hopper and likes beer though he said he was trying to cut back. I don't know. Either way Hopper and Bruce raced off to search for Yvie, leaving me alone with Joyce and her youngest son. He seems a bit odd. Like maybe he has been through some things? I don't know. I'm just pissed. I want to be doing something. Anything. Yvie is out there in a city none of us have ever been to in a year we are not supposed to be living in. I mean who decides to just time travel? How did we even get here? And if we are here, do I eventually buy some She-Ra toys once this mess settles down? Will the items travel with me back to the present if we even make it that far? I. Don't. Know. I just want Yvie to be safe...

-Miss M

All My Stranger Toys
Chapter 2
The Catacombs of Hawkins, Indiana

Nancy: How did you know about this place?

Moth Lady: I have a telepathic connection to all insectoid creatures. Through their minds I found these catacombs hidden away from the rest of the world and knew we would be safe. Until I can find a way to make things right.

Mike: You can communicate with bugs?

Moth Lady: Yes.

Mike: That's kinda cool.
Nancy: Where are you from?

Moth Lady: None of your business. Just follow me.

Nancy: (whispers to her brother) Go on, use your walkie talkie to get help.

Mike: Ok.

Across town.

Barbarocious: I'm looking for my pet. Or else.
Hopper: Look, there's no need for threats. Not one bit. You lost your pet? Are we talkin' a dog or a cat?

Barbarocious: You are friends with the man who has taken my pet.

Bruce Wayne: She's talking about my daughter.
Hopper: Yeah, I kinda figured. Listen lady, I can't let that happen. Not in my town.

Barbarocious: Haha. Well, well.

Barbarocious: Death it is.

Hopper: Watch out!

Hopper: What in the supernatural hell is this?

Bruce Wayne: (dusts himself off) She thrives on deadly magic. We need to be careful.

Barbarocious: Hand me my pet now!
Bruce Wayne: I will end this.

Barbarocious uses her magic to hurl Bruce Wayne away.

Barbarocious: I won't quit.

Hopper: How 'bout I just shoot you?

Bruce Wayne: No!

Barbarocious: (unfazed from the bullets) HahahaHAHAha. You foolish men. You can't stop me. You've wasted enough of my time. Let me end this...

Barbarocious: Look into my eyes, feel me as I drain the life right out of you.

Eleven: Leave him alone!

Barbarocious: What is this?!

Hopper: El!!

Eleven: Leave my father alone!

Hopper: Your last mistake is going to be hurting her. I will end you.

Barbarocious: Pitiful man. I so enjoy breaking the stubborn.

Eleven: I told you to leave him alone.

Barbarocious: Impossible! What is this?!

Eleven: (screams as a burst of telekinetic power erupts from her tossing Barbarocious away)

Hopper: El! Are you ok? Damn it, you should be at home!
Eleven: I knew you were in trouble. That's the lady in black.

Bruce Wayne: You know about her?
Eleven: Yes. She wants Yvie.

Bruce Wayne: Wait, do you know where my daughter is?

Bruce Wayne: Please.

Eleven: I don't know, but I think I can try to find her. In my mind.

Eleven passes out.

Joyce's house.

Joyce: You want some wine? Or soda? I bought some New Coke at the grocery store.

Miss M: What? Oh. No thank you. I just wonder where they are. I wish I could text Bruce.

Joyce: Text?

Miss M: Yeah. (nods) I keep forgetting. That's not a thing in 1985.

Will: Mom.
Joyce: What is it baby?

Will: I think there's something I need to tell you.
Joyce: Ok, tell me what?

Will: I wasn't sure if M could be trusted, but we found Yvie in the woods earlier tonight.

Miss M: What?! You found my daughter. Where is she?!

Will: She's at Mike's. Nancy is taking care of her and was trying to call the chief.

Miss M: Do they live far?

Joyce: Not really, come on, I'll drive us there.

They rush out and gasp as they come face to face with their friends.

Joyce: Kids! What are you doing here! It is late!

Dustin: Sorry ma'am. It's just we need Will.
Joyce: Oh no.

Miss M: We already know about my daughter! Yvie! We're going to get her at your friend Mike's.

Lucas: But wait, that's just it! They aren't at Mike's house. They are somewhere else. Mike sent us the coordinates.

Joyce: I don't know what that means. Where are they?!
Lucas: Just drive and we will tell you!

Miss M: Who are you kids, the darn Goonies or something?

Dustin: I don't know but I really want to see that this summer.

Back across town.

Hopper: El! El! Are you ok?

Eleven: (shaking) I saw her. I know where they are.

Bruce Wayne: Come on, lead the way.

Hopper: Wait, I don't want my daughter getting involved in this.

Eleven: It's ok. I want to help Yvie.

Bruce Wayne: What do we do about Barbarocious?

They turn to look and she is gone...

Somewhere in the woods.

Barbarocious: This place. It feels so familiar. Come to me my pets.

Barbarocious: This ground is rotting with evil.

Barbarocious: Come to me and help me find them, so that I may destroy them all!

At the catacombs.

Yvie: Where's daddy and mommy at?

Moth Lady: I don't know. Just hush. There's no need to worry. We need to figure out what happened.

Nancy: Wait. Daddy and mommy? I thought you were her mom?

Moth Lady: Must you be so dull? I am her biological mother. There is another, more annoying twit, that claims to be a more emotional maternal influence.

Yvie: I have a daddy too. And he's a super hero. And strong. He's Batman.

Mike: (lausghs) Your dad is Batman?

Yvie: Yes.
Mike: Ok. This night just gets more and more weird.


Miss M: Moth Lady!

Yvie: Mommy!
Moth Lady: Damn it. What are you doing here?!

Miss M: These smart kids led us here. Now how the heck have we ended up in 1985, hmm?

Max: So, are they time travelers?
Lucas: It would appear so. I really wish you were at home.

Max: Would you stop? You don't get it do you? You are all my friends. I am not going to stay behind. I make my own decisions and if I want to help, I am going to help.
Lucas: I just don't want you to get hurt Max.
Max: Well that is not your call. I decide what I am going to do.

???: Will. Psst. Will.

Will: Hello?
???: We're coming for you...

Yvie: Mommy, am I going to look normal again?

Miss M: Oh my sweet angel, I don't even know. Do you know why we are here? When we were back home, you got really angry and changed. Did you do this?

Yvie: I don't know. I didn't want to see anymore fighting. I wanted to be safe. I wanted to be home, and this was the place I thought of.
Miss M: But Yvie, we've never been to Hawkins. And you certainly weren't alive in 1985. Is this because I talked so much about my old She-Ra toys?
Yvie: I don't know.

Miss M: Of course. Of all the things! Moth Lady! This is your fault.
Moth Lady: I do not even have the capabilities to bring us to another decade you cow. I don't know how we ended up here. I just know that Barbarocious is looking for us. I knew this would be a safe place.

Miss M: I don't believe you. You will say anything won't you?

Moth Lady: Oh shut up. This is not about you and old She-Ra toys. The universe saw it fit to come here, and now here we are.

Yvie: Mommy, please don't fight with Mothma. I don't like it.

Joyce: Nancy, are you ok?
Nancy: Yeah, we are fine. Just trying to stay safe down here from some lady in black.

Mike: Where is El?
Dustin: I don't know. We went to pick up Will from your message and the grown ups got involved.

Will: Mom, are you sure we are safe here?
Joyce: Of course we are. I didn't even know this place existed in Hawkins.

Miss M: Yvie, what is it?!
Yvie: Stop fighting!
Miss M: I'm sorry.

Miss M: I'm sorry Moth Lady. Thank you for bringing her here.

Moth Lady: What else would I do? She's my daughter.

Bruce Wayne: M? Are you down here?

Eleven: Mike!

Hopper: Everyone ok and accounted for?

Yvie: Daddy!!!
Bruce Wayne: Hey Yvie. You ok?

Moth Lady: Did Barbarocious follow you? This is supposed to be a safe place. I've been connected to the bugs all over town monitoring where she might be.

Joyce: You doin all right?
Hopper: Yeah. Not exactly how I thought my night would be going, but what are ya gonna do?
Joyce: Maybe move to a normal city?
Hopper: Nah. I don't think normal even exists.
Joyce: I'm glad you are here.
Hopper: Me too.

Nancy: Will, are you ok?
Will: I just don't feel right. I don't like this place.

Miss M: Bruce, what do we do next?

Suddenly the air grows cold as evil descends.

Barbarocious: What is this? A party? Where's my pet?

Everyone looks on in fear and horror.

Barbarocious: Everyone is suddenly so quiet.

Barbarocious: Ah. There you are.

Barbarocious: My little pet. Try as you all might, no one will stand in my way. No one.

To be concluded!!!

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