Wednesday, July 17, 2019

All My Toys: Clear Skies Ahead

While the events of Miss M in 1985 were going on, a whole slew of other things were happening in the present day. Click the link dear reader and find out what your favorite toys have been up to.

All My Toys
Clear Skies Ahead

At the super secret hideout of the unnamed super hero team that Miss M leads,

Geoffrey: It's been a year. I have been in hiding in here for a year. Bane has not found me. I am alive and well. I just want to be free now.

He-Man: I understand, but it is still not safe out there. Bane may not have found you but he is still looking. And with what Cobra has done this past year, we just are no longer safe.

Oola: Ed, any word on if M has returned?
Ed: No. I spoke with Alfred earlier today. It's the same as it was yesterday and the day before. Wherever they are, M and Bruce are nowhere to be found. Same goes for Yvie. I just wish I knew what had happened.
Oola: I know you do. Hopefully she will come back soon.

Ed: She's always skipping town for large amounts of time. It's just too much. I worry too much.
Oola: Which is why you are a good friend.

Billy: Glitter, do we have the reports on the influx of Toxic Waste on the street?

Glitter: Since its April 2019 debut on the market, Toxic Waste has been consumed at an all time high. Barrels roll out in the thousands daily.

Billy: And what of the toxicology reports?

Glitter: It is what it claims to be, toxic waste.

Billy: That is somehow edible?
Glitter: It would appear so, yes. We need to figure out why Dr. Blight is doing this.

Oola: We needn't look that hard. Deanna Troi just got back to us. Those empty prisons that President Chocula closed down last year, they are now factories. Making, you guessed it, Toxic Waste. What's even worse, is that the plan was set in motion to set free all prisoners, but that is not true. Deanna's intel has found that many people who were in the prison system are actually still in those buildings, working to make more Toxic Waste.

Billy: For what purpose though?

Oola: Isn't it obvious? It's numbing the public. It's marketed as a candy but is more like a drug.
Billy: We need to find the real Count Chocula. Anyone heard from the Monster Cereal Mascots? They were supposed to be on the case.

Glitter: No Billy, but Brian has been on a stakeout with them. They may be getting close.

He-Man: That's pretty good. We've got to find a way to end this.
Oola: We need M here.

Ed: That might be easier than we thought, I just got a surprise call: M is back.

He-Man: That's great! (pauses) Wait a sec, where's Geoffrey?

At the offices of Diary of a Dorkette,

April: What is it Megan? Why do you pester me so?
Megan Fox: I came to see if Miss M has turned up yet.

April: Afraid not. She disappeared yet again and has not returned.

Megan Fox: It's been almost a year. You aren't holding out on me, are you?

April: I don't know what you are talking about.

Megan Fox: We made a deal last year, you and I. I help you locate Moth Lady, you seal my interview with Miss M and her long lost baby. I'm still waiting on the delivery.

April: And I am sure the bank that loaned you money for your TV station are still waiting on their debts to be delivered, but sadly some things are just never going to happen.
Megan Fox: That's a shame. I'm always being civil, but I'd hate to take this to an ugly place.

April: Have you seen a mirror? Too late!

Megan Fox: I'm serious April. You owe me. We made a deal.

April: And I can't help you. What part of Miss M and her child have been missing for almost a year do you not understand? No one knows where they are.

Megan Fox: Fine. But if I were you, I'd be thinking of a way to make it up to me. I'd hate for our feud to go nuclear.

April: Get the hell out of my office.

Megan Fox: We'll be in touch.

In a section of the city that is riddled with crime and secrecy!

Zarana: How much longer will this go on? Zartan and I are both frustrated.

Cobra Commander: Presidencies typically last four years Zarana. Assuming Zartan only lasts one term. It is possible he could win the next election masquerading as Count Chocula.

Zarana: I am aware of that, but how much longer do I have to do this charade with Zartan? I am finding it difficult to keep playing as the first lady.

Cobra Commander: World domination takes time. Our plans are going in the direction needed. Our empty prisons have turned into factories churning out so much Toxic Waste that no one is even bothering to ask what else we are up to. Our development of deadly weapons in these same vacant prisons will have the rest of the world fearing us. Once we have taken over every remaining country, we set our eyes on dominating space. I want to see our symbol emblazoned across every planet. Our reign will go down in history.

Zarana: And I have to be the the first lady to President Chocula through it all, even though it's really Zartan. Who is really my brother? Is this making any sense to you yet? The sheer lunacy of it! I am not Cersei!

Cobra Commander: No, you are most certainly not. Try to look at the bigger picture. I'll make a deal, once we start to take over some of the other super powers, we'll come up with a solution. Come now, you were born for deception Zarana. Do not fail me yet. Relay that message to the president while you are at it.

Across town at a wrestling event, a crowd goes wild as Velvet Sky wins a highly anticipated match!

Sasha: Great match Velvet Sky.
Velvet Sky: Thanks. It feels so good to be back out there.

Sasha: You've earned it. Your title match tonight was fierce.

Velvet Sky: Thanks.

Pizzazz: Look at you, livin' your dreams. Being a superstar.

Velvet Sky: What the hell do you want Pizzazz? Hordak miss me yet?

Pizzazz: No. Not really. I'm here because a mistake was made. We need you after all.

Velvet Sky: Too bad. I heard Miss M was missing, about a year now. Guess that messed up your plans for wrecking her life up.

Pizzazz: Yes. The trollop has mysteriously been away for some time. The plans have changed though. One of my little spies texted me some up-to-date information. She's back. Where she's been all this time is anyone's guess, but she is back.

Velvet Sky: And? Do you think I care? Whatever beef I've had with her ended when I was found not guilty for blowing her dork ass up in a sewer.

Pizzazz: Yes, but what we are going to do to her is going to be something special. And I thought you might like to be a part of it. Why don't you just think about it. Hmm?

Velvet Sky: Sure thing. My answer is simple, I want nothing to do with that dork girl. Now leave me alone.

Pizzazz: Very well.

Pizzazz: (moments later, on the phone) Yes, I've planted the seed. Our plan should blossom nicely. Now, let's move on to our next order of business: We need to dig up a coffin.

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It's that annual tradition! The Conference of Evil!!!!


  1. oh guess pizzazz didn't learn the last time she worked with velvet sky never mess with a snake for it will backfire for odds are velvet sky will betray her plus the conferance of evil would not be surprised if that is where the returned miss m and co finaly end cobras scheme

  2. There might be some surprises in store at the Conference of Evil! It is certainly leading up to a big thing. I am really excited by it all! Pizzazz is up to all sorts of no good things!