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All My Stranger Toys: Chapter 3

Dear Diary,

So here's the thing. I've reunited with Yvie. Bruce is here with us. Kind people from Hawkins have stepped in to help us in this most strange situation. This quiet little town has their own catacombs, which I am not even sure what to think of that. Anyways, still stuck in 1985. Thought we were safe, but Barbarocious just strutted her crazy behind down some stairs and now I have no idea what is going to happen. Will we ever return to a simpler time?

-Miss M

All My Stranger Toys
Chapter 3
Old Friends

Eleven: Hurry, go protect Yvie! I'll try to keep her still.

Barbarocious: My, my, you are an interesting little thing aren't you? Were you graced by his hand like I was? To be given such power...

Eleven: (focuses her mind) Leave. Us. Alone.

Barbarocious: It's too much for you dear. Just look at the blood trickling down your nose. Alas, you will never be as strong as me!

Barbarocious flings Eleven away!

Mike: El!

Lucas: Mike, don't. She will be ok. She's always ok.

Yvie: Mothma, protect me!
Moth Lady: I will.
Miss M: Bruce, we need to do something!

Barbarocious: Fools. It was always meant to come to this.

Barbarocious: Now move! All of you.

Barbarocious: (tosses everyone aside) Except for my little pet. I now know why you were in my life. I could feel that power in you. You are exceptional. You knew to bring me here, but why? Why this place?

Yvie looks on in fear.

Nancy: Come on, I've got you!

Barbarocious: Not so fast. Trying to escape me will only result in facing my monsters at the top, and they are hungry.
Nancy: (cries out) Please! She's just a child! Leave us alone! Just leave us alone!

Yvie: Yeah! Leave us alone witch!

Nancy: I'm gonna protect you. I won't let anything happen to you.

Barbarocious: (feels a wave of the past wash over her) You're voice. Nancy?

Nancy: How do you know my name?

Barbarocious: (flashbacks begin to light up her mind) What is happening? It's you.

Nancy: I don't know who you are.
Barbarocious: I'm Barb. Or rather, I was.

Nancy: What? You are insane. Barb died a couple years ago. They found her body.
Barbarocious: That was found in the other world. It was merely an empty shell, like a snake shedding its skin. He found me and granted me power I never knew existed.
Nancy: He who?

Barbarocious: I see now. The child looked into my mind and brought us here. I've returned.

Nancy: I don't understand.

Barbarocious: (sheds skin to reveal original Barb) Maybe this will help.

Nancy: You're some kind of monster. Playing tricks on me. My friend is dead.

Barb: I'm here Nancy. I was so mad at you for that night. For being at that party, something I did not want to do. And then I was scared. I was faced with horror. But then he found me; Nancy it was glorious. He gave me this vile energy. At first I didn't want it, but I was too afraid to die. So I took. I let it fill my veins, right into my very soul. I lost who I was. I became a queen, a queen of darkness. I lived through the years, forgetting about this place and my friendship with you.

Nancy: Oh Barb, if this is true, what have you done?

Barb: Many terrible things.

Barb: Like torturing her. (points to Yvie) I saw a chance. A chance to feed on power. I had to push her limits, ultimately I believe to find my way here, in this moment. I am feeling something I have long lost.
Nancy: What's that?

Barb: My humanity.

Barb: I am so sorry I did those things to you.

Nancy: Barb, what happens next? You can't just come back to Hawkins, like nothing happened.

Barb: No. You are right. In my newfound state with my abilities still in tact, I am going after the monster that did this to me. Knowing what I know now, I would have rather stayed dead than become so evil. I've already called my monsters off. I will leave you all alone.

Nancy: Barb, wait!

Barbarocious returns

Nancy: Oh no.

Barbarocious: Good bye Nancy.

Nancy: Barb...

Barbarocious disappears into smoke and Yvie returns to her human form!

Nancy: You changed!

Yvie: Yay! I look like myself again!

Everyone comes to as Nancy explains what happened.

Miss M: So you think on some level Yvie knew to bring us here?

Nancy: I mean, I guess so? I still don't understand what just happened.

Bruce Wayne: When we get back home we will run some tests and figure out what Yvie turned into along with whatever powers she might have.

Mike: El, you sure you are ok?
Eleven: Yes Mike. I think so.

Lucas: Summer has barely even started, I can't imagine what is next.
Max: Right? I thought our excitement would be going to the mall.
Dustin: Yeah, try not to get into anymore craziness while I am in camp, ok?

Will: Mom, I really want to go. I don't like it here.
Joyce: I understand, we're leaving.
Hopper: That's right everyone, enough with the catacombs for one night. We've been here long enough.

Eleven: I guess this is good bye Yvie.
Yvie: Yeah. I am glad you saved me.
Eleven: Me too.

Joyce: What are you going to do?

Miss M: I don't know. I was hoping that once this was over we'd magically go back to the present.

Bruce Wayne: I think we should hang back a moment and figure this out. Moth Lady too.

Moth Lady: I'm not leaving Yvie's side.

Joyce: Ok. Well, if you end up staying in 1985 we can certainly help you settle in.

Miss M: Thank you Joyce.

Joyce: Your'e welcome. It was really nice to meet you.
Miss M: I know. I am thankful we stumbled into your store.

Everyone says their good byes as our heroes stay behind.

Miss M: Anyone have any ideas on how to get back? Yvie, do you think you could do that time travel thing again?

Yvie: I dunno. I'm sleepy.

Miss M: It's ok. You rest some, the grown ups will figure this out.

Yvie takes a nap.

Bruce Wayne: I am not sure we can figure this all out.

Moth Lady: We need to try and do something. We can't stay here forever.

Bruce Wayne: I know. I am just trying to think. We all arrived in Hawkins at different points, maybe we need to travel to those spots?
Miss M: It might be worth a try. We could start where we landed on the city street.

Moth Lady: Wait. Before we go on some other adventure, we need to talk. We need to get this out in the open. Regardless of what year we end up living in, I want you both to know I am not stepping away from Yvie's life. I am her mother. I might not have wanted that role in the beginning, but that has changed. What you two have done to me and how you have kept me from her, it won't continue.

Bruce Wayne: Now wait a second...

Miss M: Bruce. No. It's ok. She has every right.

Moth Lady: Damn right I do. You are finally going to do the right thing.

Miss M: What's that mean?

Moth Lady: I hate you. And I probably always will for what you did to me. You were in control of my body and slept with Bruce without even thinking of the consequences.
Miss M: Moth Lady, if I had known that I would somehow return to my body, believe me, I never would have slept with Bruce and gotten your body pregnant.

Moth Lady: Well you did.

Miss M: I'm sorry! I don't know what else you want from me! You think I asked to have my soul live in another body? You think I had any idea what was ethical or not? And for the record, before I joined your body, you were a homeless drunk on the verge of death from drinking too much. I wasn't all that bad when we shared an organic space!

Moth Lady: Aww don't you deserve a gold star! I never should have dropped Yvie off with you. The two of you were why she ended up with Barbarocious. I have done nothing but protect her and look out for her and I was arrested for it!

Bruce Wayne: We're sorry. I'm sorry I had you arrested. I truly am. I didn't know that you had this connection with Yvie.
Moth Lady: Neither did I! I didn't want this; to be a mother. I was a barbarian with my group of warrior women. This was never meant to be my life. But all that time on the run with Yvie, I changed. I will do anything I can for her, so you are not going to deny me being her mother. I will fight you both on this.

Miss M: (realizing a few important things) That won't be necessary. You're right and you have every right to be a part of her life. I'm going to step aside.

Bruce Wayne: What? You're her mother just as much as Moth Lady is.

Miss M: No. Bruce I am not. I had a brief moment of maternal care with Yvie. It was an experience I never thought I would ever have. It was a moment of pure bliss, you and I both having the family neither of us ever thought possible. But I can't go on being her mom. And before you even think it, this has nothing to do with Yvie and I having no biological tie. It's something else entirely. One day she could learn the truth of how she was conceived, and that is a truth I never want her to hear. I think it is best that I phase myself out of her life, even though it will kill me.

Bruce Wayne: No. This is insane. We can find a way to be a blended family. You are her mother.

Miss M: Stop this. Moth Lady is her mother and she has done a far better job protecting Yvie than I ever could or even have. Trouble and danger follow me around every turn. I want Yvie to have a great life.

Miss M: I'm truly sorry Moth Lady. Please believe me.

Moth Lady: Thank you.

Miss M: (wipes tears away) Now there are stipulations to this. I never want Yvie to find out about how she was conceived. I don't want her to ever worry about processing that. Secondly, I want you both to promise me that you will co-parent and do whatever it takes to give her an amazing life. Third...

Moth Lady: Damn. How many demands do you have?

Miss M: This is my last one. Third, I want to be invited to birthdays, holidays, graduations. It might not be my chance to be her mother, but I still love and care about her so much.

Bruce Wayne: No, M. No. This is not right.
Miss M: It is right. It's what I feel is right. Oh and a fourth thing...

Moth Lady: I knew it.

Miss M: I want to be able to explain my choice to Yvie, in my own way. You can both be there to witness it, but I want to be able to do that.

Moth Lady: Fair enough.

Bruce Wayne: M, are you sure about this? I don't agree.

Miss M: And you don't have to. This is what I feel is right. You'll understand one day.

Suddenly a portal door opens up and two people walk through!

Miss M: Ed? What in the world?! What happened to you?

Ed: M, we don't have much time. I'm not the Ed you know from your present. I am from a future after that. In my timeline you never leave 1985 which paves the way for something truly terrible. With the help of Cyber Slop Pizza, we have this one shot to bring you all back to your world.

Moth Lady: Isn't this convenient. Well come on, let's go.

Miss M: Ed, I don't understand.

Ed: The world is in trouble and only you can fix it.

Miss M: Ok. I am fine with that but what do I need to do?

Ed: I can't tell you that. But I will say this, you might learn something about your Ed. Whatever that is, don't hate him. It might make things worse.

Miss M: None of this makes any sense, but fine, just get us back home.

Ed: Sure thing. Come on Cyber Slop. Let's hope this works!

Cyber Slop Pizza: Aye!

The portal closes as our heroes leave behind 1985 and head off into the present future.

Up Next!

Catch up on what your other favorite toys were up to while Miss M was stuck in 1985!

Also, Stranger Things 3 starts tomorrow! I had a lot of fun with this toy story, it has helped me get excited for the new season. Until next time!

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