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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 22

She-Ra Saturday continues with Adora's Search for Honor Part 2! Get ready for new adventures as She-Ra and her friends try to free Etheria from the Horde. This fanfiction is meant to honor and celebrate many aspects of She-Ra and He-Man, and since we live in a time where there is an awareness campaign for everything, I thought it best to show some awareness for the lesser known characters from She-Ra. So get ready, Part 2 will be exploring many great and different characters. It will all lead to what I hope will be a fantastic piece of She-Ra fanfiction. Enjoy.

Previously- Ok so let's be real, I tried to find a way to condense Part 1 into a nice brief summary, but Shiva help me, I can't do it. So I will do a recap from Chapter 21 and hope that works. Here's what you need to know. She-Ra and her friends were going to save Double Trouble from being executed by the Horde. See, Double Trouble aka Spira was a glamorous double agent and the Horde was not happy that a Rebel was spying on them. So there was this huge battle and sadly Double Trouble didn't make it. However Prince Adam (Adora's brother) found himself free, though he has no direction in life or where he'll be going. On Eternia Teela reached her own journey to her uncle Fisto's shack of a home. She's searching for Maury Povich-sized answers on who her daddy is. Sweet Bee and her co-pilots Stingor and Honey Comb were shot down in space by some huge Horde Ship. They crash landed on some planet. And as the dark arts would have it, Hordak ordered Shadow Weaver to reanimate a dead Double Trouble. Trouble squared indeed. Oh! And let's not forget about the jealous beauty Catra. She's dealing with some major issues and subscriptions all on account that she thinks she killed Adora. (There's more, but as with anything in life, it is all very complicated. Until it just isn't.)

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 22

The cold is the first thing that brings Sweet Bee into an awareness that reality is still moving without her and that if she wants to survive she'll sit up and check on her co-pilots. Looking around at the damage to the ship, Sweet Bee removes her helmet as a cascade of blonde curls tumble out. Before they had crashed, Sweet Bee had noticed that the air was breathable on their screen panel. The Hive had equipped their ship with the best technology known to their species.

"Stingor? Honey Comb? We made it." Sweet Bee says, slowly standing out of her chair. Parts of the ship are missing. The sunlight from outside is shining through. Then there is the cold. "Goodness, it is freezing! Aren't you both cold?" Awaiting a response, Sweet Bee turns to see Stingor slumped over in his seat. "Oh dear. Stingor?" Lifting her co-pilot up, Sweet Bee recoils in horror. He is dead. Some of the ship's equipment had gone through his back. His wings were broken and lifeless.

"Oh no! Stingor!" This is not real. Please, this can't be real. Sweet Bee cries. We were looking forward to so much.

Turning her attention to Honey Comb, Sweet Bee's heart sinks. Honey Comb's head is laying on top of her control panel desk. Sparks fly off the desk station every few seconds. "Honey Comb? Can you hear me?" Sweet Bee shakes her friend. Honey Comb is eerily still "I suppose you cannot. Oh my dear friends. I am so sorry." Sweet Bee staggers up, looking for a way to escape. She suddenly desires very much to be away from the ship. With a spinning head, Sweet Bee crawls out from the wreckage and throws up on a blanket of ice. Her bile practically glows amidst the sparkling white ice.

Trying to regain a sense of composure, Sweet Bee looks around. She finds herself in an icy land. Spotting a structure in the distance, Sweet Bee returns inside the ship to gather as many supplies as she can find. She contemplates what to do with her co-pilots, but soon realizes there is not much. The cold is getting worse, I cannot die like this. They would not want that for me. Giving one last look to her fallen co-pilots, Sweet Bee says silent farewells.

Heading back outside, Sweet Bee stretches her wings. Buzzing about, Sweet Bee flies towards the structure she saw in the distance. As she makes her way there she wonders about the ship that shot them down. I've never seen a ship like that, and with a large red bat symbol too... Who were they?

Once at the structure, Sweet Bee gasps, "This looked like a building of some sort." She looks around and notices large broken blocks of ice. "Was there a battle of some kind?" Sweet Bee looks around. Her heart sinks because she realizes that whoever once lived in this area was no longer there.

Refusing to give up, Sweet Bee eventually stumbles upon a latched door in all the destruction. Struggling at first, but finally taking it off, Sweet Bee opens the door peering inside down a flight of stairs, "Is anyone there? My name is Sweet Bee, I am a member of the Hive. I come in peace." There is no response just more silence. The coldness is getting worse and Sweet Bee realizes that this place may have to be her shelter.

She walks down the stairs, closing the door behind her. Sweet Bee pulls out her laser gun just in case she comes across any problems. What she does come across though is an underground room full of various items. She notices gorgeous and detailed furniture. There are beautiful items of clothing and jewels. "Oh dear. These are someone's items." Sweet Bee stumbles upon a large painting of what looks like a family. There is an older man and woman standing and in the middle of them both is a woman with long blue hair. Her features are striking and Sweet Bee wonders who she is. "Was this your home?" Sweet asks aloud, hoping for an answer. Any answer would do, because without an answer, Sweet Bee realizes she is alone, in a frozen tomb.

High above the clouds, She-Ra screams for joy as Swiftwind breezes through the air. "That is right Swifty! Fly faster! Faster!" She-Ra feels the wind in her air, this is what freedom must feel like. Pure freedom from the Horde, from everything. "I never want to land." She-Ra looks out in front of her and sees nothing but the sky. It is the most beautiful sight to behold.

Suddenly She-Ra notices something in the distance. Squinting, She-Ra observes a gray winged horse flying towards her. "Swifty, I've seen that horse before, but from where?"

Swiftwind telepathically communicates with She-Ra <We should be careful>

Nodding in agreement, She-Ra and Swiftwind fly closer to the winged gray horse. Everything becomes slow. The two flying horses are going to glide right by each other. She-Ra can see a woman on the gray winged horse. The woman looks exactly like She-Ra, but different. "Swiftwind!" She-Ra screams as her eyes look directly into her doppelganger's. She-Ra is face to face with a version of herself that is made up of gray decayed flesh. The fake She-Ra gurgles and utters a horrific sound while swinging a sword towards the real Princess of Power. She-Ra screams again and jolts up in her bed as Adora.

"It was just a dream!" Adora's heart is beating so fast. Just a dream. A horrible dream. Rubbing her eyes, Adora feels a wave of sadness wash over her. "I won't be getting anymore sleep tonight." Stretching up out of her bed, Adora throws on a long purple robe and makes her way to the dining area of Castle Bright Moon.

The castle is quiet as most everyone is asleep. There are a few gaurds out on patrol, but the women and men sworn to protect Bright Moon at night are too busy walking the grounds to notice Adora. Quietly making her way into the kitchen, Adora grabs some tea leaves from a cupboard.

A voice calls out. "Dearie, what are you doing?" Adora jumps as she sees Madame Razz sitting at a table in the corner. "Madame Razz! I can't take much more scares for tonight." Adora drops the tea leaves on the counter and slumps to the ground. Tears start to form around her eyes.

"Oh Adora, I'm sorry dearie. I never meant to frighten you. Bad night?" Madame Razz gets up and grabs hold of the tea leaves. Adora nods, "Yes. A bad night indeed." Adora looks at Madame Razz preparing to make some tea, "Madame Razz, I can make my own tea."

Shushing Adora, Madame Razz goes on, "No, no, no dearie. Go sit at the table. Rest some. I may be an old witchy woman, but I am still capable of making some tea. Besides, I want some too! This is the good stuff!" Adora cracks a smile. It occurs to Adora that this is the first time she has smiled since Double Trouble was killed. That had been three weeks ago.

"Now tell me dearie, what has you troubled so?" Madame Razz sits with Adora. The weight of the world is always on that girl's shoulders, it just isn't right, Razz thinks to herself. Adora shrugs, wiping her eyes, "I just miss Double Trouble. I still can't believe she is gone. I wish I could have done more, I just feel so... I mean... I am She-Ra. I'm supposed to make sure things like this never happen."

Grabbing hold of Adora's hands, Madame Razz whispers, "Now you listen here, there are some things that will be out of your control. It don't matter how powerful you are, there will always be things just out of your reach." Refusing to believe that, Adora challenges that notion, "Then why do I have the powers that I do, if I can't save everyone? I never should have let Spira go back to the Fright Zone on her own. She had been dreading that so much, I should have found a way to go with her. Or something! Madame Razz! She pushed me out of the way. She saved me! Oh my, she saved me! Why?" Adora begins to cry. If she could trade places with her departed friend, she would.

"Stop that talk dearie. Just stop it! No one should have lost their life, but it happened. There is nothing you can do but honor Spira. Remember her and find a way to continue fighting for her. Fighting for all of us." Adora listens to Madame Razz's words and knows the old woman is right, but it all just hurts so much. Madame Razz pours them both some tea and they take their times sipping in silence.

"Now Adora, I know we are all hurting about losing Spira, but it looks like there are many things weighing on your shoulders. What is happening?" Sitting there, the two of them alone in the kitchen, Adora shares some of her concerns and questions. Starting with the appearance of a second power sword that is similar to the one she owns, Adora has no idea where it came from. Or even why Hordak had it.

Tilting her head, Madame Razz looks from beneath her hat, "Sounds like you need a trip to see Light Hope. He might be able to help you. It is interesting though that there would be a second sword just like your's. If Hordak had it, there must have been an important reason. I trust Light Hope though, he'll help you dearie." With the mention of Light Hope, Adora wonders something else, "What is your connection to Light Hope Madame Razz? I feel like there have been hints of a connection, but nothing has ever been confirmed."

"Ho ho! Now that is the perfect way to rattle an old woman's bones! My connection with Light Hope... I knew this would be brought up at some point." Pausing to recall the past, Madame Razz fondly remembers an important relationship, "Before Light Hope became the being he is now, he was very real. Very human. He was a protector of Etheria. We were also once very much in love, goodness dearie, I have not talked about this in so long. I hope my old mind can get it correctly."

Proceeding to tell her story, Madame Razz details growing up with Light Hope. Their love was so strong, their hearts beated as one. Together with her magical talents and his ability to bring people together, they helped save Etheria on numerous occassions. "Of course the day eventually came when we weren't going to win. Light Hope fell in battle, against old Hordak."

"That must have been terrible Madame Razz, what happened?" Adora asks, completely enthralled with the story. This new side of Razz, is one that Adora never knew existed. Clearing her throat, Madame Razz continues, "He was gone. I knew he wasn't gone forever of course, no, no. He became something else, something greater. His spirit, it was in between worlds living high atop Skydancer Mountain. Of course without him the world went into darkness. No one was able to fully challenge Hordak. I found myself a job watching over all the little ones in the Horde Academy. Always hoping that Light Hope was watching over me somehow. I think he was, I helped take care of you afterall..."

"Oh Madame Razz..." Adora says shedding a few tears. "You will have to fly with me to see him at the Crystal Castle. Madame Razz, he looks glorious. I know he would love to see you..."

Madame Razz chuckles, "Oh dearie, I don't think so. I don't think he'd care to see an old witchy woman who talks to her broom. No, sometimes things must stay in the past with a nice rose colored haze. But do tell him I said hello!" Madame Razz smiles. The two continue sipping their tea and discussing past experiences and memories.

Thinking of the great love between Madame Razz and Light Hope, Adora wonders about her own feelings with Bow. She loves him, this much is true, however it never feels like the right time to talk to Bow about where they stand. Or even how to act on the feelings. There is too much hanging in the air, how can Adora start something with a man she cares for?

After they finish the tea, Adora says her goodnights to Madame Razz. The two head to their rooms where Adora tries her best to fall asleep. At some point she finds a way to get through the rest of the night.

The morning arrives shining glorious rays of sun through Castle Bright Moon. Most everyone is heading to the dining hall to gather for breakfast. Queen Angella walks in the opposite direction with a tray of food. The winged Queen travels to Spira's old room. Knocking on the door, Angella enters noticing Glimmer laying on Spira's bed. Her heart sinks at the sight of her daughter, so lost and so sad.

"Glimmer, I have brought something for you to eat." Placing the tray on a table, Angella takes a seat next to Glimmer. "I'm not very hungry mother." Angella nods and softly says, "But you need to eat something. And maybe take a walk, you can't stay in your cousin's room forever."

Sitting up on the bed, Glimmer looks around the room, "I don't want to leave here. I miss her mother, I miss her so much." Angella hugs Glimmer tightly, "I know my dear daughter, I know. But she is gone and she would want us to think of her differently. This is not how she would want us to be..."

Glimmer is in a daze, "Time just moves, faster by the day. We were just children, playing in the Whispering Woods, sharing our toys and games. Enjoying every moment. We didn't have that closeness at the end. Not at all. But we were going to. Oh mother, we were going to find a way to stay close..." Glimmer tries to hold it together, but her bottom lip trembles ever so slightly. That is enough for her face to crumble. Crying into her mother's shoulder, Angella soothes the pain that her daughter is going through.

Eventually Glimmer is calm enough and even starts taking a few bites of breakfast. Angella is glad to see this, "I'm glad you are eating. Glimmer, we have much work to do still. We can't lose steam with our fight, I know this is sad, but please my dear... find a way to go on. Don't give into this desperation." Glimmer understands this, but it is not easy. Glimmer lost her father at a young age, and as tough as that was, the loss of her cousin is even greater. This is Glimmer's first experience of adult grief, grief that she saw first hand. Glimmer shudders at the memory of the crossbow arrow going through Spira's chest...

"Now Glimmer, I must be honest with you. We can't keep Spira's room like this forever. We will have to move her things at some point... With so many people arriving for refuge in the Whispering Woods, we will need any extra space possible..." Glimmer jumps up shrieking, "No! We can't change things! This room is her room, we can't just give it to someone else! I won't have it! Get out! How dare you try and change things!" Glimmer throws herself back on the bed trying to shut the world out. Angella is at a loss of what to do. She stands up and leaves the tray of food behind.

In another part of the Castle a group is sitting in the dining hall. Perfuma, Minwu, Mermista, and Frosta are sitting at a table trying to finish breakfast. The conversation drifts to various topics, but it always comes right back to the loss of Spira. Perfuma looks down at her plate, "I miss her so much." Mermista nods in agreement.

Frosta looks slightly bored and groans, "I am so tired of this talk. It is a shame really, but I'm surprised no one has brought the obvious up. That crackpot Peekablue told us all that one of us was going to die. Doesn't anyone seem to remember that? Had we really thought about it, it would have just made sense that Spira would have been the one! She was constantly risking her life as a spy. I'm actually shocked it didn't happen sooner, she was playing with fire."

No one knows how to respond which feeds the idea for Frosta to continue talking, "I mean honestly, she may have annoyed me at times, but I am sad. No one should have to die like that. Though that is just how it is some times. She was a casualty. Besides, as I said, her fate was already set after that bird brain woman had a fit..." Mermista speaks up, "Shut up Frosta! Just shut up! Do you ever just shut up?!"

Everyone at the table stops in their tracks. No one has ever seen Mermista like this. Frosta's eyes are wide open. Perfuma and Minwu look the other way, thinking of a way to fix this. It is too late, Mermista takes off, quickly leaving the dining hall. Sitting there in shock, Frosta composes herself. "Well." Perfuma looks fearful and wants to help Mermista, but Frosta speaks again, "Don't worry darling. I'll go talk to her." Frosta gets up as Minwu looks over at Perfuma, "Will they be alright?" Perfuma nods, "Yes, I doubt they'll kill each other."

Racing after Mermista, Frosta runs down the hall trying to find the direction that Mermista ran to. "Where did she go?" Frosta asks out loud and turns as the sound of crying is heard in between two columns. "Mermista, is that you?" Frosta calls out, walking towards the sound.

"Go away Frosta, please. I can't handle anymore..." Frosta ignores her friend. Looking down Frosta sees Mermista sitting on the floor with her knees to her chest. Frosta squats to the ground and slowly takes a seat on the marbled floor, "I hope you know how much I love you darling, because I don't sit on the floor for just anyone." Mermista looks over at the sight of Frosta sitting on a floor that other's have walked on. The sight is slightly funny.

"Ok, I can handle a laugh." Frosta says. Composing herself Mermista looks at her friend, "I'm sorry I told you to shut up." Frosta cocks her head to the side, "Three times. You told me to shut up three times..." Mermista rolls her eyes, "Oh you know I am sorry."

"I know, I'm just giving you a hard time. I sounded pretty harsh, I just don't know how to handle all this sadness Mermista." Nodding in agreement Mermista whispers, "I feel terrible." Frosta shrugs, "Well darling, in all truthfulness, I probably did need to shut up."

Shaking her head, Mermista continues, "No, I'm not talking about that. I feel terrible because as sad as I am that Spira is gone, I am also a bit relieved. I hadn't forgotten the premonition that Peekablue told us... about one of us dying... and I was so worried. Full of dread and not knowing. Who would it be? Would it be me? I just feel terrible. Because either way, we have lost someone. But I am also happy that I am alive. This is just awful."

Grabbing hold of Mermista's hands Frosta sighs, "Oh darling, don't feel awful. I'm sure you aren't the only one feeling that way. You're just talking about it." Mermista listens to her friend, "Yes, but Frosta, I've never told anyone this. I don't think I would have either. I just have been so emotional."

"Darling, we're all emotional. We lost someone. And some of us may be relieved that Peekablue's glimpes into the future had not befallen ourselves. It is perfectly alright to sit with those two very different feelings. We are only human Mermista. Well, I am very close to perfection, but even I would say that you are not alone in your feelings. I know I am glad to be alive. When that miserable Hordak had his hands around my throat, I thought I was going to die. I had no doubt that the premonition would be for me too, but it wasn't. So for me I am going to make sure that I live. I want to see Etheria a free world. I want to rebuild Castle Chill. I want to see all of my friends happy. We will do that. Imperfections and all."

Mermista smiles, "Listen to you, the voice of reason." Frosta smirks, "I know darling! Who would have thought?" Raising an eyebrow, Frosta looks at her friend, "You want to go back into the dining hall? I think you just about terrified poor Perfuma." Mermista looks embarrassed, "Oh I did? Oh goodness I feel bad." Getting up off the floor, Frosta dusts off her legs, "Don't worry about it. Just let her make over Crystal Falls with some new flowers or something, I'm sure that will make her feel better." They both laugh at the thought. Mermista chuckles, "That is all Perfuma needs. Another decorating project." The two women walk back towards the dining hall smiling. They are ready for the day.

Inside the healing bay, Netossa is visiting Spinnerella. Brushing her close friend's hair, Netossa relays a story, hoping her friend will awake, "Spinnerella, you would have been so proud of me. When the Hordesman opened the gate and that beast named Modulok came out... the same beast that destroyed the town we were visiting... I faced him head on. I looked at my fear in the face and fought for everything I had in me. So you see my dear sister, you are safe now. There is no reason for you to still be sleeping. Please wake up, please."

Netossa continues brushing Spinnerella's long purple hair with hot pink highlights, "Everyone is so nice here. I have really become friends with actual members of the Great Rebellion, which makes us Rebels too. Right? If you can hear me then you already know Perfuma and Minwu. They have looked after you every day. Perfuma also knows so much about flowers. She always makes me laugh. Madame Razz makes me laugh too, she is this kind old woman. She reminds me of the perfect grandmother. Queen Angella and Princess Glimmer are so regal. They have such a beautiful castle that they have also left open for all of us. They have let me stay in a beautiful room."

Thinking about her other friends, Netossa speaks more hoping that her voice will guide Spinnerella back, "So many wonderful people... I don't know much about Castaspella, but she is a mage from Mystacor. She is visiting Bright Moon right now. I also am in awe of her hypnotizing beauty. Sea Hawk is around every now and then, he was the pirate who helped me search for you. He's a bit jagged on the edges, but inside he is all heart. Of course Bow is just all heart. Bow is a kind and brave man, he also plays the best music. I can just imagine you dancing to his music Spinnerella. Frosta also helped me, she opened her home to me before it was destroyed. She's a bit cold, in more ways than one, but she is incredibly nice. Just like Mermista, who is shy and quiet at times... but there is a graceful elegance to her."

No one knows why Spinnerella is still sleeping, but it worries Netossa, "Oh it is just magical here Spinnerella. We rescued a talking owl at the Fright Zone. His name is Kowl. He's an old owl that knows a great deal. I can't forget Adora! I've been told she was a Horde Force Captain once, but I could never imagine her having a mean bone in her body. She knew Spira, who was also called Double Trouble. I feel bad for her my dear sister. She was the one that died recently. I did not know her that well, but it has been very evident that many loved her. It was a horrific day when she died. No one was able to save her. But I do think there is someone that can save us. My dear sister there is a woman named She-Ra. No one really knows where she came from, but she is pure light. I've never seen anyone like her. She is so strong in more ways than one. I can't quite explain it, but I feel like she is going to save us. Oh please Spinnerella, wake up. You are missing so much already, we need you. I need you. I need to know that we will go back to our village together. To see our families. Please wake up..."  Netossa continues brushing, trying not to cry. Too many tears have been shed and Netossa is ready for something to celebrate. If only Spinnerella could wake up...


Inside Queen Angella's throne room, Castaspella and Kowl are busy looking over some documents. Queen Angella walks in looking defeated. Looking up from her work, Castaspella looks at Angella, "Are you alright? How is Glimmer?"

Angella shrugs, "She is upset. I don't know how to reach her or to calm her. Spira's death has hit all of us, but it has completely shattered Glimmer. I want to do something, but I don't know what to do. Before I was kidnapped and held in the Midnight Lair, Glimmer was younger. I was able to know exactly what to do with raising her, but now that I am back my daughter is grown. I am not sure how to comfort this new person."

Castaspella feels for her friend, "Angella, don't worry. Everything will work out. Glimmer will be ok. She has you now. Just be there for her whenever she is ready." Angella appreciates that, "I'm glad Glimmer has all of us. Even you Kowl." Both women look down at the light pink owl with large ears that double as wings. Kowl smiles, "And I am ever so pleased to be back here my Queen. That dank Horde prison left much to be desired." The three begin their work. They have been pouring over old texts and documents detailing much of Etheria's history. Kowl knows how to read the older texts and is helping to unlock old Etherian mysteries.

"What exactly are we hoping to gain by going through all this material?" Castaspella asks. Angella pauses from her reading, "I'm not sure exactly. Before Kowl and I were taken in by the Horde we had stumbled upon an old story. It was about three magical sisters that could help the cosmos rain down upon Etheria during great times of sadness to wipe away evil. I'm not sure if this story was real or just a myth, but I feel that we need to see if they are real."

Kowl perks up, "You can bet that if they do exist, Hordak has already been looking for them. He wants the magical energy of this planet. Those three sisters may help him with that need, though I don't know why exactly. There are so many questions. These three sisters date back to the possible beginnings of Etheria itself. I believe all of that information is in these documents." Kowl continues to read. Castaspella looks on with Angella. Hopefully we can find something of help, Castaspella thinks. The three go back to work on the old documents.


Outside in the courtyard, Bow is playing his harp next to Adora's steed Spirit. The archer is playing a song for Spira. It is a song he has been working on since her death. I've been trying to write the perfect song for Adora, but sadly, this one came to me easier, Bow thinks as his fingers bring the music into a sad refrain. Normally one to be a part of the crowd, Bow is comfortable being alone. His company with Spirit is perfect.

Suddenly Adora approaches the area walking towards Spirit. She looks at Bow, catching him off guard. The music stops. "That was a haunting song Bow, but it sounds beautiful." Adora stands before him. His eyes can't leave her, she is the most beautiful person. Just standing there his heart feels as if it will burst through his chest. He has loved her his whole life. "I wrote it for Spira. My own personal way to pay respects to her."

Nodding, Adora can't help but feel touched by her friend's actions, "You've done a fantastic job. I know Spira would have loved it." Bow places his harp down and moves out of Adora's way, "Going somewhere Adora?"

"Yes, I have to leave for a little while. I will be back though." Adora prepares to hop on Spirit. Bow looks on, "Would you like some company? I could accompany you. I would actually like to talk to you..." Adora stops him. Where she is going, Bow cannot. "I'm sorry Bow, but I must be alone. I know we need to talk, I have not forgotten. But I just have to be alone right now..." Adora wishes she could leave with Bow, but she does not want him or anyone else to see her transform into She-Ra.

Bow looks crestfallen. "I understand. We'll talk later." Adora nods, "Of course." She grazes a hand across his cheek. Bow turns out of the way. Picking his harp up, Bow continues playing the song for Spira as Adora rides off on Spirit. Once Adora is in safe distance, she raises her sword aloft and says, "For the Honor of Grayskull. I am She-Ra!!!" She can feel the sparks leave the sword. Every transformation brings her more in tune with her power sword and her body. The sparks of light swirl around her. The feeling is electrifying and never grows old. In mere moments, She-Ra emerges. As Spirit is transformed into Swift Wind, She-Ra jumps on and they fly off to the Crystal Castle...

Across Etheria in the dastardly halls of the Fright Zone, Shadow Weaver enters Hordak's throne room. The magical woman grimaces as she catches Hordak cooing at his pet dragon, Imp. "Mighty Hordak, should I come back later?" Hordak sits up snorting, "Stay. Come closer, say hello to Imp." The little dragon looks over at Shadow Weaver, expecting to be petted. Shadow Weaver reaches out to touch the dragon and recoils. She hates Hordak's pet. Imp squeals back at her before flying to his little nesting area above the throne.

Hordak snorts again, "Don't be scared Shadow Weaver. He is just a mere baby." Her yellow eyes squint as Shadow Weaver rasps, "I'm not fond of babies Hordak." Getting down to business, Hordak asks about the reanimation of Spira, "Did it work?"

Shadow Weaver snarls a response, "Yes mighty Hordak. The magic reanimated her, but I must tell you, we have created a monster." Hordak stands up walking past the witch, "I'll be the judge of that Weaver. Where is she?"

Explaining the nature of Spira's new confines, Hordak grins, "You have her chained to a wall? Is she that dangerous?" Shadow Weaver sighs, "I told you she would not be the same. We tampered with magic in a chaotic way. We have created something that cannot be controlled." Hordak turns to look at his fellow Horde member, "Oh Shadow Weaver, everyone can be controlled. You just need to find out their breaking point. Now let's go see our little monster, hmm?" Hordak leaves the throne room as Shadow Weaver looks on. "You have no idea what you are in for..." Shadow Weaver spits out, "Mighty Hordak."

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Perfuma has a Fright Zone souvenir that she is keeping secret...
She-Ra might find some important answers at the Crystal Castle...      
Double Trouble gets a whole new makeover...


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    1. Hey Jedi! Well I have some good news, Clamp Champ will be making a big appearance in the coming chapters!!

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    That being said, my favorite moment was the "shut up Frosta!Do you ever just shut up!?" thing-haha-I mostly liked the bad girls when I was little, but I think I had a crush on Frosta too since the "icy" types seem so cold and inaccessible. That scene with her getting the "shut up!" was funny.I'll bet Mermista wishes she had a trapdoor for Frosta.
    Speaking of whom, Frosta always looked cute in the She-Ra coloring book I had. ( man I was into girls at a young age! I even had a thing for Christine McGlade on "You Can't Do That on Television" when I was like six-though "sliming" in that universe was a very different thing to what it is in motu land! U didn't become a slave from it for example on that show) -I think I like your Frosta-but not as much as your Catra and your Horde characters.
    The only Horde character you made me hate so far though was entrappa-she was the one that sold out her family and planet right? I really, really hated her. I could deal with selling out your own kind to be a ruler -like Skeletor would do-but selling them out just to be a subordinate to the Horde-she pissed me off.
    Anyway, now you've done a scene with the goody goody girls drinking tea-I want one with Catra and the bad girls drinking coffee!It's only fair for the equal rites for hot beverages people!
    -looking forward to next chapter-oh, and I was wondering if you watch the "My Babysitters a Vampire" show on Disney? EXTREMELY light take on the vampire show concept-but it's really kind of cute-and my little cousin likes it. Vanessa Morgan-the lead vampette is cute -and Kate Todd who plays Erica is AWWWOOGA! hot! Writing could be better, but some cute stuff is going on in that show.Wish someone like you or I could work on it -flesh it out and take it to the next level.

    1. Well, have no fear there will be some stuff that comes up involving more of the Horde females. I don't know if there is coffee in the Fright Zone, but there will still be some fun conversatons. One of the difficult things about these chapters is that there is sooo much that needs to be written and I have to space certain things out so that it isn't too long. But in my mind this story is about Adora/She-Ra and Catra. So even if Catra doesn't have much presence in a chapter, she will soon.

      I also liked that part too with Mermista and Frosta. I have always thought of Frosta as this vampy gal that is just full of sex appeal and attitude. So my idea for Mermista's reaction is that Frosta can be a bit much to deal with, and now that she is living with everyone, there is this realization of, "How do we all live together?" She is a strong personality. They all are in their own way, they just aren't used to being in such close living situations.

      And I am glad you hate Entrapta! lol I really wanted her to be just vile. I've envisioned her as someone that is just purely selfish. Just a heinous person, but she is in a way, going to teach Catra something. In my mind Entrapta sold her family out when she was like a teen. Like how many times have teens wanted their parents to just be gone, well she did it for real because of her selfishness. So many many years have gone by and she has gotten a unique perspective on life. That perspective is going to be explored a bit in regards to Catra. But yeah, she is still pretty vile.

      Now as for My Babysitters a Vampire, I have not heard of this show. The only thing I am watching on Disney is the Disney XD channel Tron Uprising. The animation is so beautiful. I like that show. I will need to check up on this other show. It sounds interesting.

    2. You know I saw the pilot episode of Tron Uprising-and really liked it-I don't have Disney XD-so I thought-well I'll never see that show again, but good news for me! disney Channel is picking it up and is going to run it on Friday nights at Ten this summer! hooray!
      I didn't see the new Tron movie but I remember the 80's movie-I probably should have seen the Tron movie but I was a little bitter that it took Olivia Wilde from House M.D, as House was one of my favorite shows ( and shall be missed now that it is over) but I also loved her in the O.C as Alex and think she is a great (and hot) actress. Tron uprising on the other hand reminds me of Batman Beyond- with the whole Tron being the mentor of the new Tron. As far as Batman
      Beyond goes I loved anything Bruce Timm was involved with-Justice League Unlimited is probably the best cartoon of the post 2000 era. ( though the new Masters of the Universe also kicked giant monster ass!)
      My babysitters a vampire is a Canadian show picked up by Disney. It's cute, that's about all I can say. I like it but its pretty light weight-although it is extremely dark for a Disney Channel show ( even if it is a pickup) Actually Kate Todd the hottie I was speaking of also has a minor role on the CW show L.A Complex which I also recommend if you like soaps. (and because you like Dallas and Vampire Diaries I know you like soaps)CW has picked up L.A Complex to show the second season in the U.S later in July, which I'm glad about cuz I thought it was gomnna get cancelled from low rating and I'd have to search out the second season Canadian episodes.
      and please kill entrappa. I don't even care if she's matured. Have catra learn from her and then murder her. Or even have Hordak kill her I don't care as long as she is dead.

    3. Well Tron Uprising is good, you will enjoy it. And I would recommend seeing the latest Tron movie. It was really good. I also like Olivia Wilde. I never watched House M.D. but I loved the O.C. and she was a fun character on that show. I never really saw Justice League Unlimited, but I've always heard great things.
      I have seen stuff for the L.A. Complex but I have yet to watch. I've read the show is what the Melrose Place reboot hould have been like. So I know I will like it. And the CW is a strange network, a show can have really low ratings, but because the ratings will be high in a certain demographic, it will have multiple seasons. Like for some reason I still enjoy the 90210 reboot though the storylines are sometimes all over the place, but that show is still going strong. I thought it would have ended seasons ago based on the ratings.
      And I can't share with you Entrapta's fate yet, but it will be good.

  4. ok on 90210 reboot -and I know if I didn't sound gay to you before you will think I sound super gay now but-how TOTALLY AWESOME WAS THE FINALLY!? I never watched 90210 the first version-the first teen drama I watched was Dawson's Creek( and now that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are dunzo who is waiting for a Dawson's reunion that may spark her and Joshua Jackson to get back 2gether?! ME!! I AM!) Anyway I got into Dawsons cuz of Buffy -Buffy was on the same night and was kind of my gateway drug to teen drama. Buffy is like the marijuana of teen drama. Anyway I never watched the original 90210, but i was hooked on most cw teen shows by the time it came on-One Tree Hill for example, I think was very awesome(well, it was awesome for the first four season and then sucked for a bunch of seasons and then was REALLY awesome in the last ninth season because of the end of Dan Scott's story and bringing Chris Keller back) -so I watched the new 90210, and thought it was mediocre the first year. But when they lost the original bland guy lead actor and brought in Liam as a character- the show took off. He was like the Ryan Atwood of 90210. And the show should just fucking realize that that Naomi is the main character -not Annie! Naomi kicks ass. The end of the season with her and Max!! God, that gave me chills. The greatest moment ever was when Max said " I wanted to tell you I loved you, but I woke up in the morning and realized I just couldn't ruin my wedding..but then, you did!) I was like FUCK YEAH MAX AND NAOMI!!!
    I also have a crush on Ivy (Gillian Zinzer) cuz she reminds me of a girl I dated that was that naturally pretty, sexy hippy pot head type girl. (I listen to and play punk rock and power pop-and she was into hippy jam band stuff which I hate-but GOD was she pretty!)
    anyway, 90210 is no O.C-but lets face it, there will never be a better teen drama slash adult soap than the O.C. We were spoiled by that show. It was too good.
    L.A Complex I thought was going to be as bad as the abysmal Melrose reboot-but trust me- it is MANY MANY MANY times better than that shitfest.It is not as good as Gossip Girl was in it's prime or anything but Watch it, I think you will like it.

    1. Well the 90210 finale was out of control. I can't wait to see how things turn out for the next season. My only issue with the show is how there are times where it feels like the direction is all over the place. Like one week Naomi is in love with this guy and the next she is in love with another guy. It is hard to see who to root for. But I am glad they put her back with Max, I really like her with Max. Naomi is my favorite character. I agree, the show needs to realize that she is the main character. And since I did watch the old 90210, I miss the older characters not being on the show.

      I also loved me some Dawson's Creek, omg that show was good. Though I kinda stopped towards the end. But that was a good show, though you are right, nothing can compare to the O.C. That was just the best show. I love that the seasons are sometimes on sale for 10 dollars at Best Buy. The best.