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Jem- The Reunion Chapter 3

Since last week's Toy Chest was such a super long and exciting trip down toy memory lane, I thought this week I'd take a little break and post something else on a Tuesday. Fear not, Toy Chest will be back, but a new Jem chapter is upon us! If you like your fanfiction short and sweet, feast your eyes on Chapter 3 from Jem- The Reunion. This is for the Jem fans. I continue to patiently wait for Hasbro to bring our favorite pop star with a dual identity back onto the shelves, and since Hasbro is taking forever, I will just keep typing up a serving of fun fanfic.


After a long time away from the spotlight, Jerrica Benton has decided to bring back Jem and the Holograms. Embarking on a world wide reunion tour, Jem shocked audiences everywhere when she announced that Barbie and the Rockers would also be joining this once in a lifetime tour! Fans everywhere had no idea what to think of that, though Pizzazz (former front woman to the Misfits) was not happy.

Now both women travel across the world to find their former bandmates and get their bands back together. So far Jerrica and Aja have asked Raya, who turned them down due to some scheduling conflicts. Pizzazz made some headway by picking up former music executive Eric Raymond. From prison. Now Jerrica and Aja are in Paris, hoping to have a former Hologram and dear friend say "yes" to the reunion tour...

Jem- The Reunion
Chapter 3

Jerrica and Aja find themselves in the front row of a lively fashion show that is moments away from beginning. The two friends are in the middle of Paris Fashion Week and are supporting their friend Shana. "I am so excited to see Shana's new designs! I've heard they are fantastic." Jerrica smiles grinning at Aja. Nodding at the statement, Aja adds, "I know, they say this is the most anticipated show too! Judging by all the cameras, I would have to agree."

"Our Shana has come a long way." Jerrica says smiling at the entire scene before her. The catwalk looks astonishing. A speaker announces that the show will start soon. Watching the bulbs flash throughout the audience, Jerrica is glad she did not arrive as Jem. She can just simply enjoy her friend's show.

"When is the last time you saw Shana?" Aja asks Jerrica. Pausing to recall, Jerrica answers, "I believe I saw Shana a couple years ago when she opened her flagship store in L.A." Jerrica hates that so much time has passed. Aja does the math and realizes the same conclusion. "Wow, that has been a long time Jerrica. I saw her a few months ago at a charity event. She is doing so well." Jerrica nods, wishing to change the subject. There are many reasons that Jerrica has not kept up with everyone in the recent years...

The lights dim as music rises. Jerrica and Aja smile at each other. The show is ready to begin. Models of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities begin walking out onto the runway. Jerrica smiles and thinks to herself, leave it to Shana to truly find a way to breathe new life into a high fashion show. The clothing is gorgeous full of bright colors and interesting cuts. Some outfits are long and flow with easy movement while other pieces are short and shocking. Aja and Jerrica both find themselves in awe and grinning at which "looks" they will be adding to their wardrobes.

Finally at the end of the show, Shana begins her walk down the runway to thank everyone for attending. Looking out at all of her supportiers, Shan simply appreciates the moment. To add to the excitement, the music shifts to a remix of an old Jem and the Holograms song, "Glitter and Gold." Jerrica and Aja clap even harder and shout out Shana's name. The feeling in the air is electric.

After the crowd empties out and Shana gives her last interview to the press, Jerrica and Aja join their friend backstage. All three women hug each other and scream in delight. Shana is glowing, "I am so happy you were both here to see my show! I just about died when I got the call. How was it? Were the seats perfect?" Jerrica smiles, "Stunning. We had the best seats. You are so talented Shana." Aja adds on, "I think we'll be making some purchases!" Everyone laughs.

The three walk to a small room that acts as a resting spot for the people attending the various fashion shows. "So how is Anthony?" Aja asks. Shana beams, "He is doing well. All is great. He'd be here, but he is in New York overseeing some projects for one of the stores. What about you two? I can't believe I'm sitting with you both right now!"

Aja explains that the Starlight Foundation has been doing well. Jerrica is proud of Aja's work with the foundation and brings up an important question, "Well I know you are busy Shana, but there is another reason why Aja and I are here. I don't know how much you know, but we're trying to reunite Jem and the Holograms for a reunion tour."

Shana pauses and looks at her friends, "Yes, I had heard a little bit. Pretty exciting news." Looking at Jerrica and Shana, Aja speaks up, "Exciting indeed. So are you in?" Shana takes a breath, "Of course I am! They weren't playing Glitter and Gold for nothing." Everyone is smiling. Jerrica wants to make sure this is actually going to happen. "Are you sure Shana? We don't want to be taking you from your fashion empire." Jerrica hopes this will work out.

"Of course I am sure. I have plenty of people to handle the big things with my business. How could I miss out on going on tour with you? Playing music together was a big part of my life, and had we never done all that, I wouldn't be here right now." Shana smiles thinking back on all the great memories they had of being in Jem and the Holograms.

"Oh Shana! This is so exciting!" Aja claps her hands. Jerrica has just one more question though, "Shana, are you ok though with what happened?" Jerrica refers to the highly contentious moment in entertainment history when the world found out that Jerrica Benton and Jem were one in the same. The Holograms didn't last much longer after that. In time, neither did their friendships. Without the band, everyone went on their own path.

Shana grabs hold of Jerrica's hands, "Now you listen to me Jerrica. We all knew you were Jem, we all knew what we were getting into. Besides time has passed. If the world was still angry at Jem and the Holograms, I wouldn't have just put on a great fashion show." Shana wonders what is going on through her friend's head.

"Alright! It is all set, Shana is joining." Aja says thinking of the next person they need to ask. Shana asks about Raya and is sad to hear that Raya will not be joining. "Which means our next stop is to London. For Kimber." Jerrica says, knowing full well they will have an uphill battle.

"Speaking of anger, do you have any ideas on how we will get a chance to talk to her?" Aja asks. Shana looks sad, "She still doesn't want to speak to you Jerrica?"

"No Shana, she doesn't. I screwed things up when I destroyed Synergy. But, we need Kimber. Without her this reunion tour is not going to work." Jerrica sits there looking at all the people milling around. Some members of the press and random models recognize the band members while others look on hoping to catch glimpses of the latest fashion trends. Aja looks around at the crowd and stands up, "Well we'll worry about Kimber when we get to London. Right now I am famished. I say we go get something to eat. We are in Paris! Shana, lead the way!" They all get up and head out, leaving the glitz and glamour of the fashion world behind.


Across the world in the United States, a limo pulls up to an old beat up bar in the downtown area of Philadelphia. Pizzazz steps out and looks up at the bar sign. The sun is bright but hidden by the city. She removes a pair of large sunglasses as Eric gets out as well. "Pizzazz, are you sure we are at the right place?"

Gritting her teeth, Pizzazz motions for Eric to stop talking, "Of course I am sure. I know Roxy. She always returns to her roots. Now go park the car and meet me inside." Getting back into the car, Eric grunts and drives the limo to an area for parking. He is livid that the original limo driver bailed after Pizzazz made too many demands at the airport. "How did my life turn into this horse shit?" He mutters aloud.

Pizzazz doesn't wait for Eric and instead waltzes into the dingy bar. She scans the place. Her eyes glide over a man passed out at the main bar, where she also spots Roxy. Looking down and cleaning some shot glasses, Roxy barks, "Bar is closed. Come back later."

Grinning, Pizzazz walks towards the bar, "Now is that any way to treat a Misfit?" Roxy guickly looks up completely caught off gaurd, "Oh shit. Pizzazz. What in the hell are you doing in Philly?"

Looking around the bar, Pizzazz sits on a stool next to the drunken man who is still sleeping, "Well it isn't for the atmosphere." Putting down the shot glasses, Roxy turns, "Yeah well, bar is closed Pizzazz. Come back... oh... never."

Placing her elbows on the old wooden bar top and staring at the drunk man who might be dead, Pizzazz pauses, "You don't look closed. What's this guy's story?" Roxy looks at the man and shrugs, "Some people just can't handle a good time." The two women look at each other. A great deal of time has passed. "What do you want Pizzazz? How did you even find me?"

Cackling and tossing her green hair back, Pizzazz groans, "Gimme a break Roxy. I always knew you'd return to your old stomping grounds if things didn't work out. It wasn't that hard to find you." Glaring at Pizzazz, Roxy spits out, "Well I wish you hadn't. I don't want you here." As Roxy says this, Eric walks in from parking the limo, Roxy points, "And I don't want him here either!"

Eric throws his hands up in the air, "Nice to see you too Roxy." Roxy glares at them both, "Oh shut up. You two morons did a number on me." Feigning hurt feelings, Pizzazz goes on, "What did we do to you? So you aren't in L.A. anymore. You certainly seem to be doing well for yourself. You own this... bar." Looking over her shoulder, Pizzazz tries to ignore the smelly drunken man.

Full of annoyance, Roxy shouts, "I don't own this bar Pizzazz! I'm a damn bar wench." She points to Eric, "After Mr. Wonderful over here decided to nearly get us all killed, everything went to hell in a hand basket! Don't you remember Pizzazz? Eric went to prison! All those plots to go after lousy Jem and her Holograms backfired. The Misfits couldn't headline a show if we threatened and blackmailed fans into going. Ya know we didn't all have dead rich daddies like you, Pizzazz. I had to head out over here. I'm old and working in a damn bar!"

Pizzazz shrugs, "You don't look that old. Besides, I know a great gal who does the best filler in California. You also know how to read. Doesn't that stand for something?" Roxy screams and throws a shot glass at Pizzazz, "Screw you Pizzazz! You don't even know about hard times! Do you know that I have to serve these young lil shit customers every night and they didn't even know who I am! I was a Misfit! I helped write the book on debauchery!"

Eric mutters under his breath, "After you learned to read that is." Hearing this, Roxy throws up her hands, "The hell with both of ya. Get out! I won't serve trash here."

Kneeling on the barstool Pizzazz reaches over to grab a bottle of vodka and a shot glass. She brushes Roxy out of the way, "You don't mean that. Especially when we are here with some good news. How would you like to leave this dirty old bar, hmm Roxy?" Crossing her arms, Roxy looks dubious, "Go on. I'm listening."

Pizzazz looks back at Eric, "Now that wasn't so hard. Drink?" Eric says no, and Pizzazz takes a shot. "Listen Roxy, times were tough back then. But we all learned some good lessons. Now that we are a bit older, I say we show the world just how bad we are. I want to bring the Misfits back together. Go on a reunion tour. Show these little children how it is really done. I want you back with us."

Pondering this information over, Roxy asks, "There money involved?" Pizzazz looks over at Eric, expecting an answer. Eric rolls his eyes, "Of course there will be money. Your old rate will apply, 10% revenue on any album sales, concert tickets, and Misfits merchandise sold." Roxy looks on in disgust, "Inflation has been a bitch Eric. I want more."

Eyes wide in shock and really close to spitting out some good vodka, Pizzazz chokes, "Well look who became a business woman." Grinning and crossing her arms, Roxy tosses out, "You're right Pizzazz, we are older, and I won't be making the same mistakes. I want 25% revenue and I want royalties on any new songs, because I will be listed as a song writer. I don't care if I change just a word on a single song, my name is added to new material or else."

Pizzazz and Eric look over at each other. This change of events had never occured to Pizzazz, but they all knew they would need each other if the Misfits were going to have any chance at a successful reunion. "Alright Roxy, you have a deal." Pizzazz smiles as Eric looks like someone kicked him in the gut. Roxy grins, "Alright! Let's blow this dump!" Pizzazz nods, "Now we go to merry old England."

Raising an eyebrow, Roxy mutters, "Why are we going there?" Pizzazz explains that they need to drop in on Jetta. "But Pizzazz, I hate Jetta. What about Stormer?" Roxy and Jetta both could only barely tolerate each other in the past. Pizzazz recalls their history and sighs, "Stormer will not be easy to convince. She got married and popped out 2.5 lil monsters. Having Jetta with us will make it much easier to persuade Stormer to join. We have to get Jetta." Roxy mulls this over, unable to even believe that Stormer got married. With so much time having passed, Roxy joins Pizzazz in taking another shot of alcohol.

"Eric, be a dear and pull the limo out front." Pizzazz sweetly looks over at Eric. Grimacing again, Eric leaves the bar. Roxy begins untying her tiny apron, "What's the deal with him?"

"He just isn't used to taking so many orders." Pizzazz takes one more shot of vodka. Roxy grabs a couple bottles of booze for the road, "Why is he even a part of the reunion? After everything he has done? Not to mention he has been in jail all this time. What does he know about the music business?"

Pizzazz looks at Roxy, "That old dog still knows a thing or two. Besides, before Eric went to prison he was working on some mysterious project. A project I think was going to make him millions. I'm keeping our dear Eric Raymond real close, because if he thinks he'll pull a fast one and walk away with millions, he has another thing coming. No one messes with the Misfits." Roxy grins, a feeling of the past washing over her, "Yeah!" This feeling feels good, "I've missed you Pizzazz."

Looking at Roxy, Pizzazz smiles, "I've missed you too Rox!" They two women walk away from the bar cackling at all their plans for fame and riches. Roxy tosses her apron at the drunk man sleeping at the bar, "There ya go Eddie! I quit!" Another round of laughter fills the air.

Outside, Eric Raymond starts the old garish limo that Pizzazz rented at the airport. He is also on a cell phone, quietly whispering to someone, "Listen, as soon as I have a chance I will send you the details. I have everything locked in a briefcase right now, and I know you will be able to make this project work." Eric listens to the other person speak and adds, "No one can know about this. This project will make us so much money. Various industries will be beating down the door to see what we can do. I'll never have to deal with the Misfits again. In fact I'll be able to make my own Misfits that know how to follow orders. You just make sure that this can actually be made. If all goes according to plan, we'll be able to rule the world..."

Up Next!

Sisters clash!
A secret is revealed!
Pizzazz overdoses on Botox!

One of these things does not happen in the next chapter of Jem- The Reunion. Be here next time, whenever that may be!


  1. Wow, i must say I am surprised you are married. That's particularly undorky of you! But it does give hope to other dorks the world over. I suppose, since I don't appear physically dorky anymore, the reason I'm not married probably has more to do with being a writer than with being a dork.(although you are both of those things as well) I follow the tradition of many of the greats where my only constant companions are booze,insanity and a keyboard. ( also a pen because I'm also a cartoonist, and I guess a guitar because I'm a songwriter-but ONLY for writing songs-In my band I let the guitar player play guitar because I really REALLY suck at it and can only do power chords and cannot play and sing at the same time) -but I wish you would share your secret with me because I do want to settle down with someone, but I'm so busy obsessing over girls that I have been in love with in the past-and/or looking for that perfect situation/relationship that I end up alone. And it really sucks cause all my best friends are married now. But you know-I think that's the struggle of any creative person. Everyone wants to be like us if they aren't creative-like if they are super normal with no talents-but what do we want?-to be normal. Grass is always greener...

    1. I don't usually discuss being married, but I have mentioned it a few times. I think for me it is hard because I love my husband but I also want to be careful of falling into the role of, "You are just the wife" instead of someone who has somewhat of a talent and wants to share that with people. So I don't usually talk about it a lot. But I never thought I'd ever get married. No matter how pretty I felt or whatever, I still believed I was too neurotic and dorky to ever have a guy seriously share a life with me. Many men thought they could, but they'd eventually run for the hills. But what worked for me was that I was friends with my husband before we even remotely dated or anything like that. And he supports me with all my dorkiness. I mean he doesn't understand it at times and he may not always be interested in my affinity for She-Ra, lol, but he respects it. So I think that is an important part, but I also think that sometimes love and romance can occur when you aren't looking for it. I'm sure there is a gal out there that will be able to share a life with you. I think it is possible for creative types to find love and still be creative. But it is also different for everyone. Some people can search and search and find the person they will settle down with. Other people sit by and wait for it to unfold with someone they know or whatever. I mean there are just so many possibilities with all that stuff. I know that sounds vague, but don't give up.

  2. nice loving the story so far. and love how even older pizzaz is still the evil coniving witch she always is. plus have an idea that erics secret project is synergy resurrected for nasty purposes.

    1. Thank you demoncat! I haven't really focused much on continuing this story as I have been trying to wrap up Adora's Search for Honor, but I hope to get back to this too. I'm glad you read it and liked it. (Your idea on Eric is pretty good!) Hope you are doing well.