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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 23

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Previously- Members of the Great Rebellion were all dealing with their own version of grief over the loss of Double Trouble aka Spira. Adora felt bad and wondered about her role in everything. She also was wondering about the appearance of a power sword that is similar to the one she was given in the Crystal Castle. She took off to get some answers from Light Hope. In other news, when the Rebels stormed the Fright Zone, Perfuma snuck off with a cocoon sample from the Winged Warrior project in the Horde Labs. No one else knew about this... Also Hordak strongarmed Shadow Weaver into bringing Double Trouble back from the dead. Shadow Weaver was not pleased as a monster has now been created...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 23

Hidden high atop Sky Dancer Mountain stands the Crystal Castle. Made up of sparkly crystals of all shapes and sizes, it is Etheria's hidden jem. Inside She-Ra visits with Light Hope, the once Etherian protector and now guardian of the castle. They are discussing everyone's grief over the loss of a dear friend. "She-Ra, you can't blame yourself for any of this. And you certainly do not deserve to be in her place either."

"Light Hope, I am not an innocent party in all this. I have done terrible things. Now my biggest fear is that I will lose everyone I love." She-Ra looks at her reflection in the crystal walls, she is sad. A past of actions weighing down on her, threatening to crush her, She-Ra turns to look else where. Light Hope glides by with flickers of light spreading off his body like embers of flame, "We have all done terrible things at one time or another. No one is free from imperfection. What matters most is what we do next. What will our actions be? You've chosen a new path. As She-Ra you are helping to free this world from its chains. Sadly there may be a few losses, but it was never going to be easy..."

She-Ra thinks about this statement and realizes that Light Hope speaks a certain truth. They are all facing oppression, every last Etherian, and fighting for freedom is never struggle free. "While I was on my way to see you, I stopped by a village. Ever since the events in the Fright Zone arena, people have been talking. They are all spreading the word that Etheria has a new savior. They all call for me, cheering She-Ra! She-Ra! They know that something is happening in this world."

Grinning Light Hope adds, "That is wonderful news She-Ra. I am glad that Etheria is beginning to hear of a new protector. It was only a matter of time. Wonderful things are going to happen with you here, please know that. And don't give up hope. No matter what your past has been it can't inform who you are forever." She-Ra realizes she has her own chains she must be set free from.

Her visits with Light Hope are always helpful. He is a wise soul, which reminds She-Ra of her other reason for visiting the Crystal Castle, "Light Hope, I need your help in understanding something." Asking what is needed of him, Light Hope listens to She-Ra's answer, "I am in possession of a power sword that is remarkably similar to my very own. I took it from Hordak and I have no idea how he came upon it."

The two walk to a nearby slab of crystal that doubles as a table. She-Ra places both swords down as Light Hope looks them over. "It would appear that these swords are practically identical, save for a few minor changes. Your sword has a jewel and this sword as a unique carving etched in the metal. What are your ideas She-Ra?" Closing her eyes before answering, She-Ra slowly speaks, "I have reason to think that this sword belongs to my brother. That Sorceress woman that used to visit me telepathically... she told me that I had been given the Sword of Protection and my borther the Sword of Power. I believe we are looking at those two swords."

Light Hope is curious, "That could be an explanation, but why would your brother's sword be on Etheria... unless... he is on Etheria too?" She-Ra nods glad that she is not alone in her thinking, "I believe it might be possible, though I have no understanding of why that would even be. Light Hope, have you been contacted at all by the Sorceress?" For awhile the Sorceress has been using her powers of telepathy to maintain a connection with the two of them.

"She-Ra, it has been a long time since the Sorceress contacted me." Nodding in agreement, She-Ra goes on, "I fear that my brother is somewhere on Etheria. Maybe that action alone severed the telepathic tie with the Sorceress and Eternia. Oh Light Hope, I'm not terribly sure of this..." Walking away, Light Hope turns, "We must investigate this further. I will do my best to find answers here in the castle, but my dear, you must hurry. Find someone to help you. Look around, talk to people. If your brother is indeed on Etheria, and you have his sword, well..." The thought hangs in the air. She-Ra nods, "He may be in grave trouble. I must hurry. Farewell Light Hope, until next time." Light Hope waves, "Of course."

Flying off on Swift Wind, She-Ra travels away from the Crystal Castle. Thinking to herself, She-Ra heads towards some towns on the outskirts of the Fright Zone. Landing in a safe spot, She-Ra surprises the townspeople. Everyone is excited to see her as she is to see them. She also searches for answers about her brother, though she is not sure where she should even begin.


The day is moving on slowly at Castle Bright Moon. Frosta is roaming the halls, trying to escape the endless chatter from others about the Night of the Glitterbug. "Why is everyone so excited over these glitterbugs?" Frosta asks aloud. After the events during breakfast earlier, everyone soon found themselves enthralled with talk of the glitterbugs. Frosta found the whole topic to be undesirable, "I really hate living here." Making her way through the castle halls, Frosta heads towards Perfuma's room. If anyone will be able to explain the glitterbug phenomenon it will be the flower maiden.

"Perfu-" Frosta almost calls out but stops. The icy empress can hear Perfuma talking to someone in her room. Eavesdropping ever so slightly, Frosta peers into the room and notices Perfuma alone. What is this about, Frosta asks herself. She can hear Perfuma talking in a soothing voice, "Don't worry, this is your new home now. You are going to be safe, I just wish you'd stop growing bigger. I can't keep you in here forever..." Frosta looks around Perfuma's room, searching for something out of the ordinary.

Until she sees it. Frosta's mouth drops open as her eyes rest upon a large gray cocoon resting on some blankets on the floor. I've never seen such a thing, Frosta says to herself. Every now and then Frosta notices something move underneath the grey cocoon skin. Covering a hand to her mouth, Frosta tries not to gag. Perfuma heads to the door, looking back at the cocoon, "Now don't worry! I'll be back later on. I'm going on a picnic. I sure hope you'll be alright..."

Frosta hurries out of the way as Perfuma leaves the room. Saying nothing, Frosta watches her friend walk off. "Something is not right." Frosta whispers.


In another part of Bright Moon, Glimmer is walking to her room. She is thinking of the words her mother told her earlier in the day. The princess knows she will have to get herself together and continue living her life, but she is not sure how to do that. She misses her cousin and can't imagine removing Spira's items from her now vacant living space. Glimmer is also trying to get over her feelings for a man. A man that is approaching her rather quickly, "Glimmer! Finally, I didn't think I'd see you today. I hoped you'd stop by the dining hall for breakfast, but no one had seen you."

Avoiding Bow's gaze, Glimmer says, "I just wanted to be alone." Bow completely understands, "I have been keeping to myself too as of late. I am glad to see you though, the Night of the Glitterbug is approaching soon. I know you enjoy this time of year."

This information is certainly true, Glimmer loves the glitterbugs, but she is not in a celebratory mood. "Leave me alone." Glimmer whispers as Bow asks her to repeat what she said. "I said leave me alone!" Glimmer shouts. Walking past Bow, the rebel princess continues along her way.

"Glimmer, please stop this. I know I was a jerk. I had no idea you cared for me like that. I am dense, I never should have shared my feelings about Adora. I'm just an idiot. Please talk to me. Let me fix this." Holding her breath with a fast beating heart, Glimmer turns pointing a finger, "You can't fix this! Don't you see? You can't fix this! I am the idiot."

Upset and wanting to help his friend, Bow makes things worse, "Glimmer, you are not an idiot." Crossing her arms, Glimmer puts up a brave front, "Oh really? Well let's see. All I want to do is run into your arms and have you tell me that everything is going to be ok. I've lost my cousin. I've been through so much in these past months with being a prisoner to the Horde. Saving my mom. I'm just spent. And I want you to comfort me."

Not understanding the problem Bow continues to bury the grave deeper, "I can comfort you Glimmer. Let me help you." Shaking her head, Glimmer groans, "Oh Bow! Don't you see? This whole time you have been a friend to me. I have misinterpreted your actions of kindness to mean something more. You were just being a friend, and I have fallen for you. I have to be the one to move past this. I do. There is nothing you can do. In fact your kindness is just making it worse. Leave me alone, I beg of you. I have to get past this myself." Turning away Glimmer runs off down the hall towards her room. Bow looks on feeling miserable. He hates seeing his friends hurt, especially when it involves him. "Oh Glimmer." Bow says to himself. Walking off in the opposite direction, the archer heads outside for some fresh air.


Outside in the courtyard area of Bright Moon, two young lovers are sitting on the ground enjoying a sunny lunch. Perfuma is eating some fruit while Minwu pours them both another glass of water, "It is a nice day out."

Looking up at the sky, Perfuma grins, "It is the perfect day. This has been so nice." A romance has been blossoming between the two. Perfuma never thought this would actually be occuring, but it is. I am so happy right now. Perfuma gets caught in her own thoughts as Minwu gathers her attention, "Perfuma, are you there?"

Blushing slightly, "Of course I am here! I could't imagine being anywhere else." The two continue to talk, addressing various topics. Grief is mentioned as well as some happy memories involving the rebels. Minwu is honored to be a part of the group. The conversation takes a sharp turn to darker subjects when Minwu pricks his finger handing a rose to Perfuma.

Her eyes focus intently on the few drops of blood that leave his finger. Minwu wipes the blood away and notices that Perfuma seems unsettled, "Perfuma? Do you want to talk about it?" Ever since the excursion into the Midnight Lair and the Pyre bite, Perfuma has been holding certain feelings from everyone else. "There is not much to say." Perfuma looks away, trying to think of other things, instead of Minwu's blood.

"You never really talk about your time at the Crystal Castle after you were bit. I know it must have been hard, but I care for you. Perfuma, you can talk to me about your ordeal." She knows that Minwu means well. However the conversation is painful. Where would she even start?

"The castle was gorgeous. I still can't believe She-Ra brought me there." Perfuma says recalling the beautiful pieces of crystal. "Is the castle her home or something?" Minwu asks.

"I'm not sure. I don't believe that She-Ra lives there, I've always thought of She-Ra as living everywhere. But I know that the residents who were there weren't in any danger from me. In fact the guardian of the castle, Light Hope, really knew a great deal about what I would be going through with being bitten by a Pyre. He told me that I would have these intense cravings for blood. He was right. Oh Minwu, it was awful." The healer reaches out to Perfuma as she falls into his arms. They hold each other as she pours her story out.

"I have never felt a hunger like that before. It was all I could think about. I imagined ripping into everyone I knew and drinking their blood. I felt like my insides were starved for food, I wasn't sure I was going to make it." Minwu listens carefully, "How did you get better?"

Hanging her head, Perfuma whispers, "The days went on and I found that my hunger wasn't killing me. I was able to eat regular food, and in time the craving for blood diminished. It was like it was in my head. I thought I was going to die if I didn't have blood, but I was alright. Of course evey now and then I have moments where I can taste that craving still. Like just now, when your finger was pricked on that rose... I saw those drops and I could feel something lighting up inside me, wanting it. Minwu, are you scared of me?"

Minwu lifts Perfuma's face to his, "No. I am not scared at all. I care for you and will be here for you, no matter what. I understand what happened to you may still cause a problem, but you haven't killed any one. You haven't drained someone of their blood. You are fighting this. I believe in you Perfuma. You won't become a Pyre, I just know it." Perfuma smiles, it is nice to hear such things. She really feels lucky to have his support.

Looking at him, studying his handsome eyes, Perfuma leans in for a kiss. There lips meet and the kiss is warm. The warmness spreads across her body. She feels worn yet so alive. Minwu feels dizzy and intoxicated. He can smell her fragrance in the air. The experience is heady and neither want it to end. They continue to kiss as the warmness grows. Separating for a brief moment, they both look at each other. Perfuma smiles resting her head on his shoulder. Minwu looks down at her long blonde hair taking this experience in. He is happy. Nothing could ever shatter this moment.


Still stalking the halls, Frosta finds herself in front of Glimmer's room. Unable to talk to Perfuma, Frosta hopes the princess can answer some questions. "Well darling, I am glad to see you in your room." Frosta walks in without an invitation. Sitting on a chaise lounge, Frosta looks over at Glimmer, "I've heard you won't leave Double Trouble's room. Sentimental as it is, you really must continue to live darling. Don't let this destroy you."

Ignoring Frosta's bluntness, Glimmer asks, "What are you doing here Frosta?" Sitting up, Frosta looks around the room. There is a lot of pink and cutesy items and trinkets on a shelf. Frosta thinks to herself, this looks like a child's room. Glimmer is a woman. "I was searching for Perfuma in the hopes that I could ask her a few questions, but she has been acting strange as of late. So I figured since this is your home, that you'd be perfect to answer my questions."

"Ok. What are your questions?" Glimmer sits back, slightly relieved to be distracted from her own issues. Frosta sits up, "What is a glitterbug? Everyone keeps talking about some special Night of the Glitterbugs. Am I going to want to be around for that? I still havent gotten used to the awful smell of outside in this place."

"Oh Frosta. The smell isn't that bad. To answer your question though, the glitterbugs are tiny little bugs. We can't see them in their entirety, they are too small. All we can make out with our eyes are tiny specks of light, like glitter." Frosta makes a face, "Riveting. I bet they get everywhere."

Shaking her head, Glimmer goes on, "Oh no. They live in the trees. They are why we call this area the Whispering Woods. Haven't you ever heard the whispering sounds in the woods? Or sometimes the faint sound of a hum or song?"

"No darling, I can't say that I have." Frosta crosses her arms. Glimmer smiles sadly, "Well that is a shame. The glitterbugs are what make the Whispering Woods so magical. They help keep evil out. And once in awhile on a special night when the moon is barely visible, they leave the trees and swirl around the woods. This special night is a big event, as we get to see a spectacular show of lights. The patterns they make are just stunning. And that is not counting the sounds and songs they make in their movement. Oh Frosta, it is just a magnificent night. No matter how sad and pathetic I feel right now, I will be there. I never miss it."

Letting out a sigh, Frosta groans, "I really miss my home. This place is too much." The two women look at each other. Glimmer is surprised, "I don't think you've ever been in my room. In fact I don't think we've ever really talked that much."

Frosta stands up, "There is a reason for that. This room is a bit silly, don't you think? What are you, five?" Frosta points to the shelf of trinkets, games, and other items. Glimmer defends herself, "Those are items that I grew up with. It is not silly. I enjoy holding on to those things."

Lifting up a shoulder and touching a tiny pink tiara that doubles as a toy ring, Frosta says, "Darling, I just don't see how a man is going to want to court you with a room like this." Stopping in her tracks, Glimmer asks, "What do you know about men Frosta?"

Surprised to hear such a thing, Frosta turns quickly, "I know plenty darling. I will have you know that numerous Etherian men have tried their hand at my heart. All have failed miserably. But I know plenty. Believe me, I could teach you a thing or two." Glimmer finds herself fascinated by this offer, "What kinds of things would you teach me?"

Tilting her head and observing Glimmer, Frosta goes on, "Well I would need to teach you a lot. I would say we could start with dyeing this pink hair another color, but I don't think we'd have enough time." Frosta reaches out to touch Glimmer's hair. Glimmer slaps her hand away, "There is nothing wrong with my hair. This is how my hair is. Deal with it! What could I do quickly though, in case I was wanting to get a guy to like me? I like someone, and I thought I could get over him. But I'm not sure how. I'm now thinking it might be easier to change his mind..."

Frosta interrupts her, "Darling, I don't need to hear your whole sob story. If you want a man's attention you only need to do one thing: dress more provocatively." Listening and expecting more Glimmer furrows her brow, "That's it?"

"Yes, that is it. My goodness Glimmer, didn't you learn anything growing up? Wear something revealing, and trust me, whoever you fancy will be unable to keep his eyes off of you. You'll have him eating out of the palm of your hand. Just don't bring him in here." Frosta motions around the room.

"I don't think I have any clothing like that." Glimmer says looking slightly hopeless. Frosta's eyes and entire head roll, "My, you really are five aren't you?"

"Ok! I'm sorry Frosta. In my attempt to fight off the Horde I missed the lesson on dressing to nab a man." Glimmer says, as Frosta snaps back, "Don't get flip with me darling. I'm trying to help you. Now let's go through your wardrobe and see what we can do. Besides I must vent further about Perfuma and this disgusting cocoon thing she has in her room." Glimmer's focus shifts slightly as Frosta addresses what she saw earlier in Perfuma's room.


The smells of the Fright Zone mingle together adding to the overall dank and vile conditions that the Horde members find themselves in. Every now and then a lone scream will travel through the halls. Hordak walks with confidence towards a small room made of stone. The floor is covered in sheets of metal. Awaiting him are Catra, Entrapta, and Multi Bot. The three are standing behind a table. Hordak snorts, "Hello my fellow Horde members. Isn't this such an exciting day?"

Catra blankly stares at Hordak, "Why are we here? Something is making a strange noise in the corner over there." Pointing to a spot covered in the shadows, Hordak peers over wondering if he can see the monster. Shadow Weaver eventually enters the room, "I trust no one has been harmed yet?"

Entrapta and Catra both look at each other, wondering what is going on. Hordak slams his hands together, "The Horde has taken some hits recently. That is going to change though. What do we do next Weaver?"

Highly uncomfortable, Shadow Weaver sighs while grabbing a bowl off the table. Entrapta peers over, "Are those bodily organs?" Rasping an answer, Shadow Weaver growls, "What do you think?" Tossing the remains towards the corner, the bloody parts slide across the floor. A guttural sound murmurs in the darkness as a woman lunges out taking hold of the gooey remains.

"Is that who I think it is?" Catra asks unable to look away. She is staring at Spira, or what used to be Spira. The woman before them is chained by the waist and ankles to a wall. She has limited space to move and her only focus is the chum on the floor.

"Yes Catra, that is indeed Spira: code name Double Trouble. Hardly a glamorous double agent, now isn't she?" Hordak snorts in glee. Spira grunts and gurgles, her skin appears pallor, but under certain light reveals to be a shade of decayed gray. Gone is the light from her eyes, instead a jet black as taken over. The whites of her eyes are a deep gray. Her long blonde ponytail is now black with streaks of white and gray woven in. Her clothing is the same as before, but the green shades have changed. A pale blue helmet, top, and boots are decorated with a blood red skirt and cape. Blazoned across her chest is a blood red Horde bat.

"You brought her back from the dead?" Catra asks slowly becoming disgusted that something so chaotic would be brought into this world. Hordak nods, "I asked Shadow Weaver to reanimate our fallen Horde member. Now we no longer have to worry about Spira double crossing us again. We will be doing the double crossing..."

Entrapta looks on, "Intriguing." They all look on as Spira finishes her makeshift meal. She pauses looking up towards the Horde members. She growls and hisses trying to lunge for them. "She's feisty, isn't she?" Hordak asks. Shadow Weaver rasps, "She is a monster."

Hordak walks up close to her, but not close enough, "We are all monsters Shadow Weaver. She doesn't talk though, why is that?"

"Mighty Hordak, gone is the spirit in that body. The reanimation process is not perfect. Only her body remains." Shadow Weaver says. Hordak turns to snort, "Well we need to find a way to control this wild beast."

"In order to quell her hunger, she will need knowledge." Shadow Weaver says calmly though she is seething on the inside. Always happy to help further the Horde cause, Shadow Weaver draws a line when it comes to something risky like this. Entrapta walks next to Hordak, peering at the creature before them. "How do we feed her knowledge?" Entrapta asks looking into Spira's blank empty eyes. She shudders slightly, making sure her hair does not move anywhere near Spira.

Grizzlor approaches the room, "Mighty Hordak, you have a visitor." Stepping away from the monster, Hordak grins, "Perfect timing. I will attend to our visitor. Grizzlor, go down to the mines. Fetch me a slave, particularly one who is not pulling his or her weight. We'll figure out how to feed knowledge to our newest member of the Horde."

Leaving the room Hordak travels to his throne room to talk to his visitor. "Sea Hawk! What a nice surprise."

Sea Hawk stands tall. Arms crossed and head tilted to the side Sea Hawk booms, "I'm here. Can we get this over with?" Taking his place on the large throne Hordak nods, "Sure. Tell me what you know. How are the rebels doing?"

Trying to hide his annoyance, Sea Hawk begins, "Everyone is still reeling from Spira's loss of life." This causes Hordak to laugh uncontrollably, further annoying Sea Hawk. "Alright pirate, what of my prisoner that they took. How is Kowl?"

Continuing, Sea Hawk grits his teeth, "To my understanding, Kowl is helping decipher old texts from Etherian's history." Hordak nods, "Good, good. Keep me informed of what they find from those old texts. What of my lab sample?" Shrugging with no idea, "Sorry Hordak, I haven't seen any cocoons inside Bright Moon."

Hordak slams his fists on the throne, "Damn it! I know that flighty Perfuma took my lab sample. Find it for me." The pirate is done taking orders, "I won't. I told you last time, I'm done with you. My contract is finished. I won't gather information for you or anything else Hordak."

"Such a pity." Hordak looks up at his pet Imp nesting above, "They always bite the hand that feeds them, don't they?" Imp rolls over breathing a small stream of fire from his mouth. "Alright pirate. You could very well leave and never return. You could choose to end your contract, but what of your precious ship outside? Hmm? Do you think the pathetic rebels will have the fuel and energy required to keep that ship running?" Hordak grins. He has shut Sea Hawk up. "You see pirate, I know your kind. You crave the freedom of sailing the seas and roaming the air. Searching for treasure. Giving that up for a life in the woods would eventually grow dull. So the question is do you become the cookie cutter goodguy that sticks with the Rebellion? Or do you stick it to the Rebellion by helping me and ensuring you don't sell out your own ideals?"

"I believe in what the Rebellion stands for!" Sea Hawk shouts, feeling highly conflicted. "Oh I'm sure you do, but you believe in yourself more. Isn't that right?" Sea Hawk hangs his head low. Hordak grins, a glint in his red eyes. "I thought so. Look pirate, I'm not asking you to kill anyone. Just when you stop by here to refuel your ship, share a few tidbits with me. That is all. The Fright Zone has so much fuel to keep your ship flying for a long time. You can make nice with your new friends while also holding onto your own way of living. Not very difficult, now is it?" Sea Hawk leaves the throne room feeling like the biggest piece of garbage. I will get out from under his control, I will, Sea Hawk promises himself.


Walking back inside the small room, Hordak looks around, "Has Grizzlor returned?" Catra says no and inquires about the visitor. "Don't worry about the visitor Catra. Instead let us deal with our dearly re-parted Spira."

A few moments pass as Grizzlor walks into the room with a scared man. His skin is pale and drenched in sweat. "Here mighty Hordak. I brought a slave from the mines." Hordak grins, "Good."
Grizzlor brings the man near Spira. Hordak and Shadow Weaver both shout for Grizzlor to stop. It is too late, Spira lunges forward grabbing hold of the pale man. She grabs hold of his arm with her mouth, instantly tearing skin. Blood squirts everywhere as the man screams out loud.

"Get him over here now!" Hordak booms. Grizzlor zaps Spira with a laser gun. The undead beauty recoils back into the corner hissing and letting loose a howling whisper scream. Hordak looks at the mess of blood, "Let's treat this situation like we are civilized, shall we?"

Approaching the man, Hordak looks at him, "I must tell you, I appreciate everything you are about to do for Horde science." The man is shaking. In shock he starts to cry, "Please, please. Let me go. Let me go! Help! Help!" The man begins choking back tears as he screams for help. Catra and Entrapta look on. "Shh. I know you are in pain, but it won't hurt for much longer." Hordak motions for Multi Bot to approach, "Take care of this man. Remove his brain." The pale man panics and looks at the double headed robot, "What? No. No. Please, NOOOO!!!"

One of Multi Bot's arms opens up to reveal a circular blade. The pale man tries to struggle, but Grizzlor and Multi Bot are both holding him down. The man struggles and screams as the spinning blade begins cutting through skin and skull. A mass of blood is forming on the floor. The blade saws through the skull. Strange noises of death fill the air. Hordak looks over at Catra, Entrapta, and Shadow Weaver, "This is why I installed metal floors. The clean up goes by easier." Entrapta can't believe the mess that is being made, "Couldn't they have done this simpler Hordak?" In reply, Hordak snorts, "Science is never simple."

The man's screams eventually stop as he succumbs to death. Multi Bot looks at Hordak, "His brain is ready for removal mighty Hordak." Walking over, Hordak looks at the mess, "Excellent Multi Bot. Sprinkle a bit of slime on the brain. We have a monster to control."

Crossing her arms, Catra glares, "What will any of this be good for Hordak?" The ruthless Horde leader looks at the raven haired beauty, "Spira is more important to us undead. I have many plans for her. Did you know that Spira's inherent magical ability was to transform her appearance into just about anyone? I want to control that. In my hands I will have the perfect device to destroy the Rebellion. I'm going to transform her into my very own She-Ra." Shadow Weaver realizes the depths that Hordak is truly willing to go. Hordak continues, "Entrapta, I want you to get started creating a device that will also sift through Spira's memories. Her spirit may be gone, but hopefully traces of those memories still remain in the tissue. I want to access them somehow."

"Yes mighty Hordak, I will do that." Entrapta says. Grinning and looking back at Spira, Hordak claps, "Delightful. Now my fellow Horde members, let's watch our new monster enjoy the first supper." The brain is presented. Spira snarls and releases a howling whisper that turns into a thunderous scream. Wasting no time, the undead beauty takes hold of her meal. Hordak looks on and grins telling Grizzlor to get more. "More. More! Let us fill her hunger for knowledge!" A lone laugh fills the halls greeting the lone screams that occur throughout the Fright Zone.


A few days pass on Etheria. The rebels are gearing for the upcoming Night of the Glitterbug event. Passing through the crowd, Adora greets a few people. She promises to help set up a few banners later on. She continues heading to her room. Thinking of a way to help find her brother, Adora is uncertain what she will do. Passing Glimmer's room, Adora quickly stops herself. Staring at herself in a mirror, Glimmer adjusts a tiny skirt made up of streamers. Above the top rests a tiny piece of material that barely covers her breasts.

"Glimmer, would you like me to shut your door for you?" Adora asks catching her friend off guard. Glimmer jumps and as she does, the articles of clothing look as if they are going to fall apart, "Oh! Hi Adora. You can leave the door open."

"It's just that you seem partially clothed, so I was wanting to lend you some privacy." Having no clear idea what is going on, Adora is wondering what Glimmer is going through. "Oh Adora, this is my outfit. I was thinking of wearing it to the Night of the Glitterbug. Isn't it just fabulous?" Smiling trying to think of something nice to say, Adora simply shrugs, "It looks like the streamers will shine nice under the light... umm, Glimmer, are you doing alright? You haven't seemed like yourself lately."

Glimmer walks around to her wardrobe looking over more clothes. Each step she takes inches her more and more close to losing her top. Adora holds her breath. Glimmer begins folding other tiny articles of clothing. "Oh I'm fine Adora. Just fine. I've got a plan, this is all part of unveiling the new and improved Glimmer."

"Having a plan is always good. Why do you want to have a new unveiling of you?" Adora walks into the room shutting the door slightly. Glimmer shrugs, "Oh you know, I talked to Frosta. She helped give me some tips on getting a man's attention. I know Bow loves you, but I'm not going to give up. This new look is going to make him swoon. I'm sorry Adora, but I will fight for him."

Adora tilts her head, "Glimmer, I'm not going to fight you for Bow. Can we be honest with each other? I haven't known you long, but this does not seem like you." Glimmer stops folding the tiny pieces of clothing and takes everything in. Turning to look at herself in the mirror again, Glimmer finally realizes something. She plops onto her bed, "Oh Adora. What am I doing? I've never been in this situation before."

"What situation is that?" Adora asks looking at the rebel princess. Throwing her hands in the air Glimmer stammers, "I don't know what to do! I fell for Bow, and I know he doesn't feel the same way. In my mind I know this. I know it isn't going to work, but my heart isn't there yet. And I don't know what to do. I thought I could get over this. So what do I do instead? I come up with this idea to try and get Bow to eat out of the palm of my hand."

"Well Glimmer, men don't need to eat out of the palm of your hand. That is why we have plates. I know you are hurting, but you are better than all of this." Glimmer hears the words but she doesn't believe them. "Adora, I just don't know what is wrong with me. Why doesn't he like me? I mean I look at you, and you are so perfect! How could I compete?"

Shaking her head, Adora reaches out to Glimmer, "There is no reason to think of it as a competition. That is silly and belittles the both of us. I am not perfect Glimmer, not in the least. I can't even begin to tell you how I am the furthest thing from being perfect. I can't even tell good jokes." There is a pause. Adora shakes her head, "That was meant to be a joke. See what I mean?" Glimmer nods. Adora looks at her friend, "Glimmer, broken hearts are crappy. But it isn't because of something you did. Sometimes people fall for other people that don't feel the same way. It happens, you are not alone in this."

Glimmer shakes her head, "But how do I get over it? I want to feel like myself again." Adora picks up some of the tiny clothing, "First thing to do is not become some stranger, no matter how much of a stranger you feel. We all love Frosta, but not everyone is meant to wear these tiny outfits. I don't even think Frosta really wears this stuff." Glimmer chuckles, "That was funny." Adora grins.

"This will just take some time Glimmer. You are hurting and eventually you will be fine. Just don't compromise who you are because you think it will get you someone. I've seen you fight off the Horde. You are so brave, smart, and beautiful. You light the way for us. Remember that. Don't lose yourself in stuff that you'll look back on one day and laugh about. Trust me on that." Glimmer nods, "Thanks for talking to me Adora."

"I'm happy to, it is nice talking to you." The two pack away some of the clothing and continue to talk some more. Glimmer soon lets it slip about the cocoon in Perfuma's room. "Did Frosta tell anyone else Glimmer?" Shaking her head Glimmer goes on, "I don't think so. Why would she have that though? Where would it have come from?" Adora sits back, "We should probably talk to Angella about this."


After another lovely and intoxicating date with Minwu, Perfuma makes her way to her room. She is finding a way to move on from the horrors of her past. She is happy. Her cravings are under control. "I find myself dancing for no reason again." Perfuma sings out loud. Entering her room, Perfuma hopes that everything is well with the cocoon she took from the Horde Lab. She finds herself staring at Angella, Frosta, Adora, and Glimmer.

"Why are you all in my room?" Perfuma asks full of confusion. Adora looks apologetic, "I'm sorry we came into your room Perfuma." Frosta jumps in, "But we had an important reason darling." Perfuma looks around in a panic. Angella steps to the side and points to the cocoon, "Perfuma, what are you doing with this?" They all look down at the large cocoon on the floor. Something is moving and ripples underneath the gray material. Perfuma looks at everyone and whispers, "I can explain."

Up Next!

Some choices need to be made...
The Horde continues to build their ranks...
Someone makes Adora dinner. Let's hope it doesn't involve brains...


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    -you know in the "night" series zombies don't eat brains, they eat everything of the human-in the "return of" series, they eat the brains, but their bodies can't be destroyed by just a bullet through the brain. The "return of" series was made by John Russo-who was the co-writer of Night of the living dead-but George Romero got the rights to the word "dead" by itself, and made a bunch of movies in the original timeline. There is a video on youtube where joe Bob Briggs explains it all:

    did you used to watch Monstervision on TNT in the 90's?One of my favorite movie marathon shows ever!!

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    1. I like both of those series of zombie movies. And what I was thinking of in terms of Double Trouble, she is a zombie but they don't really call her that. So she kinda eats everything, but the brain is the one part that really has a side effect. I liked the idea of her eating brains and it actually giving her some effect, toss in the slime and Hordak has a way to control something completely chaotic.

      Thanks for that Joe Bob Briggs youtube clip! I would watch the Drive-In Theater with my parents when I was younger and I watched some Monstervision. I loved watching him on tv!

      As for Frosta and Glimmer, well I don't think they will be hooking up. (Though I'm sure a few people would love something like that) I want to be able to tell stories of females in relationships. The heavy hitters from the Great Rebellion are mostly female and I have always been curious to see what type of connections they have with each other. And with Adora, I have long wondered what kind of things did she do when she was a member of the Horde, and now that she is good, surely there would be some painful memories of awful actions. So I want to mention that instead of it being, "Oh I'm good now so it doesn't matter that I was once a Horde member!" Which I understand why that couldn't really be done in the old cartoon because it was a kids show, but I hope it comes across in this story. And thank you for always reading and commenting! That really means a lot. I really work hard to post these chapters and share this with everyone. I hope people enjoy it and get everyone to celebrate She-Ra. Hope all is well.