Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 2014 Woman of Wonderosity!

With one of the big three already down for the month of April, it is time for another round of interviews! Check out this month's Woman of Wonderosity! You'll be glad you did.

Together in her office, April O'Neil and Irma Langinstein try to figure out the plans for the April 2014 Woman of Wonderosity.

April: Do we have anyone lined up? After the explosive interview with Captain America, we need to follow up with something really good.
Irma: I've been trying to locate Jean Grey as per your request, but she is so hard to find!
April: Well isn't she dead? I thought we already confirmed she was dead right now.

Irma: I'm not sure.
April: You can never really tell with her. One minute she's alive and the next she's eating a star and deader than a door nail. I think we need to give it up on interviewing Jean. So come on Irma, any ideas?
Irma: No, not really. In all honesty April, I'm still drooling over the interview with Captain America.

April: I know. It's a shame really. If Miss M were alive she'd probably have some ideas.
Irma: Yeah. Wouldn't it be cool though if Miss M were able to capture all her favorite women of wonderosities in one big swoop?
April: How would that even look, assuming she were still alive?

Irma: I don't even know. Since she's dead and all.
April: Yeah. Let's just get back to work. We need to find a Woman of Wonderosity.

As the two women get to work, other more adventurous things occur in another section of town (particularly a posh museum) with the Cat Ladies! What new and strange adventures could these powerhouse women of wonderosity go on? Check it all out dear readers!

Cheetara: Ok this official meet up of the Cat Ladies is now in order. Here's what we have... (pauses as she follows her gaze upon Catwoman)

Cheetara: Catwoman, do you really need to do that right now?

Catwoman: (shrugs) You are the one that wanted us to meet in a museum. What else am I supposed to do?

Black Cat: Actually, this meeting place was my idea. I really want that picture of Karl-August XI over there.
Cheetara: You girls, I can't keep finding myself in these situations! I'm a trusted member of the ThunderCats, not a jewel thief!

Tigra: Yeah. I think I'm still on the Avenger's roster, so I can't end up in jail over some dusty stolen artifacts.

Black Cat: I was going to return it after this party I was planning on throwing. There's this empty space over my couch in the living room that needs a touch of class...

Catra: Find something at Target next time! (screeches) Can we please get on with the meeting?

Cheetah: I concur. I'm missing Grey's Anatomy right now.
Catra: (in shock) You watch that show?
Cheetah: (darts eyes to the side) Maybe.
Catwoman: Ok. So what's the deal on our investigation on Miss M's death?
Catra: (purrs) Hordak and some strange woman with bad hair were conversing privately in the Fright Zone. After doing some more research I found out that they were also involved in a shady meeting with the Rat King.
Tigra: Never heard of him.
Catra: That's not the point. I found the coordinates of his lair.

Cheetara: Listen up Cat Ladies...

Catwoman: Yeah. (focuses on her own project) I'm on the edge of my seat.

Catra: His base is in the sewer... not far from where Miss M died.
Black Cat: Do you think the Rat King killed her?
Catra: I'm not sure. But there's only one way to find out.

Catwoman: (struggles for her loot) How are we going to find out if the Rat King killed our honorary Cat Lady?

Catra: We're going to the sewer! Connect the dots, please. We can make it back in time for a late night dinner at the diner if we leave now.

Tigra: I'm so not dressed for a trip to the sewer.
Black Cat: None of us are.

Cheetah: Speak for yourself. I love prowling the sewers. It's the only surefire way to get around the city.
Cheetara: All right Cat Ladies, you know what we need to do next. Flaws sharpen the claws! The Cat Ladies unite for the ultimate fight: finding Miss M's killer!

The ladies head out.

Catwoman: How do you like my hat?

Black Cat: That's a crown.
Catwoman: Whatever. Go make out with a spider.
Black Cat: If only. Hey, will you help me hang this painting in my living room for the party? Karl-August was one dreamy guy wasn't he? Oh I think I lived in the wrong century.
Catwoman: Totally. He had great taste in head wear.

Meanwhile in another part of town...

Wonder Woman: Oh She-Ra, I just don't know. Is it possible that he is just holed up in a bar somewhere?

She-Ra: Everyone keeps telling me that, but no one is listening. Sea Hawk would never be on that long of a bender.

Wonder Woman: Why do you even care? Aren't you with Bow?
She-Ra: This is not about romance. This is about concern for a friend. I must find him.
Wonder Woman: Don't you have a friend that can just fan out some feathers and find him with magical powers?
She-Ra: Peekablue has been in the shop getting some new paint apps. We probably won't see her again until this Summer. If we're lucky.
Wonder Woman: Ok She-Ra. I'm here for you. I'll do whatever I can to help.

She-Ra: Good. Because you need to join me for a trip to the sewer.
Wonder Woman: What could possibly be in the sewer?
She-Ra: The Rat King.
Wonder Woman: Oh the strange things that live in this area of the world. Where I come from rats do not even exist.
She-Ra: Good for you. Anyways, a source at this discotheque told me she saw Sea Hawk stumbling towards the sewers with a man in a shady hat and coat.

Wonder Woman: Are you sure Sea Hawk wants to be found? It is my understanding from the ways of this world that when two people stumble out of a discotheque and into a sewer that they are wanting some 'alone' time.
She-Ra: No Wonder Woman. That is not the case. I did some research. This villain going by the Rat King is a serious threat. I think he may have done something with Sea Hawk.
Wonder Woman: So let me guess? We're going into the sewers to find a King of the Rats and the pirate you have secret feelings for?

She-Ra: I do not have secret feelings for Sea Hawk. I am an honorable woman. My heart belongs with Bow.
Wonder Woman: Yeah. And I'm actually dating Batman
She-Ra: You are? I thought you were with...
Wonder Woman: I was trying out sarcasm. I am not sure it is very fitting for me.
She-Ra: I agree. Please help me, my friend.

Wonder Woman: Sure, but let me call Superman and tell him I'll be late for our date. We can never seem to have similar schedules. (sighs) Let's go.

And only a few blocks away...

Rogue: Come on Storm, we need to do more shopping.
Storm: I am not sure I can do much more. We've shopped all day long.

Rogue: My point sugah! We've had a great shopping day at the mall without a single Sentinel attack. We need to keep that momentum goin! These things never happen.

Storm: You do have a rather interesting point. I suppose we could stop by some more stores.
Rogue: That's the spirit sugah!

The two ladies walk by and spot a homeless lady, which happens to be Miss M in the body of Moth Lady!

Miss M: Oh my goodness! I can't believe I'm seeing you two!

Storm: By the goddess, what is this?

Rogue: She looks crazier than a cat in a room full of rockin chairs.

Miss M: It's Storm and Rogue! You are both actually in front of me right now! Storm, I know this will sound crazy, but if anyone will believe me, it'd be the two of you. It's me, Miss M! My psyche is in the body of barbarian witch Moth Lady!
Rogue: Oh my.
Storm: My dear lady, do you need something to eat? Perhaps some money to buy a warm drink?

Miss M: No, that is not necessary. But I could use the help of a telepath. I think that would just solve this whole mess rather nicely. Where's Jean or the Professor? Heck, I'd even appreciate help from Emma.
Rogue: Storm, this little honey of a homeless lady sure knows her mutants. You sure she might not be tellin the truth?
Storm: I have no idea. (looks at M) Are you possibly a confused Morlock?
Miss M: No.
Storm: I'm terribly sorry, but this is simply a story that must be out of our hands. Come along Rogue, we should really get going.
Miss M: No! Please don't go. I need help. I need to make it to this charity event and...

Rogue: (interrupts) And you haven't got a thing to wear! Well come on sugah, you can have one of my recent purchases. I know what it's like to be at a charity event in the wrong outfit. It's dangerous to go alone, take this. (hands a bag to Miss M)

Miss M: Thanks old guy from Zelda. I don't need new clothes! I need a telepath!

Storm: Come on Rogue. Some people just can't be helped.

Rogue: I'm comin Storm! Did you just hear that? I handed her one of my purchases and she said I was some old guy! I'd rather deal with a sentinel. (whispers) You think she said that because of my white streak?
Storm: If you are old for your white streak, than I'm practically ancient.

The two walk off discussing the aging process and what they plan on doing with the rest of their lives as Miss M looks in the shopping bag.

Miss M: Just how is this going to help me? Oh goodness, this whole plan has got to work. I just have to make it to the Save the Wii U charity event. Michelangelo will be there and I will find a way to get him to see the real me, in all this awful body-ody-ody. With bad crimped hair. It'll be the ultimate end to the perfect love story!


Irma: Yeah, I just don't know how we could get all these wonderful women in all their wonderosity into one little feature. It just seems impossible.
April: I know. But if we could have done it, I bet it would have been awesome. Anyways, let's hold off on interviewing anyone. I think it's happy hour at Antonio's Pizza. I could totally go for a Bellini.
Irma: Only if I can get a sex on the beach.

April: Irma, no one drinks those anymore.
Irma: I know, it's more like one of those cases where I wish the drink was actually my life.
April: Oh dear. Let's talk about it over drinks.

And suddenly... the commentary...

Jem: What is this? None of this has made any sense! How is Miss M in the body of Moth Lady? Why can't anyone produce a telepath and end this mayhem? How is it possible for a toy woman to date a Ninja Turtle? Oh goodness, my head hurts. Enjoy the Woman of Wonderosity. It's outrageous. And not in the good way.

April 2014 Woman of Wonderosity!

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Join in the mayhem as the charity event of spring unfolds: Save the Wii U!


  1. What? No Hello Kitty figure? lol. : D

    1. No, there was no Hello Kitty figure! lol But she did show up during last summer's Conference of Evil! lol I don't know if you recall that or not. But she was a pretty interesting lil kitty cat.

  2. A Julie Newmar Catwoman figure wow! These Batman '66 figures look incredible.

    Am I the only one upset that Tigra's costume is just a bikini? This isn't a case of me being angry because "heroines shouldn't be exploited with skimpy costumes!" No, this is me as an artist saying "Couldn't you have at least tried to come up with something creative or unique?" You'd think she'd at least get a basic "paint it black" upgrade with leather tank top and pants kinda like what Red She-Hulk or Cheetah are wearing these days.

    Perhaps this is a project that I could collaborate with your costume designer brother to create.There is untapped potential here. I can sense it.

    Speaking of costume design, I always grow concerned whenever I see Wonder Woman's new 52 look. The look itself is alright, it certainly fairs better than a lot of the other new costumes, but those breastplate edges look so sharp and pointy I'm afraid that if see turns suddenly to the left or to the right that her one of her boobs will pop like a balloon.

    She-Ra has got the right idea with her decorative trim. Diana could probably take some hints from the Princess of Power here. Especially when it comes to body building. Wow. Talk about a specimen!

    Oh and a delightful cameo by some of the X-Ladies! I'll spare the costume commentary here because I actually do like most of the 90s X-Men look, though there are a few goofy elements in the mix.

    And end with a great group photo. Outstanding!

    1. I love everything about that Catwoman figure. The face sculpt, hair, and outfit are simply too cool for school.

      Tigra's costume is a bit interesting. I would almost prefer her to be just nude, like the movie Mystique. But yeah, something like the Red She-Hulk or new Cheetah would be pretty cool. I wouldn't mind it at all. I still need to show you some of my brother's stuff. I think you'd like it.

      And those metal edges would hurt on Wonder Woman's suit! lol I can only hope that nothing moves too much. lol

      She-Ra's costume is pretty iconic and has a nice classic look to it. I really enjoy it. After all these years. The cameo by the X-Ladies is always fun too. I liked most of the costumes from that time frame, though there were some very interesting ones. A lot of bright yellow. lol

      I liked the group photo too. Group photos are always fun.

    2. I just love how Batman '66 has boomeranged back with these toys and the new comic books series. I grew up watching that show as a kid so I have a good deal of affection for it in spite of its campiness. For years I thought that being able to produce colorful onomatopoeia was an actual superpower that Batman had.

      I don't know about fur-nude, but there has to be something more practical than this. I'd be interested in seeing your brother's stuff for sure.

      It is weird talking about clothes after years of telling my mom "I don't care" whenever we went back-to-school clothes shopping as a kid. Even more so because I just about wear the same thing every day; Sweater, polo shirt and cargo pants.

      You would know what moves better than I would as I haven't the foggiest idea how breasts work in the real world. Though it does make me curious what Wonder Woman's costume will be like for this new movie. I'm worried it may be inspired by Spartan armor with big metal pieces and a pleated skirt like you see in fan art, and I've never been keen on that look because it seems excessive, showing her as more "warrior" than "woman".

      Personally I see Wonder Woman as more of an ambassador and an athlete. She is a representative from a foreign land, and proved her worth to go out in the world through a series of physical competitions, much like a Olympic athlete. (Maybe even show that in the costume)

      While she is incredibly strong, I'm more interested in seeing her as someone more like Mr. Miyagi or Obi Wan Kenobi. Who can lay the hurt on in a second, but doesn't fight if they can find a better way. Which I think would be in much needed contrast to Superman and Batman's focus on psychical strength and their much alluded battle brawl.

      I really dig She-Ra's design. Its simple and elegant, I can see her as a gentle Grace Kelly type, but with that cape and sword, you also know not to mess with her.

    3. I love the 66 Batman. I grew up with the reruns too. I think the first two Tim Burton Batman films are my favorite version of Batman, but I also really adore the Batman Animated Series version too. 66 though works for me in terms of the villains. I really loved that whole aspect of the show, that they worked together like the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants or something.

      Here is a link to my brother's performance he created, it features his costumes- It's actually his website that has a whole set of his designs, costumes, and clothes he has made as well as some of the performances he has been in. He's very talented and I am so proud of him.

      I am curious too about Wonder Woman's look. I am nervous. I feel as if with the advent of the trashy trampy Halloween costume, I don't really want to see WW in something that would resemble a cheesy costume, while I also don't want to her to be in something that would make her completely unrecognizable. I do see her as an ambassador type as well, and while I would like to see her conflicted with her strength and always making sure she uses other avenues out of a situation rather than violence, I do want to see some epic heroic things from her. Just because I can't think of many female super heroes that have been in movies where they have gotten to do some pretty cool and impressive things. Like it was a big deal for people to see Superman fly, and for it will be a big deal to see Wonder Woman do the things that she can with the movie magic they have now. I would just really flip for that.

      And yeah, when a tall woman with a cape and a sword enters the room, you know not to mess with her! lol Though the Horde always tries. lol

    4. Batman the Animated Series was my first media exposure to the character. Everything after that is second rate in my book. Although I never get tired of Batman yelling for the Anti-Shark Repellent Bat Spray. Oh wow.

      Wow! These are ornate. They look like something straight from the mind of Erte.

      As for Wonder Woman's costume, I'm rather fond of the costume variant from the Injustice For All video game.

      It keeps the classic elements, features a bra made for protection rather than fanservice and updates with running pants. And yes, for the movie I am going to campaign that she wear pants because its just too much hassle with focus groups to determine how much loin/cheek you can see with the star spangled swim bottoms. Plus the stunt doubles are going to have to have their knees padded anyway.

      I guess the issue with regards to violence is that I don't want to see Wonder Woman be another super strong sociopath just looking for fight, especially after Man of Steel was so much more scary than inspiring.

    5. I really loved Batman the Animated Series. It was one of those cartoons that really stuck with me. There are certainly a few that I would watch over and over again now as an adult, and that would be one of them.

      His work is very ornate. It is mindblowing to me how he creates everything. He also sews everything himself, and picked that skill up as if he'd been doing it forever. He was sewing back in high school with no formal training. I have always been envious of that.

      I like the Wonder Woman costume you posted in that link. I like the idea of pants too. I just feel like the lioncloth style look can work in comics and cartoons, but in translation to film, I just see it looking silly.

      And in all honesty, I am a bit over the whole super hero sociopath dark tale. I can handle some mature themes in a story, but I like the idea of physical action being something that is used as a way of defense. I feel like Wonder Woman presents a chance to see something we haven't seen before. I just want to see something great. I know we all do.

    6. As far as the costume goes, I remember in college I attended a lecture with a guy who worked in video games, talking about his time on "Diablo" or something like that, were there was a three hour focus group meeting about how big Satan's penis should be. If there was a meeting that ran for that much time about something that was only going to be seen by a niche audience, imagine how up in arms the suits would be about trying to please everyone. This is a case were I'm willing to be distant from the source material just so that the character can be on the big screen in something other than The Lego Movie.

      I'm slightly worried about Wonder Woman being too dark after Man of Steel, but then again they tried to make her "edgy" in that awful 2011 TV pilot with Adrianne Palicki which portrayed Wonder Woman as a billionaire philanthropist, who killed indiscriminately and was immune to the court of law. Yes, really.

      I really dug the animated Wonder Woman movie from 2009, and thought that would be good template to follow. Its a pity that feature didn't make much money. Much like Chris Lockhart was saying on "Little Topics", I'm kind of tired of the constant turnout of just Superman and Batman. Plus I'm a bit burnt out on the adaptation of stories published less than ten years ago that I've already read. For an animated one shot movie I'm much more interested in seeing something of greater size and scale like The Legion or the New Gods, characters I'm only moderately familiar with and would like to learn more about.

      If theres one good thing about the animated adaptation of these New 52 stories like Justice League War or Son of Batman, its that maybe we can have some sense of continuity between the features. Because all the previous movies have been one-shots, there hasn't been much precedent to keep up with each one.

  3. cool to see not only the catwoman 66 figure but if that is either the original Jem doll or the new one doing commentary wanting to know how to keep track of the craziness that is toy miss m now. plus hope the rat king is ready for all the visitors headed his way.

    1. I love the Catwoman figure! Isn't she great? And that is an original Jem doll. I recently picker her up on ebay for a few dollars. She's missing some pieces and her head wobbles, but it isn't all that bad! lol The Rat King totally gets in over his head. lol

  4. Julie Newmar Catwoman! Holy awesome Batman! Did you feel awesome when you got that!? A truly great moment in girl action figures. But they still need to make a realistic Miss M action figure. The Lil' Pet Shop Version is cool-but you deserve a more accurate toy representation!
    The catwomen concept is so funny-do you even have a cat? I have two, if you don't have one, you should! It doesn't make you old-it just makes you an even more "a-dork-able" girl!
    If I was an action figure, I would have an action boner after seeing all these hot action figure girls! Wonder Woman, Jem, SHE-RA!!! All in the same place at once! Wow!
    Poor Miss M-in her moth form.Maybe Mothra will appear in the new American Godzilla to give her hope! -Though I sincerely doubt it. But come on! Can we get Rodan? King Ghidorh? Anguilus? ANYONE? Sorry, I ranted.

    1. I felt incredibly awesome to find her. I love this Catwoman figure a lot. They had her at my comic store. I got her a few months ago and was waiting for the perfect time to get her.

      I would also love a nice figure of me. That would be really cool. lol

      Yeah, I know the popular idea of Cat Ladies is a negative one, but I wanted to make it into something fun and goofy.

      I'm glad you liked all these female action figures in one story! lol

      I would also love to see Mothra in a new Godzilla movie. That would be amazing.