Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trolls! On Easter!

Hey everyone! Happy Easter for those who celebrate. And for those who don't, enjoy a nice chocolate egg with peanut butter in it. I've been eating a lot of Easter candy lately. Part of it is due to work. We've had baskets full of eggs filled with candy for customers at my job in the department store. And... we kinda keep forgetting to offer the eggs to customers and instead have been eating Nestle Crunch and Butterfinger eggs. I feel like I could turn into a rabbit at any minute. 

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Speaking of rabbits, I used to actually think that rabbits laid eggs. This lasted until I was about 16 or so and I totally blame the Cadbury Easter bunny. He tricked me! You must remember, I was 16 in a time before we could just get on the Internet and go to Wikipedia. How was I to know the biological mating habits of the rabbit? I could barely get through biology when we had to dissect things. I like my nature to be like a collection of Smooshees. Filled with stuffing and cute to boot. (I'm kidding. I like real life animals. Just not the ones that would want to eat me for a meal.)

Anyways, I hope that you are all doing well. I wanted to share something fun from a fellow blogger. Mason from D.I. Treasures sent me something cool a few weeks ago for Easter, and I wanted to share it here. So let's check it out!

The item came in this gorgeous bright pink envelop with cool stickers on it. I am not sure where these stickers came from (maybe Mason can shed some light on this) but the stickers look like they came from a role playing video game, like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. Either way it is beyond cute and super fun.

A lovely card was on the inside filled with bright spring time colors, lush for the season. On a side note, I love love love cards and stationary. I know I am a big dork that loves toys and stuff, but I get real girly over cards and stationary. Who knew someone could find attachment to paper, of all things? In a way it is like, the paper came from a tree, and this is just my way of loving the Earth. I'm totally about nature. 

On the inside of the card is a really cute hand drawn Easter bunny by Mason. He likes to draw all kinds of interesting and cool characters. This bunny is in my favorite shade, wishing me a hoppy Easter. I like the idea of saying hoppy. It just sounds like fun.

The item that Mason sent me was this: some Norfin Trolls trading cards! Do trading cards count as stationary? If so, I love them. That little Troll on the cover is too cute. His eyes say everything, "Can I please have some more?" Just too cute. Raggedy man Troll. How cute is he?!

The Troll cards featured a picture of a Troll doll in a real life diorama. There were no drawings, just Trolls in real life situations.

On the flip side of the card there was a whole character profile and bio on each Troll. The bios play off of pop culture and are beyond fun to read over. At least for those who enjoy the goofy silliness of this stuff. If you don't like cool and cute things, than this is not going to be your post!

Though not an Easter scene, this card shows Sleepy checking out the Christmas tree. I just love the expressions on Troll dolls. I was a huge Troll collector when I was a pre-teen. There was a store in the mall that sold novelty items, and they had a table chock full of all kinds of Trolls, and I was always collecting some new version. I flipped out when they made the Jeweled Trolls. Slap a plastic gem on something and I am putty. 

Another great bio. Sleepy just wants a good gift!

The names are cute and fun. To truly understand this picture, one must read the accompanying bio.

Zeyda is essentially an old school dude who only hears what he wants to hear, especially from his wife. See, it's stuff like that, that freaks me out about marriage. Granted, I've already been down that road, but still. If I ever get married again I so do not want to be that wife that the husband groans about. I hope that I have fun things to say that my non-existent future husband would actually want to hear. I want my future boyfriend or husband to think I'm cool. Nothing's worse than a guy wearing a Game Over shirt. No fool, this game just got started. Hope you have 99 lives. 

Hey look! It's me at 98! No really, that is going to be me at 98. I'll be in a mumu with an inspired Pucci print with dry brittle white hair and I'll be chowin' down on cookies. Why? Because I'll be 98. After seven husbands, four archival rooms, and the disintegration of my She-Ra collection, I would have earned it! 

I love that Bubby's ambition is to win a bingo tournament. Hey, that's one of mine too. Anytime I play bingo I am always hoping to win. That's a hard game to win! If only because so much is out of your hands, ya know? Either way I enjoy the connected nature of these Troll bios. 

Trolls playing golf! Perfection. Add a whole golf ensemble and you've got something that is pure perfection. I love these images so much. It's just fun to look at.

I like that he is all into golf, but he's not that good. It is so cute! How could anyone not like this?

Ok, this card takes it to a whole other level. Sherluck might be my favorite, if only because I really want to see a show about a Troll detective. 

After reading this bio I am very curious too about the mystery of the Trolls getting to Norfinland. 

Dot is just precious. Norfloaf! What in the world could that possibly taste like?

I like Dot's poem. The poem really sums up the essence of Trolls. She seems like the most creative out of the bunch too. She likes to write and wants to be an actress, all while cooking mystery Norfloaf.

Not to be outdone, the Troll pack also came with a sticker to accompany the trading cards. Those eyes! They are just so precious! I know Trolls freak some people out, but I really think they are so cute. Maybe one day I will post about my collection of Trolls. (I know, it's so shocking that I have held onto something.)

But wait, there's more!

Mason also included this really cool DC trading card as well. I have no idea who Layla is as I do not follow that much DC, but she looks so cool. Her spikes and Mohawk are everything. You can't really see the spikes on her shoulders in this picture, but they are there.

Check out the spikes in this picture! She just looks awesome. I also liked receiving this card. As I have mentioned before I am not big on DC comics, I just wasn't raised on them. But I do like learning about new characters regardless of their comic house. 

Anyways, a big thanks to Mason from D.I. Treasures. Check out his blog because he posts about some cool stuff that he likes to collect. I like his drawings and his varied tastes in toys and all kinds of cool dorky stuff. 

I hope that you guys and gals are doing well. I will be back with even more fun soon. As April reaches its end, there are some fun things still in store with toy Miss M and her crazy life. Hope you are well, and have a Hoppy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter, Miss M!
    Trolls...still creepy.

    1. Hope you had a nice East Dex! And Trolls can be creepy. It's all in the eyes and... hair. lol

  2. Yum Chocolate! Although I did get a notice from my dentist that I need to come in for my annual cleaning soon. Couldn't he have waited after Easter to send that? Now I'm going to spend the next week feeling guilty just for looking at candy.

    I don't know about laying eggs, but I have heard that rabbits are great at multiplying. Thats something that would have come in real handy during math class. *rimshot*

    Thats cool that Mason sent you something just in time for Easter. I likewise have a lone pink envelope left over from my Christmas cards that I've been saving for a special occasion. Now that I know you love cards and stationary there is no doubt in my mind that I will have to put something in it to send to you.

    Speaking of geeky care packages, I've been watching the mailbox intensely this past week, in anticipation of the mail you said to expect. So exciting!

    It also got me to thinking about perhaps doing the same for some of our other League members. I know that Derek the Goodwill Geek (or Random Guy as he's called now) loves all things horror, and though he might like some of these classic Crestwood Monster books I found in a yard sale free bin that I've been keeping around for "pride of ownership". I may hold onto them until December so that I can bundle them with his Christmas card and right off the shipping fees as a business expense. Curse my crippling cheapness!

    I remember Troll dolls. They're both ugly and cute in that same school of appeal as ET. I don't know why it works but it does. Personally I think its a pity that "Troll" has since become synonymous with Internet Haters and makes me wish these dolls had a more fitting name to be known by.

    Ah, Bloodlines, another 90s trend I remember. This one I wish I didn't. Heres a quick video to bring you up to speed:

    Layla's purple mohawk is excusable, but the ridiculously sized guns and the torn tank top that shows off both cleavage and underboob makes me laugh out loud. As an artist, this goofy "sitting on an invisible ledge" pose hurts to look at!

    Oh well. I'm glad you're having a great Easter and I'm happy to count you as one of my peeps. Haha!

    1. Hey Erik! I hope your Easter was great too, even though I am replying in May. lol I also know that you enjoyed everything I sent and that is awesome! I am really glad you liked everything. And I think your idea for Derek is great! I have some things for him too, but due to my crippling cheapness, I can't get everything shipped out to everybody all at once. lol It's a lot. lol

      Troll dolls do have that ugly and cute factor going for them. So did ET! But you are right, it totally worked. I really had an obsession with Trolls. lol It was really bad. lol

      So that video is hilarious! I love the video review of the comic. I am really kinda glad I missed out on this series. lol

      I still like the mohawk though on Layla, but yeah, her guns are a bit big and her tank top would have been perfectly fine a scooch longer. lol But I do love mohawks and spikes. Not on everyone, but it works. That pose was also quintessential 90's. I have so many trading cards where the characters are posing in the strangest of poses.

      I'm glad to be one of your peeps! lol That was funny. : )

  3. Mason is all sorts of awesome. Glad to see you highlighting the packs of Norfin Trolls cards he's been nice enough to gift many of us with. Super-swell..!

    Also, I love that DC Bloodlines' trading card. One of the stranger DC Events; they tried introducing dozens of new characters [like Layla!], hoping they'd catch on and become the company's latest crop of hit characters. Ironically, only Garth Ennis' creation, Hitman [Tommy Monaghan], managed to launch and maintain an ongoing series. It lasted 61 issues.

    Hope that you're having a great holiday, Miss M..!

    1. I know! Mason is really awesome. I adore these cards a lot.

      And I have to do more research on this Bloodlines from DC! I totally do not remember this. But then again, I was a marvel girl. lol So that might be why. And we all know marvel had their own hiccups in the 90's. lol I hope you had a great holiday too!

  4. I officially offer myself to be one of your upcoming seven husbands, but maybe I can be like, the third or fourth or something? I really don't want to be with you when you start turning into a troll lady-some other guy can take that hit!

    1. lol Ha! I am laughing so hard right now. You can totally be the third or fourth one. lol I would never want to let anyone suffer the fate of my seventh husband. lol Hope you are doing well!

  5. This was a great post Miss M! You really went all out, it was nice to see what Troll cards you got. I'm glad you enjoyed the cards. :)

    The stickers are from the PC game Terarria. It's kinda like a side scrolling version of Minecraft. I really need to get off my butt and dedicate a post to all the awesome Easter goodies to sent to me and Ava! She absolutely loved everything you sent!

    As for Bloodlines I too am completely unfamiliar with it. I just collected tons of cards as a kid and I have a ton of Bloodlines cards for some reason. X-Men is by far my favorite comic book heros.

    1. Oh it was totally my pleasure Mason! I was more than happy to write about these trading cards and your kindness!

      I am so glad that Ava enjoyed the Easter goodies! You do not have to worry about posting about that, I wanted to do something nice for you because you are always a kind and great person.

      I can relate to the bloodlines thing, there were certainly points in my life when I would collect all kinds of trading cards because I was obsessed. I do agree though, X-Men was my ultimate favorite too, and still is. lol I can't help but continue reading that comic. Or rather, the 76 titles that are out regarding everyone's favorite rag tag group of merry mutants. Hope you are doing well!