Wednesday, December 31, 2014

After Dark: New Fear's Eve

Sydney: With our last top ten list for the year of 2014 behind us, a friendly reminder listeners: It's New Year's Eve and anything can happen. So please be safe out there. Have a Happy New Year. Let's hope 2015 will be the one to beat!

After Dark
New Fear's Eve

Tidus: You got any plans for the night Sydney?

Sydney: Actually yes. I haven't been receiving any crank calls from the creep. There hasn't been any odd mail. I'm doing pretty well and don't mind getting out. I'm going out to meet some friends to ring in the new year.

Tidus: Sounds good. See ya in 2015 Sydney.
Sydney: That's wonderful. By the way, have you seen Kenshin?
Tidus: He called in sick.

Sydney: Ok. Well, have a happy new year.

At Bow's Place...

Smurfette: Now this is how you ring in the new year!

Dagger: Aren't you glad we got you to come out?

Miss M: I suppose. I kinda just wanted to stay at home.

Catra: You've been cooped up at home since the trial.
Miss M: Wait a second, I did have a truly truly outrageous Christmas party. That should count for something.

Dagger: I totally missed it, so I'm glad we could get you out. It's rare that I get to see you.
Janine: I missed it too! So we need to live this night up!
Miss M: I know.

Janine: Plus you are alive!
Miss M: Yeah, it's really weird to be back.
Dagger: Have you seen Mikey?

Miss M: No. He's still on his honeymoon. But I'm ok, really. He chose Mona Lisa. What's done is done. I'm good. I just want 2015 to be here already. I'm ready to say good bye to 2014.

Smurfette: That makes sense.

Janine: I'm with you on wanting the year to be over. 2014 was not an easy year.
Miss M: I agree. And you were totally missed by everyone Janine when you were in your coma.

Janine: I'm just wishing Velvet Sky had gone away. If I see her on the street, she better watch out.

Miss M: Oh Janine, this is why we are friends.

Bow: Hey ladies. Drinks?

Miss M: Hi Bow! Of course! How are things? You look good!

Bow: Things are great.

Perfuma: M! You made it out tonight!

Mermista: Hi M.

Miss M: Oh my goodness, Mermista! Perfuma! My girls! I'm so ready to have fun!

Lon-O: Glimmer, I want you to stop taking the drugs.

Glimmer: I want you to leave me alone! Are you taking me home tonight?

Lion-O: I can't. I'm done with this Glimmer. (walks off)

Glimmer: You'll be back. You always find a way back. Loser.

Glimmer: Shit I need a drink.

Cheetara: The night is busy Bow.

Bow: I know. New Year's Eve is crazier than I thought. I just wish I could be home in front of the television right now. The holidays have worn me out.
Cheetara: That does sound nice. Would you like some company tonight Bow?
Bow: Umm...

Cheetara: I'm so sorry. That was probably too forward of me. I just thought that since we have been getting closer we'd take it to the next step. Tygra has the kids tonight, so I'll be free...
Bow: Ya know why not? I'm no longer with She-Ra. I think you are stunning. Why not? In fact, I can get Bloom and the rest of my staff to cover me. Wanna head out early?

Cheetara: And ring in the New Year with just you? I can't think of anything better...

Catra: So I'm ready to ring in the New Year! We've lost too much this year. But everything is going to be great.

Black Cat: I agree.

Catwoman: Can we just stop for a second? None of us have heard from Cheetah. I feel like something is wrong.

Catra: She's a world class villain. I'm sure she is fine.

Sydney: Hey everybody. Have I missed anything?

Smurfette: Aside from a total lack of men to flirt with, not much.

Miss M: Hey Sydney.

Sydney: Wow, I'm still not used to you being alive.

Miss M: Yeah. I know. I'm here though. I also know you are really close with Mona Lisa, I just want you to know I don't have any hard feelings.

Sydney: Thanks.

Mermista: Why is Glimmer acting so weird?

Perfuma: I think I saw her getting into a fight with Lion-O. That might be why.

Miss M: I'll go talk to her.

La Lunatica: You told me there would be cute guys here.

Black Cat: I thought there would be. I'm sorry.

La Lunatica: This sucks. I want to kiss someone when the clock strikes midnight, and no offense, but I'm not kissing you.
Black Cat: Speak for yourself. We are not in college anymore.

La Lunatica: I'm going. I'll see ya later.

Dr. Badvibes: Hey darlin, where are you going?

La Lunatica: Ugh. You are not cute.
Dr. Badvibes: Lookin to find some dreamy guys to spend New Year's Eve with?

La Lunatica: It's none of your business.
Dr. Badvibes: I know where there's an amazing party happening. There's all kinds of refreshments and party favors. You might even get that kiss at midnight.
La Lunatica: Give me a break.

Dr. Badvibes: I swear, it's legit. I'm a doctor.
La Lunatica: And I'm a mutant, so if this is some sort of game I will fight and kick your skinny behind.
Dr. Badvibes: Look, just give me a few minutes of your time. Bow's Place is so last year. This new place I'm talking about is where everyone who is everyone will be. I've even heard that Dazzler is performing.

La Lunatica: No way! I heard she was performing in a hush hush concert tonight too! Ok. You aren't that bad.

Dr. Badvibes: No. I'm not bad at all. Come on, I'll take you there...

Mila: I need a drink.

Bloom: Sure thing.

Sydney: Hey Mila. I heard about your office burning down. Tough break. I have plenty of space for rent in my building if you need anything.

Mila: And get help from you? I'd rather dig a hole to China. Neither of those things will ever happen.

Sydney: I thought we were getting to a better place. Or at least a place that wouldn't have to have so much snark.
Mila: That will never happen.

Sydney: Suit yourself Mila. Have a Happy New Year.

Mila: I will have a Happy New year, once I make your media empire crumble...

Miss M: So Glimmer, what's going on again?
Glimmer: I just am tired of him thinking he can tell me what to do. But I love him.

Miss M: Glimmer, if you love Lion-O than you need to go to him. You need to explain your feelings and where you are coming from!

Glimmer: What happens if he doesn't care? Or if it is too late?

Miss M: It's never too late for love. Now can we talk about something, honey, I think you're high.
Glimmer: Maybe a little.

Miss M: Oh Glimmer, you're a mess.

Glimmer: (gets tears in her eyes) I know.

Miss M: Go find Lion-O. Make it right.

Glimmer: (chokes back a sob) Kay.

Bruce Wayne: Always helping others.

Miss M: Please, I'm not that much of a saint. I'll be staging an intervention in a week and she'll hate me. What are you doing here?
Bruce Wayne: Catwoman invited me.

Miss M: Oh, she did?
Bruce Wayne: Yes, she did. It looks like I'm one of the few men here.
Miss M: Well, I'm sure you must love that. Don't let all that attention get to you.

Bruce Wayne: I'd rather you get to me. You wanna dance? I don't have anyone to kiss at Midnight.
Miss M: What about Catwoman?

Bruce Wayne: We are just friends. Would you like to dance?

Miss M: I suppose.


La Lunatica: Hey, I don't think a party is here and it's almost midnight.

Dr. Badvibes: Just keep walking my dear.

La Lunatica: What is this? Who are these people?

Dr. Badvibes: My dear, this is Dr. Blight, Rocksteady, and Bebop.

La Lunatica: What is this?

Dr. Blight: This is your future.

La Lunatica: I think I'm ready to go.

Dr. Blight: Rocksteady, Bebop, hold her down.

La Lunatica: Now wait a minute! Let go of me! Leave me alone!

Bebop: You ain't goin no where!

Rocksteady: That's right!

La Lunatica: Help me! Someone help me!

Dr. Badvibes: The machine is ready Dr. Blight.

La Lunatica: What are you doing! You are a woman, how can you allow this to happen?

Dr. Blight: I owe nothing to you or any other woman. I am here for me, and me alone!

La Lunatica: (screams) What are you doing to me?

 Dr. Blight: We are going to make you into the latest designer drug.

La Lunatica: NNOOOO!

Miss M: It's time for the countdown!

Group: 5!

Cheetara: Oh Bow. This is so romantic!

Bow: I know. I'm happy to be spending time with you.

Group: 4!

Bebop: It's done. She's ready for the synthesis.

Dr. Blight: Great. She's a mutant so the concentrated dose will be a great high. Get it ready and out on the streets. Shredder will be pleased.

Group: 3!

Sydney: I want this to be a nice new year! I can feel it!

Group: 2!

Cheetah: (stumbles in) Help me...

Group: 1! Happy New Year!!!

Bruce Wayne: Kiss for the New Year Miss M?

Miss M: Bruce, what are you doing?

Bruce Wayne: Trying to woo you.

Bruce Wayne: Happy New Year...

Catra: Cheetah!

Black Cat: My goodness, she's been attacked. What happened to you?

Catwoman: Cheetah, are you ok?

Cheetah: We're in trouble...

Catra: What do you mean, who did this to you?

Cheetah: Someone wants the Cat Ladies gone. Tigerclaw...
Catra: Tigerclaw?

Black Cat: Wasn't he involved with you Catra?
Catra: A long time ago. Where's Cheetara?
Catwoman: She left with Bow...

Catra: We need to get her back now. She's in danger.

Cheetara: Bow, I never thought I could feel like this.
Bow: Me either.
Cheetara: Did you hear that?

Bow: Wait, who are you?!

Cheetara: What do you want?!

Tigerclaw: Payback. (aims gun)


Sydney: What a crazy New Year's Eve. I hope that Cheetah woman will be ok. (checks her phone)

Sydney: A voice message... (listens)

Mystery voice: Hello Sydney...

Sydney: Not again...

Next morning...

Glimmer: Crap. My head hurts.

Glimmer: I look rough.

Angella: Glimmer! Are you awake yet?

Glimmer: (gasps and looks to her bed) Don't say a word!

Angella: Glimmer? It's getting late. Are you up?

Glimmer: I'm up!

Angella: Is there anyone in there with you? I hope you did not bring your boyfriend over. Lion-O is not allowed here over night!

Glimmer: I'm alone mother! Gawd!

Angella: Get dressed and come to brunch.

Glimmer: OK.

Glimmer turns...

Glimmer: Ok, you have got to leave.

Sy-Klone: Ok babe. But let's try to do that again. Last night was hot.

Glimmer: Yeah, just don't tell anyone. This would kill Lion-O. Get out.

Sy-Klone: All right. Later sexy.

Glimmer: (looks at herself in the mirror sadly) Happy New Year.

After Dark continues into the New Year! Find out who survives and what happens when your favorite toys get steamy... After Dark!


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    1. Happy New Year to you too Jim! I hope 2015 has been a really nice one so far!

  2. Happy New Year M and am looking forward to what 2015 has in store for you and what you have in store for all of us too.

    1. Happy New Year John! I hope the year has been treating you well so far. Thank you for always commenting and being kind. Talk to ya soon!

  3. Hi Miss M!
    I am truly sorry that I have not been reading Diary of a Dorkette for, like, a thousand posts! I apologize, but I was finishing off my last College class, "Intro to Formal Logic" and we both know how baffling the concept of "logic" can be to people like us!!
    Anyway, I finished it, and finally graduated, so now, as one of the ranks of the merrily unemployed, I can catch up on your posts! So don't send me down the friend trapdoor yet! I do intend on catching up!
    Though it looks like I am WAAAY behind! I started reading the wedding one, but I am still getting used to the fact that the old adorbs Miss M is back instead of the Moth Lady!! craziness!! But I will catch up soon and provide you with plenty of annoying feedback! Keep on rockin in 2015!
    -Luv always,
    The Moose

    1. It's ok! I have been behind on getting through all my comments and replying. The year has been so busy so far. It has been difficult to catch up on everything. Congratulations on graduating by the way!!! That is so awesome! I am so happy to hear that. I do hope you can also find a job though! That can be such a stressful pain in the butt. And yes, old adorbs Miss M is indeed back. And better than ever! lol I hope you enjoy everything. And I will be catching up on your comments. So that is great. Hope all is going well!!!

  4. Glimer, what a shame, you don't need a drink, stop putting those substances into yur body!

    Miss M, I love your toys and your stories. I also hae a Dr. Blight, but mine is old and used, yours looks new and fresh :(

    1. That Dr. Blight is mine from when I was a kid! lol There were certain toys O took care of more than others and my Dr. Blight from childhood has really aged well. lol

      As for Glimmer, I don't know what it was, but when I originally wrote this story as part of a fanfic I write in high school, I really put poor Glimmer through the ringer. I don't know why I did that either.