Thursday, December 4, 2014

Briter Days are Here!

Now that November Sweeps are over and Michelangelo has gotten married and poor Miss M is alone and heartbroken, I thought it best to revisit something Brite. The third and final episode from the first season of the newly rebooted Rainbow Brite series on Feeln has been available and there is just too much to say, so click the link and learn why you need to start watching this show. Like, yesterday.

For those just tuning in, Rainbow Brite has returned in a big way. The series has been rebooted exclusively on Feeln, a movie subscription service site in connection with Hallmark that features feel good movies and original content. There is a small monthly fee to use the site, and the first week is free. To learn more about Feeln, please head over to their site at But what of Rainbow Brite? To catch up on the event and my review of the first two episodes from the Rainbow Brite series on Feeln, please head here.

The third and final episode of the season has been available since November 20th. Written by Rachel Vore, Operation Sparkle Color Explosion, is the episode to end all episodes. Original fans of the property will completely geek out over the events that occur in this third episode. Now that the Dark Princess is this-close to destroying Rainbowland; Rainbow Brite, Brian, and the Color Kids work together to find a way to stop the threat of evil! This is a true season finale in every sense of the word. The episode is just slightly over 13 minutes, and in it there are battles between good and evil, a villainous subplot, and a great moment towards the end that is pure awesomeness. Fans of the original series will love it and newer fans of the show should hopefully shout, "This is so cool!"

Emily Osment continues to dazzle as the voice of Rainbow Brite. There is a scene in which Rainbow Brite and her friends map out how they will take down the Dark Princess, and it is just too cute. Emily finds a way to bring a lighthearted charm to this latest incarnation of Rainbow Brite without ever making her into a dippy air head. The writing and voice acting is just superb. Molly Ringwald still strikes a stone cold villain's voice for the Dark Princess. The character truly shines in this episode with animation that unfolds in a terrific way. (Seriously, go and check out this episode, the final fight scene is spectacular.) Of course the Dark Princess isn't the only one that tries to come out triumphant. Murky and Lurky also try to mix things up for the denizens of Rainbowland. While the threat of the Dark Princess is more evil in tone, the shenanigans of Murky and Lurky provide some funny comic relief that even sees the Color Kids in on the action.

Operation Sparkle Color Explosion neatly wraps up the first season of Rainbow Brite, though I really hope this is not the last we will see of her colorful world. I feel like the whole team behind this new reboot have lovingly created something special for fans both old and new. I have no idea if there will be a second season, but I will hold out hope. Hallmark and Feeln have something really wonderful on their hands, and it needs to continue and flourish into a successful property. As I've said before, this is truly a great time for fans of "girl" properties from the 80's. Everything seems to be getting a comeback in some form or another and I think that is a great thing. But don't take my word for it alone! Check out what happened when I sat down with Canary Yellow and friend Agnes Skinner to watch the season finale of Rainbow Brite!

Miss M: Wait. That's it? That's the end?
Canary Yellow: I'm afraid so M.

Miss M: But, how much longer will we have to wait for more episodes?
Canary Yellow: Don't look at me, I don't work for Feeln.
Miss M: But you know Rainbow Brite, surely you have some inside information?

Canary Yellow: Nope, nothing at all. What did you think of the episode Agnes?

Agnes Skinner: Gah ha! I hated it! This is not the Rainbow Brite I grew up with.

Miss M: Wait, I didn't know they had a Rainbow Brite cartoon in the 1930's.

Agnes Skinner: Little girl, I am referring to the original series from the 80's! I am an old school fan! This new Rainbow Brite is too different. Where's the chubby faced girl from the 80's? Where's the hand drawn animation! I want to see a more faithful story!

Miss M: Were we watching the same show? This was totally faithful to the spirit of the original Rainbow Brite and the new look is really fun. Not everything can be an exact replica of the original, there would be no reason to even revisit the property. We'd just be content with what we had. I think this new take is great.

Agnes Skinner: Well I think I drank too much prune juice. I need to use your restroom. Now get outta my way!

Canary Yellow: M, I think it's time you made new friends.

Miss M: Nah, Agnes isn't that bad. We just don't always agree with our reboots. Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?
Canary Yellow: Thanksgiving? What's that?

Miss M: Huh? You don't know? It's like, the day where people get together with family and friends that they either really love or really don't. And they just give thanks for what they are happy for and eat a lot.
Canary Yellow: That's odd. In Rainbowland we don't need a day to share our thanks. Everyday is Thanksgiving in Rainbowland.

Miss M: No way. I'd be big as a house if everyday was Thanksgiving.
Canary Yellow: Why?
Miss M: You know, from all the eating. (sighs) Never mind. Do you think she'll be back?
Canary Yellow: I don't know, Agnes did say she drank some prune juice. She could be awhile.
Miss M: No, not Agnes. Rainbow Brite. This third episode was so good, but it just feels so soon to be calling it a season finale. I grew up with All My Children, that show was like a 41 year long season. So, three episodes makes me feel like I'll have the brew shakes in a red hot minute. I'm worried Rainbow Brite won't come back.

Canary Yellow: I have hope that she will come back. She's Rainbow Brite. Rainbows may not always be around, but they are never far behind.
Miss M: Huh? What does that have to do with the price of parcel post?
Canary Yellow: I don't know. She did like your first review though.

Miss M: Hold the phone! Rainbow Brite read my first review on her new series?
Canary Yellow: Yeah. She thinks you are sort of cool.
Miss M: I'll take it! Do you think she'd want to hang out? I mean, I can make some snacks.
Canary Yellow: Oh I wouldn't go that far. She's kinda busy.
Miss M: Right. Of course. That makes sense.

Agnes Skinner: You're out of toilet paper. And I think I clogged your toilet. Gah ha. Ha. What are you two dorks talking about?

Canary Yellow: I'm a Color Kid, far from a dork. Miss M was hoping that Rainbow Brite would maybe stop by to hang out.
Agnes Skinner: Why would she want to stop by this dump?

Miss M: Hey, this is a cool house.
Canary Yellow: It's not that cool. You've totally modeled it after the Simpsons. They had this look first. Just saying.
Miss M: Well, I mean. I don't know. I think it would be kind of cool for Rainbow Brite to stop by.

Agnes Skinner: What's so special about her anyway? You latch onto anything from your youth. It's so dorky.
Canary Yellow: Yeah, why do you like Rainbow Brite so much?

Miss M: I mean, how could you not? I adore my warrior women and my super heroes, but there is just something fun and positive about Rainbow Brite. She's just happy and wants to bring joy to people's lives. I think that's a great thing and I mean come on, the world we live in can be a scary place. She makes the world a little more Brite

Agnes Skinner: My prune juice is kicking in again. I'm heading home. It's been real ladies.

Miss M: Oh no, wait! You can't leave! We have more TV watching to do!

Agnes Skinner: Bah. I'm gone. Next time make more snacks.

Miss M: Bye Agnes. Well Canary Yellow, what should we watch next?

Canary Yellow: Let's see, Walking Dead is over for now. There are no more Rainbow Brite episodes. I don't know. I'll probably just head home too.

Miss M: No! You have to stay! The night is still young. I've got a week's worth of General Hospital on DVR!
Canary Yellow: Oh no, please no more soap operas. No more drama. I beg of you.
Miss M: Ok. Well... We could play some games. I've got Sorry. And Clue! We can even play some old school video games! Come on, I'll even bring out my special stash of frozen taquitos that no one knows about. It'll be a blast!

Canary Yellow: Sorry M, I've got to go. I'll see ya later. Bye!

Miss M: (sighs) Ok, bye!

Miss M: Hmm. I guess I could always work on my Dark Princess cosplay. Or... I could watch the third episode of Rainbow Brite again. It was that good!

As Miss M prepares to watch some more Rainbow Brite, a familiar voice calls out...

Mystery Voice: Hey, I heard there were snacks here!

Miss M: Wait, that voice!

Miss M: Oh. My. Bows. It's you! Rainbow Brite! You are in my house!

Rainbow Brite: Haha! I am! Oh Miss M, I had to visit you. You are the biggest dorkette in the universe. And I'm in a dismal way, which is why I need your help. Am I interrupting anything?

Miss M: Oh no, I was just gonna do some work on my Dark Princess cosplay while re-watching episodes of your new show. But you've suddenly appeared in my living room so that stuff can wait. Would you like me to make some taquitos? I have a hidden stash.

Rainbow Brite: Maybe. I'm actually really here on important business. There is a force that has awoken.

Miss M: Oh I know. Fans have been divided ever since the trailer aired, but ya know, I think it will be a decent Star Wars movie. Ya know?

Rainbow Brite: Oh M, I'm not referring to that. (looks out window, up at the sky towards Rainbowland) I'm talking about a real force. A force of evil that is going to threaten Rainbowland and somehow make the Dark Princess look like a Sprite.
Miss M: Really? That sounds intense.

Rainbow Brite: I know! This force of evil is an eater of worlds!

Miss M: No way, Galactus is going to eat Rainbowland?

Rainbow Brite: No M, follow me ok? This threat destroys ideas and vanquishes creativity. And if this foul beast has his way, Rainbowland, the Color Kids, and even me... we'll cease to exist.
Miss M: Who is this grody ragamuffin?

Rainbow Brite: He goes by the name Cancellationor: the evil war lord of ratings! He tries to destroy everything and I fear that if he has his way, the world of Rainbow Brite might not exist.

Miss M: What can I do? I must help you!

Rainbow Brite: Do you have any experience wielding a laser sword and shield?

Miss M: Umm, sure! Who doesn't know how to use those things? (nervously laughs) I mean, I've used a shield playing Legend of Zelda. Come to think of it, I wasn't really good with the shield. I could never time the shield right against those octopus things that spit out rocks. I lost a lot of hearts for Link. To this very day he can't look me in the eye.

Rainbow Brite: Ok. I think you'll do just fine! Now, what do you say? Care to join me on an adventure to Rainbowland?

Miss M: Of course! Oh my goodness, let's stop Cancellationor!
Rainbow Brite: Great! And maybe bring a box of frozen taquitos too!

Miss M: Totally!

As Rainbow Brite and the biggest dorkette in the universe leave to save the universe, with snacks, Miss M's friend Agnes Skinner comes back to an empty house.

Agnes Skinner: M? Are you here? I, uh, forgot something!

Agnes Skinner: (looks around) Perfect, she isn't here.

Agnes Skinner: Now for my ultimate plan to unfold. Silly dork girl. I had no prune juice in my system. My trip to the bathroom was a decoy. I was merely pretending to have stomach issues so that I could instead sneak around the kitchen looking for Miss M's secret stash. So now, I shall eat her hidden box of frozen taquitos! All to myself! Gah ha! Ha! Muah ha-ha-ha!

Grab your favorite snacks before Agnes does and head over to right now and log on to watch the new and exclusive Rainbow Brite series. Spread the word, Brite is back!  


  1. Just replace "Rainbow Brite" with "Terminator Reboot" and Agnes' rant is eerily similar to one I went on earlier today.

    1. Ha! I can totally imagine your rant, I hope you can save some of it for an episode of Geek Fallout. You always have such a delightful way with words. I love it!

  2. lol every one must really want toy miss ms.taquitos . if one like agnes is willing to come back after saying the house is a dump. and hope the new rainbow brite does not get destroyed by the canceltor but sadly thats up to the ones in charge of airing the show to decide .

    1. I know dmeoncat, I can only hope they decide to keep the show. I think it is such a good one too. And yes, who couldn't love taquitos? They are so good! lol

  3. I still to this day, have never seen Rainbow Bright, but it certainly seems like the kind of a property you would be into, so I understand your pain! On another girl related property note, I heard they are gonna reboot Sailor Moon! Is there any truth to that? Have you heard about this?

    1. Yes, Rianbow Brite is not for everyone, but it is really right up my alley. And i had heard they were rebooting Sailor Moon, I just don't know when they will be doing that. It feels like it has been taking them forever to get around to doing it.