Wednesday, January 21, 2015

After Dark: Winter is Here

It's 2015 and with the cast of After Dark deep in winter, check out the after math of New Year's Eve! Who got shot? Will Sydney find out who is stalking her? And can Glimmer avoid falling off the deep end? Read on to find out!

Sydney: Catching up with you over lunch has been great.
Glory: Of course. It's always fun to catch up. How are you doing with the crank calls and letters from your stalker?
Sydney: They are still happening.

Glory: Have you gone to the police?

Sydney: Please. Chief Wiggum and his keystone cops are no good. They tell me there is nothing they can do.
Glory: That's terrifying. Who do you think it could be?
Sydney: I am not sure. It could be anyone. It's a bit scary, because I feel at any moment some lunatic could jump out at me.

Glory: Don't you think that would have already happened though? And come on Sydney, surely you have an idea. Don't you have any enemies?

Sydney: Of course. There's Mila Rosnovsky. She is always so cold to me when we see each other in public. Not to mention stalking and harming people runs in her family. Her sister Velvet Sky is a nightmare!
Glory: This is very true.
Sydney: But I've also been getting a weird vibe from one of the guys that helps with my radio show, his name is Kenshin.

Glory: How interesting. Well just know Sydney, you aren't alone.
Sydney: Thank you for being such a good friend.

Glory: Of course. Now, I heard New Year's Eve was a mess. What happened at Bow's Place?

Sydney: It wasn't what happened at Bow's Place, but more what happened to Bow and Cheetara at her humble abode...


She-Ra: Hey Bow. I'm just wanting to see how you are.

Bow: I'm good. Doctor said it was a scratch and that the bullet didn't puncture anything.

She-Ra: Good.

Bow: I thank you for being at the hospital, but...

She-Ra: I got it. Trust me, I had no idea. Look Bow, I know we aren't together anymore. I kissed a man. It hurt. I get it. But I think I've paid enough for my kiss with Sea Hawk. I didn't need to rush into the emergency room upon hearing you'd been shot only to find out you were shot by a bounty hunter while in the throes of passion with Cheetara.

Bow: I didn't want you to find out like that. I hadn't realized you were still listed as my emergency contact.

She-Ra: Well now that you are sleeping with someone else, take me off that list.

Bow: (hangs his head) Sure.

She-Ra storms off with a mixture of feelings rushing through her body and heart.

Else where...

Cheetara: You can't threaten me like that!
Tygra: Oh really? How do you think I feel getting a phone call from the damn emergency room telling me that you were shot by a bounty hunter?! What if it had been the weekend for you to have the kids?
Cheetara: Look, I didn't ask to be gunned down.
Tygra: In bed. Gunned down in bed with a man.

Cheetara: His name is Bow...
Tygra: I know who Bow is. Believe me, you could have picked better.
Cheetara: Oh shut up! I can get to know whoever I'd like on my own time.

Tygra: You have put our kids in danger.

Cheetara: WilyKat and WilyKit are in no danger!

Tygra: You and your cat friends have some demented bounty hunter hunting you all down! What kind of mother gets her children involved in that?

Cheetara: How dare you! I am a good mother! Our children have never been put in harm's way.
Tygra: But they could. This Tigerclaw guy is a lunatic. He shot you and your lover.
Cheetara: Catra is going to take care of it.

Tygra: And I'm going to take care of what I need to take care of. I'm filing a petition with the court. I'm going for full custody.

Cheetara: You wouldn't dare.

Tygra: I am. I'm glad you are getting your strength up, because you'll need it.

Cheetara: Get the hell out of my house.

Across town...

Glimmer: Hey Mermista. I'm sorry I haven't visited with you much.
Mermista: It's ok. How have you been Glimmer? We've all been worried about you.

Glimmer: I've just been going through some things. I haven't been myself.

Mermista: I can understand. Ever since my legs got messed up I haven't been myself either.

Glimmer: Would you like something to take the edge off? I've got something that will make you forget everything.

Mermista: Are you talking about drugs?!
Glimmer: Maybe.
Mermista: Glimmer! I'm not taking any drugs. My goodness, what is the matter with you?

Glimmer: (looks sad) I don't even know. My life is a mess Mermista.
Mermista: You think?

Glimmer: I'm so sorry! I did something terrible. I slept with Sy-Klone. I cheated on Lion-O!
Mermista: Glimmer... no...
Glimmer: I don't know what to do.

Mermista: Please tell me you used protection.
Glimmer: I don't remember.

Mermista: Glimmer, sweetie. This needs to stop. Promise me you will get some help.

Glimmer: I promise.

Back with the ladies who lunch...

Storm: April, can you help?

April: I need to know more. What exactly am I supposed to do?

Storm: Black Cat and I have been unable to locate La Lunatica. There have also been other mutants missing left and right in the city. It's a bit scary. You are friends with the Ninja Turtles so I was thinking you could all team up and investigate this matter.

April: I'll see what I can do.

Sydney: I couldn't help but overhear. I have been following the news and there is an alarming rate of mutants disappearing in the city. I was actually planning on discussing this matter on After Dark. So, anything I can do to help, let me know.

Storm: Thank you Sydney.

Later on two girl friends gather for a gab fest...

She-Ra: So in other words, it's a new year and a new you?

Miss M: Sort of. I mean, new year, new/old me because I'm back in my old body.

She-Ra: Yeah. That makes sense.
Miss M: You don't look so good.
She-Ra: I saw Bow earlier today. We had a really bad talk.

Miss M: That must have been awful finding out he was with someone.

She-Ra: I know! I rush to the E.R. thinking he is dead, but what I found was worse.

Miss M: Totally. Matters of the heart suck. We need to get away. I've been thinking of visiting my guru, only he lives in another solar system.
She-Ra: Oh that sounds awesome! We should go on a road trip, into space!
Miss M: How are we going to go to space?

She-Ra: Trust me. I'll get us into space. This is exactly what we need!

Miss M: Awesome!

Later on...

Sydney: There's something going on in this city and we need to address it. There is a violence being perpetrated against mutants and the police station does not seem to care. The citizens do not seem to care. No one seems to care, but I'm here to say that something must be done! We can no longer sit back and let another life be wasted. I urge the people in this city to stand up and find a way to stop what is going on under our noses...

Mystique: Well would you hear that? Looks like we have a homosapien helping us out.

Magneto: I don't care. Let her piddle her pathetic plea to this city. At the end of the day, we will find out who is killing mutants, and then we'll make them all pay...

To be continued!

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  1. looks like almost every one is coming up short in the love department. plus love the bit about willy kat and kit being chetarah and tigra's kids for always thought they were really one of the thunder cats kids like cheetarah's and panthro's plus dr. bad vibes and blight are going to be hurting with magneto on the hunt now.

    1. Yeah, when I wrote the fanfic in highschool that some of these stories are based off of, I wanted Wily Kat and Kit to be sired by the adult Thundercat characters. lol I am hoping that Blight and Badvibes will certainly get what's coming to them when Magneto and Mystique get their hands on them. lol Hope all is well!

  2. Wait, you DID make up the bit about Wily Kit and Wily Kat being the kids of Tigra and Cheetarah right? I don't remember that from back in the day. Or did they do that in the reboot? I never watched the reboot.
    And I don't care what Glimmer is on, she is still a hottie!!

    1. I did make that up. It was something I would pretend play with when I was younger and it made its way into the fanfic I wrote in high school that most parts of this story are based off of. And the reboot was actually pretty good! Yeah, Glimmer is always a stunning looking figure. lol