Saturday, January 17, 2015

Feeln a Second Chance

I've been given the opportunity to review an all new original short film from the Feeln network, so click the link below to learn more and get the chance to view the short film, free, for a limited time.

January 15, 2015 marked the 6th anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson. For those who remember or need some refreshing, Flight 1549 departed from the LaGuardia airport in New York only to quickly make an emergency landing in the Hudson River due to the engines losing power after hitting a flock of birds. It was all over the news and the images of the plane on the water were chilling. Personally I am terrified of planes and in the modern world we live in whenever something horrific unfolds on the news regarding those machines I am usually nervous and hoping that everything will be all right.

Those familiar with his blog will recall two posts I wrote about Feeln and the reboot of the Rainbow Brite series. To read those articles please click here for the first part and here for the second. Feeln is a lovely network and a division of Hallmark that simply wants you to feel good. While they provide plenty of feel good movies to view, it is their all new and original programming that is really catching the eyes of many people. Second Chance is one such piece of original programming that can be seen on the Feeln network. Writer and director John Dion crafted Second Chance and it captures the glimpse of a man who is on Flight 1549 as the plane is falling and while this is happening he has visions of a life he might not ever get to experience.

The short film is around six minutes long and when I was approached to review this short film, I had a hard time imagining how they would fit so many big ideas and emotions into such a short amount of time. However, due to the storytelling of John Dion, a great deal unfolds in those short few minutes. While I knew what the outcome would be, I was so caught up in the short film that I truly had no idea what was going to happen to this man by the end of it. It was a beautiful story, a mere moment, that was shot so well and was a touching look at one man's experience.

While the story is unfolding during those minutes an all new original song by singer/songwriter Savannah Terez is being played to accompany the story. The name of the song is entitled "Come Home" and it really works with the short film. The acting is also really nice, there is minimal dialogue from the actors, but it is their silent performances that work. Roy Abramsohn plays the man who is flashing through visions of his life and his performance starts out as if in a daze and then subtly becomes more intense as he realizes he might not make it to see his family again when all he wants is a second chance to let them know he loves them.

It sounds like a sappy mess from a Lifetime movie, however I was touched by it. I know I'm soft and pink, but I feel like this short film was a nice way of honoring the people's experiences from Flight 1549 while also containing a universal message that we want to make sure we take the time to tell the people important to us what they mean to us. It is something we are all guilty of doing at one time or another, taking the ones we love for granted. I really found Second Chance to be a touching short film for the length it was. It packs a lot in for six minutes.

If you are interested in viewing this short film, please head to this link: Second Chance short film. Feeln has offered the short film free for viewing for a short time. (Approximately two week from the 15th of January.) So if this is your sort of thing, or you know someone that might enjoy this, head over there now! Once the free window trial has passed it will still be on Feeln, but you will need an account to view any of the movies, shows, and original programming they have. To learn more about Feeln head to the site here.

Don't just take my review for it though, check out what happened after I saw Second Chance...

Miss M: (sniffs) Oh wow. That was so sad and beautiful. Chilling, but so moving. I feel like I watched a full length movie or at best a full episode of TV, and it was only six minutes. How can someone tell such a great story with so little time? I need to call my friends and tell them to watch this... like yesterday.

She-Ra: Hello?

Miss M: OMG, She-Ra. We need to talk. Have you seen that new short film on Feeln called Second Chance?
She-Ra: No. What's Feeln?
Miss M: Like one of the coolest sites ever, they rebooted Rainbow Brite. You can even view the first episode for free right now!

She-Ra: Yeah, I remember you telling me. I wasn't invited to your viewing party.
Miss M: Well... I thought you'd kinda feel awkward watching yet another beloved 80's property get rebooted while you languish about waiting for just the smallest of television appearances.
She-Ra: Gee thanks.

Miss M: Anyways, I was streaming the site from my Roku device, and I got to see this short film called Second Chance about a man's life sort of flashing before his eyes as the plane he is on begins falling from the sky.
She-Ra: That sounds depressing.

Miss M: Well it is sad, but it's based off the flight that landed in the Hudson River six years ago. Remember?
She-Ra: I live on another planet, we don't get the same news stations so I don't really recall.
Miss M: Right. I forgot. Anyways, I really think you need to watch it.

She-Ra: Sure, I'll have to check it out. I'm actually kinda in the middle of something right now. Hordak is trying to take over the Crystal Falls.

Miss M: Oh yeah. You should probably go. Talk to you later!

Miss M: Let's see. Who else can I call?

Miss M: Agnes? It's me, M. How are you?

Agnes Skinner: What? I can't hear you!

Miss M: Pick up your phone! Turn up the volume and turn it off speaker. Agnes, can you hear me?

Agnes Skinner: Yes. I can hear you. I'm not deaf.
Miss M: Sorry. (sighs) Hey. Have you seen Second Chance yet on Feeln?

Agnes Skinner: Is that the network that shows the new Rainbow Brite? And can only be viewed on your computer or streamed on your television with a Roku device?
Miss M: That's the one, yep.
Agnes Skinner: Than no. I haven't. You know I only watch that stuff when I'm over at your place.

Miss M: Oh. Well you need to come over. It was such a beautiful short film.
Agnes Skinner: Short film? That sounds high brow. I don't like that artsy crap.

Miss M: Agnes, it's a beautiful short film that is only 6 minutes long and it tells a lovely tale that will make you feel so good. It'll make you want to love the people in your life.

Agnes Skinner: Sounds like I need some heartburn medicine.
Miss M: Speaking of heartburn, did you try taking my taquitos from the freezer the last time you were here?

Agnes Skinner: What? No. I gotta go. (hangs up quickly)

Miss M: So weird. (gets ready to do her laundry) Crap. I really need to talk to someone who has seen Second Chance. It was a really nice short film.

Pinkie Pie: Totally Miss M.

Miss M: (falls back) Oh my goodness! Pinkie Pie! My spirit pony!
Pinkie Pie: Yep. I couldn't help but watch Second Chance from the other room. I was busy looking for some confetti cake mix in your kitchen.

Miss M: Why does everyone try to find food in my kitchen? I use my oven as storage space.
Pinkie Pie: We both know that's not true. So let's talk about Second Chance. I feel like you need to make a second chance.

Miss M: Oh, I don't think so. I wasn't on that plane. I hardly ever get on planes.

Pinkie Pie: No silly. That short film may have been about a real life event that happened six years ago, but the message is universal. What was the quote at the end again?

Miss M: It was basically saying that you need to tell those that mean the most to you how you really feel because we basically aren't guaranteed anything in this world.

Pinkie Pie: Totally true. Now what are you going to do about that?
Miss M: I dunno. Watch some more original programming on Feeln. Like Rainbow Brite or something.
Pinkie Pie: Or maybe you need to go to him, and tell him how much you love him.

Miss M: I don't know what you are talking about. As far as I'm concerned I'm a looney tune because I talk to my toys.
Pinkie Pie: Nope, wrong answer. Get on the phone and tell Bruce Wayne how you really feel. This has gone on long enough.
Miss M: Ya know, for a spirit pony you sure are pushy.

Pinkie Pie: I know. I'm off to a party though.
Miss M: Bye.

Pinkie Pie: Bye Miss M!

Miss M: Hmmm. What do I do? (picks up her phone and dials the number)

Miss M: Hello. Bruce? What's going on? I was wanting to talk to you about something...

The epic toy soap opera will continue soon!

For now, head over to the Second Chance link and view the short film exclusively on Feeln that honors the anniversary of the "Miracle on the Hudson."

Take care everyone and I'll be posting more soon.    


  1. Great! Love the way you play with your toys, Miss M :)

    1. Thank you!!! lol I can't help it. It is so much fun.

  2. That's quite the opportunity to be approached to review a short like that, and you really seized it and told it in your own unique format. Good on you! (Pinky Pie is always a welcome sight)

    Not big on planes myself, but thats more to do with being locked in one space with a bunch of people. Then again, I don't travel a whole lot of places, so take that for what its worth.

    1. I know, I was so honored to be given this opportunity! I had to merely find a way to make the review make sense for this blog. lol The subject matter of the short film does not really scream Diary of a Dorkette, even though the short film is something I would watch. It's one of those weird things, like I do pour a lot of myself into this blog, but this blog is still just a tiny reflection of who I am and the things that I fully like. And thank you for acknowledging that it still had my unique format. That was what I wanted to do.

      And I do agree, I'm scared of flying but the fact that I'm also stuck in one space with a bunch of people is also not the best feeling either. lol

  3. there is nothing wrong with the way you play with your toys miss m for its interesting. esically love agnes winding up with karma for stealing those taquitos. plus love the you are pushy bit with pinky pie.

    1. Thank you demoncat! I am always so thankful for your kind words. I have a blast doing these stories and finding ways to just have fun with everything. I hope all is well with you and I appreciate your feedback so much.