Friday, March 13, 2015

After Dark: Friday the 13th Part 2!

Go ahead and enter the spin off of All My Toys: After Dark! Only the juicy salacious things happen here.

Previously: Refusing to learn how to use her legs again, Mermista met her match with Aquaman, her rehabilitation coach... After taking advantage of a club drug called Plastic, Glimmer finally began getting her life in order... Catra tangled with Tiger Claw. She wanted him to pay for his crimes against the Cat Ladies, so after sleeping with her former lover, she killed him... The vile and vicious Velvet Sky needed protection from Hordak so she turned to the Cat Ladies... He-Man was on the search for his sister She-Ra who has been held captive by the mysteriously evil Lady Kale... The pretty popular Sydney Rutledge of Swans Crossing fame has also been stalked for months by someone who loves horror movies a little too much... Shredder and his organization of crime is busy killing mutants and turning them into the designer club drug Plastic. So, the Ninja Turtles and April O'Neil are hot on the trail to stop Shred Head!

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Glimmer: So I'm all ready for Vegas! When do we leave?
Miss M: Glimmer, we got back a week or so ago.

Glimmer: What? I thought we were going to a wedding for Sour Grapes...

Miss M: Yeah, we did that already. Sweetie, are you still using?

Glimmer: (looks to the side) No. (sighs into admission) I stopped a few days ago.
Miss M: Glimmer! You were doing so well!

Glimmer: I know. But Lion-O found out I cheated on him. We broke up like three times. I just couldn't deal. Plus my dealer had this new version of the club drug Plastic. For a quicker high I had to start injecting it into my hair.

Miss M: Glimmer! What in the world?! You can't shoot up Plastic, not with those roots!
Glimmer: I know. Even I felt awful after I did it.
Miss M: Glimmer. We really need to get you help.

Glimmer: Please. I really need help.

Miss M: Come on, I know where we can go. 
Glimmer: Thank you M. So, was Vegas fun?

Miss M: Vegas was a hot damn mess. I'll explain on the road.

Else where...

He-Man: I'm really concerned Bow. We can't find my sister and Skeletor still can't talk. He's mute!
Bow: I know. This is really concerning me He-Man. She was in space. She could be dead.

He-Man: Don't say that to me ever. What is the matter with you? She-Ra is not dead.
Bow: What are we going to do?

He-Man: You aren't doing a damn thing. You can have fun with your new girlfriend. I'm going to find my sister.

Bow: I still care about She-Ra, even if I'm with Cheetara.

He-Man: I don't care. If you really cared about my sister you'd know that she is not dead. I'm going to find her...

At the Lair of the Cat Ladies...

Cheetara: Catra! Where have you been?

Catwoman: Yeah, it's been awhile.

Black Cat: Feels like a month.

Catra: I know. I've been a bit busy.

Cheetara: Did you ever find Tiger Claw?
Catra: Yes. He won't be bothering us ever again.

Catwoman: Really? How do you know that? Tigra is dead and Cheetah is still recuperating in the hospital from being tortured by that maniac.
Catra: Trust me, Tiger Claw is a non issue.
Cheetara: What did you do?
Black Cat: Come on Catra, tell us.

Catra: Tiger Claw and I had a past once. A romantic past. I used that connection to make him weak. 
Cheetara: You slept with him didn't you?

Catwoman: Oh no, don't tell me you are dating him!
Catra: Hardly. After our indiscretion... I shot him. Shot him dead.

Cheetara: What?!

Black Cat: No way. You killed him? Like, you did him dirty.
Catra: He had it coming. No one messes with a Cat Lady.
Cheetara: Yes, I agree, but we don't kill Catra.

Catra: No one tells me what to do.

Cheetara: Look Catra, we all share a common bond of being Cat Ladies. However I'm a hero at the end of the day. I don't murder people, no matter how evil they might be. You should have brought him to justice.

Catra: Justice? Justice was going to be a waste. Tiger Claw was a mercenary. He would have found a way to keep hurting us. He wasn't even operating fully from Hordak's orders, it was also about getting to me. He was a sick bastard. 
Catwoman: Hey, I get it. You were looking out for the team.
Cheetara: There might not even be a team now.
Catra: What do you mean?

Cheetara: I don't know that I can affiliate myself with this! You killed a man! That will come back to bite us!
Catra: Let it. My reign of terror isn't over either. I'm gunning for Hordak next.
Black Cat: Well, that actually takes care of a few birds and stones.

Catra: What kind of saying is that?

Black Cat: I don't know. 

Cheetara: We need to talk about another thing real quick...

Velvet Sky enters...

Velvet Sky: Hey, where can I wash my pink spandex suits?

Catra: What is she doing here?

Velvet Sky: Hi. I'm a wrestler.
Catra: I know who you are. What is she doing here ladies?

Black Cat: Hmmm. That's a tricky one.
Catwoman: Yeah, we were presented with something...

Cheetara: Velvet Sky came to us needing protection from Hordak. He has been hunting her down for awhile now since she gave his name up during the murder trial in December.

Catra: Are you all clueless? We are forgetting some important things. This woman killed Miss M.

Velvet Sky: Oh gawd. Again with this dork girl? She isn't even dead! It was a misunderstanding. She started it!

Catra: My my my Cheetara. Such a hypocrite. You want to throw your arms up in the air at the very thought of me killing someone to protect you all, and yet you are harboring a woman who has harmed our dear friend Miss M.
Cheetara: It's a little different. Miss M is alive and we made a deal with Velvet Sky.

Catwoman: So what do we do now? Can the Cat Ladies make it through this or will we be disbanded?

Velvet Sky: I just want to wash my pink spandex...

Catra: Oh great. Just great.

Meanwhile at Bow's Place...

April: Ok, I'm here. Hey Storm and Leo. What's with this secret meeting? I'm trying to get things in order for a major ball.

Leonardo: A ball?

April: Umm yes. I've been remodeling the Diary of a Dorkette offices, and to celebrate our new space, I am throwing a huge ball. It's going to be epic. I'm renting out a royal mansion. It's just great.

Storm: Sounds nice.

April: Yeah, so I've become very busy as of late. Now, what's up?

Leonardo: Well, we've been trying to find a way into the Arkham Asylum Nightclub to find out what is happening to the mutants in this city, only that She-Dragon lady is completely preventing us from entering.

Storm: Which is where I come in. I told you all I'd help in any way I could. The disappearance of mutants in this city is concerning. Months have been going by and still there is no change. I can get us into that club.

April: All right. When do we do this?

Leonardo: Soon.

Across town...

Aquaman: You've been doing pretty well with our exercises. I am proud of you.
Mermista: Ha. You are a bit of a drill sergeant.

Aquaman: But you are regaining the use of your legs. This was our goal.
Mermista: Yes. I thank you, and I truly mean that. I feel like my old self. Well, almost.
Aquaman: Great.

Mermista: Ya know, there's a ball coming up.
Aquaman: The one by April O'Neil?
Mermista: Yes. It should be a splashy event.

Aquaman: I agree. Are you planing on going?

Mermista: I was thinking about it. I didn't know you knew April O'Neil?
Aquaman: We sort of know each other. I've been trying my best to become featured as a Heroic Hottie over at Diary of a Dorkette for years now. Plus, every toy will be there.
Mermista: Yeah. This is true.

Aquaman and Mermista: Would you like to go together?
Mermista: (laughs) I would. If it's ok.

Aquaman: It should be. I know I've been your rehabilitation coach, but we are nearly done. It's not like we have entered a true doctor patient relationship.

Mermista: I suppose. And we are just going to a ball together. It's not like we are entering a romantic relationship.

Aquaman: Right. Exactly. But I do find you rather breathtaking.

All she can do is blush.

In other parts of the city, Miss M sends her thanks.

Miss M: I can't thank you enough for getting Glimmer into that rehab facility so soon. It should really help her.
Sydney: Oh no problem. I know I am very good friends with Mona Lisa and she married your ex, but I am glad we have become friends too.

Miss M: Oh totally. I have no problem with Mona Lisa. I'm happy for them, truly, I am.

Sydney: That's nice to hear.
Miss M: So, when are you going back to your After Dark radio show?
Sydney: I don't know. I've been on hiatus ever since I was attacked at my local grocery store.

Miss M: I can understand. You're show hasn't been the same though in your absence...

After Dark show...

Tidus: We are back at ya with After Dark, and I'm taking your steamy questions! Up next, we have a caller who wants to know how to wash strange smells from her hair! Sounds like she had a wild night! Caller, you are on the hair! I mean, air.
Lime Chiffon: Ok, so I just can't get this scent out of my hair. I've resorted to pulling it out... and eating it...

Miss M: Yeah. Your audience misses you.
Sydney: I know. I just haven't felt like leaving my house. Someone has been stalking me for months and the police can't do anything.

Miss M: That's terrible. You don't have any idea who could be doing that?
Sydney: I think it might be my frenemy Mila Rosnovsky. Or my co-worker Kenshin. But I feel like it is Mila.
Miss M: I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, she is sisters with Velvet Sky.

Sydney: I know. Either way the city just isn't safe. Mutants are going missing. There are drugs on the streets. This city is in trouble. We need a hero M.
Miss M: Well, there are plenty of heroes in this city. It's like a hot spot of heroic activity.

Sydney: True, but we just need a new hero. Someone that will actually do something about all this crime.

Miss M: Yeah. Maybe you're right. We all need a new hero...

In a posh apartment uptown...

Mila: (on the phone with Glory Booth) It's so nice to chit chat and catch up.
Glory: I know.

Mila: So how is your brother Garrett? I so miss him. I haven't heard from him in awhile. He was supposed to take me out.
Glory: My brother is a rather busy man. Have you heard from Sydney?

Mila: Ugh. That's your friend.

Glory: You are both sort of friends. I just figured you would have put your petty ways behind you and reached out to her after she said she was attacked.

Mila: She was allegedly attacked. There was no proof. Sydney Rutledge is far from a scream queen and more like a drama queen.

Glory: Oh Mila. Always so catty.

Mila: You got it. So listen, there was a reason I was calling.
Glory: Yes?

Mila: Ok, so like, I lost a lot. I was reigning queen supreme at Diary of a Dorkette, but April regained control of the company and well... the offices also burned down. Plus my name has been a tad tarnished since my sister became a criminal. I might need a loan.
Glory: You are asking me for money?
Mila: Come on now Glory, we both grew up in Swans Crossing. Our families are loaded to the gills with coins. You know I'm good for this.

Glory: I do, but I just can't lend you money. I'm sorry. Maybe you just need to date richer?
Mila: I've tried! My goodness I held a Save the Wii U charity event to try and capture the hand of Luigi. For marriage purposes.
Glory: Wow. You never cease to amaze me Mila. It was nice chatting.

Mila: Ok. I got ya. Thanks for nothing. Well, please tell your brother I said hi.

Glory: I will not. Bye now.

Mila: Bye.

Hangs up the phone.

Mila: What a bitch.

Mila: What am I going to do now?

Phone rings.

Mila: Hello?

Ghost Face Killer: Hello Mila.

Mila: Who the hell is this?

Ghost Face Killer: Do you like scary movies?

Mila: Oh really? What kind of question is that? I'm a rich white woman who is facing life in the poor house. I'm living a scary movie.

Ghost Face Killer: Yes, you are.

Mila sits there for awhile after the caller hangs up on her.

Mila: Well thanks for agreeing with me. What a loser.


Mila: Who the hell are you?!

Mila: Oh no you don't!

Mila: Help! I can't die in my night clothes!

The struggle is real!

Mila: Stay away from me!

Mila escapes outside for help. She also can't believe that she is still alive. If this had been a movie the little snot would have bit it ages ago.

Mila: Help me! I am being attacked by a has been 90's slasher killer! Help me!

And out of no where!

Luigi: I'm-a Luigi, number one!
Mila: Oh. My. G. Dawg. You're Luigi! You saved my life.

Luigi: Who was tryin to kill ya?

Mila: I don't even know! It was like I was in a bad slasher fanfic. Or something.

Luigi: Okey dokey.
Mila: Wait, what are you doing here?

Luigi: I was heading to my favorite Italian restaurant Antonio's for their deep dish pizza night. It's up tha street. Are you hungry?

Mila: I'm famished. Nearly being killed by a knife wielding maniac will do that to ya.
Luigi: Oh yeah! Do you want to change?

Mila: Oh no. I'm fine. (twirls a curl) So, is this a date?

Luigi: It can be.

Mila: Oh how lovely! I love Italian.

Luigi: Let's-a-go!

Ghost Face Killer: Next time...

As new love blossoms over a piping hot pizza, something else starts to unfold in the city...

I knew this would happen. It was inevitable. This is my city too. Not just theirs; the titans of our fantasies. The stuff made up of stardust and ink.

I've got to do something too. I can no longer sit back and be a witness to the horrors around me. I am going to find my own answers and stop what is happening in this city.

I will do it with the help of others, but also on my own if need be. 

I've struggled through much and nearly slipped a time or two. However I always get back and crawl up to the top. I can feel that this new journey is possible.  

Anything is possible. I'm going to make a change.

I'm going to bring a whole new element to this crime fighting life style. But there will be some things that never go out of style,

Heroes always look best rising up to stop the forces of evil under the stars, after dark!



  1. I did not realize that they made a figure of Kris Anka's Mohawk Storm update. With as much feuding as their is over the X-Men rights, I'm amazed that any new figures are made for that line!

    I like the more lifelike features in this April O'Neill toy, but she lacks any major identifying characteristics. The straight dark hair and dark blue clothes just made her seem so mundane.

    1. They did make a new Mohawk Storm! Originally there was going to be a X-Men Marvel Legends line to coincide with the Days of Future Past movie this past summer, but because of all that behind the scenes drama stuff with marvel, the line was relegated to Toysrus stores only, and at very limited numbers. The Wolverine and Cyclops figures were very easy to come across, but the other figures in the line like Storm and Magneto, and even Stryfe, were very hard to come across. It's a shame this kind of stuff has to happen.

      I do like the lifelike features of the April O'Neil figure. She was based off of an earlier version of her in the comics. What they had planned to do was also release the same figure but instead of the blue jumpsuit it was going to be in yellow or green, but Neca scrapped the plans for that. The yellow version really popped though and I wish they had stuck with it.

  2. guess mila just proved she did not have anything like hiring ghost face to go after sydney. plus is the new mystery hero going to turn out to be some one really familar ?

    1. Yeah, the mystery of who is the ghost face killer will be wrapping up soon! And the new mystery hero will be popping up more very soon. I can't reveal her identity, but it will hopefully be a fun one! lol

  3. OK-is it wrong of me to want to see Miss M do Catra Cosplay? -Yeah, probably, but I know you said you do a good Catra impression, so I would LOVE to see you do the whole package! You always write her so well! The only question would be, would you dye your hair black like the toy, or blue, like the cartoon? Haha!
    I loved this one, and loved Luigi getting some play! BTW- I just got Ultimate NES Remix for 3ds, and I CANNOT put it down! Very addictive! And retro! You need t get it!

    1. lol There is nothing wrong with wanting me to do a Catra cosplay. I would love to do that, however I need to find the right outfits. lol I would probably get a good wig that would have maybe some black and blue in it.

      I have heard that the NES Remix game is fun. I need to check it out. It sounds like a really interesting concept. You will have to keep me updated on the game play and what not. It is more like parts of levels to old games and not the actual full retro games, right?

    2. I am glad you don't think there is anything inappropriate about me wanting you to do Catra cosplay-and I would drop you down my trapdoor any day, just to get you wet! (Now THAT is inappropriate!!)
      Away, here is how the game works: You are correct, it is a bunch of old game levels. And they organize them like challenges, so you he to do stuff, like , jump over three barrels n Donkey Kong, defeat Birdo in Mario 2-every time you accomplish these tasks, you get new things opened, like new levels. The higher you score on these task, the more stuff you can open. And, the "NES Remix" stages open along the way. And those are like, Link replacing Mario in the NES version of Donkey Kong! Or, Samus, without her armor, playing through a level, without being able to stop moving forward. M, if you picked up this game, there is a very good chance you might NEVER put it down!!