Thursday, May 7, 2015

That's My Face!

While we take a break from all the crazy toy stories going on around these parts I am finally getting to a special topic I have long wanted to talk about! Click the link below and read all about a whole new version of toy Miss M!

Back in January (of this year) I was a part of a Geek Fallout episode where we discussed Bucket Lists. My Bucket List was full of fun dorky little things, one of which was to have my very own action figure based off my likeness. Now I know I have my Littlest Pet Shop Blythe toy that has been doing a fantastic job for being a toy version of myself, but who wouldn't want a highly detailed action figure based off their own likeness?

Well a dear man who has come into my life during these last number of months listened to that episode and made a mental note about my particular item on my bucket list. Jason D. was incredibly sweet and so very thoughtful, because for my birthday last month he got me my very own figure with a face sculpt based off my likeness! I can't even begin to express how awesome this gift was. I will express it in words anyway!

So Jason D. used the website to start the process of customizing my face into toy form. The folks at That's My Face have some incredible talents that involve custom made face and head products from realistic portraits, masks, and of course action figures/dolls. I don't know the process for a mask or portrait, so I will be addressing the experience of getting a face and head fit for an action figure together. First you pick from the choices of action figure bodies available. They don't create a completely new figure based off of your whole body, just the head and face. They do have a large variety of action figure bodies though to pick from that work with the head sculpt. (More on that in a little bit.)

The next step of the process was fun. Jason D. wanted to keep the gift a surprise to me but he also wanted my input so I knew beforehand what was going on. We had to take three pictures of just my face from the front and both the left and right side. After those pictures were sent off, the folks at That's My Face worked on rendering my face for a cool online 3D analysis in creating the toy sculpt.

Before everything was cast in resin, they sent Jason D. images of my face and what to expect from the sculpt. Here are those images:

I made sure I had a bold lip. The color was MAC Candy Yum Yum. I had to have some color on my lips. It just made sense. After checking out the photos and liking everything, the next phase of the process went into order. The face sculpts are made from a resin and the process takes anywhere from 7 to 25 days. It all depends on what you want done. They also ship Internationally too, so that is a really nice thing for customers who live all over the place.

The wait was not long at all for my custom face. It arrived in about a week and a half and once it arrived, I was freaking out. I had no idea what I was expecting to see. It's not every day you open a box with your head in it. I'm not Gwyneth, ok?

Needless to say I was so thrilled. Packed with my head was also a brand new figure. We opened the new figure, removed the figure's head, and readied it for my toy head. Some putty and super glue were also included to help attach the new head to the figure. There were different types of putty for either a permanent attachment or for swappable choices. I opted for the putty that would give me swappable powers because I'm a woman and it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. I can't keep just one body style! Where's the fun in that?

Ok, enough of all this, let's check out the final product!

So here I am, my head on the body of a Buffy action figure from Diamond Select toys. The figure was originally Kennedy from the Buffy line, but now she is toy Miss M in street clothes!

The face sculpt looks very much like me. There is a matte finish to the resin, which is why it looks like there is a texture to the face and head. I love my cheekbones. I also am completely freaking out that toy Miss M has a whole new look!

But not just this look. I've been gathering up some other bodies to swap out so check out some other new looks you will all be seeing in future toy stories to come!

Those Buffy figures from Diamond Select are perfect, and this Anya figure is my fun and flirty look!

I don't quite understand the fashion choice of a pencil skirt and peasant top, but who cares! It's fun and flirty!

What's even better is that my head is slightly larger than these particular figures, which is a nice nod to the Blythe toy that doubles as me with her giant head and smaller body.

There is one more figure I have that will make for a perfect toy version of me!

While fun fashionable choices are great and all, there had to be a toy Miss M in a super hero costume! Enter a Jewelstar figure from the Masters of the Universe Classics line.

This is the perfect super hero suit for me. It's pink and sparkly. There are cool jeweled accents. A cape! All bathed in shimmer! This is better than a large fry and Dr. Pepper at McDonald's. (Hey, sometimes a girl just has a rough day and needs a pick me up.)

I mean this is the perfect super hero suit for me! I am so excited for this as well as all the possibilities for toy stories and other fun pictures. The great thing about the Jewelstar body is that it has a nice size relation with the head. Just a great super hero look! Well... until I find more figures to swap and play with. (I'm thinking I need to get my hands on an extra Mermista Classics figure.)

Finally here is a picture of me with my toy self. I am so pleased with how the figure turned out and the great work from the wonderful folks at This is a great item and perfect for the stories I have in mind for this Diary. Be sure to go and check out their website, this is a great item for any dorky person and also makes a great gift.

Which brings me to my last and final item to discuss, I can't begin to thank Jason D. enough for this thoughtful and personal gift. He has been someone I never expected to have in my life, but I am relishing every moment I share with him. I adore this man and am so very thankful for his thoughtfulness to help make one of my geeky items on a bucket list come true. Thank you so very much, I love you to the moon and beyond my dear man friend.



  1. That is incredible!!! I may have to look into getting one of these done of myself... wait no. That would be hideous.

    But yours looks awesome! I can't wait to see her in action! Will there be a special event explaining your transformation from Blythe to realistic M?

  2. That is very cool. Everyone dreams of having their own action figure to play with. I have two stuffed figures of myself and they were one of the best purchases I ever had. Plus, if ANYONE deserves to be immortalized it's you, my friend.

  3. that is one cool figure they really captured you miss m. and interesting for thought the first body you stuck your toy head on was a laura croft body not a buffy one. and using jewelstars body makes toy miss m more of a super baddie that could give Mal a run for her money now.

    1. It's a BVTS body, Kennedy one of the "Possible slayers" forgot the correct term on the show. Many moons ago I had one that I repainted into Stand-in MJ for my Marvel Legends Spidey.

  4. Sorry to say, I don't think he quite captured you. You just look much more vibrant and joyful in the pictures you have posted of yourself in real life! Meanwhile this just makes you look dead-faced and joyless! So until a more accurate likeness figure is made, I shall have to associate you with Blythe! Sorry about that, but the Blythe figure is so bright and happy looking, it always matches how much fun you are . It captures your soul! This, looks like a death mask.
    Still, I applaud him for doing it for you! Anyone who goes that extra mile for Miss M is OK in my book!