Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 2015 Heroic Hottie!

Dear Diary:

People can be douche bags from time to time. I know that's a mean thing to say and I totally should not be saying it, but I am just getting frustrated. No one believes that I am a super hero. It's like everyone thinks all I'm good for is getting into trouble and having a long list of people that want to kill me because I'm annoying. How do I get people to see that I am the crime fighter WoW? Or do I even worry about what they know? Oh diary, maybe I shouldn't keep trying to get people to know the truth. But! But! I can save the world too, ya know? In a tasteful yet fashionable ensemble no less. 

-Miss M

Daredevil: (on speaker phone) Look, I can't be hired for that job. It's the Supreme Court. It's happened. You're just gonna have to deal with it. Have a good day. (clicks his phone off)

Daredevil: Sorry about that interruption, I've been getting a lot of phone calls for work I just can't do. Now tell me, how can I help you Miss... M?

Miss M: I want to sue someone. Anyone. You can do that right? Help me sue someone. I don't have a lot of money, but if you agree to help me, I'll totally let you be the...

June 2015 Heroic Hottie!

Daredevil: I'm afraid it doesn't work that way. You have to have a specific reason and person to sue. Has anyone harmed you in a negligent way?
Miss M: Not exactly. I'm just annoyed with people.

Daredevil: I see. No pun intended.

Miss M: Oh right, you're blind. I forgot. How do you do that?
Daredevil: Do what?
Miss M: How do you kick so much butt as a lawyer and a super hero?

Daredevil: It took some time. I wasn't always this bad ass.
Miss M: Oh I know. I remember the days when a lot of people thought you were lame.
Daredevil: Yeah, well times change. Thank goodness for Netflix.

Miss M: Tell me about it. You must be thrilled that your life is being chronicled in a hit series. I heard the Punisher will be featured heavily on the second season. Are the rumors true that he is a diva?
Daredevil: No comment.
Miss M: Do people pass you on the street and ask you to do all kinds of heroic things?

Daredevil: They do if I'm dressed like this.

Miss M: That makes sense. I'm a hero too, and I have noticed a difference in and out of my costume.

Daredevil: Really? You're a hero too?
Miss M: Yes. Most people don't believe me, but I am.
Daredevil: That's cool. Which hero are you?

Miss M: I go by the name WoW. It's not the most original of names, but it's really all I could come up with,
Daredevil: Hey I've heard about you. You've been cleaning up the streets. Pretty soon the bad and the good will be out of a job.
Miss M: Well I don't think so.

Daredevil: I'm not mad at you. Besides, I have my job as a lawyer to fall back on. It's good to know that the city is safer.
Miss M: I guess. So can I hire you to sue people for me? I want to make people pay for being dumb.
Daredevil: Still doesn't work like that, though I can feel your pain.

Miss M: Well crap! I'll still interview you for the Heroic Hottie spot. I mean you are kind of a big deal. Do you ever have to go up against other high profile attorneys, like She-Hulk? Or that one guy who used to be a Street Shark?

Daredevil: I can't really divulge that sort of information. For the record though, if I am going up against a colleague, things might get heated in the courtroom but they are always good outside of the courtroom. I don't believe in holding a grudge.

Miss M: So are you seeing anyone right now? Sorry. That was a poor choice of words. I mean dating.
Daredevil: I'm not a fragile man Miss M. I can handle using the phrase 'seeing' someone. And no, I am currently not seeing anyone.
Miss M: Oh wow, a free man. I'm sure that won't be the case for long.
Daredevil: We'll see. Umm. Haha. You know what I mean.
Miss M: Yeah, we've resorted to silly puns. It could be, like, our thing. Hey, whatever happened to Elektra? We almost never hear from her.

Daredevil: She's ok. Kinda been keeping a low key. All this focus on so many parts of the Marvel Universe, it just isn't her thing.
Miss M: Oh cool. Tell her I said hi.
Daredevil: Yeah. Now if you don't mind, I have to get ready for my next appointment.

Miss M: Oh sure, yeah, totally.
Daredevil: It was nice talking to you. Oh, and M?

Miss M: Yes?

Daredevil: I know what it is like to have people underestimate what you are capable of. Don't worry if people believe you are a hero or not. You know your own truth. You're a woman without fear. Stick to that.

Miss M: Yeah. Screw what people think! (sighs to herself) I might have fear in my life sometimes though, I just won't let him know that!

Daredevil: That's the spirit. See ya around out there. Haha. Well... you know what I mean.

June 2015 Heroic Hottie!

A few moments later, Daredevil greets his client...

Daredevil: Tygra, how have you been man?
Tygra: I've been better.
Daredevil: We're getting close to your court date.

Tygra: I know. Are you sure this will go in my favor?

Daredevil: Look, I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of family law, I mostly do criminal. However, this seems like an open and shut case. Your ex wife leads a dangerous lifestyle. She is a member of the Cat Ladies. I will be shocked if the judge allows Cheetara to have full custody of WilyKit and WilyKat.

Tygra: I hope you are right...

At Bow's Place...

Miss M: They must be on a first date.
Mermista: Yeah, that's the flower phase. It won't last forever.
Perfuma: The flower phase always lasts with me.
Mermista: Show off.

Miss M: How fun is this?! It has been so long since we have had a girl's lunch!
Perfuma: I know. So how have you been? Dating life treating you well?
Miss M: Eww. My dating life has been vomit inducing.

Perfuma: So has Mermista's.

Mermista: Perfuma!

Miss M: What's going on?
Perfuma: She's been dating Aquaman.

Mermista: I'm not sure I'd call it dating. He helped me walk again and he agreed to be my date to that big ball in April, but after that, it's just been weird. We sometimes go to dinner or lunch, but he is always so scattered with when we get together. I feel like he is hiding something.

Miss M: Oh that's not good.

Perfuma: I know. Something just doesn't smell right.

Stinkor: Hey girls. Can Stinkor buy you ladies a round of drinks?

Mermista: No thank you!
Miss M: I already ordered a Cherry Coke.

Perfuma: We're kinda in the middle of something. It's a lunch for the girls and all. You understand.

Stinkor: Stinkor apologize.

Stinkor: Stinkor leave now.

Miss M: Well... that was very flattering.

Perfuma: Look at you being all nice.

Miss M: You have to! I don't want to be mean.

Perfuma: Excuse me, I have to use the restroom.

Miss M: It's true though. I don't like being mean. That stinky man was harmless, ya know?
Mermista: It's all harmless until he joins forces with Skeletor and tries to kill us all.
Miss M: I think Skeletor is still mute from when he was in space. Oh, and don't even get me started on that ordeal.
Mermista: I know. Ever since Wonder Girl came back from space she has been a total crab.

Miss M: So have you heard from Glimmer?

Mermista: Her stint in rehab seemed to work well, but she has been very low key lately. I don't know what that's about...

In other parts of Bow's Place...

Perfuma: (whispers) Where are you going? Stop!

Perfuma: (whispers louder) Stinkor! Stop ignoring me!

Perfuma: Stinkor! Stinkor! Wait!

Stinkor: What has Stinkor done this time?

Perfuma: Nothing! You have done nothing wrong. It's just we had an agreement remember?
Stinkor: Yes.
Perfuma: We have fun together and it's really awesome, but I'm not ready to make what we have public yet. Know what I mean?

Stinkor: Is divine scent-sational flower maiden repulsed by Stinkor?

Perfuma: No. Not exactly. But you do kinda work for the bad guys and... well... I don't normally mind the smell of hippie, but you can be a bit strong.
Stinkor: Maybe Stinkor and flower maiden can bathe together?

Perfuma: Now that sounds like fun. I'll see ya tonight! Tee-hee!

Else where in the medical center...

Glimmer: Hello doctor.
Dr Hibbert: Glimmer, it's nice to see you.
Glimmer: Yeah. Enough of the suspense though. You told me something was odd about my blood work...

Dr. Hibbert: Yes, and we ran some more tests.
Glimmer: So...
Dr. Hibbert: There were some problems that came back.

Glimmer: Is it my heart? Did my drug use mess up my heart? Or my lungs?
Dr. Hibbert: No. Not exactly. I want to ask you a couple questions. Have you engaged in sexual activity or shared intravenous methods with users of Plastic?
Glimmer: What?

Dr. Hibbert: I apologize, but I know you had used the drug Plastic, which we now know was composed of Mutant DNA. Users eventually found out that shooting up Plastic would create a faster high. Certain strains would come from the same needle and vial. Did you ever use a needle to inject the drug or even share a needle? Did this happen?
Glimmer: Yes. There were a few times I may have shared a needle for a specific Plastic high. What are you trying to tell me?

Dr. Hibbert: There's a new virus that has developed and it is believed to be from the synthesizing of Mutant DNA and other chemical compounds into the drug Plastic. There have only been a few people who have been infected but the medical community feels that those numbers will only get higher.

Glimmer: I don't understand. What is this new virus called anyway?
Dr. Hibbert: The name we are using is TOYS. Toxic Osmosis Yttrium Syndrome. It's a serious virus Glimmer and I'm afraid you have it.

Glimmer: (her lip trembles) Am I going to die?
Dr. Hibbert: I'm not sure.
Glimmer: What do we do?

Dr. Hibbert: I wish I had an answer. For now we just hope there can be some sort of drug on the market that will fight the symptoms. You will experience problems with your lungs and possibly failure in other organs. Glimmer, we can help you, but for now you might want to share with others who have shared Plastic with you...

Glimmer: I have to get out of here. I can't breathe.
Dr. Hibbert: Glimmer, you shouldn't be alone...

Glimmer: Too late.

Glimmer leaves, wondering what she will do next...

To be continued!!


  1. Good to see Daredevil getting his due! Sadly I've only made it halfway through the Netflix series. I'll probably pick it up again when I have more free time in the fall.

    Looks like a short story this time but with some interesting developments coming up.

  2. WOAH! Very General Hospital at the end with Glimmer! Love how this story works so well with her lack of expression!
    And M, no matter how much you love Daredevil, a "woman without fear" would never have "gulped" nervously as many times as YOU have! Yes, I know, you doing the "gulp" DOES make you more adorable, but decidedly, less fearless!
    Finally, STINKOR AND PERFUMA, STINKOR AND PERFUMA , STINKOR AMD PERFUMA!!!! -I could literally, chant that a million times, and not get tired of chanting that! I sincerely hope my love for the Stinkor and Perfuma -being "a thing"-story you had written in your She-Ra fic, helped inspire you to bring it back!
    Another awesome chapter! Keep up the stinkin' good work! Haha!

  3. nice to see daredevil getting some loving again. and perfuma and stinkor were made for each other though don't ever want to find out what their combine scents would produce mixed together. and poor glimmer she always gets dumped on now plastic might have given her a death sentence.