Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December 2015 Woman of Wonderosity!

Dear Shredder,

Prison sucks. Luckily we have access to computers so we can at least type up a decent letter between super villains. How are you? Since we are both locked up I'd be willing to bet it sucks for you too. They recently moved me to a new block. No one really knows who I am and they certainly have no idea what I've done. We could have really taken over the world with our drug ring, how did it all fall apart so quickly? Oh, I know, that stupid hero WoW. When we get out, I think we should team up again and find her. Make her pay. For now, I'm just killing time.

Dr. Blight

Suzanne: What people don't understand is that stories are the foundation of everything. Our lives. Our solar system.

Dr. Blight: Riveting.
Suzanne: You seem like a crazy chick. I like crazy.

Dr. Blight: I know how these things go, I will not be taking on a wife.
Suzanne: You might need protection. I could be your friend?

Dr. Blight: I have no need for friends. I won't be in here long.

Suzanne: With that attitude you really won't. You'll be eaten alive.

Suzanne: See her over there, the pink one?

Dr. Blight: Who is she?

Suzanne: That's Birdo. Yeah, she caused a ruckus when she came here. Some of the ladies in this prison didn't think that Birdo belonged here because she doesn't have any pie if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

Dr. Blight: Does this have a point?

Suzanne: Oh yeah, Birdo will sneak in your room at night and steal your eggs to look more like a girl. Better keep those legs closed, you know what I mean?

Dr. Blight: (sighs) I really need to get out of here.

Birdo: Quick! Turn up the TV, the world is ending out there!

Dr. Blight: What? The end of the world and it's not because of me?

April: This is April O'Neil reporting live for Channel 6 news where the citizens of this great city just survived an attack by terrifying creatures. No word yet on if there are any other of these nasty monsters roaming about, but I have one of the people here with me who arrived in the nick of time to save the day. Please, what is your name and where are you from?

Samus: My name is Samus, and I come from space. Do not be alarmed, I'm here to protect the future.

April: Oh, it's never a dull moment here!

At the Wayne Manor Ruins,

Angela: Alfred! Come quick, I think something major is going on in the city.

Angela: They might need help on Main Street.


Barbarocious: Poor thing, never saw me coming. Even angels can fall. Now with you and the old butler peacefully in slumber, let me find what has been giving off such a sweet smell.

Barbarocious: There you are, I have been searching for you. Nothing quite like the scent of a newborn soul trapped in-between.

Barbarocious: I wonder what your story is?

Yvie: (cries out in concern)

Barbarocious: Aren't you an interesting little thing.

Barbarocious: How special you truly are. My very own little pet.

Barbarocious: Come with me, I have so many plans for you.

Miss Elizabeth: Angela? Alfred? Where are you?
Angela: Over here. I need some help.

Miss Elizabeth: What happened?

Angela: I don't know, I was hit hard from behind.
Miss Elizabeth: Where's Yvie?

Angela: She was right over there.

Miss Elizabeth: She's gone. Someone took her. Who would do that?

In space,

Lady Kale: You see dear dorkette, what you don't understand is that I keep things in balance. Without me the universe will collapse. I can't have any problems get in my way.

Miss M: I was never a problem! I've only ever wanted to just live my life.

Lady Kale: You had your chance at a life and when you died you should have stayed in the After Life. Prepare to now become nothing!

Batman: No!

Miss M: I won't let you!

Miss M unleashes her true potential to take down Lady Kale!

Lady Kale: (coughs) You defeated me. How? You fool.

Miss M: It didn't have to be this way. I just wanted to live my life.

Lady Kale: Now you don't have a life. I'll make sure of that.

Lady Kale bursts into stardust, releasing her energy and powers across the room like a sonic boom.

Miss M: She's gone.

Batman: M...

Miss M: Batman! You're hurt!

Batman: Yeah. I'm hurt.

Miss M: Where were you hit?

Batman: Oh M, this is bad.
Miss M: I don't understand, where are you hurt? I don't see any bleeding.

Batman: (points to his heart) In here. Her burst of power, it struck me. I'm being erased from the universe.

Miss M: What? No. You're still here. I'm holding you.

Batman: The suit, it's delaying the inevitable. I can feel my atoms breaking apart and fading away. I don't have much longer.

Miss M: We can fix this. Oh no, Bruce. Why did you come with me? I was immune to this. I was going to be just fine.

Batman: I know. Like I've always said though, I'd follow you anywhere. Just like that night you jumped off the cliff to right until the end of the universe.

Miss M: Oh Bruce, I can't lose you.

Batman: Than don't. Hold onto me. I'll be written out of existence, but hold onto my memory. Don't let the universe take those memories away.

Miss M: I won't. I'm never going to forget you or our life. I love you Bruce Wayne.

Batman: M, I...

A rush of memories, all here, and then as he fades away all that is left is her. Alone in space, Miss M feels the weight of a thousand black holes crushing her heart and she has no idea why.

Miss M: Why am I crying? What happened? Did I lose someone? Who was here with me? I was fighting Lady Kale, and I know she can write people out of the universe, but who am I missing?

Miss M: I don't know. Was it the love of my life? What has happened?

Ed: Princess?
Miss M: Ed? Is that you?

Ed: Hey, why are you crying?

Miss M: I don't even know. I feel like I'm mourning the loss of someone, but I am not sure why. What are you doing here?
Ed: I was working with Maleficent. She told me to come to Dimension Z. Is she here?

Miss M: No. It was just me. You look different without your panda suit.

Ed: Yeah. I have hair now. It's crazy.

Miss M: Ed, I am so happy to see you. I feel so lost and scared right now. I don't know what to do with my life.

Ed: It's ok. We'll figure it out.
Miss M: Ok.

Ed: M, about that whole figuring it out?

Miss M: Yes?

Ed: We should really do that soon.

Miss M and Ed turn to look at their latest threat, something rather chaotic.

On Earth,

April: Glo, we have been looking for you. You say you've been in the future this whole time?
Glo: Yes. I've been in the future.

April: I heard it sucks there.

Glo: Yeah, big time. Now, where is Miss M?

Billy: Sulu, I never thought I'd see you again.

Sulu: We're married, we were bound to see each other again.

Cheetah: Catwoman, what is that?

Catwoman: Shh. Don't let anyone know. I just want to keep it as a pet. He's so cute!

Chris: You did a really cool job zapping away at those aliens. I could have done that too.

Samus: But you don't have an arm canon huh?

Chris: I was going to say a varia suit, but yeah, arm canon would have been nice.

Nick Fury: Storm, what the hell happened down here?

Storm: I don't answer to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Nick Fury: Maybe so, but we're familiar with each other. I also saw what you did down here to help save the city. I have a proposal for you. Come with me and I'll explain more.

Deadpool: Oh goody! I'm going too!

Nick Fury: Not if I can help it.

Storm: You won't be getting rid of him easily.

Glo: April, I need to know where Miss M is.

April: I mean, I don't know. I haven't really seen her.

Maleficent: She's gone.

Glo: Where?

Maleficent: I sent her to Dimension Z.

Glo: No. We were too late.

April: Too late for what?

Glo: We were speeding back to prevent a dystopian future. The goal was to get here before M goes to Dimension Z.

Maleficent: It's too late. She's been gone for awhile now.

Glo: It's going to happen all over again. Miss M is going to murder the future.

April: Bummer.

In space,

Miss M: Ed! What is that thing?
Ed: I have no idea, but he looks angry.

Shonti: I can help explain.

Miss M: Please do, whoever you are.

Shonti: I am a member of a council that looks over the universe. Lady Kale was our leader. Faulty as she was, she managed to make sure pure chaos like the monster behind us was kept in check. With her gone, this monster can now roam free.

Miss M: We have to stop this.

Shonti: Well that's the thing Miss M, you've always been able to stop this. It's your story. You know exactly what you need to do.

Miss M: I can't though. I can't do what you are implying.

Shonti: There aren't many options. Nothing can ever truly last. The universe is ever changing. Maybe it's time to see what new changes are around the bend.

Ed: M? You ok?
Miss M: I think understand what I need to do. Ed, I can't do this alone.

Ed: Ok. I don't know what we are doing, but I'm right here with ya.

Miss M: Ed, you don't have to do this.

A vortex of mystical powers appears before the heroes,

Ed: Come on princess, you know there's no where else I'd rather be. Except maybe that Crystal Castle replica I built for ya. So what exactly are we doing?

Miss M: We're going home.

They climb the swirling vortex,

Ed: Home is down there?

Miss M: I think so.

Ed: So we just jump?

Miss M: Yep. Take my hand?

Ed: Sounds good to me.

Miss M: Ed! There's so much swirling!

Ed: I know. I've got ya though.

Miss M: We've got each other. Now, let's go home.

Together they jump into the abyss.

Miss M: Keep holding my hand!

Ed: I'll never let it go.

They eventually lose their grip.

Miss M: (gasps) Ed! Ed!
Ed: (panics) M! M!

Miss M: Ed, where are you?!

Miss M: What's happening to me?

Ed: M, keep talking. I'll follow your voice.

Ed: M!

She focuses on her breath. Her heartbeat throbs slowly. Trying her best to call out for Ed, Miss M feels herself drift away.

Swirling further away, Miss M quickly descends into nothing but darkness. Soon though there are noises that begin to fill her head...

???: (from another room) Michael! Michael! Michael Lynn! Your alarm keeps going off, you're going to be late for work.

Michael: I'm up mom. I've just been taking my time before leaving.

Michael: Ok M, time to get your butt in gear. That perfume and makeup isn't going to sell itself.

She looks around her room at all the toys displayed everywhere. This isn't where she thought her life would be. Her marriage is over and she has moved back home with her family. Most of her belongings are still boxed up, but there are a few toys she had to rescue from plastic bubble wrap. There is a sense of loss and sadness surrounding her. She has no idea what to do next.

Michael: Maybe this is right where I need to be. All right toys and dolls, don't get into too much trouble while I'm gone.

Michael walks off heading to work. She thinks of the places she'll stop off at on her way home, most likely various toy aisles filled with potential wonders to take her on adventures. It's the adventures she looks forward to, for they fill her with hope. Hope that the universe isn't a scary place, that friendship can be found anywhere, and that love is right there waiting to be grasped. She's going to be ok.

December 2015 Woman of Wonderosity!

That's it! The end. No more toy stories. Just kidding. Things are only just beginning. I have mentioned before that I was planning on changing things up with the new year, and have they ever been changed up! I have a lot of fun things in store for 2016, so be sure to keep it here. I thank you all for taking the time to follow along with these toy stories. It means the world to me. These past few years have been filled with some melodramatic soapy toy fun. I've had so much fun with all of it. I hope you are all doing well. Happy New Year everyone!



  1. What a sweet and touching "remember the good times we had" montage between you and Batman. All that's missing to get the waterworks going is a song in the background.

    The only thing that impresses me more than the amount of work it must take to get all these photos set up so how you do all of these tricky shots of jumping down an abyss or floating in mid air. I can barely take a picture of a piece of paper without getting a hand or head shadow in the way. That's probably why my instagram page is so sparse.

    What a way to go for the end of 2015 with a homage to the original Dallas (or Newhart, take your pick) waking up to discover it was all a dream. Although waking up looking that good feels like something that would happen in a dream, but you just pull it off so naturally!

    I was worried for a second that this truly was the end, but I guess its like comic books these days. You have to reboot the title every now and then to get things on track and sell a whole bunch of holofoil #1s. See you in the new year!

    1. Hey Erik! I wish I had put in music for that clip. I had so many ideas for that too, I just couldn't execute it.

      I am always trying to come up with new ways to take pictures that are close to the story I have in my head. It also helps to have a shadowbox. It helps to take away shadows in some cases. As for floating pictures, I'm usually holding the figure by the tips of my fingers and then I just crop that out. It's a balancing act.

      So the toy stories will get a bit of a reboot. It is kinda like Dallas in the sense that it was like a dream, but the story will be more based on the idea of fantasy versus reality and which one would you rather be in and what happens when fantasy consumes so much of your reality. What I am planning on doing will be more personal than most anything I've ever written on here. I hope it will be entertaining. I thank you for the comment Erik and I really really hope you have a Happy New Year!

    2. If you could have picked a song; what would it have been?

      You had me at fantasy vs reality. Not only is that a story I've seen done a lot in fiction (some good, plenty bad). Plus I know how it feels to want to put more of yourself into your work. I'm sure it'll be great!

      Glad to support you in any way I can. Happy new year to you too!

    3. I'm not entirely sure on an exact song, I was thinking Blank Page by the Smashing Pumpkins or something with just music, like with a piano and violin. It's hard because I go from songs I know to thinking of songs that are totally new but I could never play because I have no clue about any of that. lol

      I am asked every now and then how I come up with the dialogue or the scenes for the pictures, or what my personal life is like, so I want to kind of peek behind the curtain and share that in a way while also continuing to share images of toys and all that stuff. I hope it will be fresh and fun. I am always so happy to hear from you Erik. I hope we can podcast together soon. I have been so busy with new responsibilities at work and home life. It has just been a lot to deal with. I'll talk to you soon, hope you are having a great start to the week!

  2. Replies
    1. I know! One of my favorites! Hope you are doing well.

  3. cool ending to this go around of toy stories miss m. though was after toy miss m some how beat lady kale that as a reward the story would end with her not only getting yvie back alive and she and bruce could return home with ed as one happy family ed being vyvie nanny. happy new year look forward for what comes next.

    1. Thank you demoncat! I have been super excited for awhile now to get to this part of the story. I had it planned for a long time coming and I was so thrilled to finally get to this part. Now there may not have been the kind of rewards you were hoping for, but fear not, there might be some new rewards for this year. Lady Kale was squashed but we have not seen the last of Yvie. Happy New Year to you and I really hope you enjoy what will be ocming up next! Thank you for always being a faithful reader. Hope all is well.

  4. Awesome end to an awesome year! Can't wait to see where the story is going!

    1. Thank you very much Derek! I had so much fun with these photos. Thank you for the comment and I hope this new year will be just as entertaining. Hope all has been going well.

  5. FINALLY , a toy of Miss M ALMOST as beautiful as YOU are! I mean I dug the little pet shop M-but I couldn't stand that other one! And this incarnation looks HOT!
    I HAVE SO MANY THEORIES about where you might go with the blog!! I don't wanna reveal them yet! But I am excited about where I think it might be going!
    I loved the concept of "The monster you created"-kinda thing towards the end! I know from experience, as I have just recently FINALLY finished the first 12 pages of one of my comics, for the Moose Comics website.(one hundred years after I wanted to launch it!) It's the same comic you read back when I did my blog but the story is changed around a bit and it looks better now because I re-drew it using the new tech I have. (Still more shit to fix up on the site, but I promise to let you know when it is up and running. Now that I finally figured out how to draw with Manga Studio 5, using a Surface Pro 3 -it will FINALLY happen!)
    But back to your story! Just Batman fading away made me tear up-but then, as I kept reading, I teared up more! Yeah, I did weep some manly tears by the end. You and Ed were SO CLOSE to being together!! (weeping to myself) Glad he could be there for the end of an era-even if he didn't have his cute fuzzy panda head on!
    It reminded me of the end of Newhart -when Bob wakes up and it is back to the Bob Newhart Show and it was all a dream!! Haha! ( if you never watched either of those shows-just Google them. What I said will make sense.)

    Anyway, no matter what you do, how you change things, whatever- to paraphrase what you had Storm say about Deadpool; You won't be getting rid of me very easily!

    All my love to you and the blog, for a happy and DORKY, new year!!
    - luv
    Nick Moose (A.K.A Mac Tonight)

    1. Well I am really really looking forward to seeing your new site when it is up and running. I have a feeling you will be sharing a great deal of cool stuff with us all. There are so many cool new pieces of tech to help with art and design, it's just really cool. I am really looking forward to it. I know you'll have it up and running soon. This is all so exciting.

      Happy New Year too by the way! Thank you always commenting and supporting the things I write. It means the world to me. I am curious about your theories. Something tells me you will probably be right. lol

      The ending was a bit like the whole waking from a dream thing, but it's not exactly a dream. I just have so much fun stuff planned for this new year. There will be some personal stuff, I'll finally get to Jaws 5 with a twist. I have so much fun stuff.

      From the moment I took those pictures of Miss M in Moth Lady's body falling and Batman being there, I was planning on something epic where she would lose him. I have this thing with her coming oh so close to happiness and then having it taken away. I don't know why.

      Anyways, I am glad you read it and got emotional. I was sad when I was writing it and taking the pictures. I had wanted Ed to be in the Panda Suit, but it needed to be a slightly bigger figure, hence that new look. Anyways, Happy New Year again, thank you so very much for always being here. I hope all is going well!

  6. Folks like us ALWAYS come so close to happiness and have it taken away, much like Darkseid (or, more accurately, Jack Kirby) said, "Life, at best, is bitter sweet." Still, you are the type of girl who makes it sweet for all us bitter folks!! Haha!