Tuesday, December 15, 2015

An Eclectic December

December is the month that just keeps on giving. Star Wars is everywhere. Anyone want some Star Wars oranges? It feels like the beginning of Summer in my neck of the woods, and as always there's more toy pictures than I can shake a stick at. Click the link below and let's get to talkin.

I have been up to my elbows in toys. Ok, maybe my knees. It doesn't matter. I am two seconds away from being buried under a collection that is out of control. It's out of control for a reason though. I have pulled out so much stuff for these last three All My Toys stories for December. I am so hoping it will be a fun ending for the year. Playing with my toys and creating soapy stories captured with silly low rent style photos is something I really enjoy doing. It is my sanity even though I want to pull my hair out from time to time.

Seriously, I was looking for a Hellcat figure in my room for like an hour last night. For the life of me I could not find where I had placed her. I searched high and low. It got to the point that I was thinking of just not using her and leaving it at that until finally I saw a set of Marvel Legends figures knocked down. That damn Captain America and his wobbly ankle. Seriously, I expected more from him. Anyways poor Hellcat was knocked the F out on my shelf with Captain America, Savage She-Hulk, and Iron Man piled on top like some sort of weird toy orgy. 

My point about all of this is that I had already hoped to have these toy stories posted for this month but things like side searches for figures has put a bit of a delay on my posting. I am close though to having things finished and I am so excited! I have been planning these pictures for so many months now that to finally be this close to sharing it with you all is so much fun. I just want to live in a toy world. 

Currently I feel like I've been living in a galaxy far far away. Did you know that they have Star Wars oranges? There's nothing special about the oranges themselves, more so that the oranges are packed inside a net with Star Wars packaging. 

I saw it on a meme. Something about Disney needing to calm down. I don't know. I am not a fan of oranges anyway unless it's artificial orange flavoring. I hate pulp. Makes me feel like I'm eating pieces of cuticle skin. I don't mind that Disney has trotted Star Wars out for every little thing. I guess it's partly because I am not a rabid Star Wars fan. I like the property though. I've collected the toys ever since the 90's version of the Power of the Force line. Oh how close I once was with the K-Mart toy aisle. Before they decided to leave my area. Ass hats.

On a side note, I did own an original TIE Fighter Pilot as a kid. I found it in my front yard one Saturday morning and was like, "Don't worry little guy, I'll give you a home." I take in stray toys. Who doesn't? Bonus points if the stray has rooted hair. I'll work magic to deliver long flowing luxurious locks. 

Back to the issue at hand. I can't recall a time where I haven't seen Star Wars merchandise for sale in some form or another. It's been going strong for awhile now, so with this most recent wave of everything having the title "Star Wars" on it, I am ok. It will pass. I actually like it when a big movie comes out and there's merchandise everywhere. Reminds me of my excitement for Batman, X-Men, or Gremlins movies. Oh the merchandise for Gremlins 2 was a dream come true. (Obviously Star Wars has taken it to a whole other level. I am aware. Still, Gremlins 2 deserved the same amount if not more.)

I'm even looking forward to seeing this movie. I didn't really jump on board for the prequels. I collected the toys, but that was really it. In fact the third prequel I didn't even see until it was on cable. I mean who does that?

To jump on the excitement of this Star Wars mania I even took a picture with that light saber app on FaceBook. (I chose that picture because my arched eye reminded me of Daryl Hannah's final fight scene in Kill Bill.) I love gimmicks like this. It makes me hopeful that if we ever see a She-Ra movie they will have fun photo apps like that. I would die to pose in a picture with a power sword or a glittery She-Ra transformation image. Or even cut and paste my upper body with Mermista's tail and fins. Oh my goodness I'd die a happy woman.  

Anyways, I hope that all of you who go out to see the latest Star Wars movie this week enjoy it! Be safe. I can't even imagine how crowded the theaters will be. I'll see it once it isn't so insane. I don't do well with crowds. Unless the crowd is made of plastic articulated items, than I'm all set.

So that's about it for now guys and dolls. While it is December and feels like summer right now where I live, take a chance and listen to the latest episode of Eclectic Mayhem. It's our super sized Holiday themed episode that is sure to make you deck your halls with whatever you deck a hall with. I am also planning on posting some more fun stuff for the rest of December too. I hope you'll enjoy everything and I thank you all for stopping by and enjoying in all the dorky fun. 


  1. Maybe when I get back from vacation, we can hang out. :) I'm not a huge SW fan either. I'm more into Trek TNG, and Voyager- I'm still pissed that Playmates didn't give us a good 12" Janeway. They gave us a fugly one :(

    1. Oh that would be fun! Playmates has been such an interesting company, there have been times where they have really put a great level of detail with female figures like they do with male figures and other times they have totally dropped the ball.

      In terms of collecting, I feel like I have collected more Star Wars than Star Trek, but my goodness I loved collecting Star Trek toys back when Playmates had the license. I have a great deal of those figures. Such a fun line.

  2. I'd probably eat more oranges if they weren't so darn hard to peel. You also can't put them on your cereal the way you can with bananas, blueberries or strawberries. Mm. Now I want to go to bed just so I can get to breakfast that much sooner!

    I'm right there with you on Star Wars. While I grew up and fan, but theres just been so much since then thats taken its place. Personally I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Christmas is in less than two weeks, and I haven't really done anything for that either! Maybe this new episode of Eclectic Mayhem will put me in the spirit.

    1. Oh I totally forgot that aspect! The peeling process is too much work too! Maybe my New Year resolution will be to find a way to eat and enjoy oranges. lol We'll see how that goes.

      I can't believe Christmas is here too, very very close. I am thinking I'll see Star Wars this week. I am looking forward to it because I am a fan just not on the same level of like She-Ra or something. lol Hopefully Eclectic Mayhem has put you in the Christmas spirit!

  3. The merch is insane. I submit as evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPsJQ-qGH2A

    1. Ha! Yeah, it's gotten insane. Thank you for the comment and the link! Hope you are doing well!

  4. The Star Wars Merch is really out of control i feel to the point am sick of that little BB robot and i haven't even seen the movie yet!

    1. Yeah, there is a push for BB 8 to be a beloved character. This is where I feel like I'm not a rabid fan, because with the other films I liked R2D2 and C3PO, but I wasn't obsessed with them. I was more a fan of jabba's back up dancers or Oola. I remember freaking out when they made figures of them in the 90's and wanting to find them so bad.

      Have you seen the movie yet? I am thinking I'll see it this week. I've heard good things, so that sounds nice. I know I'll enjoy it. I hope you are doing well!

  5. You lost me with "I am not a rabid Star Wars fan"-but you won me back with "Gremlins 2 deserved the same amount of merchandising, if not more."
    Seriously, as a person who played the parts of Han Solo, Yoda AND the Emperor in Return of the Jedi school plays that my friends and I put on in both seventh and eighth grade, I think it is fair to say I am a RABID Star Wars fan! But even I was disgusted with the lengths Disney went to JAM Star Wars down our throats!! I kept wishing they would make a button you could click anytime they were gonna show a Star Wars advertisement that said, "I do not need to be convinced to see Star Wars" so I could get passed the ads! I got to a point where I was losing my enthusiasm for the film!
    But I did, of course, go to see it and yes, it is everything a Star Wars fan boy would want! Or a fan girl! Daisy does an amazing job as the lead and you REALLY need to get into this trilogy, even if you didn't care about the other ones, cuz they are doing the Hunger Games thing with her and making the girl, more or less the star. I never agree with you on the whole, "I don't collect toy lines unless they have girls in them" thing, mostly because I would totally collect a toy line of a franchise with just girls, if they made them right. (Like, a Totally Spies action figure line with only the girls I would have bought!) but in this case, there is gonna be a TON of good girl power figures in the new Star Wars line! I was waiting until after I saw the movie to look into the toys but now I SUPER want a Rey figure!!
    Oh and Gremlins 2 is still the best! They did a lot of practical (Non-computer) effects in Force Awakens, I am hoping that means, one day, Joe Dante's dream will come true and we will get a Gremlins sequel with practical effects! That would rock!!

    1. Yeah I'm still a fan of Star Wars, but when I read comments like yours or from my other friends, I see that my fandom is not as rabid. Like i still haven't seen it yet. I am hoping to this week, but I am fine waiting. Now if this were She-Ra it would be different.

      I am onboard though for this trilogy. I want to see them. I was there collecting the toys the night they were released on Force Friday a couple months ago. I love Rey. I don't know anything about the character and am fine knowing nothing, but from what I have seen she seems like a really great character. I also like the idea that a female character has a the potential for a bigger role in this trilogy. I know Leia was important, but I feel like she could have been used even more. When I look at that original trilogy I feel like it is more focused on Luke and his father when Leia has just as much of an impact with it too and it felt like there wasn't as much played with that.

      I will see it though. So far I have a Rey figure, Kylo Ren, and Captain Phasma. I like the looks of those figures. I'll also be going after other toys from the movie too at some point.

      Now Gremlins 2 is what we need to hope gets made! Practical effects would be awesome. I have read that they are wanting to do a Gremlins 3, but I don't know how much of that is rumor or truth. I really hope it comes to pass. I have even read that Joe Dante would be behind it which works for me big time. anyways, I hope you are doing well!