Friday, August 19, 2011

Night of the Living Roach 2: The Return

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Night of the Living Roach 2: The Return

Miss M can hear birds chirping outside her bedroom window. She slowly opens her stunning blue eyes to see the light of the morning shining through her plantation shutters. Her room is awash in light. The action figure heroes are slowly waking up as well.

The house is quiet. Miss M slowly steps out of bed, briefly recalling the events that occured the night before. Shaking the horror off, Miss M walks out into the hallway. No one has woken up yet. Walking down the hall Miss M is brought back to the events with the Roach. She sidesteps her brother's shoes and heads to the restroom. Did the events from last night actually happen?

"Impossible. It had to have been a dream." Miss M tells herself. She stares at herself in the mirror over the sink. "These dark circles under my eyes have got to go. My goodness I look like death." Suddenly Miss M hears a strange noise. The noise continues, faintly. Miss M turns around to locate the sound. Various thoughts are running through her mind.

"Glimmer? Is this one of your distress calls?" The lovely heroine speaks out loud. There is no answer. Miss M is close to giving up when she finally pinpoints the noise. "It can't be. It can't be." Miss M says to herself. The air becomes still, her blue eyes zero in on the closed toilet lid. The noise is definitely coming from the toilet. Finally the only sound she can hear is the pounding in her heart.

Her well manicured hands shake as she reaches to lift the toilet lid. To her utter horror Miss M is staring at Dumpstor, swimming around in the toilet trying to escape. Screams pierce the stratosphere as Miss M takes a step back. Dumpstor is doing his best to escape and he shouts, "You bitch! I'm going to get you for this!!!"

Miss M shakes her head, "I killed you! How are you even alive right now?!" Dumpstor lets out a laugh, "You can't kill us. We will always find a way to return." Time becomes important and Miss M acts as fast as she can. She lunges towards the toilet handle. Dumpstor can see what she is doing and howls as the toilet is flushed again.

"Don't ever come back!" Miss M screams shaking violently. What is happening? Footsteps come storming down the hall as Mama P rushes into the bathroom and stares at her daughter with eyes half open, "M? What is going on? I feel like you have been screaming all night."

"It's nothing mom. I've just had a rough night. I'm ok." Miss M rushes past her mom and heads to her room. Alone with her action figure heroes Miss M plops down as Cyclops, leader of the X-Men, approaches her. "Good morning M. Everyone is worried about you, there was a lot of commotion last night. I tried to talk with Gambit and Wolverine, but they didn't know what was going on."

With a smile that is hiding unspeakable horrors our heroine describes the recent events that have happened to her. Cyclops is concerned, "Do you think this Roach will be back?" Miss M isn't sure. She has an idea though about her next course of action. She looks at Cyclops, "I'm not sure if the monster will be back or not, but I am going to find out some answers!"

The day ticks away. Miss M does a little shopping with Mama P. A day of shopping leads to phone calls to friends about what had been bought on sale earlier in the day. Miss M feels like the day has been productive. It is only going to get better when she enlists the help of a family member.

Her brother Markiki is in his room going over some homework. Miss M plops herself on a chair and stares at her baby brother, though he is in his teens. No longer a baby by any means. "Markiki, are you up for an adventure tonight?" Markiki looks up from his work. Slight dread builds, "What kind of adventure?"

Miss M tries to break the idea to him easily, "I am thinking about going back into the Attic." Markiki drops what he is doing and stares at his older sister, "Are you serious? M! That is the dumbest idea! Why do you want to go in the Attic again?"

This was a tricky answer, "Markiki, something is going on. First of all I really want to find Glimmer. Secondly something awful went down last night. And I have a feeling that it is just going to get worse." 

"What are you talking about M? You sound so cryptic right now. What happened to you?" Miss M holds her breath and tells her brother everything. Starting from trying to kill Dumpstor with the shoe to flushing the monster down the toilet twice, Miss M leaves nothing out.

Markiki's eyes are wide open and M feels that her brother will think she is crazy. After a moment of silence Markiki gets up and sits next to his sister on the small chair, "You killed a roach with my shoe last night?! What is the matter with you? I don't want roach guts on my shoe!"

Miss M is completely shocked, "With everything I just told you, the only thing you have to say is about your shoe?! I nearly died last night!" Markiki rolls his eyes, "Such a drama queen, you did not nearly die last night." The two siblings begin to laugh as they realize how much of a mess M really is, and about the quirky adventure that is about to ensue.

Elsewhere, the temperatures rise in the imposing Attic. Sky-Spy is pacing back and forth on top of a box. He is awaiting a higher-up. With Dumpstor still missing, the Roaches are suspecting something most foul. The sounds of roach footsteps grow louder as Sky-Spy finds himself face to face with Splashor, a hulking Roach that is master of the waterways. Sky-Spy's wings flutter, "Splashor, what should we do? Dumpstor never returned. His mission was to retrieve food from the Kitchen. I fear something terrible has happened."

Splashor growls, "Do you think a human is responsible?" Sky-Spy sneers, "Most likely. It was the humans who killed our King and Queen. If they did something to Dumpstor, than we will avenge them all." Sky-Spy prepares to leave and see what information he can find about any human activity. Splashor scuttles off to see if there is anything known about Dumpstor's whereabouts. Maybe someone witnessed something.

Outside of the Attic, Miss M and Markiki are making there ascent towards the Attic gate, which looks like a hidden door on the wall. The day has become night, but the Attic will still be hot. Markiki pauses and looks at his sister's clothing choices for braving the Attic, "Are you really going to wear a tube top, boom-boom shorts, and heeled flip flops in the Attic? You are going to get hurt." True our lovely heroine may have looked slightly tacky in her get-up, but she had her reasons, "Markiki I am dressed perfectly for the Attic. I am wearing as little as possible because it is hot. And these are not flip flops. They are sandals with a heel. I am more clumsy in something flat!"

What she says makes sense on some level, though Markiki is not really buying it, "I think you are making a mistake." The two siblings open the door into the Attic, though they notice it was already slightly open. Miss M finds that interesting, the last time she had left the Attic the door had been firmly shut...

The heat inside the Attic is always a shock, breathing becomes a little more different. Miss M motions for Markiki to stay behind and shine a light for her. The goal is to find Glimmer and maybe some answers about her attack last night. For some reason Miss M feels like the evil she flushed away came from the Attic.

Darkness looms all around her, the only thing helping her is the light from her brother. She can make out the shapes of various boxes that have been homes to all kinds of items. Miss M starts to whisper Glimmer's name. Unknown to Miss M there are eyes looking at her in the darkness. She is being watched. Sky-Spy is taking notes, glad he hadn't left the Attic yet.

The heat is slowly getting to M. She feels like her movements are getting slower. The Attic is just too hot. There are no signs of Glimmer or anything else for that matter. Markiki calls out to her, "M! Find anything yet? Hurry, the heat is escaping into the house!" Miss M motions for him to be quiet, she suddenly hears something.

The noise is coming from a box, "Psst. Psst. Miss M, is that you?" Miss M looks at the box and squints her eyes, "April? April O'Neil from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Oh my goodness! Yes it is me. What are you doing in here, it has been ages!" Miss M has not seen First Edition April O'Neil since the Great Spring Clean Sweep of '93.

April looks at M, "Wow, you have grown up! It has been a long time. Well listen, after you got older and dumped your friends in the Attic, I got separated from the Turtles and all my variants. I've been living in this box with old baby toys. You gotta get me outta here, they whine so much!" Miss M motions for April to get out of the box. Miss M goes to put April in her pocket, but her boom-boom shorts have none. April ends up in M's tube top, nestled between the "girls."

"I'm sorry April, it's the only place I can put you." Miss M looks apologetically. April shrugs, "After what I have seen, this is nothing. Let's hurry and escape though, before we pass out. Or worse."

"Before we do anything, I need to find Glimmer." Miss M says searching through some other boxes and finding nothing. April shakes her head, "Listen doll, you may have gotten prettier with age, but I pray that hasn't made you dumber. We need to get out of here, you don't understand. They will be coming out soon."

Miss M is confused, "Who?" April gives M the scoop on the Roaches, "The Roaches run this place. They come out in droves, looting from the boxes. Feeding on anything that looks edible. They live it up in here. I have seen things that are terrible. M, they deficate on anything and everything!"

Markiki calls out to his sister, "M? Who are you talking to? Come on, you need to get out of there!" Miss M shouts, "I'm talking to myself! I'm heading out now!" She turns to leave, but feels dizzy as she looks at her long journey to the exit. "Oh goodness, I don't think I can make it." Miss M gasps out. April looks up at the heroine, "Listen doll, you are gonna get it together and get us out. I'm not ending my life like this." April says motioning at her current position.

Sky-Spy decides to make himself known, along with some friends. Miss M and April both hear the sounds of fluttering wings and an onslaught of footsteps behind them. April taps on Miss M, "Doll, we need to hurry." Miss M looks back and wants to faint. A wave of Roaches are running towards her. She also spots a flying Roach aiming for her head, April screams, "M! Don't let Sky-Spy near you! Faster doll, I'm slipping between the girls!!"

Our heroine realizes she may have made a mistake wearing heeled sandals in the Attic. While making her way over some boxes, Miss M's heel gets caught on an old Fischer Price doll house. The lovely beauty almost falls to the Attic floor cursing out loud. The Roaches are fastly approaching. Markiki is trying to understand what is going on, "Are you ok M?" Her brother shines the light and spots the wave of Roaches scurrying towards his big sis, "Oh my God! M! Hurry they are after you!"

Miss M makes it to the door way and is gasping for air, "Markiki, help me out, I can't feel my legs!" The Roaches are inches away. Miss M reaches into her tube top and grabs April. Throwing the toy to the blue shag carpet, Miss M struggles to get out. Markiki grabs her arms and drags his sister out of the doorway. Sky-Spy screams as the door is shut on the Attic.

Trying to catch her breath M looks at her brother. He shakes his head, "What just happened? You could've been killed!" Miss M shakes her nerves off, "I'm good. Nothing bad happened, and on a positive note, I found my original April O'Neil!" Markiki looks at April in her yellow jumpsuit, "No Glimmer though huh?" Miss M shakes her head, "No. I'm not giving up though!" The two siblings get up. April looks around the big room, it is nice to be out of the Attic. The three head out of the loft and back to the first floor. With the Attic door firmly shut, M breathes a sigh of relief. The Roaches have been halted from further activity. For now.

Back inside the Attic Sky-Spy flutters about yelling, "That wench! She shut the door! It makes no difference. There are other ways to get the information I need." Sky-Spy laughs as he spies a slight opening to the Outside World from the ceiling. He flies off, formulating a brand new plan...


  1. I lile your stories funny and adventures... I may have to send Clamp Champ to help you out.

  2. Thank you Jedi! I'm glad you like them! And with that, ya never know, Clamp Champ might make an appearance!