Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toy Chest Tuesday! McDonald's Turbo Cone!!!!!

Alright dear readers I have a confession to make. I love McDonald's. I love the food. I even love the Happy Meal toys. I realize my pilates workouts hate me for it, but I don't care. I am not one of those crazy fools that is terrified of food. I love food. I'm half Italian for crying out loud! I have curves. And a fatal addiction to those yummy fries.

So look what I am serving up for today's Toy Chest! The McDonald's New Food Changeables Turbo Cone!! This toy came from a series of Happy Meal toys that involved the famous foods from McDonald's menu that transformed into robots or dinosaurs. They were quite popular and are probably the impetus for Happy Meal toys eventually being banned from certain cities.

The Turbo Cone was one of the robot Changeables. The coolest thing about these toys was the total ripoff of Transformers. A robot disguised as food is still a robot in disguise and therefore a Transformers ripoff. No matter how tasty the food looks.

As you can see, this is the paper that came with the toy. The Turbo Cone was a nice soft serve cone that turned into a female robot! That's right, a female robot! I loved this toy because from what I remember the New Food Changeables were always guy robots or dinosaurs. And for those in the know, I love when girl characters get some representation too!

Here is a picture of the Turbo Cone in disguise! I'm so craving some soft serve right now!

With a quick change and all the cool sound effects of a Michael Bay movie, Turbo Cone shows her true colors! Those colors being green and pink. Works for me!

Here is a larger picture of Turbo Cone. Her cheeks look like little discs of candy. I don't really know her story, but I'm thinking she works with the other New Food Changeables to fight against the evil villain known as Nutrition!! 
Finally here is a picture of the instructions for transforming Turbo Cone from a tasty treat to a robotic threat!

I love this toy. It was at a time in the history of the world where eating at McDonald's was ok. You could get a Happy Meal and no one made you feel guilty that you were killing your heart or claim that you were trying to eat your feelings. No one even knew what a trans fatty acid was! (I think) Ronald McDonald even had a group of friends, now it just seems like he has a ton of enemies. Look, we all deserve a break today! So go support your local McDonald's! After that first fry, you'll thank me! 

So that's it for Toy Chest Tuesday! Be sure to check back, because Night of the Living Roach 3: A New Breed will be crawling its way across a screen near you soon!!!  


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