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Night of the Living Roach 3: A New Breed

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And now, prepare for...

Night of the Living Roach 3
A New Breed

A few days have passed since the lovely Miss M survived the horrible events of Dumpstor's attack and the dangerous journey into the Attic. With April O'Neil 1st edition out of the Attic, Miss M finds herself taking April and Mermista to the Spa Sink. Centrally located in the downstairs Restroom, the Spa Sink is a luxurious sink that the Action Figure Heroes go to for rest and rejuvenation. April needs work to remove a sticky film from the Attic while Mermista is still hoping to get her hair detangled.

Miss M is lathering up Mermista with some Herbal Essence goodness while Mermista and April are catching up. April looks around the Restroom, "Things have changed so much. I mean look at M, I can't believe how much she has changed! She grew up!"

Mermista nods, "Yeah, she has grown all up." April leans back soaking up all the suds in the Spa Sink. She looks at Mermista with the goop in her hair, "What happened to your hair Mermista?" The PoP toy wistfully looks at April and looks back to the past, "M put me and the gang in a box in the Attic. It got so hot in there, well you know how it was up there April. Anyway time passed and I wanted to brush my hair. What else do you do when you are in a box and everyone is trying to look their best? The problem was that my lucky comb was nowhere near." April rolls her eyes, "How sad. I've never had rooted hair so I can't comprehend. Unless you count my Ravishing variant. I'd like to personally forget."

Mermista ignores the comment and continues her story, "Well either way Barbie was rooming with us, and she was so sweet to let me borrow her brush. Only her brush was huge and caused a mess, my hair was incredibly tangled and never the same. I also think Catra had her hand in the problem too, she is so moody sometimes."

April O'Neil groans, "Oh please, be glad jacked up hair is your only problem. I have been misplaced! I got lost from my original box. I have been living with old baby toys. Fearing my life from hordes of Roaches! And now I'm back. Only to find that my variants have been living the high life. I'm a first edition! And all I've got is this sticky jumpsuit to show for it!" 

Miss M interrupts the women, "Alright, I'm gonna let you two relax a little bit. I will be back." M leaves the room and heads towards the Kitchen. The house is quiet. Her brother is resting in his room. M's parents are nowhere to be found. Our lovely heroine is in the Kitchen looking for her slippers and possibly a bite to eat for lunch. 

"I thought I put them in here..." M tells herself looking around the Kitchen floor. She eventually finds them and slides her right foot into one slipper. Her left foot goes into the other slipper. The slippers are hot pink with a slight heel. They are completely cute and only the best for the supple M. For some reason though the pedicured toes on her left foot feel something inside the slipper. 

"What?" M asks herself, confusion spreading across her mind. What is she feeling? There is a tickle that spreads across her foot and M kicks the slipper off. A Roach staggers out of the slipper, it is Sky-Spy. Miss M lets out a blood curdling scream as she realizes what was touching her toes. Sky-Spy hisses, "You wench, what did you do to Dumpstor?"

"You'll never find him!" M screams and tries to rush off. Sky-Spy spreads his wings and flies towards her. M continues to scream as the Roach zooms near her flawless face. There has never been a moment in her life where this type of Roach breed has tried to kill her. A flying Roach, trying to gouge her eyes out? What is the world coming to?

Miss M runs across the Kitchen grabbing a large butcher knife from a drawer. "Come after me you bastard!" M is swinging the knife in the air at Sky-Spy. The flying Roach is hissing at her trying to dodge the attacks. M screams for help. 

Those screams make it to her brother Markiki. His bedroom door opens and his footsteps race down the hall, "M? M? What is going on?" He rushes into the Kitchen and sees his sister brandishing a knife. "What is going on M?"

"A ROACH!!!! Behind you!!!" M screams. Markiki turns as Sky-Spy flies towards him. Markiki ducks and looks at his sister, "Your on your own, I'm not down with this!" Markiki runs off to his room locking the door behind him.

"Markiki!!! Help me!" M runs down the hall as Sky-Spy throws her against the wall. The flying Roach hisses in her ear, "I'm going to eat your flesh." M screams, "Never!" Her hands slap the Roach away. "Oh God I touched it!" M screams again and races down the hall to her room, trying to get to safety. 

Racing past the Restroom April and Mermista hear the commotion in the hall. April looks out of the Spa Sink, "What do you think is going on out there?" Mermista shrugs, "I'm not sure, but we can't get out of here on our own. Let's just keep relaxing." April nods, "Sounds good. So tell me Mermista, is that Ravishing Reporter version of me still wearing that whorey mini skirt?" Mermista closes her eyes, "Oh yeah, the Turtles love it." April makes a disgusted look, "What a tramp."

Back in the hallway Miss M is thrown to the floor by Sky-Spy. "Oh GOD! Someone help me!!!" M is being dragged across the floor by the Roach spy. The stunning heroine is trying her best to escape, but Sky-Spy is strong. Adrenaline rushes through M though and she kicks Sky-Spy in the face. Rolling up, M reaches for something, anything, to help her survive this horrific ordeal. 

Lucky for M, Markiki still has shoes out in the hallway. M reaches for one and lands a fatal blow across the Roache's face. Sky-Spy hisses and falls to the floor. M screams and raises the shoe one more time, squashing it on Sky-Spy. 

Shaking and having trouble breathing M lifts the shoe up. She screams again as she sees a mangled Sky-Spy on the floor. "Somebody help me! I can't do this!!!" The last thing she wants to do is pick the dead Roach up. She gags and does her best not to throw up. 

An idea crosses her mind. It is pure evil, but after what she has been through she has no other choice. Using the shoe as a broom, Miss M sweeps Sky-Spy under Markiki's bedroom door. Standing up, M has a crooked smile on her face. What has she just done? In no time at all, she can hear her brother scream. At first this is funny, until she hears hissing and the fluttering of wings.

"Markiki?" M calls out. Her brother screams, "M, help me!!" Panic sets in with M and she tries to open her brother's bedroom door. The door is locked. Miss M shakes the door, hearing her brother scream louder. She has no idea what is happening on the other side. However she soon hears the sound of a window breaking. Followed by more screams. And then silence. 

Miss M is screaming and crying trying to open the door, "Markiki!! Markiki!! Say something!" M turns around to see her Action Figure Hero colleague Wolverine racing from her room, "Darlin' let me through, I'll get us in there!"


Wolverine has his claws out and starts picking the lock to the door. "Got it!" Wolverine says and M slams the door open. "Markiki?" M says looking around. Glass and blood is everywhere. Markiki's hand suddenly reaches from under his bed grabbing M's ankle. She screams, and with the help of Wolverine they drag Markiki out from under the bed. He is in shock.

"Oh Markiki, I am so sorry for this! I never meant to hurt you, I never should have brushed Sky-Spy under your door!" Markiki's lips tremble, "I-i-i-i-t-t-t. I-i-i-i-t-t-t. It wasn't. It wasn't. DEAD! It wasn't dead! It bit my toe!"

Wolverine walks by the broken window sniffing the air, "Damn it! Sky-Spy got away. How is the toe?" M looks down at her brother's foot. The pinky toe has been nibbled on, but there is no sign of blood, "Markiki, where did all this blood come from?" M looks around the room.

"It's paint. I'm not bleeding, but the thing bit me!" Markiki shouts. Wolverine goes to get medical help. Miss M continues to apologize, they have no idea what is going to happen. 

Wolverine returns with Storm, Cyclops, and Victor Von Doom. Miss M looks at Victor, "What is he doing here? We need medical help!"

Victor looks at M, "I'm a Doctor. Let me look at his foot." M steps back. After some careful observations Dr. Doom concludes, "I'm sorry, but your brother will be undead soon. A bite from a Roach almost always turns the living into the walking dead."

Markiki groans and starts to cry, "I can't die! I wanna be in the sequel!" Miss M shakes her head, "Wait a minute. Dr. Doom are you sure? How can a Roach bite turn a human into a zombie? That makes no sense."

Dr. Doom shrugs, "I don't know. I could be wrong actually. Just sleep on it. If you aren't craving brains in the morning you'll be fine." Dr. Doom walks off leaving everyone speechless. M looks at her brother, "I'm so sorry Markiki. Please don't hate me." 

Markiki hugs his sister, "I'm not gonna hate you sis. But seriously, don't get me involved in your dramas anymore! Now take your toys and get out! I've had enough of this!" Markiki ushers everyone out. 

Miss M thanks Wolverine and checks on Mermista and April in the Spa Sink. There isn't much more that M can take. Until Rogue and Magneto show up.

"Sugah, we need to talk." Rogue says with a file in her hands. M looks at the two, "Where have you both been? Do you know that Gambit has been worried sick? He thinks ya'll have been bumping uglies!"

Rogue and Magneto look at each other and then quickly look away, "Sugah, that Cajun is not on my mind right now. We have been on an important mission. Look at these pictures." Miss M looks at the file and cringes as photos of Roaches stare at her, "Why are ya'll showing this to me?" 

Magneto calmy addresses the situation, "There are Roaches after you M. Your parents killed the King and Queen Cock Roach, their children now want your blood. That first picture is of Rita the Roach. She is in charge of the Roaches. The next photo is of her older brother Roach Clip. He was destined to be the ruler after their parents died, but he has unusual cravings. Rita is in charge and they are building an army as we speak. They are all chanting about wanting to destroy the House of M."

Miss M feels defeated, "I can't believe this. How are we going to stop them?" Magneto shakes his head, "There is no stopping them. We should have destroyed them when we had the chance all those years ago. There is nothing we can do. I for one will not try to peacefully coexist with them."

Rogues shakes her head, "Why am I not surprised Magneto? Just don't let Charles hear you say that, ok sugah? There is plenty we can do though." Rogue produces one more final picture, "This is Splashor. He is the Master of the Waterways. He is the only one connecting Rita's mission with the masses. If you can stop him, Rita won't be able to spread the word on the war."

"How do I kill Splashor? I've never even seen him!" M says. Rogue lowers her head, "Sugah, if any legends hold true, he'll be coming for you. And pray you can kill him first."

Miss M closes her eyes. It has only just begun...  

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