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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3! Chapter 53!

She-Ra Saturday is here! All new and ready to tantalize your senses with awesomeness, Adora's Search for Honor is nearing its end. So let's get things going!

Previously: She-Ra and a few of her friends on Eternia traveled to Snake Mountain to inquire about the possible presence of the Snake Men. After being shut out by Skeletor, She-Ra and company left highly suspicious of the goings-on inside the mountain... Skeletor was held prisoner as most of his Evil Warriors were being prepared for a feast deserving of Serpos, the giant snake monster that will devour Eternia and in its waste will create an all new terrifying Snake World... Castaspella tried getting the hang of her evil companions, together she was certain they could stop the Snake Men... Perfuma found out some sad realities about her connection to Moss Man... Mermista saved her father and prepared to fight her way to Mer-Man and reclaim the undersea kingdom!

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 53

Castaspella's heart is racing. She is on the run with Stinkor, Shadow Weaver, and Trap Jaw. Stuck inside of Snake Mountain, the group is realizing that any plans to stop the Snake Men will be difficult at best. Shadow Weaver rasps out, "This isn't going to work! We have no other way out of this nightmare!" The mistress of dark magic turns to see two vile Snake Men hot on their tails. Rattlor and Kobra Khan slither about trying to catch up.

Huffing in persistence, Castaspella sighs, "We are going to find a way! I know we will, right Stinkor?" The enchantress from Mystacor looks towards Stinkor with a smile. The smelly malodorous warrior of evil nods, "Stinkor believe in Casta-friend." They continue to run, but their steps fall short. King Hiss and Sssqueeze are waiting around the corner.

Still in his human disguise, King Hiss grins with wickedness, "My friends! No need to run so much. You have spent so much time running around this place, you must be hungry. I know I am." King Hiss continues to grin flashing his teeth. Castaspella looks at her wayward group.

In a tired panic, Shadow Weaver points a bony finger towards Castaspella, "She's the one you want! She's the one that set you free. We have nothing to do with you!" Castaspella gives a look to Shadow Weaver, rolling her eyes, "Thanks Shadow Weaver." King Hiss continues to smile, his eyes lighting up, "Really? You are the beauty that awakened us?"

Castaspella stands still refusing to give anything away. Slithering closer to her, King Hiss smiles widely, "Of course you are. You seem rather special. I think you will do nicely..." Stinkor shakes his head, wanting to protect his friend. Shadow Weaver looks around at the Snake Men, wondering if she can find a way to escape. King Hiss motions to his Snake Men, "We've found our new Queen. Together we will usher in Serpos!" King Hiss grabs hold of Castaspella's arm. She shoves him away and gathers up her magic energy.

Trap Jaw grits his metal jaw, "This is bullshit!" He fires a blast from his arm canon towards Kobra Khan. The Snake Men begin to fight. Stinkor releases his stench in the chamber. Hoping it will ward the Snake Men off, Stinkor does his best to help Castaspella. The enchantress struggles with King Hiss, "Just get out of here Stinkor! Hurry!"

Stinkor refuses to leave his friend. Shadow Weaver works a magic spell, only to lose her train of thought as Sssqueeze wraps an arm around her waist. Squeezing her tight, Shadow Weaver realizes she is trapped. Trap Jaw continues to fire blasts at the enemies, but he is quickly outnumbered.

Still struggling with the king, Castaspella lashes out clawing at his face. King Hiss hurls out in pain. Hanging his head down and rumbling out a low laugh, the king tosses his head back as pieces of his skin shed and fall to the ground. Continuing to laugh, he loses his flesh revealing a more sinister form. A giant snake head surrounded by smaller snakes rises forth looking at the group. Castaspella screams in disgust. The last thing she remembers before being knocked out is Stinkor rushing to help her.

Elsewhere in Snake Mountain, Skeletor sits idly by in a small prison cell. Sitting back against the cold stone wall, he barks to no one in particular, "This is pathetic! Where is everyone?! Surely someone would have stopped by to help me by now. Where is that miserable muscle less version of He-Man when I need her?" Skeletor stomps his foot on the ground for effect. He is furious that the Snake Men are back. He is even more furious with himself for accusing and harming Evil-Lyn the way he did. He knows there is no going back from that.

As he sits there in the darkness, a sudden noise startles him from his thoughts. Sitting up straight, Skeletor looks towards the cell door awaiting the arrival of one of the Snake Men. Suddenly a face passes through the wall next to him. A transparent ghostly skeleton face looks at Skeletor and shouts, "BOO!" Skeletor looks on horrified, not from fear, but from annoyance, "Who in the blasted world are you?"

The ghostly image grins, "I was just a petty thief and an even worse bounty hunter. I think I'm supposed to be dead, so I've given myself the name Scare Glow..." Skeletor sits there in shock. The shock further continues as Scare Glow glides through the wall and takes a seat next to the Lord of Destruction. Scare Glow whispers, "So... what are you in here for?"

Seething with annoyance, Skeletor simmers, "I'm not in here for anything. This place is my domain." Scare Glow looks around, "It sure doesn't look like your domain. I've seen those Snake things. I know they mean business. And since my friends left me high and dry... and dead to boot... I'm thinkin' I could help ya."

Skeletor groans, "And what do you think you can help me with you silly ghost brain!" Scare Glow grins as his ghostly frame begins to glow in the dark, "I'll help you if you can help me find the hidden treasure in Snake Mountain." Standing up from his seat, Skeletor crosses his arms, "Treasure? In this place?" Nodding in excitement, Scare Glow grins, "Sure! I was on my way to find the treasure in this dump before some Snake thing strangled the life out of me. I'll serve you forever Skeletor as long as I can get my hands on that treasure."

"Why are you interested in treasure? You're dead!" Skeletor barks, growing impatient. Scare Glow shrugs, "Oh, not even my death would stop me from wanting to score the greatest batch of treasure the world has ever scene. Now come on, let's get you out of here!" Scare Glow grins as his glowing form finds a way to open the cell door. Skeletor smiles and exits with his new evil ghost warrior!

In another part of the universe on Etheria, Spinnerella visits with Madame Razz inside the witch's room in Castle Bright Moon. Still trying to rest and recuperate from her wounds suffered by Hordak, Madame Razz enjoys any chance to visit with fellow members of the Great Rebellion. "Dearie, I can't thank you enough for all the times you have stopped by to visit with me. I feel like I have gotten to know you so well Spinnerella."

The dizzying defender smiles, "And I have enjoyed spending time with you too Madame Razz. How is your head?" Leaning back in her bed, Madame Razz sighs, "Dearie, I'm just getting too old. I'm not bouncing back like I would have thought." She thinks about Light Hope and how she is glad he can't see her like this, though she does wonder what it would be like if she did travel up to the Crystal Castle to see him after all these years...

"Madame Razz, you still have plenty of time left with all of us. You'll get to feeling better." Spinnerella smiles refusing to think of anything else. Madame Razz nods, "If you say so, I just might believe it!" They both smile at each other and Razz changes the topic, "I heard that Bow and the kind man from Eternia, Duncan I believe, traveled to Eternia to get the portal back up?" Spinnerella nods.

"That's good dearie. Maybe our friends will return soon. I'm sure you are excited for Netossa's return." Madame Razz smiles. Spinnerella lightly shrugs, "I hope Netossa returns. I just wish I knew why she left in the first place. I feel responsible for her leaving." They both sit there in silence. Spinnerella thinks of her dear friend and just wishes that Netossa could come back home. Before they continue the conversation any further, they both turn their heads at the sounds of screams coming from down the hall.

Madame Razz looks concerned, "Dearie, you better go check on that!" Spinnerella nods and races out of the hall, her graceful legs swiftly getting her to the problem at hand. Flutterina stumbles out of Frosta's room with her hands clutching her stomach. Flutterina looks at Spinnerella in horror, "I'm so. Sorry."

Spinnerella shakes her head, "What is the matter?" Glimmer comes rushing into the hallway as well. Flutterina looks at her friends and gasps, "I was checking on. Frosta. My stomach began to. Hurt. I threw up. On her. Floor." Flutterina rushes off before she is sick again. Spinnerella looks over at Glimmer, "I'll check on Flutterina!" Spinnerella rushes off to find the insectoid woman.

Glimmer nods, carefully walking into Frosta's room. Twisting and turning on her bed, Frosta screams in disgust, "Get that thing out! Get her out now! Oh I'm going to be sick!" Eyeing the bright green vomit on the floor, Glimmer steps over the pile, "Frosta, it's going to be OK. We'll get it cleaned up. What happened?"

Frosta stops turning and gawks at Glimmer, "What happened? What happened darling!? Well I'll tell you what happened! Flutterina thought she would visit me after I specifically told everyone that I wanted to be left alone, but do you think anyone would possibly listen to me in this shit hole! No offense Glimmer, but you know how I feel about this place. The smell. Ugh. It is only worse now that she threw up on my bedroom floor! My bedroom floor!!!" Frosta shrieks in disgust.

Taking a seat next to Frosta, Glimmer simply sighs, "Frosta, you need to calm down. I know you have been through a lot, but Flutterina didn't mean to throw up on the bedroom floor. We'll get it cleaned up." Frosta throws her hands up, "Oh shut up darling! I knew that insectoid thing was trouble! We never should have let that thing out of the cocoon. Blasted Perfuma and her need to see everything live!"

"Frosta, you are mad, but it is going to be alright! My goodness, it is just throw-up!" Frosta looks at Glimmer as if she is crazy. "It is just throw-up? Darling, if you don't get out of my room this instant, I'm punching you in the face." Frosta is deadly serious. Glimmer doubts her at first, but Frosta forms an icy fist, "I told you all to leave me alone! I've lost my home yet again and this time it was due to some ridiculous evil sorceress!? Just get out!" Frosta screams some more. Glimmer gets the message and quickly exits the room. Taking a deep breath, Glimmer sighs, "I can't take much more." The guide who lights the way walks off to find a way to get the floor cleaned up.

Back on planet Eternia, She-Ra and Bow are preparing for another trip to Snake Mountain. They are alone in his room in the Eternos Palace. Neither have much time, but they try to hold onto the moment for as long as possible. They kiss and embrace each other tightly. Bow sighs, "Do we really need to do this?"

She-Ra nods, "Yes. You heard Perfuma, Castaspella is in Snake Mountain and the Snake Men are very real. They pose a great threat. We have to stop them." She-Ra looks over at him. They kiss again. Bow whispers, "It just feels good to be with you again, though I really look forward to seeing you in your regular clothes." She-Ra smiles, "Bow, I'm still me."

Bow smiles warmly at her, "I know. I've just really missed you. It feels good to be here." They stand close to each other, taking each other in. He smells her hair and can't help but feel his heart beat fast, "I've got good news."

Tilting her head, She-Ra grins, "Oh really? What news?" Bow grins right back at her, "I finally finished writing the song for you." She-Ra can't stop smiling, "Are you serious? After all these years, you finally have the song finished?"

Bow nods holding her tight, "Yep. And this time, no one has heard it. This song is my masterpiece, just wait. Once we have finished dealing with all these threats of evil, I'm going to play it for you." She-Ra nods and listens. She wants to hear her song more than anything, but it does remind her of a bigger issue, "Bow?"

"Yes my love?" She-Ra sighs closing her eyes tight, "Before you play the song for me, we need to still talk..." There is so much she must tell him. Her love for him is real, but she wants to be honest about so many other things. And here she thought her secret identity would be her undoing. Bow nods his head, "Alright. Well once we have dealt with these Snake Men, let's talk. Deal?" She-Ra looks at her love and kisses him gently on the lips, "Deal."

In another section of the palace, Sea Hawk walks with Netossa towards the meeting spot for the heroes going to Snake Mountain. The pirate motions for his pet mouse to stay put in his pocket as Netossa chuckles, "He really likes to be where the action is, doesn't he?" Sea Hawk nods, "Of course he does. I've raised him well." The two friends laugh some more. Netossa grabs hold of Sea Hawk's hand and pauses, "Hey. I know we should be worrying about the danger we are about to throw ourselves in, but I'm worried about you. The other night at the celebration for Adora, you seemed very strange. Were you wanting to tell her something?"

Sea Hawk is silent. There are many things he needs to say to quite a few people. "There may have been something I needed to say to Adora." The captivating beauty looks forward, "What's stopping you?" Hanging his head in guilt, Sea Hawk sighs, "Timing. Always timing." On that note Netossa decides to drop the subject as they approach a group gathering for the attack on Snake Mountain.

Teela, Clamp Champ, Man-E-Faces, and Perfuma are already waiting for everyone. Clamp Champ nods in the direction of Sea Hawk and Netossa, "We are just waiting on She-Ra and Bow. Man-At-Arms is going to work on the portal device. It will just be us."

Man-E-Face grins, "Yeah, and we're gonna take the Snake Scum down!" He switches the structure of his face up to reveal a Snake Man face. Perfuma takes one look and jumps back in fright, "Eek!" She covers her hands to her mouth, trying not to be freaked out. Man-E-Faces quickly reverts to his original face, "I'm sorry Perfuma. I wasn't trying to be scary." Perfuma nods, "I get it. I had a friend who could do something similar. But she is dead now." Perfuma looks up as She-Ra and Bow arrive to the group. Smiling to see her friends, Perfuma looks around, "I really wish Mermista could join us."

Teela agrees, "That would be helpful. But has anyone seen Mermista?" No one knows for sure. She-Ra wonders if her friend is somewhere safe. The heroic warriors do a quick double check on their supplies and weapons before finally making the trek to Snake Mountain.

Under the sea, Mermista battles her way through a battle worn Salineas. Driving her coral sword into the chests of various sea creatures that are trying to kill her, Mermista can only think about finding her sister. Various Mer-Guards swim throughout the towers of Salineas battling sea creatures from around the various seas on Eternia. Now that the word is out on yet another attack on the Kingdom of Salineas, all manners of sea creatures are planning to overtake whatever they can.

Trying to find her way to the main throne room, Mermista doubles around bypassing another sea creature with sharp fins and even sharper teeth. Swimming quickly towards the correct domed tower, Mermista braces herself. Slowly rising out of the water, Mermista gasps at the sight of the blood on the stark white steps.

The sound of laughter floats down to her. Looking past the steps, Mermista is shocked. Mer-Man is resting across her father's ornate shell throne with Merlia chained to the side. Mermista looks at her sister, "Merlia!"

Mer-Man gurgles out, "Another mer-beauty. Perfect to sit on the other side of my new throne!" Mer-Man laughs in glee. Mermista shakes her head, "That will not be happening. This is my father's kingdom. Let my sister go." Mer-Man jumps up pointing a finger at Mermista, "This is my kingdom! My land! And I will tear these towers down and watch them crumble all around you. The sea will always be mine!" Mer-Man glares with evil intent.

Mermista shakes her head charging towards the sea lord. Merlia screams out in warning as Octavia lunges out of the shadows trying to slice a knife into Mermista's side. Octavia sneers, "A pity to see you alive once again Mermista. This time will be different!" Reaching out with her tentacles, Octavia grabs hold of Mermista tossing her across the throne room.

Losing the coral sword, Mermista stands up to confront Octavia. Grabbing hold of her special necklace, Mermista aims a powerful squirt of water in Octavia's face. Spitting out some water, Octavia glares, "You will regret all of that!" Octavia tosses a knife at Mermista, Merlia closes her eyes unable to watch.

Mermista dodges the knife and leaps into the air with a swift kick to Octavia's chest. Mer-Man claps his hands in joy, he hopes that they'll either kill each other or that Octavia will stand triumphant. He watches the fight intently, but begins to tremble as the water begins to roughen on the outside of the domed tower. Mer-Man looks around. He can feel the water growing rough, "Oh no. It can't be..."

Everyone in the room soon notices that there is something going on outside the dome. Octavia looks over at Mermista, "What tricks are you up to?" Mermista can only shrug, "I have nothing to do with this." A strange crack splinters across the thick shelled roof over their heads. Merlia tries to free herself but can't. Mer-Man shakes his head, "No. Not the..."

The roof caves in with water filling up the throne room. Mermista and Octavia are flung from each other as rubble and water fall every which way. Mer-Man looks up at a giant sea creature that looks like a spiky whale, he gurgles, "The Zazark!" Mer-Man tries to aim his trident at the beast. Merlia looks for her sister.

With a mouth wide open, the Zazark begins to suck up the water and rubble from the throne room. Unable to maintain his balance, Mer-Man screams as he is sucked into the mouth of the Zazark. Merlia is lifted up into the water, but her chains are firmly placed in the coral floor. Mermista is woozy and scrambles to hold onto something as she is thrown upwards towards the giant creature's mouth.

Merlia screams underwater reaching up for her sister's hands. Mermista does her best to swim towards her sister. Holding on tight, they both look at each other. Merlia is screaming for Mermista to hold on. Losing her grip, Mermista panics as she is flung upwards into the Zazark's mouth. Merlia screams as the Zazark swallows Mermista whole.

Inside Snake Mountain, She-Ra and her friends look over the barren rooms and passageways of Snake Mountain. "Where is everyone?" She-Ra looks around trying to understand what is going. "These Snake Men really make no sense," Perfuma sighs as she tries to notice anything out of the ordinary.

Problems soon mount though when a hissing sound echoes throughout Snake Mountain. She-Ra and her friends turn as a group of Snake Men line up. Snake Face, Sssqueeze, Rattlor, and Tung Lashor stare at the heroic warriors. Snake Face hisses, "What is this?" Rattlor steps forward his tail rattling, "Simply more for our feast! Snake Men, attack!" The Snake Men charge towards She-Ra and her friends. She-Ra holds up her sword running towards the Snake Men screaming, "This is it!" Bow draws out an arrow taking aim. Teela draws out her sword ready to strike while Man-E-Faces charges up his laser pistol. Sea Hawk and Netossa leap into the air over the Snake Men for a different advantage point. Clamp Champ gathers up his clamp swinging it across Tung Lashor. Perfuma channels her energy with the ground and gathers the power for a giant fist of dirt and rock to form from the ground slamming into Sssqueeze.

The heroes battle against the Snake Men. As they struggle and fight, something far more dangerous is occurring from high above. Back in his human disguise, King Hiss smiles at Castaspella. The enchantress is tied up in the mouth of the giant stone snake statue that wraps around Snake Mountain. Struggling to free herself, Castaspella screams in defeat. King Hiss can only smile, "My dear Queen, you must understand your importance in all this. Serpos requires the blood of a true beauty. By being my queen, you forsake your life so that a new world can be made from utter waste." King Hiss motions at the world around him.

King Hiss looks at Kobra Khan, "Check on the others. Make sure they bring the others up, for the feast is to begin soon!" King Hiss laughs loudly into the cold night. Castaspella can only shiver in fear at what is about to happen next...

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  1. Wow Frosta's life sucks. How come so many of her plot points involve vomit? I remember she barfed after the Mosquitor situation and now she's got insectoid barf all over her floor. Plus she's been soaked in blood and dumped by He-Man and lost her kingdom. Must be the bad Karma from being so bitchy all the time!
    Is this the first time you've used Man-E-Faces in this story? Or did he already appear and I forgot?
    I want to hear this song that Bow wrote for She-Ra! Does she really even have to tell Bow about the kiss with Sea Hawk if it happened before they were together? And is there any possibility that Adora will get to get it on with one of her suitors in this story? I guess you can't reveal that but it could make for a spicy scene!
    Now I have a question about ScareGlow-is there a reason he became a ghost? I mean does anyone who dies in Snake Mountain become a ghost? Or did some force give him a spectral form for some reason?

    1. Well I think that with all the characters, Frosta is the last one that would want to be around anything gross, so I kinda like this idea of her constantly getting involved in gross situations. But I wouldn't say that Karma is just messing with her. There are some really good things coming up for her.

      And I have used Man-E-Faces before, but only with a few lines. He was never really involved with the story.

      Everything with Adora Bow and Sea Hawk is going to reach a boiling point. This is when the story is really going to get good.

      As for Scare Glow, the way I rationalized it was that because he was killed by a Snake Man who was from another dimension, that there was sort of a mystical event that took place allowing him to be a ghost. But for how long he can be a ghost and exactly what his confines are is unknown. Like he can't roam all over Eternia, at least in this story. I didn't really put an emphasis on that, but that is my logic for it. It is sort of like Light Hope, he is essentially a walking spirit of light, and he can only remain in the Crystal Castle.

  2. You should Emphasis the mythology you made for Scareglow at some point just so readers understand his restrictions. Maybe have a scene where Skeletor sees he is an awesome ally but then he can only help him in---well, you said Crystal Castle-but you do mean "Snake Mountain" correct?
    And I am all for Frosta getting some positive stuff happening in her life..but the sadist in me still wants to see her in the slime pit! I just can't think of a worse fate for her in her own mind! Even if she did get rescued before being slimed, the emotion and awesome dialogue you could milk from a scene where she just had to deal with the dangling slime about to get her would be priceless! I want to see deep into her icy soul, she has such a frozen hard exterior, and even when she is emoting the main emotion is anger. It would be great to see her truly vulnerable.

    Can you imagine what it would be like in your story if Frosta got with Catra!? As hot as that would be I don't think any Universe could stand that much negativity! and the lovers quarrels they would have would probably level half of Etheria!
    And I hope Stinkor becomes popular enough from your fanfic that they rewrite him in the mythology as a beloved loyal smelly and adorable friend instead of a bad guy, because -for one thing, like you have said in the past- I would like a stuffed animal of him, and another thing, out of all your character spins you've done, Stinkor may be the most ingenious.
    Also I can't wait to see Bow and Sea Hawk clash-I can relate to Sea Hawk as a drunk and an anti-hero-but I can also relate to Bow because he is a musician and I have written a song for a girl before.(well a bunch with my band but only one that I sang romantically to a girl) so I know how crazy hard that can be. Hey, don't they usually make the musicians anti-heroes? You do keep subverting the formula!

    1. There will be a further detailing on Scare Glow in an upcoming chapter. At least in terms of where he can go and where he can't. I don't know that I will make it known that he became a ghost because of the whole death at the hands of a Snake Man, but only because I don't know how he would be able to prove that. Unless a Snake Man told him. And the Crystal Castle part I typed was in reference to Light Hope and Etheria. I threw that last sentence in after all the Snake Mountain stuff.

      Frosta does have a lot of anger, but (and I probably shouldn't say this) something is going to happen to her very soon that will cause her to be very vulnerable. Oh and Frosta and Catra together would be out of control. lol I think Catra with anyone would be out of control.

      I just love Stinkor. He has really grown on me as a character. I really want a stuffed animal of him. I just really like him.

      And! Bow and Sea hawk may or may not clash. The thing I'm hoping for with this story is that there is a strong rooting value for both of them. It makes the best love triangles when you can't decide who you want the person to end up with.