Saturday, March 30, 2013

Adora's Search for Honor Part 3! Chapter 55!!!

Adora's Search for Honor is all new with Chapter 55! I am getting really excited because this story is coming to an end! With only a handful of chapters left, how will it all end? I'm still not telling, so just sit back and enjoy this all new She-Ra Saturday!

Previously: The Snake Men were vanquished. She-Ra fought against King Hiss and Skeletor. After a long fight, King Hiss was tossed into lava while Skeletor was seemingly killed too. The giant snake Serpos threatened to destroy Eternia, but was stopped by none other than Stinkor... Mermista and Mer-Man were trapped inside a giant sea creature known as the Zazark. Mermista made a deal with Mer-Man if he could find a way to get them both out alive. The deal being that Mermista would hand over her magic necklace giving her the freedom to roam the lands with her legs... Ultimera finally realized where her Chaos Sword was... Flutterina has been feeling funny... Frosta has been a bit depressed. With the knowledge that Sweet Bee and He-Man might be kaput, she suddenly started feeling a little bit better...

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 55

"Mighty Hordak, we can't stay in the Sun Tower forever," mumbles Grizzlor as the furry beast looks towards his leader. Standing tall in the Crystal Sands, the Sun Tower is a rather remote place, safe from prying eyes. The drawback is all the dry and hot air floating about. Grizzlor is drenched in sweat, hoping that Hordak manages to come up with a new idea for a base.

Sitting comfortably in Peekablue's gilded throne, Hordak feeds his pet Imp, "Grizzlor, where would you have the fledgling Horde go? Hm?" Hordak patiently awaits an answer. Grizzlor rubs the back of his head in silence. Leech and Modulok look on from the sidelines. Hordak continues, "I'm trying to approach this situation differently. The old Hordak would have rushed down and smacked you in the face for such a stupid statement. I've changed though. Nearly losing everything will do that to a ruthless leader. We have no other choice but to stay here for awhile longer." Hordak asks for someone to retrieve Multi Bot.

Leech leaves to quickly return with a fully charged Multi Bot. Buzzing with his familiar lilt, the multi-limbed robot greets Hordak. The leader of the Horde inquires about the state of the Horde's current abode and other Horde members. Multi Bot whirs, "Mighty Hordak, the Sun Tower will be unable to sustain us for much longer. We will need to find something soon if you want to rise in numbers. No other Horde members have returned either. It looks like we are all that is left of the Horde."

Groaning in annoyance, Hordak sits on his throne, "Carry on with your work Multi Bot. We'll continue to wait for a little while longer. The others must arrive soon. If they do not, we will leave to find something else." The other Horde members smile at this thought. None of them want to continue wasting away in the barren Sun Tower. Unknown to the struggling Horde members, Huntara continues to watch on and observe in the shadows...

Word reaches throughout various areas of Eternia just a mere day after the fall of the Snake Men along with the death of Skeletor. Many people are stunned, unsure of what to believe. The Masters of the Universe gather round to hunt down any remaining Snake Men that are loose. A few Evil Warriors hover behind in Snake Mountain. They feel lost and unable to determine any course of action. The world is beginning to look like a new place. For some.

Castaspella charges into Snake Mountain followed by She-Ra and Netossa. The hypnotizing enchantress is still devastated over the loss of Stinkor. Among other concerns, Castaspella is also furious and looking for a fight with Shadow Weaver. In a matter of seconds, Castaspella approaches Shadow Weaver, "We have unfinished business witch!"

Shadow Weaver stares blankly at Castaspella, "Oh poor pathetic Castaspella. Haven't you had your fill of the fight? What do you want with me?" Pointing a finger at the witch, Castaspella charges, "You need to pay for your crimes. You killed my sister and tarnished her child. Catra is now a menace to the world and you let her escape. You cannot continue to roam free." She-Ra and Netossa stand with Castaspella in support.

Rasping out a reply, Shadow Weaver sighs, "How shall I pay for my crimes? And exactly how is it a crime that I left Mystacor to join the Horde? I never twisted your sister's arm to follow me. She followed on her own free will. I couldn't help that Hordak would place her in the slave mines. As for her spawn, well, I would like to think that I gave Catra a better life than you ever could. I taught her how to use her magic. I made sure she could rise in the ranks of the Horde. She never saw a day in the slave mines."

Castaspella shakes her head, "Unbelievable. The way you weave your little lies is disgusting. You know exactly what you have done. And you must pay." Shadow Weaver crackles an electric energy from her finger tips, "Haven't I suffered enough?" She points towards She-Ra, "She killed Skeletor, the only man I have ever loved! I've suffered with my disfigured face. Cloaked in shadows and magic, I have had to stumble through a painful existence! I have more than paid for all of our crimes."

Netossa places a hand on Castaspella's shoulder, "Come on Casta, we can't keep doing this. We've been through enough. Come on, let's just leave her alone." Castaspella shrugs away from her friend, "No. I can't do that!" Castaspella has tears in her eyes, "I'm never going to see my sister again. She is gone. I have a niece that I will never get to truly know. For all I will ever know of Catra is a spiteful madwoman. Shadow Weaver must pay for that." She-Ra turns to Castaspella, "Netossa is right Casta. Going after Shadow Weaver is only going to lead to more fighting. We've all been through enough warring to last us an eternity. Let's just leave this alone. Please, my friend."

Castaspella looks around the inner confines of Snake Mountain. Her heart hurts. She wants to see Stinkor. His is a familiar face, a face she has been used to seeing since her arrival on Eternia. But she knows that is not possible. She feels as if sadness and loss surrounds her in a tight grip. Hanging her head, Castaspella agrees to leave.

Shadow Weaver smiles to herself. As the heroes begin to leave, Shadow Weaver calls out for She-Ra to remain behind. Netossa gives a look, "Is that a good idea?" She-Ra nods as Netossa and Castaspella walk away. She-Ra turns to stare at Shadow Weaver. They are alone.

"It has been awhile since we've been together, hasn't it?" Shadow Weaver asks in an odd way. She-Ra casually shrugs, "I am not quite sure what that means. We've hardly spent much alone time together." Tilting her head back, Shadow Weaver chuckles, "That's where you are wrong child. Did you really think I'd never figure it out? After all, wasn't it I who raised you, Adora?"

A strange look passes over She-Ra's face quickly. Shadow Weaver points a twisted finger at the princess of power, "I saw it. Just now. I saw that glimmer of truth flash across that face of yours." She-Ra shakes her head, "Whatever you think you may know, don't get things twisted Shadow Weaver, you never raised me."

Folding her arms in a mock rage, Shadow Weaver rasps, "Oh yes. I forgot, that wretched nanny Madame Razz took care of you. But that wasn't entirely true now was it? I seem to recall you fondly thinking of me as your mother. You and Catra both. I wanted so much to instill the virtues of evil in you. I failed you." She-Ra shakes her head, "No. I simply realized that there were glaring errors in my ways. The master tricks that Hordak and you placed on all of us came crashing down. The children of the Horde Academy grew up to embark on their own path. And I'm proud to say that I stopped Hordak."

"So you stopped Hordak. Good for you Adora. With a little bit of razzle dazzle the stolen baby from Eternia became the warrior woman to bring about the Horde's own downfall. But you haven't stopped me. And you certainly haven't stopped Catra." Shadow Weaver lifts her head high, glaring with those bright yellow eyes. She-Ra shakes her head, "I meant what I said. I'm not going to try and stop you. You no longer pose a threat. You never did. Shadow Weaver, you were only a force to be reckoned with when you were standing behind some man. Hordak and Skeletor are both gone. You might as well dig your own grave now."

"What of your grave Adora? This whole persona as the virtuous She-Ra is stunning for sure, but I know the depths that you've gone. The blood you have spilled can never be fully cleaned. I might not be able to shatter you, but there are others who will. If I am to pay for my crimes, than you too shall pay for yours."

She-Ra shakes her head, refusing to fall prey to these taunts, "I know what I have done Shadow Weaver. I live with my actions every day and every night. Unlike you though, I make sure that I can make up for the past. I want to see this world and Etheria be free of the forces of evil." Shadow Weaver laughs with a throaty rasp. She glides towards She-Ra, "You do that child. Fight for what you believe in. And when that moment arrives where you have to look into the face of all your horrors, well, I hope you tremble in fear. The time is coming She-Ra. I won't be able to stop you, but there is someone who will. Someone whose rage is a work of pure art."

She-Ra knows who Shadow Weaver is referring to. "Shadow Weaver, you are wrong. I believe that there is goodness within Catra. And when I cross paths with her I am going to help her." Shadow Weaver chuckles again, "You truly don't know do you? You will be in for the fight of your life. Fare well you foolish child." Shadow Weaver folds her arms quickly as a plume of smoke fills around her her. In a moment Shadow Weaver is gone.

Standing alone, She-Ra holds onto the words spoken by Shadow Weaver. She-Ra walks away hoping that she will be able to find Catra and that their lives will be able to create a new possibility. Something different and better than what they have known their whole lives. The princess of power leaves Snake Mountain behind, ready to start a path towards a new direction. A new chapter.

Deep inside the belly of the Zazark, Mermista and Mer-Man both struggle to escape. The two narrowly made it out of the digestive process of stomach acids and debris earlier. Together the two head towards a destination that Mer-Man promises will be their safe exit. Mer-Man is giddy with the thought of being free and able to finally reclaim the seas as his own. Hurling an insult towards Mermista, Mer-Man croaks, "The mer-people are going to finally have to deal with payback." Mermista rolls her eyes, "I get it Mer-Man. You don't have to keep going on and on." Mer-Man stops walking and glares at her, "No you don't get it! You don't know what it is to have your land taken from you! I never had a choice or say in the matter. Your kind just showed up one day and the surface dweller Randor worked with your father to determine how the new seas would be mapped out. I was a king! I was a ruler! It was all mine!"

Mermista shakes her head, "I'm sure your ruling ways were that of a tyrant. You should be rotting in a cell somewhere." Mer-Man clenches his fists as if he is going to strike her. He refrains and spits out, "You know nothing of me as a ruler. You have no idea what it is to be alone." Mermista wants to pull her hair out, "Really? You think so? You are a screwed up bastard! Do you listen to anything that spews out of that mouth? I can't help what happened to you. I was not even a part of those actions. I can only tell you this, the mer-people were living just fine on Etheria before they had no other choice but to flee their homes from the threat of the Horde. They arrived on a new world needing a place to live. Where should they have gone? Not everyone can live on land! What would have been your solution? Would you have worked together with the mer-folk of Salineas?"

Mer-Man starts walking away trying to ignore her. Mermista follows in persistence, "Go on. Answer me Mer-Man. You are so big and bad with all your gripes, but what would you have done? Would it have ever been possible to share the seas with others? Or were you too selfish to even give that a thought?" Turning in anger, Mer-Man shouts, "I am through with you! We are almost out of here and I can't wait. I will get you out of here and take your necklace for my queen and I'll never have to deal with you or the silly mer-people again!"

Mermista pauses as her hand travels to her necklace, "Queen? Is that what you intend to do with my necklace? You are going to give this to your queen?" Mer-Man grins, "It will look far superior on Octavia." Trying not to be sick, Mermista shakes her head, "You are delusional if you believe that Octavia will be your queen. To be certain, Octavia has most likely already taken the Kingdom of Salineas for herself. She is ruthless. You think what happened to you with the mer-people was bad, well, just wait and see what Octavia is capable of."

Refusing to hear any of it, Mer-Man gurgles, "Octavia is not like that at all. She would never betray me!" Mermista shakes her head, "Just wait and see. Ya know Mer-Man, the world doesn't have to be some competition to see who can control all the resources. We can all share the sea together. It doesn't have to be this way." Mer-Man snaps, "Shut up. I'm tired of hearing you talk." Mermista rolls her eyes and they continue to walk in silence.

The two continue walking as the long chamber they are in begins to slowly close in around them. Mermista looks around wondering where they are going to go next. Space is becoming limited. Eventually the unlikely pair reach an end. Before them is a wall of squishy light pink fleshy material. Mer-Man gurgles in a huff, "We walk through that." Mermista shakes her head, "How? What is it?"

Mer-Man explains the nature of the Zazark, "Above his brain rests a giant space. In that space there should be a flap of skin that opens up every now and then. When it opens water will more than likely pour in and we will be able to swim to the top once the space is filled. Now come on, we have to go through this mass of brain matter." Mer-Man places his hands into the squishy material. He begins to slide between two pieces of thick pinkish flesh.

Taking a closer step, Mermista takes a deep breathe and walks into the pink gooey flesh. It is wet and slimy. She opens her eyes and finds herself surrounded by the layers of the fleshy material that bend and twist all around her. She can see Mer-Man slightly in front of her, so she does her best to follow him. "This way, follow me!" Mer-Man barks back at her. They travel upwards through the brain matter.

Feeling fully surrounded by the pink matter, Mermista begins to feel claustrophobic. Her heart is racing and she isn't so sure that she is going to be able to get out. Thoughts of forever being stuck in the bends and twists of matter all around her drives Mermista insane. She finds it difficult to breathe. With skin growing hot, Mermista manages to focus all her might on getting out. Breaking through to the other side, Mermista stumbles up and across a slick smooth surface of Zazark flesh.

Looking up, Mermista can see that she made it into the large space above the Zazark's brain. There is a strange circular piece of flesh that seems to move in the stillness. It opens slightly as water falls into the space. "Oh my goodness, we are almost out of here," Mermista calls out looking for Mer-Man. He is not in the space with her. Mermista looks around trying to find him. It dawns on her that Mer-Man is still in the fleshy pink brain matter.

Pausing to think of her next actions, Mermista realizes that this could actually be her chance to escape. She could leave the Zazark's body and be free. There would be no need to part with her magical necklace. Mermista looks back at the matter, contemplating her actions. Taking a step forward, Mermista heads back into the slick matter.

Feeling nothing but panic at being in the tight space again, Mermista hurries to find Mer-Man. Walking through, Mermista eventually notices Mer-Man tangled up. One of the squishy cylinders of material is wrapped around his neck. Another thought enters her mind: she could easily turn around and leave Mer-Man to die and rot inside the Zazark's brain. Mermista realizes though that that would not be fair to the Zazark.

Looping Mer-Man free, Mermista drapes an arm around his shoulder guiding him out to safety. They both fall to the ground. Mer-Man is not breathing. "Oh come on." Mermista groans as she works her magic on the evil warrior. Placing her lips against his fishy face, Mermista breathes air into his mouth. She wants to gag at the actions, but luckily Mer-Man is able to breathe on his own.

Coughing uncontrollably, Mer-Man composes himself and looks over at Mermista, "You... you... saved me." The flap above opens again as more water pours in. Mermista shakes her head, "It was nothing. Contrary to what you may think of me and my kind, I'm not a monster." Mer-Man is slightly stunned, "You could have left me in there." Mermista folds her arms, "I certainly could have couldn't I? But I didn't. This sea creature doesn't deserve that. Now can we get out of here?"

Mer-Man nods and together the two wait for the space to fill with just enough water before they can swim to the top. Waiting for just the right moment, Mermista and Mer-Man both swim through the flap finally being free of the Zazark. They are also a ways away from Salineas. Mermista is pleased to be free under the water again. She removes her necklace and hands it to Mer-Man.

Taking it from her, Mer-Man grabs her hand, "We swim to Salineas now." Mermista closes her eyes as she feels her legs bind together forming her fins. She holds back tears as she realizes that without that necklace her freedom to roam the sea and land is now over. Living so far under the water, she won't be able to see her friends and will more than likely never see Etheria again.

The pair swim in silence as each deal with the racing thoughts in their minds. Mer-Man struggles with a growing conscious. He wants to rule the seas but he isn't so sure what it will all mean to him if he rules like he did once before.

As they arrive at the palace, Mermista is saddened at the destruction around her. Sea towers are damaged. Mer-people everywhere are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives. Mer-Man still has hold of Mermista. She refuses to fight him, she is tired of it all. They arrive at their original spot before being swallowed by the Zazark.

King Mercier is sitting on the coral throne room floor as a mer-guard handles his wounds. Merlia turns to see Mermista and Mer-Man both bubbling up. Rushing towards her sister, Merlia is ready to hold onto Mermista, but refrains. Mer-Man eyes Mercier, "What is this? You were to be dead. That is my throne Mercier."

Mercier looks at his daughter with Mer-Man, "I just want my daughter to be safe. Let Mermista go and the kingdom can be yours. None of it matters if my two daughters are harmed in any way." Mermista leans her upper body on the coral steps of the throne room as her tail swirls in the water at the bottom. Mer-Man steps out of the water, "Where is Octavia?"

Merlia speaks up, "The tentacled woman left. After the Zazark ate you both she couldn't put up much more of a fight. She tried though, saying something about finally having the chance to rule something of her own. But it was more than she could handle." Mer-Man hangs his head, "So she is gone..."

Mercier stands and walks to Mer-Man, "Must we continue this? We've both caused problems. I know this. I can't keep doing this anymore. I have my daughters to think about." Mer-Man lifts his head up and gurgles, "I have no one." He glares at the king. Mermista whispers, "Mer-Man, I had no one either. I grew up thinking that those I had come from were dead. I managed though to do something else, to make a life work for me no matter what."

Mer-Man rolls his eyes, "Ha. Sweet talks mean nothing. I'll destroy you all! I'll get Skeletor to help. This will be my time!" King Mercier shakes his head, "No. I'm afraid not. Skeletor is dead." Mer-Man croaks, "Impossible." King Mercier explains, "We just received word from the surface. She-Ra has rid Eternia of Skeletor as well as the leader of the Snake Men." Mer-Man takes a step back, "Impossible. Just impossible."

Turning to leave, Mer-Man charges down the stairs. Mercier calls out to him, "It is going to be a different world now Mer-Man. I am willing to come to an agreement on the seas, a real and meaningful agreement, if you are." Mer-Man ignores the king. He steps into the water next to Mermista. Producing the necklace, Mer-Man mumbles, "Here. It is yours."

Mermista looks at him in shock. Mer-Man delicately moves her long blue hair to the side as he carefully places the necklace around her neck. Mermista whispers, "Thank you." He can only look away before descending into the water. Mermista looks at her sister and father. Rising out of the water, Mermista walks up the steps with her legs. She falls into their arms hugging them both as tight as she can.

Shadow Weaver stands in the shadows of Skeletor's empty throne room. She looks around the room and begins to talk, "It is safe now. You can come out." Skeletor steps out of the shadows and beckons her forward. Shadow Weaver steps towards him, "They think you are truly dead." Skeletor grins, "Excellent Shadow Weaver. And you are sure that no one else knows of my survival?" Shadow Weaver shakes her head, "I've made sure the Evil Warriors stay away from this room. And any conversations I've had with the Masters of the Universe have been held else where. So what is next? What do we do now?"

Skeletor looks around his throne room, "It is like I said before, I think I am done with this place. With all of it." Skeletor throws his arms open around him, "I want a change. A great big change." Shadow Weaver nods, "I am here to assist you in any way." Skeletor nods, "Wonderful Shadow Weaver. I want us to leave this place, to leave this world. Can you do that?" Shadow Weaver nods, "Yes Skeletor. I can find us elsewhere and no one would be the wiser."

Grinning, Skeletor grabs hold of her, "We shall be off then. But before we go, I want to take care of something. In private." Shadow Weaver rasps, "I understand Skeletor. I shall return soon." Shadow Weaver floats out of the throne room.

Skeletor stands tall. He thinks about his past in this throne room and the significance of it all. This has been his home. He slightly twitches his face at the thought that he will never see Evil-Lyn again nor most of his Evil Warriors. He is going to embark on a new journey. One that he will share with Shadow Weaver. "I never would have expected this." Skeletor says aloud before turning back to the shadows chanting, "Scare Glow!"

The familiar ghost travels through the walls, heading towards Skeletor, "You called my name?" Skeletor nods, "Yes. We need to talk. I'm leaving Snake Mountain and Eternia. I don't know when I will return, if ever. The world thinks I'm dead, and they are going to continue that assumption. I want you to be in charge. I want you to be my evil ghost."

Scare Glow grins, "What do you mean exactly?" Skeletor folds his arms across his chest, "I mean that the rest of the world is going to think I am truly dead. You are going to be my ghost, seeking to frighten and terrify those who would dare try to take this place for their own. That goes for those who are good as well as my evil warriors. With me gone, I know there will be a few trying to take my place. Strike fear into them, let my memory live on."

"Of course Skeletor, but there is just one problem. For some reason I am only to remain in Snake Mountain. I have tried to leave, but I cannot. My ghostly presence seems to prevent that." Skeletor simply shrugs, "Why would you want to leave? Everything you could possibly want is right here in Snake Mountain. There is a treasure. And there will be some who will continue to serve you. Just remember who you serve." Scare Glow nods, "I serve you Lord Skeletor." The evil lord of destruction grins in delight, "Precisely. Now go and await my departure. This will all be yours..."

In another section of Snake Mountain, Shadow Weaver approaches the remaining Evil Warriors including Octavia and Scorpia. Shadow Weaver pulls the two other Horde women aside, "Hurry, there isn't much time." Scorpia and Octavia look at each other in suspicion. Walking away from the group, Shadow Weaver turns to the women, "I'm leaving. And with my departure there will be no other chance for you to leave this world. I can quickly open a portal and send you both back to Etheria." Scorpia scrunches her face, "What about you? Where are you going?"

Shadow Weaver waves her hands in the air, "Do not concern yourself with me. I will be fine. Now hurry, do you wish to stay here or return to Etheria?" Octavia smirks, "I'm ready now. Take me back to Etheria." Scorpia pauses and looks back towards Clawful and the other Evil Warriors. She isn't so sure she can leave, but does she have much choice? Shadow Weaver rasps, "Come now, hurry with your minds."

Scorpia whispers, "Can we at least say goodbye?" Shadow Weaver snaps, "What do you think this is? Some sort of whimsical tale? There are no neatly wrapped goodbyes. I open this portal now or never. Now make a decision." Octavia and Scorpia both agree. Shadow Weaver grins in approval while swirling a portal open.

Further down the Evil Warriors begin to notice something going on. Clawful looks at the group, "What is that? Hey, what is this!" Clawful shouts to the women. The swirling portal opens, as Octavia and Scorpia prepare to walk through. Shadow Weaver calls out one last thing, "If you find Catra, give her this message." Shadow Weaver hands a piece of paper to Octavia. Nodding with the paper, Octavia steps through. Scorpia is next and she turns one last time to look back at Clawful running towards her. Throwing herself backwards into the portal, Scorpia is gone.

Clawful shouts her name. He doesn't understand. Shadow Weaver grins and is about to close the portal before she hears a familiar hissing sound. Crying out in shock, Shadow Weaver falls to the ground as two Snake Men lunge themselves through the portal as well. Rattlor and Tung Lashor jump through the portal from a ledge above Shadow Weaver. Both have been spying on the group. Seeking a chance of escape, the two Snake Men make it through the portal as it closes quickly behind them.

The evil warriors rush towards Shadow Weaver demanding answers. In a quick flash, Shadow Weaver releases a flurry of smoke and disappears.

Reappearing in Skeletor's throne room, Shadow Weaver rasps out, "Are you ready Skeletor?" Turning to see her love, Shadow Weaver holds out her hand as Skeletor approaches, "Yes Weaver. It is time to leave. Where are we off too?" Shadow Weaver rasps, "Wherever you would like." Skeletor ponders that statement and laughs, "I've always been curious about visiting space..." Shadow Weaver nods, "As you wish. I know just the place to go..." The mistress of dark magic swirls open a portal and together with Skeletor they walk through to an all new destination...

Heroes gather at the Eternos Palace in a manner befitting a seemingly nice ending to many people's problems. Eternia is overjoyed that Skeletor is seemingly dead, his Evil Warriors mostly disbanded. Adora removes her She-Ra persona and engages in smiles and hugs with her friends. Castaspella is saddened by recent events, however it feels good to finally be free of Snake Mountain. Perfuma and Netossa talk to Eternians, relishing in the moments of meeting new people. Perfuma steals a few moments with Man-E-Faces, still curious about his powers.

Attention is given as Mermista walks slowly into the palace to find her friends. Grinning through her pain, Mermista explains to her friends what she has been through as she also learns what occurred during her absence.

After sharing a drink with Fisto, Sea Hawk finds himself busy feeding his pet mouse in all the excitement, though his eyes fall upon Adora quite a few times. He so badly wants to talk to her, but refrains. Adora is happy, the world is finally starting to make sense. She is with Bow, and together things seem perfect. Sea Hawk has no idea though that underneath the smiles and kisses resides something restless. Adora may be happy next to Bow, but they still need to have a conversation that might change everything.

The other heroes are involved in their regular concerns. Teela is in a full fledged relationship with Sy-Klone again after all this time. She finds herself to be content, but something is missing. Maybe it has something to do with Adam/He-Man still living on Etheria. Duncan continues to work hard in his lab with the portal key. His hope is to have the portal between Eternia and Etheria open very soon. Orko does his best to help.

Other members of the Royal Guard talk and reminisce about scarier times. Stratos and Mekaneck discuss methods in which to capture the remaining Snake Men. Ram Man is still smitten with Netossa while Clamp Champ can't quite seem to shake the magical beauty of Castaspella. He is thankful that she saved his life. Rio Blast and Buzz Off enjoy in all the revelry.

Queen Marlena looks on at the crowd gathered round. There are tears in her eyes. Tears of happiness and sadness. Marlena is happy to have her daughter home, but the queen also misses her son and wishes that the king would wake from his wounds. She wonders how her life is going to be if Randor never wakes up.

Above all the excitement, in the king's room, Randor continues to rest. The wounds inflicted upon by Skeletor are all but healed. The king still sleeps though. Something magical suddenly happens. His hands and fingers twitch ever so slightly. There is a rumble throughout his body. It appears that King Randor is on the cusp of finally waking...

While life on Eternia seems to be good, there is a different story unfolding on Etheria. Frosta continues to lay up in her bed in Bright Moon. The icy empress refuses to leave her room. Her depression at her life circumstances is crippling. Refusing most visitors, Frosta will only allow a select few in to see her, and they cannot be sick to their stomachs.

Flutterina still receives speech lessons from Roboto. The two are actually quite close from the time they share together. The winged beauty also continues to feel sick and slightly panics when she notices that her stomach is sticking out a little more than usual. Trying to understand what is happening, Flutterina can only hope and wish that she can be normal like the other members of the Great Rebellion.

He-Man continues his efforts to woo Sweet Bee, or at least to understand why things have been different since they kissed. Sweet Bee on the other hand whole heartedly wants to avoid the situation at all costs. She isn't sure where her feelings should be with the muscle man, but if the lousy kiss is any indication, Sweet Bee is afraid she is going to have to hurt his feelings.

Glimmer works with former Horde members Romeo and Mantenna. The imprisoned members of the Horde are pulling their weight and actually becoming a part of Bright Moon society. Children are no longer fearful of Mantenna's appearance while Romeo and Glimmer become very close to one another, much to Angella's chagrin. Angella is concerned for her daughter. The winged angellic Queen of Bright Moon can only hope that a romance does not develop between Glimmer and Romeo, even though the blossoms of romance are all ready to bloom.

Spinnerella contemplates visiting her old home town to see how her family and Netossa's family have been doing. The fear of their disapproval is too much for the dizzying defender to stand, so Spinnerella simply stays behind in Bright Moon. Visiting Madame Razz helps as the old witchy woman is full of wisdom and sage advice. Spinnerella is finding her place.

The Star Sisters continue to hide out in Bright Moon fearful of the growing threat of Ultimera. They work with Peekablue and Kowl on ancient texts and other magical powers to try and find the location of the evil sorceress. Peekablue is exhausted from trying to peek in on the rest of the world. Ultimera is too strong and too tricky. The watchful friend of the Rebellion simply cannot locate Ultimera.

In other sections of Etheria, Catra and her partner in evil, Entrapta, slink their way into the abandoned Fright Zone. They make their way to Horror Hall looking for something. The emptiness of the Fright Zone is strange and the two women can only hope that they find some sort of clue as to what they should be doing next.

Back at the Sun Tower though, Hordak continues to wait for other Horde members to arrive. Sitting on his new throne for the time being, Hordak snorts, "Modulok! Fetch me more scraps for my pet Imp. He is hungry." Hordak rubs Imp's scaly head. The tiny dragon snorts in reply. Hordak can only smile with glee.

Modulok follows his orders and prepares to find some food. As he is about to leave, the large gilded doors of the Sun Tower throw themselves open as Ultimera walks through. Leech and Grizzlor both walk out from their posts, peering curiously at the woman with silver hair. Her inky purple eyes pulsate in madness.

Ignoring the two Horde members, Ultimera simply glides past. Modulok looks on as Ultimera steps towards the gilded throne. She looks up at Hordak with a blank face, "Have you seen my sword?" Hordak's eyes narrow as Ultimera patiently awaits an answer. Hordak can only smile. Standing tall, he snorts, "And who might you be?" Ultimera talks calmly, "I am the owner of the Chaos Sword. Do you have it? Something tells me you do..."

Hordak pulls out the powerful Chaos Sword, "The only sword I have, is this one. Is this the sword you seek?" Ultimera feels her magical energy crackling all around her, "Give me back my sword." Hordak snorts, "I've long wanted a special sword of my own. Sorry, but I think I'm going to keep this one. If you want it so badly, come and get it." Ultimera screams as her magical energy becomes to much to contain, "Certainly!" The room begins to shake and tremble. Grizzlor and Leech slowly make their way to the exit. Modulok hurries to find Multi Bot. As Hordak and Ultimera charge towards each other, Huntara continues to look on and observe in the shadows, taking note of everything...

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Showdown between Hordak and Ultimera!
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  1. So since Tung Lashor and Rattlor jumped through the portal I am thinking this is your way of explaining how they become members of the Horde even though they are snake men?
    I have to say your explanation of how Scare Glow came to be "the evil ghost of skeletor" has got to the best explanation for it ever because this way he is both the evil ghost that belongs to skeletor and the evil ghost who is supposed to be skeletor. You should get some kind of special honors from the motu society for that one!
    I knew Skeletor wasn't going to dead but I didn't know how long you were going to wait before revealing it.
    A couple peoples actions confused me though-for one Scorpia seemed to actually care about leaving Clawful what with wanting to say goodbye and all. And you would think Frosta would have snapped out of her depression a little but by now and started scheming a way to take advantage of the He-Man bad kiss situation.
    I really hope they erect a statue of Stinkor.

    1. Yes, this is my way of trying to make sense of Tung Lashor and Rattlor being a part of the Horde. Now that King Hiss is gone and the Snake Men who are still left are kinda free agents now.

      And I really wanted to do justice to Scare Glow. I think he is such a fan favorite and deserves a story befitting of him. Now there can still be this ghostly threat of "skeletor" and the fun part will be for everyone else. How long will they realize that Skeletor is not really Skeletor? How will those relationships change? I wanted to try and create an interesting dynamic.

      Now about Scorpia and Frosta. There will be more of an explanation about Scorpia's actions. What I wanted to try and coonvey though was this sense of, why is she just leaving like that? For a second she wanted to go back and say something, to say goodbye, but there wasn't any time. And I wanted to create this experience of there being these times when people just exit our lives and we never really know why. I mean the reader will know more next chapter, but I kinda wanted Clawful to be in a position of always wondering, "Why did she leave without a goodbye?"

      And with Frosta, she only knows of rumors of the bad kiss. She hasn't heard it first hand from He-Man or Sweet Bee. So next chapter a lot of that will be explained. I had intended it to be mentioned in this chapter, but it was getting too long, so I am moving it to the next one. But it should all make sense with the latest one.

      And for some characters, Stinkor's memory is certainly going to live on for sure.