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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3! Chapter 54!

The ultimate battle against the Snake Men is just mere sentences away! Who will stop this slithery menace? Will Castaspella be saved? Will Serpos finally be released to gobble up all of Eternia before laying his waste into an all new Snake World?

Previously: Scare Glow helped Skeletor out of his makeshift prison cell in Snake Mountain. Chaos was the order of the day as the Snake Men were inching closer to their plans for world domination at the hunger of Serpos. She-Ra and her friends arrived in the nick of time to try and stop these most foul beasts... Castaspella found herself on the wrong side of the snake as she became the latest offering for the deadly Serpos... On Etheria, Flutterina wasn't feeling well and threw up all over Frosta's bedroom floor. Frosta was far from thrilled... Under the Eternian seas, Mermista wanted to save her sister from the clutches of Mer-Man but the war at Salineas took a sharp turn to crazy as a giant Zazark (a spiky whale-like creature) swallowed up Mer-man and Mermista whole!

And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 54

Skeletor slinks around the dark and winding passageways of Snake Mountain with Scare Glow at his side. "Listen to me Scare Glow! I want you to stay in the shadows!" The evil ghost pauses, "But I seek to serve you Skeletor." Skeletor grins, "And serve me you shall! I do not want anyone to know of your existence for the time being. Stay in the shadows, keep an eye out on things. I will call for you when I need you. Run along and find that treasure..." Skeletor is trying to distract Scare Glow, to keep the ghost occupied.

Scare Glow nods, relishing the chance to find the great hidden treasure inside of Snake Mountain. "Simply call my name Lord Skeletor and I shall appear." Scare Glow turns away and drifts through a rocky wall. Skeletor grins, "I never grow tired of being called Lord Skeletor."

The master of evil destruction continues to walk the dreary passageways of Snake Mountain winding his way until he finds a familiar friend. Shadow Weaver is walking the same passageway and notices him approaching. "Weaver. What are you still doing here? Where are my Evil Warriors?"

Shadow Weaver glides in front of him rasping, "The smelly one is trying to save that nuisance Castaspella. As for your warrior with the jaw, he is trying to save the other warriors from being feasted upon by the Snake Men." Skeletor peers at her, "And what of you? What are you doing?" Shadow Weaver's yellow eyes glow bright in the dreary space, "I came looking for you. It would seem though that you do not require rescue from the prison cell." Skeletor folds his arms over his chest, "Of course not! No silly cell can hold me back. I am free. The Snake Men must pay."

Nodding in agreement, Shadow Weaver nods, "You should follow me, I will lead you to them. We can stop them together..." She looks at him wanting to see if there will be any confirmation that he will indeed join her. Skeletor stares at her for a brief moment, many thoughts race through his mind. Finally he has an answer, "Yes. Let's do that. Let's stop the Snake Men." They walk away together. For Shadow Weaver, this moment is everything to her. To be this close to the only man she has ever loved. If nothing ever happens between them again, she knows all will be content if they can do this one thing together: destroy the Snake Men.

In another section of Snake Mountain, She-Ra and her friends are making their way towards Castaspella's screams. She-Ra looks back at the group, "We shook off those other Snake Men, but we must be careful. We have no idea what we are going to deal with next." The princess of power looks over at Clamp Champ, "Champ, you are familiar with the layout, are we still heading in the right direction?" Clamp Champ nods, "Yes. We just need to wind our way up and we'll be at the top." She-Ra and Clamp Champ walk further ahead as Teela, Bow, Netossa and Sea Hawk follow close in the middle with Perfuma and Man-E-Faces trailing from behind.

Netossa breaks away from the group and talks to Perfuma and Man-E-Faces. "Perfuma, what have we gotten ourselves into?" Netossa asks still disturbed by the fight against some of the Snake Men. Perfuma gasps, "I know! Those beasts were hideous. I bet they've never seen a flower in their lives." Netossa shakes her head, "I suppose. Something tells me though that flowers are the last thing they are wanting to see." Netossa tilts her head towards Perfuma and hurries to walk back to the middle of the group.

Perfuma and Man-E-Faces continue to walk together. She is wanting to ask him something, but she is afraid she'll look silly. Man-E-Faces notices the scentful blond staring at him, "Do you have something to say miss?" Perfuma blushes slightly, "I'm just Perfuma. I do have something to ask of you though... your ability to change your face... could you mimic anybody in appearance and voice?" Her eyes dazzle with wonder. Curious for his answer, Perfuma smiles slightly once Man-E-Faces says, "Yes. I can mimic faces both physical and verbal." Perfuma nods.

"Why do you ask such a thing?" He asks with a bit of his own curiosity. Perfuma shrugs, "Oh I don't know. I just want to see some one's face, but that might be too strange! Never mind!" Perfuma hurries off to catch up to the rest of the group, her thoughts of Moss Man drifting off into the air. Man-E-Faces follows by himself, thinking that the flower maiden is rather strange.

Catching up to Netossa, Bow, Sea Hawk, and Teela, Perfuma looks over at Netossa, "I know we are about to face off against deadly creepy snake guys, but I do wish Mermista was here." Netossa nods, "I wish the same thing." Bow looks back at his friends and adds, "I wonder where she is at anyway..."

In another more secluded location on Eternia, Mermista rolls over on a squishy bed of fleshy wetness. There is a slimy stringy splatter of goo covering parts of her body. "What is this?" Her eyes focus and she notices that she is inside a large cavernous space. Everything seems to be moving. Steadying herself, Mermista stands wondering if she is alone. A strange smell fills the space, burning her nostrils. Mermista takes a few steps trying to get used to the movement underneath her feet. "Where am I?"

A voice croaks out into the darkness, "You are in the belly of the Zazark. Or rather, we are." Mermista turns to face Mer-Man, "How do we get out of here?" Mer-Man walks closer to her chuckling, "There is no escaping the insides of this beast."

Mermista refuses to listen to the Evil Warrior, "This Zazark is a living creature. All living creatures have entrance and exit points. I am sure we can find a way out of here. Preferably not from an exit point." Shaking off the grossness of that thought, Mermista continues to steady her feet. Mer-Man chuckles again, "You are foolish girl. In only a moment's time acids will drip and pour into this cavity eating away at our flesh. We'll be digested alive."

Raising an eyebrow, Mermista smirks, "You talk as if you've been in this situation before. I can't believe you would just give up like that. You haven't even finished your pathetic attempt at taking over my father's kingdom. I don't think you are going to give up that easily..."

Mer-Man snaps at her, "Don't dare presume to know what my motives would ever be. That kingdom was mine! All mine! I control the seas!" Mermista rolls her eyes, "I don't care. You talk all this nonsense about what was taken from you, but none of that matters right now! We are going to die! I am not going to die inside a giant sea creature." She stands tall trying to regain her balance. Mermista is starting to panic.

The fishy evil warrior stares at her, "There might be a way out of here." Mermista glares at him, "Well alright. Out with it. How can we get out of here?" Mer-Man gurgles yet again, "No one said anything about you getting out of here." Mer-Man turns to walk off, presumably towards a proper exit. Mermista tries to catch up, "Wait, what are you doing? Stop, I refuse to die in here!" He ignores her, which only unnerves her further. Forming a giant bubble with her hands, Mermista hurls it towards Mer-Man's back.

Falling onto the Zazark's stomach lining, Mer-Man shouts, "What was that for?" Mermista strides towards him, "You will not leave me here alone! As much as I detest all of your actions, I will be with you through this. I am not, and I repeat, I am not going to die in here!" He realizes she is deadly serious.

With a quick swoop of his hands at the mer-maiden, Mer-Man sighs, "I'll help you out of here, but it is going to cost you." Mermista stands still, "What do you mean?" Mer-Man gathers close to her, breathing into her neck, "I mean that I want something." She closes her eyes slightly shaking. She isn't sure how far this can go. Mer-Man slides some of Mermista's blue hair to the side, "Don't worry, I don't want much. Just your necklace."

Mermista opens her eyes, "What?" Mer-Man sighs, "You heard me. I want your necklace." Her hands flutter towards her chest. She clutches the special necklace around her neck, "I'll give you anything else, but I can't part with this. Please." Mer-Man looks into her eyes, "What is so special that you can't part with this lovely piece of jewelry?"

Mermista shakes her head, "It is an heirloom. This necklace was forged with the magical powers of sea foam." Mer-Man laughs at her, "There is no magic in sea foam. What type of lie is this you try to give me?" Mermista holds her head high, "I read over various carvings in the ruins of the Salineas on Etheria. I had an aunt from many generations past who wanted nothing more than to walk. The original mer-people of Salineas could not change their sea legs into walking legs. But this aunt, she wanted the ability to use real legs no matter what. She got that wish, only to lose it. She sacrificed her life and freedom to save her love. Once she died her body became magical sea foam. Her sisters gathered the sea foam and forged some of it into pieces of magical jewelry. Only a few were given this jewelry and it was passed down from generation to generation. I was granted this necklace once I was born and it has allowed me the privilege to live underwater as well as the freedom to roam the land. If I give this necklace to you... I will be forsaking my freedom. I will be unable to be truly free. It will go against everything she died for... please..."

She begs of him, knowing it will not matter. Mer-Man shakes his head, "A lovely story, but I do not care at all. You either give me the necklace and we leave, or you stick around here ready to be digested. Your call mer-woman." Mermista hangs her head in sadness. She isn't sure what to do. Looking at her unlikely companion on a most strange journey, Mermista points a finger at him, "Fine! I'll give you the necklace, but only once we leave this beast. Not a second before." Mer-Man gurgles with accomplishment. Mermista wonders exactly why Mer-Man would want the necklace anyway while all Mer-Man can do is smile. He has a shiny new necklace to offer his hopeful queen of the new Salineas: Octavia...

On the outside of Snake Mountain, three unfortunate people walk towards the entrance. Octavia and Scorpia both help a wounded Clawful walk. He is hobbling on one leg as his wound from earlier is still bleeding slightly. Scorpia huffs as she tries holding Clawful up, "Stop acting so screwy! You will be fine." Clawful groans, "You stabbed me with your stinger!" Scorpia rolls her eyes, "Not exactly. That mer-bitch stabbed my stinger into your leg." Wincing in pain, Clawful shouts, "None of which would have happened if you didn't have a tail and stinger! Why do you have to have a tail and stinger?!" He howls in pain.

Octavia rolls her eyes, "I am beginning to hate this place." Scorpia gawks at her tentacled friend, "What are you even doing here? I thought you were attacking that undersea kingdom?" Octavia growls, "I was until large sea creatures began eating the buildings and Mer-Man." Clawful winces in more pain as they walk closer towards Snake Mountain, "Mer-Man has become real fish food?" Octavia grimaces, "Yes. The attack on Salineas is over before it could even truly begin." The trio heads inside Snake Mountain, completely unaware of the chaos unfolding around them...

In the higher sections of Snake Mountain, Castaspella struggles to free herself from her confines. The large snake structure over her head looms freakish as the enchantress is overlooking Eternia. King Hiss stands in front of her looking high atop Snake Mountain at what will soon be the brand new Snake World, "It will be all over my dear, in just the blink of an eye! Your brave existence was destined for this Castaspella!" King Hiss opens his arms wide, pleasantly surprised at how easy this all is.

King Hiss opens his mouth to say something else, but pauses. His tongue detects a rancid smell in the air. Turning to the source, King Hiss points a finger towards Stinkor, "What are you doing here?" Stinkor slowly approaches King Hiss, "Stinkor won't let Casta-friend get hurt." Castaspella struggles, "Stinkor! Get out of here!"

Shaking his head, Stinkor continues, "Stinkor cannot do that Casta-friend. Stinkor will stop King Snake." King Hiss listens with mischief in his eyes. He isn't the only one. Off to the side, She-Ra and her friends observe what is going on. They are waiting for their moment.

Unaware of She-Ra's presence, King Hiss stares at Stinkor, "It is quaint that something so disgusting thinks he can rise above his own filth to be the hero." King Hiss snaps his fingers, "Khan. Take care of this putrid man. He will not be part of the feast for Serpos." Kobra Khan steps forward with his hood opened. A hissing sound escapes his mouth as he releases a hypnotizing mist from his mouth. Stinkor gasps in pain as he stumbles backwards trying to wipe his eyes. Castaspella screams for her friend.

She-Ra motions for everyone to follow her lead, "That is enough!" The princess of power steps forward pointing her sword at King Hiss, "This madness ends now." King Hiss blankly stares at She-Ra, "What is this?" She-Ra stands tall, "This is your end. Once and for all." Stinkor begins to clear his eyes, "Stinkor does not believe Stinkor is seeing this! He-Man is now She-Man!"

King Hiss rolls his eyes, "Enough of this. The feast begins now!" King Hiss raises his Snake Staff releasing green magical energy in the air as the giant snake statue lowers around Castaspella. Perfuma covers her mouth in horror. She-Ra charges towards King Hiss, but it is too late. The snake statue around Castaspella closes its mouth and sucks the hypnotizing enchantress down its throat. Stinkor panics rushing away from the area, "Stinkor know where Casta-friend going to!"

He hurries as Clamp Champ calls out, "I'll join you." They are gone in an instant as the remaining heroes face off with Kobra Khan and some familiar visitors: Rattlor and Tung Lashor pop up ready to strike. Perfuma groans, "Great. We have to fight these guys again?" Tung Lashor tries to attack her with his tongue. Perfuma dodges the strike and the fight begins...

Down below Skeletor and Shadow Weaver help Trap Jaw free the other Evil Warriors. Beast Man rubs his sore body once free from the thick snake wrappings, "Just in time Skeletor. We were going to be eaten by the Snake Men." Skeletor crosses his arms, "Everything is fine now Beast Man. Where is King Hiss at?" Trap Jaw listens in, and interrupting, points towards the top of Snake Mountain. Skeletor sighs and heads off to the top of Snake Mountain with Shadow Weaver close behind.

The rest of the Evil Warriors all gather around. Trap Jaw is glad to see his friends. Spikor and Whiplash pop and crack their joints. Beast Man sighs, "Where is everyone else at?" A noise from behind captures their attention, "Um guys... some help here..." The Evil Warriors turn to see Sssqueeze holding Clawful and Scorpia in both his long arms tightly. Octavia's crumpled body is in the slight distance. Beast Man cracks his knuckles, "Time for payback! Let's kill this snake!" The Evil Warriors shout their approval.

Else where on another world, Frosta sits up in an all new bed in an all new room inside Bright Moon. Spinnerella is there as well, helping to bring in Frosta's items. The dizzying defender spins around making the new room look just like Frosta's previous one. Frosta lays back, very pleased at everything around her, "Thank you darling, I just couldn't stay in that same room. No matter how much Flutterina's vomit had been scrubbed clean, I just couldn't escape the smell."

Spinnerella nods, "Yes, well it was very gracious of Flutterina to switch rooms with you." Frosta looks at her nails while reaching for a file, "It is the least she could do. Besides, I just don't think it is fair that I live in a space that smells like outside and the smell of insect vomit too." Spinnerella nods twirling to fix a vase, she twirls about "And you simply won't be able to avoid the smell of, as you call it, outside. Bright Moon resides in a forest."

Frosta nods, "Exactly. You understand me so well Spinnerella. I can see why Netossa likes having you for a friend." Spinnerella smiles, "Netossa is not like you at all. I don't think I've ever met anyone quite like you Frosta." Filing her nails, Frosta sighs, "You would think I was one of a kind. If only everyone could think of me that way." Spinnerella inquires about the statement and listens as Frosta explains the details of her hot love for He-Man and his insistence on being smitten by Sweet Bee, "Seriously darling! He tends to melt when he sees her. It is revolting."

Spinnerella pauses from her decorating work, "I wouldn't talk too soon Frosta. When I was helping Flutterina when she was feeling sick, we were talking about random topics to get her mind off of things, and she made mention of Sweet Bee." Frosta sits up with her eyes wide, "What did she say?"
Spinnerella shrugs, "Something about a bad romance due to lousy kissing or something."

Frosta laughs to herself, "Ha! I knew that tragic mess couldn't please He-Man! Maybe Sweet Bee isn't as sweet as he thought?" Frosta ponders a few things. Feeling a slight bit of motivation, Frosta lays back in her bed, "I might actually be feeling better." Her sadness at recent events begins to feel lighter...

In another section of Etheria, the great threat of evil spreads in the Midnight Lair. Ultimera uses her magic powers to fan out, reaching across the empty dungeons and spaces of the Midnight Lair, "I do not understand this. Where is my sword?" She looks over at Vampra and Batros, "What am I keeping you two alive for, if you can't help me find my sword?" Batros is quiet.

Vampra steps forward, "Sometimes the things we are looking for most might be right under our nose." Ultimera glares at the Pyres, "That is a ridiculous sentiment." Ultimera turns away full of rage. Time is of the essence and Ultimera is quickly running out of patience, "I can feel those terrible Star Sisters. They are free and roaming on Etheria somewhere. I cannot lose my plans to them!" Ultimera curses her fate. She stands tall trying to make sense of things, when something creeps upon her memory of Etheria, "You might actually be making all the sense in the universe Vampra. I think I know exactly where my Chaos Sword is..." Ultimera turns to look at the Pyres, "I'm going to leave again for the time being. I shall return soon." In an instant, Ultimera is gone, leaving Vampra and Batros behind.

Back to the events on Eternia inside Snake Mountain, Castaspella finds herself holding on for dear life. After traveling down the insides of the giant snake statue wrapped around the mountain and being deposited into the well that the Snake Men slithered out of, Castaspella is trying to crawl her way out. Her nails are peeling back from their beds as she tries to grab old of the rugged stones. She screams for help.

Eventually Stinkor and Clamp Champ rush past the giant Doors of Serpos and race towards the well. Stinkor looks over and calls out, "Casta-friend! Stinkor is here. Stinkor will save Casta-friend!" Clamp Champ and Stinkor work together to find a way to pull her out.

Castaspella feels herself slipping. She looks down into the well of darkness and trembles as a low rumble echoes upwards. A loud hissing sound soon follows. "Hurry! Something is down here with me!!" Castaspella screams in terror as something begins to move beneath her.

Stinkor and Clamp Champ work together. Using his power clamp weapon, the two men hang over trying to get Castaspella to grab hold. Clamp Champ calls out, "Let it clamp around you, and we'll pull you up!" Castaspella nods and follows the orders perfectly. Letting out a sigh of relief, Castaspella holds onto the clamp device and is pulled out of the well.

Clamp Champ is relieved, "Madame, I am glad you are safe." A loud hissing sound buzzes his ear. Clamp Champ turns to see Snake Face. The Snake Man opens his mouth to let out a piercing hiss as snakes pour out of his eye sockets. A beam pierces Clamp Champ turning him to stone. Castaspella screams, "No!"

Stinkor tries to fight Snake Face, but the Snake Man kicks Stinkor away. Standing tall, Castaspella arches her back releasing beams of magical energy towards the fearsome Snake Face. Hissing in anger, Snake Face charges Castaspella.

The enchantress ducks as Snake Face loses his balance and falls over the well into the darkness below. Castaspella rushes to Clamp Champ trying to move him, "There must be something I can do." Stinkor touches the stone and looks sad, "Stinkor not sure this can work."

The hissing grows louder and soon they both shriek as the ground begins to rumble and bright green light flies out from the well. Castaspella and Stinkor look on in horror as Serpos rises out of the well. A giant snake looks out over them both. Stinkor and Castaspella both hold onto each other in fear. They have never seen something so terrifying. Serpos shakes the walls around them, ready to strike...

High atop Snake Mountain, She-Ra and King Hiss are in a deadly fight as the heroes struggle with the remaining Snake Men. King Hiss can feel Snake Mountain move. He closes his eyes, "It has begun. Serpos is free, can you feel him?" She-Ra can only hope that Castaspella is safe. The two continue to fight.

Skeletor and Shadow Weaver soon approach observing what is going on. Skeletor realizes that this is the perfect opportunity to rid himself of King Hiss and She-Ra all at once. Rushing into the melee, Skeletor pulls out his sword, ready to strike. She-Ra elbows Skeletor in the side, "No offense Skeletor, but this is not a three way fight." Grinning, Skeletor cackles, "But I have always loved a good three way." They each begin a deadly dance while trying to kill each other. There are no alliances, no ways for anyone to help the other. She-Ra, King Hiss, and Skeletor are fighting each other, each one trying to take down the other two.

To the sides, Bow, Teela, and Perfuma are taking quick care of Rattlor while Sea Hawk, Netossa, and Man-E-Faces struggle with Kobra Khan and Tongue Lashor. Shadow Weaver helps level the playing field with her deadly magic. The battle is intense.

She-Ra struggles against the two villains. Dodging attacks left and right, She-Ra doesn't even break a sweat, "You can both give up now." King Hiss slithers his tongue out, "I'm only just getting warmed up." The king slams both She-Ra and Skeletor against a side wall. The wide open space of the mountain strikes a creepy setting as King Hiss sheds his human form to reveal his true disguise of deadly snakes, "All hail Serpos!"

She-Ra and Skeletor both look on in concern. The Snake Men don't seem to be letting up, though something does seem to change in almost an instant. She-Ra notices it immediately. King Hiss falters, only slightly. She-Ra let's out a battle cry as she lunges up swiping a kick and then a hard punch as she knocks King Hiss backwards. Hissing in shock, the king loses his footing and falls off the mountain to the river of molten lava below.

She-Ra looks down as King Hiss burns and melts away into the lava. Skeletor grins and prepares to do the same to She-Ra. Off to the side, Bow notices what Skeletor is doing, "She-Ra! Heads up!" Bow takes aim and fires a shock arrow at Skeletor. Stunned momentarily, Skeletor curses himself. She-Ra shakes her head and swing kicks Skeletor in the chest. Trying to grab hold of her one last time, Skeletor realizes he can't make it. She-Ra grabs hold of him and swings him off the side of Snake Mountain. He tumbles down across the rocks below.

She-Ra can't tell if Skeletor makes it into the molten lava or not, because Shadow Weaver hurls out a raspy scream directed at She-Ra. The Snake Men panic as they realize their king is gone. Shadow Weaver quickly escapes. Teela stands tall in shock, "Did you just kill King Hiss and Skeletor?" She-Ra stands there in a strange calm, "I think so..." The heroes look at each other, unsure of what to do. There is not much time left to think of anything as they all feel Snake Mountain rattle again. The danger is far from over...

Inside the snake room, Serpos is trying to eat Stinkor and Castaspella whole. Stinkor keeps taking aim with a laser blaster while Castaspella is firing off blast upon blast of electrical fire at the giant snake. Stinkor loses his balance and bangs up the tank on his back. His stench begins to fill the room and with a heavy cloud of putrid funk all about, Serpos gets a taste. Breathing in the stench, Serpos hisses back in agony and retreats down the well. Stinkor hangs his head down.

Castaspella claps her hands, "Oh my goodness, Stinkor! You did it! Your smell, it got rid of Serpos!" Stinkor looks around, completely in awe of what he is capable of. Castaspella rushes towards the stone statue that is Clamp Champ. Working her magic, Castaspella is able to release the stone spell from the master clamp.

Clamp Champ shakes his head as his eyes meet Castaspella's, they both look at each other in an odd way, "Madame, thank you for saving my life." Castaspella smiles, "It was nothing. Stinkor is the one who we owe thanks too, he just got rid of Serpos!" Clamp Champ looks around. The giant snake is gone.

Until a loud hissing sound erupts from the well again. Castaspella shakes her head, "Oh no! No. No! He is coming back!" Stinkor looks over at Castaspella. He looks sad, "Stinkor want Casta-friend to run. This time Casta-friend needs to run." Castaspella looks at Stinkor with strangeness, "I'm not running anywhere. What are you doing?"

Stinkor is twisting some dials on the pack on his back, "Stinkor will stop this large snake." The ground trembles again. Stinkor walks towards the well. Clamp Champ begins to realize what is happening. Castaspella rushes after Stinkor, "What are you doing? Stop this, you are my friend." She has tears in her eyes, and she doesn't even know why. Stinkor looks at her, his yellow eyes glassy, "Just run Casta-friend." Castaspella refuses to budge, "No! You can't do this." She can't stop him. Serpos is coming.

"Oh no. No." Castaspella shudders as tears stream down her face. She hugs her smelly friend tightly. He smiles to himself and hugs her back, "Run Casta-friend." She takes a few steps back, shaking her head. Stinkor looks over at her with one last smile before he falls down the well.

Castaspella cries out, reaching with her hand into the space, "Oh no!" She continues to cry as Clamp Champ walks up behind her, "We have to get away from here. Serpos comes from the Void, it is another dimension. If Stinkor is doing what I think he is doing, this area is going to suck us in." Castaspella shakes her head, but there is no other choice.

Stinkor falls down the well, towards the darkness and the giant Serpos that is rising towards him. Stinkor is releasing his stench on the way down and it keeps pushing Serpos back into the Void. Clanging his pack against the stone, Stinkor is able to create enough of a spark to create a giant explosion over the Void. The last thing he holds onto is the knowledge that he was able to have one true friend in his life.

The blast over the Void creates a suction effect drawing everything in the area towards the Void. A giant sinkhole forms around the Void covering it up, preventing Serpos from escape. The ground sinks at a fast rate. Castaspella and Clamp Champ run quickly, trying to make it to safer ground. They rush past the giant green snake doors and eventually make it to safety.

They look back as the sink hole widens just enough, taking the giant doors down creating a whole new magic seal over the Void. The threat of the Snake Men is finally over. Castaspella can only cry though as she realizes the brave thing that Stinkor did. Clamp Champ puts his arm around her shoulder to hold onto her. He can't believe it. The threat is over. They can only sit there, holding onto each other wondering what happens next...

Up next!
Ultimera finds her Chaos Sword!
Flutterina still feels funny!
And the end is slowly approaching!   


  1. nice ending of the snake men even though sad to see stinkor wind up being the one to stop serpos by sacrificing himself. and also doubtful skelator is dead for would not put it past him to survive even a fall. and next ulimia and her mishief. plus sounds flutterina may be gong through a change.

    1. Yes I thought it would be a nice fitting conclusion to the Snake Men. The Stinkor part was a tough call, I cried so much when I was writing that part. But there are still some more threats. Ultimera ants her darn sword and Skeletor could easily survive a measly fall. lol Flutterina has been through some changes already, but a few more wouldn't hurt. lol Thanks for the comment demoncat!

  2. I thought you weren't going to kill Stinkor! I refuse to believe he is dead. You can mystically survive anything in this universe. There is a way for him to come back. and there is a way for Mossman to come back. The one good thing about a fictional Universe is that unlike the real Universe-in a fictional one, there can be hope.
    That being said, I'm glad the Champ came back-because turning him to stone forever would have been an inexcusable amount of sadness for one story. And he got to use his clamp!
    As far as Skeletor goes there is no way he is dead. But that goes without saying. And he did get in that great line about threesomes, so I would call this chapter a win for him.

    1. Well, I know I may have said I wasn't going to kill him, but I just couldn't be real about what was going to happen to him! I was actually really torn about Stinkor saving the day in the way that he did. I was really torn.

      And the part with Clamp Champ was a little tribute to the art from Snake Face's old package. He turns Clamp Champ to stone on the back of the card.

      I really loved the line about threesomes, it just seemed like a very Skeletor thing to do. So I'm staying mum on if Skeletor is dead or not, but next chapter might clear a few things up.