Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 2013 Woman of Wonderosity!

Before I made a mockery of journalism with my ill fated interview with this month's Heroic Hottie, I was given the chance to let my inner dorkette shine with a special invitation to interview the original woman of wonderosity, that woman of super strength, speed, and agility. This woman knows that having stylish accessories is only truly stylish if they can also deflect bullets. It is with great honor and dorkiness that I present to you the March 2013 Woman of Wonderosity: Wonder Woman!

March 2013 Woman of Wonderosity

Upon finding out from April O'Neil that Wonder Woman was being talked about for this month's W.O.W, I knew I had to be a part of it. This is Wonder Woman we are talking about! For all intensive purposes, she is the first female super hero. There may have been a few before her, and certainly many after, but honestly when I think of the original female hero, it is Wonder Woman.

So after sealing the interview and promising my mentor April O'Neil that I wouldn't screw this one up, I journeyed in a rental (my car was still trashed from that trip to Oz) to meet the phenomenal Wonder Woman.

Diary of a Dorkette: I don't usually freak out when I interview plastic action heroes, but I am just freaking out. I mean, it's you! Wonder Woman! And I'm here, inside... what appears to be... how exactly are we in the Hall of Justice circa 1984?

Wonder Woman: Oh Miss M, due to a lengthy contract with DC, the DC Universe is obligated to preserve the details of every building we inhabit from every era. Now that the Hall of Justice has been renovated, the older structure was just moved into an Archival Dimension.
Diary: That sounds very complicated. Let's just go back to my excitement over finally getting to meet you.
WW: It is nice to meet you too! I greatly enjoy what you do, I think it is fantastic that you travel all over the universe to meet with such heroic people. Although I happen to recall a certain topic you started about me awhile ago... what was it called? I believe you were trying to determine if one of my looks was Trashy or Timeless? I believe you said I was Trashy.
Diary: (slightly embarrassed) Oh yes. That piece. Well I seem to recall saying that you personally was not Trashy. It was more like that Cirque du Soleil Pink Sapphire outfit and the fact that your television series was scrapped before it could even begin. I'm happy to say though that you've totally rebounded from that messy Sapphire look. I quite love your new outfit, I think it is Timeless.

WW: Thank you. I think.
Diary: So let's change the subject. There is far more about you than an outfit. What have you been up to?
WW: Goodness, that is a loaded question. Let's see. I've been overseeing a revival of the Wonder Woman comic. I've also been in top secret talks to try and get another new show started up. Of course I've also been busy trying to save the world. I lead a very busy life.
Diary: You're telling me! It sounds like you are very busy. But there is one thing you didn't really mention, and you know I'm going to call you out on it.
WW: Oh no. I know where this is going...

Diary: Well come on! You are dating freakin Superman! I mean where do I even begin? Those arms and that curl of hair that swoops so sexily across his forehead. Oh he is like a dream come true... in spandex!
WW: Calm down dorkette! He is just a man.
Diary: A man with the word super attached to it. What is it like dating him?
WW: It is interesting. I'm not used to dating another super hero. It has taken some getting used to.
Diary: What are some things that you have had to get used to?
WW: Plenty. We both come with obscene amounts of baggage. It is crazy how many villains want us both dead. No matter how we may try to have a nice romantic meal together or maybe we just want to have one of those lazy Saturdays, more times than not we end up in some long story arc trying to save the world. Or our own lives.

Diary: Ok, tell me something. What happens when Superman and you move in together? Like who does the dishes or takes out the trash? How does that even work?
WW: I don't think we'll have problems with that. He moves so fast, he can get the housework done in 5 seconds flat. He is really fast.
Diary: Slow down now girl! I hope he isn't fast in other ways.
WW: (Laughing) No. He knows how to slow things down when he needs to.
Diary: Wow. I so wish I was a super hero dating another super hero.
WW: Trust me M, it is not all it is cracked up to be.
Diary: What about the movies? Is it hard to see Superman jump starting yet another film franchise and yet there is no word at all of when we can expect to see you on the big screen?
WW: I'm certainly supportive of him. I'm very thrilled that he is going to be in a big summer movie. He has worked hard to have this moment. Again.

Diary: Maybe so, but what about your moment? I mean there just seems to be this continued love affair with super heroes at the multiplex, but what about your movie?
WW: It is so funny that you bring that up. The other day Superman and I were shopping at Target for some things, and he wanted to stop by the toy aisle to check out what was all available. He was just in awe, more so because he knew that in a few months we'd be seeing a ton of toys in his likeness.
Diary: That must be a strange feeling.
WW: It was slightly surreal, but Superman was a little sad. He was looking at all those super hero figures and he looked at me and said, 'You should be on these pegs too. I wish this was your time.'
Diary: Oh my goodness that was a sweet thing to say.
WW: I know. He is a really great person to be in a relationship with.
Diary: Sounds like it. I think he is on to something too, I would love nothing more than to see a nice Wonder Woman toy line in stores.
WW: It has been attempted before, but nothing ever came to fruition. I think toy companies are firmly rooted in the idea that girls want nothing to do with super heroes. You know the old saying, boys want to wield swords while girls can only wield a comb.

Diary: Which couldn't be further from the truth! I mean look at She-Ra. She was able to use a sword and have impeccable hair.
WW: I know, believe me, I know. I think that toy companies underestimate collectors a great deal.
Diary: I just hope that we get to see a nice big splashy Wonder Woman movie one day, with an accompanying toy line.
WW: It would be nice. I'm sure it will happen.
Diary: What do you want your legacy to be?

WW: Oh goodness, I am not sure. I think when it comes down to it, I would want my legacy to be that of a true champion for everyone. I want to be the one who stands up to make sure everyone is treated fairly, equally, and with justice for all.
Diary: And that perfectly sums up why you are the March 2013 Woman of Wonderosity!
WW: Thank you M, I must say it is an honor. Being a part of this blog is something I can check off on my list.
Diary: Wow, I can't believe that this blog would be something on your list to be checked off! Now I'm the one who is honored!
WW: Now we just need to find a way to get my movie made.
Diary: Totally! I'm thinking we could kidnap all the male super heroes leaving no other choice but to start on your own awesome theater masterpiece!

WW: Hmm, I like where your head is at. I can see it now, Wonder Woman Summer 2024.
Diary: Let's hope not. I'll be an old fossil by then.
WW: Not if we don't get you some cybernetic implants to keep you going well past your prime.
Diary: Now you just sound like an ex of mine.
WW: Ha. Let's not get started on the topic of exes.
Diary: I know. That's a whole other interview all together. Well, Wonder Woman, it has been a joy.
WW: Agreed. We must do this again soon...

March 2013 Woman of Wonderosity

What a super hero. Just a total joy. A big thanks to Wonder Woman for taking the time to talk to me. I don't think I screwed this one up. April O'Neil should be proud. So everyone enjoy the photos of this month's W.O.W. and never go far. This weekend will be an all new Adora's Search for Honor! Is Skeletor truly dead? What do you really think? Take care everyone!


  1. Nice interview. I hope that next time you talk to her that you remind her that she owns me an email for all the nice Wednesday With Wonder Woman posts that I do. I celebrate he uniqueness among all the heroes and I also make a mean grilled cheesse sammach. One of her favs as you know.

    1. Oh goodness Kal! How could I forget? I am fairly certain though that Woner Woman is beyond thrilled for your Wednesday With Wonder Woman posts. A mean grilled cheese sammach is always a good time for sure. I hope you are doing well.

  2. I don't know-I used to think the reason they avoided Wonder Woman was because the story was so mythical in a way that wouldn't work with the other more action and sci-fi based DC movie franchises. But then I saw what Marvel was able to accomplish with Thor and actually making him work with the other Avengers so I think WW could happen. The really good news is that if they try to do a Justice League series of films similarly to the Avengers and the separate Avenger character franchises-they will HAVE to reboot Batman! Finally no more Dark Knight nonsense. You can't have a "realistic" superhero in a series like that. They would have to bring a little more fun and fantasy to his franchise. ( Let's get a clayface movie! OR killer croc! Or at least do the Scarecrow correctly damn it!) Anyway the burning question is -and will always be-who will play Wonder Woman?
    The model Kim Smith-who had a bit part in the awful Catwoman Hallie Barry movie-actually was my first choice for a long long time, because she is hot, tall with blue eyes and -well she's just perfect. But she vanished from existence.I think the shame of having dated the lead singer from the All American Rejects forced her into hiding.
    Now I don't know who can play her!

    1. Well hopefully the mythical nature of Thor will show that it can be done and that it would be a great story with Wonder Woman. My fear is that this whole Jutice League thing won't even feature WW. I can totally imagine the powers the be making a JLA movie with Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and like the Flash or something. I hope that doesn't happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

      As for who would play WW, you got me. I have no idea. It would be a tricky role to cast. I mean I would want her to be beautiful, but not overtly sexy. I seem to recall there was a mock image of Megan Fox in WW garb, but I just can't fathom that. It'd be too sexpot. Who knows what will happen. I do like the idea that if Batman gets another reboot that characters like Clayface or some of those other villains would get the chance to pop up.

  3. They put Black Widow in the Avengers. I would think they would need some kind of a female character in JLA.

    But don't undersell the importance of the Flash! He has just as much right to a slot as WW. After all he was in the golden age justice society as well as the league.
    There was actually a great reference to him in the most recent episode of Arrow. Laurel's mother says she's gonna take the red line to central city (Flash's home town) and that she would be there in a "flash".

    1. Yeah BW was in the Avengers, but she was more like a secondary character. The big main characters from Avengers were the ones that had their own movies, like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk. I personally hope that for a JLA movie that it is done entirely differently. Because though the Flash, Aquaman, Hawkman and most other characters are important, I have always thought that the big three for DC was Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. To put WW in a secondary role for a JLA movie would just be disappointing. Like I want a whole line of Wonder Woman toys and not just one WW in the case. If that makes sense. lol

      And with Green Arrow, I really really hope that the Flash does make an appearance somehow in the show. I like it when there can be other characters. It would be neat to have that happen with Green Arrow, and it can totally work. I really like what they did with the Huntress. I am really looking forward to how the rest of the season will go.

  4. You got my attention, Miss M! I recently found that New 52 Wonder Woman also, and I think she's great. I think you'd like the New 52 Superman to go with her. I love Wonder Woman a whole lot, and I'd love to see a good movie and toy line. Hope you're great, glad to see you joining the League! Moving on up! XOXO

    1. Hey you! It is nice to hear from you! I hope all has been well. I am very happy to have found this WW. Her eyes were also nice too! I have seen the new 52 Superman, but I havent picked him up yet. I am kinda waiting. Let's hope there is a movie and toy line. I really hope so. And yes, it is nice to be a part of the League. There are some really nice people a part of that. Talk to you soon! : )