Friday, July 19, 2013

Bits and Pieces! Wave 9!

While I finish the finishing touches on my trip to the Conference of Evil, why don't you click below for some exciting news in the world of toys! This is slightly spoiler heavy on upcoming releases for Masters of the Universe Classics and Jem and the Holograms, proceed with caution!

Just a little while ago I received a lovely email in my box...

Glimmer is going to be released in 2014! Finally after all this time! She looks very good. I think the coloring is nice enough that it doesn't look too girly (for those scared to own girly things) but she still retains a look that is incredibly Glimmer. I like her accessories too. The orb in her hand looks like it is a part of her ability to control light. I'm guessing. It is about time we see her! Here's hoping we see some more members of the Great Rebellion at SDCC. The Aquaman isn't all that bad either.

Now for the next order of business. I don't know if these dolls are going to be shown at SDCC, but I received another email showing what is coming next for the Hasbro/Integrity Toys collaboration of Jem and the Holograms: The Stingers!

Towards the end of the Jem cartoon, a whole new band was introduced to mix things up with the Holograms and the Misfits. The Stingers were something else, and when Hasbro was unable to release these dolls originally, all fans could do was pine after what might have been. Now Jem fans are gonna be super thrilled with their release in September.
Rory "RIOT" Llewelyn

Riot was a seductive character that wanted nothing more than to essentially bed Jem. I mean I know that wasn't the exact plot line from the cartoon, but we can all read between the lines. Riot wanted Jem and not for wedded bliss. Just regular old one night stand bliss. Or maybe it would have lasted for a couple nights. Who knows. Jem never gave into him, thank goodness, but a lot of fans have certainly fallen under his sexy voice and his seductive music. Even Pizzazz had a thing for Riot, though he wasn't interested in her that much from what I recall. I would have liked to see them together though. Pizzazz and Riot would have gotten into some crazy mischief.
Ingrid "MINX" Kruger

Minx is probably my favorite Stinger. I like her hat. I think a good hat can really make or break your day. I don't usually wear hats even though I am a Southern Belle, but it just gets too hot for hats. Minx was a mess from the cartoon because she wanted nothing more than to be with Rio. She really wanted to be with him, but she always came off a little too strong for him. Besides, he only had eyes for Jerrica. And Jem. Rio was always shutting Minx down though in interesting ways, which made this keyboardist to the Stingers very unhappy.
Phoebe "RAPTURE" Ashe

Rapture was a messy messy character from the cartoon. She was always scamming people and playing off this whole "I'm mystic" sort of vibe. There was a really funny episode where she basically angered a mob of people and the Stingers found themselves running away trying to escape. I really like her outfit with this new doll though. She just looks very cool. Integrity Toys really captured the wild and interesting looks of the Stingers. They look otherworldly.

I know that the Stingers are a long fan demanded set of dolls for Jem fans, and I am really happy for fans to now have the chance to pick them up. For me, Pizzazz was the ultimate Jem release from this line, so I am in no hurry (yet) to place pre-orders on them, however I am sure they will be going fast. Remember, these Jem dolls can only be purchased from registered Integrity Toy dealers, a list of which can be found right here.
So that is about it for Bits and Pieces! All kinds of exciting things seem to be getting revealed this week. It is one of the best weeks of the year. Now don't go far. I will be bringing you coverage of the 2013 Conference of Evil!


  1. I like the look on Minx's face she is up to no good for sure lol.

  2. Well I think we can all agree it's about time we got a Glimmer. I can understand putting out Frosta before her, but Netossa? That didn't make sense to me. I didn't even remember Netossa from She-Ra but Glimmer's pink hair only stood out in my memory.
    I like the look of the figure, and I know you have a point with the whole MOTU classics collectors may not want a figure to be too "girly" thing, but actually I would have personally colored her a bit brighter.Maybe it is more colorful than it looks but it's just not showing up in that picture I dunno. Throw some sparkles on her!
    And why the hell is Aquaman with her? He would look better standing next to a Mermista. And furthermore, why is he the 90's style bearded hook handed Aquaman? They went back to the original short haired design in the new 52 comics and I much prefer it.

    1. I think they delayed Glimmer because they knew they would need some more popular POP characters to drive sales. The 2014 sub might be pushing it to go through, and I think anyone but Glimmer would have been meh, if only because someone like Netossa is not as popular. Netossa was only in like two episodes, but for collectors, her figure came out at the end of the She-Ra line and it was super rare. So she was a big deal for some people, but she was not as recognizable as, say, Glimmer.

      I would prefer her hair be more pink, but I do like what was shown with other photos from the actual place. It is interesting, because she looks like the cartoon, and in the toon her hair was more pink, but the toy had more of a muted coloring. So it is like this version of Glimmer has a bit of the cartoon and toy going for her.

      And I don't know why they posted Aquaman with her. I guess he was a secret reveal too. Maybe they will have an extra head packed in with his updated hair style?

  3. i figured you would soon learn about the reveal of glimmer miss m and would be happy given how she is one of your faves. though have to admit mattel kind of went a little over board on the purple for her hair. and glad i am not the only one who always thought rapture was a little messed up for she made pizzaz look almost tame. and nice to finaly learn what the stingers first names were from your write up miss m.

    1. Yeah, I would have liked more of a pink with her hair, especially since this version looks like the toon version, but with the old Glimmer toys, her hair was more purple/pink than pink. I guess they went with what they could. lol I don't know anymore. Sometimes I wish I was making the decisions with that line. lol

      And I am so glad you feel the same way about Rapture! She was just total trouble! lol Their real names are interesting though, aren't they?

    2. or they proably used the original designs for her and thats why her hair the way it is and if you were running the line we would proably get characters like angela and madam razz and maybe a new crystal castle next. rapture was just asking to join eric raymond in a prison cell. and interesting names for minx sounds now norwegian. rapture name that was as surprising and learning that pizzas real name is phylis

  4. I knew you'd be tickled for Glimmer, Miss M...and that look for Aquaman was a specific look in the 90's after his hand was eaten off by piranhas. Most collectors want him to complete the 90's Grant Morrison JLA run.

    I'm REALLY impressed by those Stingers. Those dolls are really nice. The clothing is very well done. What a nice line to collect. I loved your line about hats. "I think a good hat can either make or break your day." So. True.

    Hope you're doing good my friend. I haven't forgotten you just haven't commented much lately.

    1. Yes, I am so thrilled for Glimmer! Well that answers the Aquaman stuff. I wasn't really paying attention to DC in the 90s, but I heard that Grant Morrison had an interesting run with JLA then.

      I'm really impressed with the Stingers too. I think this is a long time coming for a lot of fans. Glad you understand the importance of my hat statement. lol ; )

      I'm doing well, it is always nice to hear from you. I know you are busy. I hope all is well. Talk to you soon!