Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dorkette Book Club: Which Way Supergirl!

The week has been a bit slow for me, but how about a nice little entry into the Dorkette Book Club for added weekend fun?

So I know it has been a hot second since I have posted anything, but the week has been a mess. Not only did I mess my ankle up, but I then proceeded to also mess my knee up with a doggy gate. I wish I could say that it was all due to me fighting off the forces of evil, but no... Walking in the dark haphazardly is just never a good idea...

But do you know what is a good idea? Quite a few things. First off, Target is beginning to have a lovely Summer Clearance on the toy aisles. I love it when the toy aisle goes on clearance at Target. Deals get to happen left and right.

Also, thanks to fellow reader Nick, I learned what the mystery toy was from this week's Toy Chest Tuesday! The toy was from the line called Snailiens. A total mess in the best way. I also googled Snailiens and came across this rather interesting and cool blog called Bogleech. Click on for more information on Snailiens and also other fun information. This was a line that my brother was interested in and I clearly had no clue about it, but now I am glad I know the identity to this mystery toy. Be sure to also check out Nick's blog- Moose Comics. He writes and illustrates his own comics and they are really funny.

Now on to the Dorkette Book Club! I loved the old Choose Your Own Adventure books, they were just perfection on paper. How could anyone not like a Choose Your Own Adventure book? I technically never should have liked them because my choices were always the worst and I usually ended up falling into a deadly abyss or getting eaten by some creature.

Of course nothing was better than a super hero story involving your own choices for the character's fate! Back in the day, Archway Publishing wanted to compete with CYOA, so they had a series of books called Which Way Books and one series involved the Super Powers heroes. I never really collected these books, but I did have the second one that was about Supergirl!

So here's the scoop on me and Supergirl. There was a brief moment as a kid where I really liked Supergirl. She seemed more relatable to me than say Wonder Woman. I was obviously a huge WW fan, but Supergirl was a younger character and her whole look seemed very accessible. As a kid I never really thought about dressing up as Wonder Woman because on some level I felt like her costume was for grown folk. But Supergirl, well I felt like I could pull that whole look off easy breezy. (Beautiful dorky girl!) Plus I really loved the ill fated Supergirl movie. So this book was a very exciting read for me.  

The plot points of this book sound like a far out acid trip starring Supergirl, which sort of works since there have been some strange story lines with Supergirl. The exciting thing is that the story provides so many different potential outcomes that the reader can have Supergirl fighting dragons or dealing with stuff from the Wizard of Oz! It is a really nice story that not only provides adventure and excitement, but it also reminds the reader that reading is fun and important.
If you are able to come across these Which Way Books, you should pick them up. They may not have been as enticing as the Choose Your Own Adventure books, but Which Way Books had their own important charm. Not to sound like a dorkette or anything, but books are really something special and I hope that kids growing up these days are able to appreciate an actual real book and not something that appears on a screen. Not that there is anything wrong with Nooks or Tablets or whatever (hey, I know my ramblings are on a screen) but there must be something said for an actual paperback. 
Anyways, I am done rambling for one day. I have so many things I want to type about, but I have just been lazy with it all! It's the heat I tell you, the heat! Summer is trying to knock me out, or bust up my legs at the very least. The month of July is going to be something special though. I may not be writing up any She-Ra fan fiction right now, but there is plenty of good stuff coming up that will be sure to get you either laughing or something.
Oh! And speaking of fan fiction, my friend Paladin over at Nerd Society is starting up a nice fan fiction on one of his favorite anime/mangas entitled K-ON! Check it out here. It is a really good start to his story and from what he has told me, the story will be a really good one!


  1. Hey, I've always loved the "Which Way" books, I still have "Which Way Batman" and I think I have another choose your own adventure one somewhere too.

    Thanks for the advertising on my Fan Fiction, its slow going with the hits, but it shows up on Bing searches, which is good.

    I re-joined "Wastebook" and I can't find yours anywhere, so why not use this link to "friend" me. I wish you had your "Wastebook" link here on your blog.

    Cool book review, once again, there was nothing more fun than reading a book that allowed YOU to choose the story.

    1. I only have the one Which Way book, but I have a bunch of Choose Your Own Adventure books. They were such fun books, I just love them. And no problem with advertising your fanfic. It is good and people should be reading it. And yeah, choose your own story type scenarios were always fun. I don't even think they really make those kinds of books anymore, which is so sad.

      As for facebook, I need to find the way to link it from here, I can't add you as a friend though. I stupidly made it a fanpage. I will email you later on today and see what to do about it. I wonder if I might need to do a Miss M NerdSociety page or something so I can add you as a friend while also being a fan of Diary of a Dorkette. I will email you later. I don't get this stuff! lol

  2. Wow, that was quite a shout out for Moose Comics-thank you! You must have been really excited that I answered the riddle of the Snailiens for you!
    Did you ever talk to your bro about it? Find out if he even remembered the line?
    Honestly, I think the idea was cool, except I didn't like the fact that they named the characters after Presidents. That was too close to the TMNT being named after Renaissance artists. But I love the name "Snailiens"! That is awesome.
    I want your little Miss M action figure to have a Snailien power suit! Actually, I think you should do a custom version of her where she is more Dorkette like. Maybe you could paint her pale! Except, if you aren't careful, you might end up making her look like a Zombie.
    I looked at Bogleech too. That is cool stuff. But he isn't using blogger though right? It seems like it is more website-ish. I could be wrong. I am still trying to get the website for Moose comics figured out. I am talking to a potential webmaster and finding out whether or not they are the most affordable. It's gonna cost me a bit, but I think it's worth it to be able to access all my comics from the front page-be like a webcomic Universe! Not sure if that's been done or not before, but it's how I want to approach it.
    All my titles that you've seen would be on there, plus "Moose Comics Presents"-that would be a title that featured different characters like Joey Banana that don't have their own book to themselves, And "Moose Comics Team Up"-that would have two characters getting together and starring in the same story. One Issue would be Frankenspy and Rock n Roll Porpoise Man, one would be Sateena and Robonic Ghost of Mickey Most-etc.
    That's cuz I have a lot of team up ideas, but I don't want to waste issues of the characters own series on team ups.

    1. No problem! I really helped me out and I have been meaning to write something about your work. It is good stuff. The Snailiens stuff was very TMNT-ish, but the toy concept was slightly different. I haven't talked to my brother yet, but I will be seeing him today so I will be bringing it up. He isn't really much into toys anymore, so we'll see if he remembers anything.

      As for Bogleech, I have never really understood the difference between a blog and a website. To me they are the same thing (sort of, I get that is not a blog for example, but I always thought that blogs were essentially websites) but in terms of a domain type thing, it is not powered by blogger that I know of. You can pay a certain fee every year to drop the blogspot from your domain name and have it just be your own title. His site is like a blog in that he posts things in a blog sort of way. I am far from a computer person though, so I don't get all these terms.

      I like your ideas for the improvement on your work! I think the representation you have planned will look really cool.

    2. Well, from what I have been learning lately, blogs are free, and websites cost like 800 dollars! haha. Also, i think it's in the structure. I would love to send you a pic of my plan for my website, so you can see what I mean-but I forget, and I know you have told me in the past...but what is your email again?
      Also,wanted to send you some drawings based on your "Search for Honor" characters.I haven't drawn them yet, but I have a concept in my head for a drawing or two based on your versions of the characters that I think will make you laugh! Hope your leg is doing better!

  3. Miss M this book looks really good , as a child I used to read the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books and I really love those books, also with all my bad choices, I always ended up on a dirty cell, lost in the forest...
    I'm still reading paper books i can't read on the screen, I prefer read on paper, enjoy the cover and the smell of the old ones.( They're always brings me back so many good childhood memories ).
    Well nice post Miss M! Hugs and kisses and get well soon! :)

    1. Hey Nastyroker! I am the same way! I have not been able to start reading books on a screen yet either. I love the smell of books and I just love having them in my hands. I'm glad I was not the only one making bad choices with the Choose Your Own Adventure books! lol Thank you so much for the well wishes, I hope you are well! : )

  4. I remember stumbling upon Bogleech a couple years back while I was searching for pictures of Baxter Stockman. It's an absolutely bizarre site, but one I like to go and pay a visit on occasion. I can easily spend a day just digging through its archives.

    Also, I love Choose Your Own Adventure books and was unaware that there was a series of them based on DC properties. I might have to scour Ebay and see what's out there. Thanks for the head's up!

    1. I'm really glad I stumbled upon Bogleech too. It is a very fun place to visit. I'm not big on creepy things, but I like learning new things.

      I think the DC Which Way books weren't a very long series. To my knowledge I only know of a Batman, Superman, and the Supergirl book. But let me know what you find!