Saturday, July 13, 2013

Let's Dream Shop!

This week the League of Extraordinary Bloggers posed an all new topic about one of my favorite topics: Shopping!

Go on a fictional shopping spree at Hake’s current auction #209 to make your collection a little more amazing.

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Like I've said, I love shopping. Who doesn't? And when it comes to pop culture shopping, well, I'm a thirsty lil lass. So Brian from Cool and Collected posted the topic about dream shopping at online auction site Hake's Americana and Collectibles, a place I never even knew existed until now. So I went looking around to see what I would place in my imaginary cart with my imaginary endless bank filled with more gold than Scrooge McDuck could shake a pimp cane at. So read on for a wild tale I like to call: Dream Shopping!
Miss M: Ok, let's see, logging on for some dream shopping is the perfect way to spend a Friday night! Totally perfect. This Hake's Americana and Collectibles website is massive, my goodness! I don't even know where to begin! This is so exciting though. I wonder if they have any She-Ra items?
As Miss M perused the fabulous finds on Hake's, she found herself getting slightly lost. There was just so much to dream shop for. She wasn't sure she'd be able to really pick anything. Until she saw something that was totally going to work!
Miss M: Oh what do we have here? I could totally get down with some vintage Megos!
Miss M smiled with delight as she saw two items that just spoke to her.

Miss M: Oh my goodness! I've never really thought about owning a Mego before, but this is dream shopping! I can afford anything! Why, I could even purchase the world if I really wanted to. But, Batgirl and Catwoman will do just fine. They would find a lovely home in my Archival Room for sure. It just makes sense. How cool would it be to have such an interesting looking Catwoman?!
As Miss M contemplated such strange things existing in her Archival Room, she suddenly found herself with a most jealous guest.
Catra: Roar! It's me Catra! Whatever are you doing up so late Miss M?
Miss M: Oh hi Catra! I'm just doing some dream shopping.
Catra: Oh. Dream shopping? Like dream shopping for She-Ra's head on a plate?
Miss M: Um, no. I don't think you can buy something like that...
Catra: Of course you can. You'd be surprised what can go for sale in the Fright Zone. Let's see, what are you looking for... (Catra peers at the screen and hisses) Disgusting! A Mego Catwoman toy? Oh Miss M. There's only one femme fatale with catlike reflexes, and that's me! You need to pick something better, not that trash.
Miss M: Catra! You have just offended half the dorky community in less than three seconds.
As the two began to argue the merits of owning/burning a Mego Catwoman, Miss M was soon visited by a sweet angel.
CPK Angel: Why must you two fight? Can't we all just get along?
Catra: Oh shut up! Everyone knows Cabbage Patch Kids can't talk. This is stupid.
CPK Angel: I am hardly stupid. If Miss M wants to dream purchase a Mego Batgirl and Catwoman, why not let her? Stop being so jealous Catra.
Miss M: Look, I think we can all agree that this is getting out of hand. Owning a Mego Catwoman would be amazing. And if I were to own her, I would just make sure to hide all the matches from Catra.
Catra: Oh I wouldn't burn her M. I'd tear her from limb to limb!
CPK Angel: There is plenty of room for all types of cat people Catra. You had lunch with Cheetara just the other day! Have you seen the Archival Room? Get your life! What else M? I want to know more of your dream purchases!
Miss M: Ok! So I wasn't really sure what to look for next...
The three looked on as Miss M utilized the highly functional search engine on Hake's Auction site.
Miss M: Oh! Check this out ladies! I think I just found the perfect items for the perfect dream shopping spree!
Catra: Let's see, I wonder if it is a signed Wolverine nude...
CPK Angel: Eww.
Catra: (hissing) Don't judge me!
CPK Angel: But, he has all that hair...
Miss M: (rolling her eyes) No, it is not a Wolverine nude. My goodness. These two items would be perfect...

Miss M: I mean it's Jessica Rabbit, her leg, and a Maleficent outfit. Somewhere right now Angelina Jolie is eating her heart out.
Catra: (eyeing the price) The auction is asking that much for a pin!? Oh that tart Jessica Rabbit! She would think she's worth that much. That price is worse than being slimed by Hordak!
CPK Angel: To be honest Catra, those Disney pins are highly sought after by many people. It seems reasonable to me...

As Catra and CPK Angel got into a minor argument over the collector's market, Miss M got another visit from a dear friend.

Jessica Rabbit: What's wrong with me M? Why would you want to add those other products into your life that share my resemblance? Aren't I good enough?
Miss M: Oh Jessica, of course you are good enough! I mean you're Jessica Rabbit! I still try to style my hair over part of my face like you to this very day. But let's be real, girl to girl, you deserve more than some rickety PVC toy. I didn't want to say anything, but part of your paint is peeling...
Jessica: Why I never! You try surviving in the attic with a batch of goons and Dip. I should deserve an award for making it this long.
Miss M: I know, I'm truly sorry. I just think that owning a glorious sculpture and pin of you would only further cement the idea that you are just amazing. One day, when I grow up, I hope I can be as stylish and sexy as you. There's nothing wrong with dreaming of owning numerous versions of something. I mean where would the world be without the hundredth version of Batman, Spider-Man, or Wolverine?
Jessica: Humph. I suppose your rambling makes sense. Good luck though with growing up to be as stylish as me. Besides, I only really care what my hunny bunny thinks of me. But while we are here, let's continue some dream shopping.
Miss M: That's the spirit!
Miss M: Hey Catra, where did CPK Angel go off to?
Catra: Heaven.
Miss M: Oh goodness.
Catra: She'll be fine. What's new, have you added anything else to your dream list?
Miss M: No not really. I am actually finding this to be very difficult. I don't know what I should pick next. There are so many items to choose from. I feel like a lame collector, because I just don't see a whole lot that I'd truly try to own.
Jessica: Just keep looking M. I've seen plenty already that would be great. Why, there was a lovely autographed photo of Bette Davis for auction. Of course, I guess that just wouldn't work though, now would it?
Miss M: Why wouldn't it?
Jessica: Because M, the photo had been signed to a Kathleen. I don't even know a Kathleen.
Miss M: Oh. I don't think that should matter much.
Catra: I'm growing bored M. Are you done yet with this dream shopping? I've got a Lego village to raid as per Hordak's orders.
Miss M: Give me a second. I will find something. In fact, what is this! Oh yes! This would be a must-have dream item to own!

Catra: Is that what I think it is?
Miss M: Yes! Madonna's Sex book! Oh my goodness! You all know I am a huge Madonna fan. In fact when this book first came out, I remember trying to get it. My mom refused though, saying something about, 'no daughter of mine is bringing something like that home' or something. The sad thing was that it was on clearance at the Waldenbooks in the mall. I miss Waldenbooks.
Catra: You have too many memories. I can get Entrapta to fix that for you...
Jessica: I think it's nice Catra. But there is just one problem M, you don't speak French. This version is in French.
Miss M: Well that just makes it better! Owning Madonna's Sex book in French? I'd feel so classy!
Catra: Right. Because nothing says classy like Madonna's Sex book on the coffee table. Miss M, your dream list is lame. Beyond lame.
Miss M: Hey! I'll have you know that I am very classy. I'm practically an aged debutant. I'm totally high society.
Jessica: Oh honey, you're poor.
Miss M: I really need to start talking to other toys...
Catra: Or you could just finish this damn dream list. People have plans for the night.
Miss M: Well do you have any ideas Catra? Please, enlighten me. Let me know of some fantastic dream shopping lists.

Catra smiled at Miss M and began to rattle off quite a few great dream shopping lists:

*Chris is shopping for a lunch experience with Dick Tracy and a few other goodies.
*Snap your fingers to look at Dex's list full of spooky fun.
*A dream shopping spree is only good if it deals with the Golden Girls and Franken Berry, which is why ShezCrafti knows what she is talking about.
*Victoria's dream list involves a great set of books that are almost as old as you Miss M! Ha!
*Shawn has a branded list that features kids from Bedrock among other fun highlights.
*There is a wide range of toys from Mego to Star Wars and such on George's dream list.
*Joe's dream list is varied but features a man with a whip that everyone loves.
*LeAnn's dream list is awesome, and even features items I never knew could be bought. Like a meteorite.
*Mike's dream list features a bevy of super heroes. His list is spectacular because it doesn't feature that annoying Catwoman! I'm tearing her from limb to limb Miss M, watch me!
*I learned a few things from the Trash Man's dream list. But all I can think of right now is eating at Burger King...
*The man with the whip makes another appearance on a dream list. The Goodwill Geek also scoped out some cool play sets.
*Paxton has a big shopping list prepared, but one of the coolest items is The Great Comic Book Heroes.
*Brian's shopping spree is pulpy and well thought out. His ideas on a vintage comic spinner rack is cool.
*Again, the man with the whip pops up on a shopping list. But The Robot's Pajamas also has a Weird Fantasy. Oh Miss M, that beats the Sex book any day.
*Finally The Cave of Cool is dreaming up a shopping spree for G.I. Joe, Flash Gordon, and Batgirl.  
Miss M: Wow Catra. Sounds like there are some really cool dream shopping lists out there.
Catra: Exactly M.
Jessica: Well this has been fun and all, but I must get back to the Archival Room. Roger should be getting home soon. Goodnight girls.
Miss M: Goodnight Jessica. Well Catra, I guess that is my cue too. I am pretty tired. I mean shopping takes a lot out of you, ya know? Real or imaginary, I go for broke when it comes to shopping. Sometimes I wish it was an Olympic Sport. I think I'd be pretty good at power shopping or something. You think I'd at least get a bronze medal?
Catra: I think you would be eaten alive at the Olympics. I don't even think you have ran a day in your life.
Miss M: Oh how I love your attitude. Goodnight Catra. Make sure you turn the computer off when your done.
As Miss M retired to her bedroom for much needed rest, Catra continued to look over all the glorious and lovely items for sale at Hake's Americana and Collectibles. She started to make her own dream list.
Catra: No one bothered to ask me what my dream list would be. That stupid Miss M. She deserves what she's got coming to her at the Conference of Evil next week. I may not be able to find She-Ra's head on a plate for sale, but I know there must be something on this site that would be my perfect dream item to own... Now this is what I'm talking about! This would be my pick for sure...

Catra: Not only is that a fantastic song, but it's Sonny and Cher. That is the item that one would need if they were dream shopping. Isn't she just the cat's meow? I can hear the music now...

Having finished her own dream shopping, Catra turned Miss M's computer off and slinked off into the night. Ready for her own brand of mischief, Catra hummed some Sonny and Cher to herself, her bright green eyes dazzling in the darkness.

The End

In case you want to learn more about the items featured from Hake's Americana and Collectibles, please click on the listings below. The auctions end soon so I do not know how long the links will last, but check them out. The online auction is pretty cool, and be sure to check out all the other great and wonderful bloggers from the League at Cool and Collected.

Mego Batgirl
Mego Catwoman
Jessica Rabbit Sculpture
Jessica Rabbit Dressed as Maleficent
Bette Davis Signed Photo
Madonna "Sex"
Sonny and Cher "Love is Strange"




  1. How could you have never thought about owning a Mego before!? What kind of a Dork are you!?
    I must say, I am glad to see the characterizations from the Adora story brought into these pieces with the toy actors. You can still write Catra that way, but with the humor instead of the pathos. And those characters can interact with the "Lil' Miss M" (which is what I think you should call the toy you use to represent you) Now lets get the Frosta figure in one of these!
    This Hakes site is awesome. I haven't looked through the whole thing yet-but there are sculpts from a guy that designed some "Monsters in My Pockets"!-I'm already enthralled!

    1. I just never did! I mean I've always known what Megos were, but I always just assumed they were always pricey. And for me, if it costs too much, I just forget about wanting to own it. lol And I love continuing on with the characterizations of these toy people. lol Frosta will more than likely make an appearance at some point. I mean how could she not?

      I really like the Hake's Auction site too! I saw those Monsters in my Pockets sculpts! Those are really cool! You could really get lost looking over everything there.

  2. Poor Jessica. I had such a huge crush on her when I was young... well younger. I also think I had that PVC as a kid.

    1. I know! I never thought I'd find that PVC Jessica again. lol I had changed this PVC, she was holding a pan or something, and I removed it because I though it looked strange. I feel kinda stupid now for doing that. Hope you are doing well!

    2. No! I totally would have too! I was trawling eBay trying to find a Jessica PVC and couldn't understand why I was only finding this weird figure with like a metal pot or whatever. Then I realized it was your figure sans pan or whatever that is. I like it so much better without it.

      Oh looking closer I just realized it's the pan she hits Roger in the face with in the movie. It's his profile poking out of the back of the pan... doesn't matter. I still hate it. I think I hated it as a kid too. I'm pretty sure I cut it off back then as well.

  3. amazed you never ever thought of owning a mego doll miss. m. including even catwoman, plus love the reaction by jessica rabbit when she saw you were looking at the pvc again. not to mention love how jelous catra got over the though of that catwoman mego , when one would think she would love having another cat person around. not to mention catra adding sonny and cher to your fantasy list miss m.

    1. I know, it is crazy. I have just never been bitten by the Mego bug. I don't know why that is. But I am glad you liked this entry! Catra just can't seem to get along with anyone huh? lol I hope you are doing well!

  4. I don't know how I missed the Madonna book!! That would have been on my list also. Great picks!

    1. I know! I stumbled upon it by total accident. I was loking at the Dick Tracy stuff and I was like, "Oh, I wonder if they have any Breathless stuff" and I just typed Madonna in the search engine. lol I'm glad I'm not the only one that would want this on my list!

  5. Great choice with the Mego Batgirl and Catwoman. You're my kind of Dorkette.

    1. Why thank you John! : ) That Catwoman does looks pretty cool.